Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hating Zimmerman.............?

Ashley Banfield on CNN just called George Zimmerman "the most hated man in America."

Do you agree with that?  It kind of stunned me.



Mustang said...

CNN has mounted an anti-Zimmerman campaign that is nothing but stunning ... including the publishing of his personal information to all those who wish to do him harm.

Zimmerman was merely the instrument of Martin's ultimate destiny. Don't blame Zimmerman for that; blame his stupid, racist parents.

Impertinent said...

Here’s the thing: Even if this shot is accidental, the only reason the proceedings are on TV to begin with is because the media’s obsessed with the idea that Zimmerman committed a racial atrocity and must be punished for it.

Trials typically don’t get saturation coverage because the facts are interesting and tragic and there’s a legit dispute as to whether the prosecution’s or defense’s story of what happened is true.

They get saturation coverage because there’s an obvious innocent victim/diabolical defendant dynamic that the media’s interested in. From the beginning, with the Times pushing its “white Hispanic” description of Zimmerman, the press has strained hard to make the Trayvon Martin shooting a passion play about whites treating black life cheaply in modern, post-civil rights America.

As terrible as the prosecution’s witnesses have been thus far, there is no scenario — zero — in which most of the press concludes that acquittal on the murder charge is just rather than unjust. Zimmerman must be guilty, morally if not legally. Progress demands it!

Hot Air hat Tip

Mark Adams said...

CNN's Pies Morgan tweeted yesterday: “Fact remains, if Zimmerman had stayed in his vehicle, Trayvon would still be alive.”
So now Morgan can peer into the future, at the same time predict an alternate outcome of Trayvon’s life…

dmarks said...

Mustang blames the parents. That is proper, as they did a lousy job with Trayvon. He was a minor under their protection: yet they permitted him to commit drug crimes (likely felonies) and run amock under the influence of illegal intoxicants.

I don't believe anyone should be killed for running amock in a drug fueld rage. If the criminal justice system worked, Martin would have been safely in prison, away from harm and away from the risk of being shot while under the influence.

JonBerg said...

"Ashley Banfield on CNN just called George Zimmerman "the most hated man in America."

By whom?

Impertinent said...


"Martin would have been safely in prison, away from harm and away from the risk of being shot while under the influence."

There's not one doubt in my mind that this thug ( and that's what he...was ) was choosing the gangsta life. And it was only a matter of time before he graduated to major felonies once past 18 y/o.

Consequently...his future choice would be facing prison in Raiford or Starke down here. Or....dead at the hands of another thug...or another armed citizen facing down, now an armed Trayvon.

But there has been one "upside" to this defensive shooting..."mom & dad" are making a killing off his "image" and have settled with the HOA where his daddy lived with his new _______?

There's millions to be made now for them...speaking tours...poster sales...anti white / gun rallies...the spokespersons for Fat Al and Malik Shaabazz of the NBPP.

Fat chance that if St. Skittles would have produced as much for them in his life./..as he has now enriched them in his death.

Bob said...

I see the whole episode as a situation that should not have happened.

1. If Trayvon had not been roaming around a neighborhood where his presence was not normal, this would not have happened.

2. If George Zimmerman had not been carrying a gun, this may not have happened. Zimmerman may have opted to NOT have followed Trayvon, developing a healthy fear of following someone whom he thinks is up to no good.

3. If the neighborhood would not have had a self-policing program, this would not have happened.

However, it did happen, and things of this nature will happen whether or not people carry guns for protection. Hoods will roam vulnerable neighborhoods, and citizens will seek protection from authorities, and in addition will seek ways to protect themselves.

This is what makes the trial so important. It is not a significant trial in race relations, or a hate crime. It is a case of an individual defending his property, and someone getting killed as the result, no matter how CNN tries to spin it.

Rita said...

I've been watching the trial online. I am finding that the testimony of the police officers called by the state are overwhelmingly testifying in a manner that supports the defense.

If I hadn't been listening, I would have sworn the witnesses were being called by the defense. The friend of Trayvon was so unbelievable as to be laughable of it wasn't so tragic.

Sadly, I think if he is found not guilty, you can guarantee we'll have Sharpton and his other charlatans ensuring we have rioting in the streets. They are the racists. Not Zimmerman.

Anonymous said...

If the guy's name was Martinez instead of Zimmerman, there wouldn't be a story. But Zimmerman sounds more white and Jewish.

Impertinent said...


" It is not a significant trial in race relations, or a hate crime. It is a case of an individual defending his property, and someone getting killed as the result, no matter how CNN tries to spin it."

It's significant enough where the race whores and pimps deem it so. It's a white guy killing a "kid" in self defense. A "kid' that 6'2 and into MMA...using his hands as weapons along with a convenient stretch of concrete sidewalk.

All these idiots that keep saying he shouldn't have had a gun. He did...and the State found no reason to deny him a CCW. They say the "kid" was "unarmed". Nonsense...if someone decided to come at you with a brick, or a bat and doesn't have a gun and you do....do you allow yourself to be beaten to death?

All these fools that say GZ shouldn't have left his truck...never saying it's not against the law to do so or follow someone. Why don't they say...that the "kid" could have just as easily walked "home" and closed the damn door...rather than looping back around like the predator he was...and ambushing GZ?

This "kid" hated whites...and authority...that's heard on the tapes.

GZ was never "ordered" to cease following TM...a 911 civilian dispatcher cannot order you to do anything ( and it was more of a suggestion than a "command" as the 911'er said..."you don't have to do that"...which gave him the option to or not to follow )

However GZ complied and lost sight of his perp. But was then asked where TM was again by the 911 dispatcher?? How's he supposed to find out were the perp is when he can't get out of truck too look around?

And that's when the "kid" popped him.

Keep in mind...GZ's Neighborhood Watch was approved by the Sanford cops...with two Sanford cops over seeing and advising the Group....and GZ was appointed to the Watch with his HOA's approval.

This was a gated community that had BIG...BIG problems with break-ins and thefts and burglaries too.

A couple of weeks prior to this event...there was a break-in where a woman and her child hid in a closet while the 'hoodies again" robbed them blind. 911 doesn't work real well when it's all over.

And today...the cop who investigated this said he believed GZ's version. But was "pressured" into reaching what? A political conclusion to keep the beasts from climbing over the walls?

Impertinent said...

The murder case against half-Latino neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman was dealt a devastating blow Tuesday, when prosecutors acknowledged that their star witness, the 19-year old former girlfriend ( who couldn't read or write English and the "letter" she wrote ) of the late Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, lied under oath.

The woman, who also told police she was on the phone with Martin shortly before his death, falsely testified that she was in the hospital on the day of Martin’s funeral — perhaps to garner sympathy.

“In fact, she lied,” defense attorney Don West said. Prosecutors also acknowledged her lie, but were reportedly vague about whether they would charge the woman with perjury.

The Panzer Of Doom said...

Food for thought, for you Liberal bleeding hearts especially Young Black Liberals..if you're walking in a neighborhood where you don't belong, between houses and casing out houses in a neighborhood that has been suffering a wave of burglaries thefts and assaults by Young Blacks, you might find yourself followed and questioned. and even getting the shit kicked out of you or even worse!

Yup. And if you jump the person following you, you might get killed.
Keep that in mind if you're going to roam around looking at people's houses at night.
I laid out the whole scenario, now it's your choice!!

We have all these big mouthed Liberals pissing and moaning, and taking about stupid things like “if he didn’t following, this wouldn’t have happened” well it did happen and Zimmerman’s following the little creep didn’t mean anything. Let’s put it this way, if Trayvon Martin wasn’t creeping around like a little thug, then Zimmerman wouldn’t have had any reason to follow him!
People who have NEVER been hit, have no idea what the hell a fight is like.
It isn't a tea party. Your getting your head slammed into the concrete. You are scared, and you are desperate, and if you are getting hit in the head, in the nose and, trust me, you are dazed, confused, you may be briefly unconscious, you may feel consciousness slipping away. And when that happens (and if you are on the ground, it's happening) then you realize you are running out of time.
And someone is hitting you in the head, and you have a gun...any normal human being, with any balls at all is going to use the gun. Because they are afraid that they are going to die if they don't.. We have to do whatever it takes to protect ourselves from punks like Trayvon Martin.

The Panzer Of Doom said...

Liberals don't care about the facts.
But they call people names like racist regardless.

Silverfiddle said...

Sure I do, as in Orwell's "Two Minutes Hate" against Emmanuel Goldstein in "1984."

The state propaganda outlet posts his picture and instructs the drooling proles to whip themselves into a frenzy of hatred, and the do it.

We're an Obamanation, now.

Ducky's here said...

Lot of inconsistencies in this case. Zimmerman has not established much of a case but I think Mustang's attitude that the little pickaninny got what he deserved might carry the day.

Rita said...

And the cop who investigated the case said the inconsistencies were minor and were to be expected Duckyyyyy.

You are desperate if that is all you got.

Oh wait, you also have the "Creepy ass cracker isn't a racist term in my neighborhood" girl.

Sam Huntington said...

Only a racist would know whether Martin is a pickaninny, Ducky, but one thing does stand out from your typically unintelligible statement: you don’t know very much about American jurisprudence. In our system, Zimmerman is innocent until proven guilty. Of course, such would not apply in leftist courts: the Soviet Ministry of Justice.

Z said...

Rita, I was able to watch a bit before going to work...what was 'laughable' about his friend, other than the fact that he wrote a book about the situation$$$?
Did his testimony fall apart after I had to leave, or?

Mustang, I didn't realize that and couldn't believe that comment this morning!

Imp....you are so right "he must be guilty morally"...isn't that awful? STUPID, RACIST??? Very well said, Imp;.

Mark, thanks for coming by. And you are SO RIGHT. Honestly, as much CNN as I watch, I wasn't prepared for this level of bias, believe it or not. I can't get over it...even I, who despises media bias and knows it too well.

Hi, dmarks...do we know the parents knew Trayvon was drugging? Or do WE know he was in police records, or??

JB: I know! BY WHOM is right!

ALL: why the heck would a kid be THAT TICKED OFF "you got a problem?" just because someone is looking at him? THAT's what started the whole mess.
And gad, did you all hear that friend of his testify she doesn't read cursive?
WHAT THE.............??

Rita, I thought so, too. This morning the Prosecutor was questioning people and it DID seem like they were for the defense! He's a good prosecutor, but didn't he take depositions to see what they're going to say in their testimony!???

Bob...you well describe why this is such a tough case; NO kid should be out alone wandering around...but you hate to think a kid can't walk from the store HOME, you know?
And, it appears that the neighborhood HAD been having problems; break ins, etc....so ya...I don't think a gun was necessary but what if Trayvon had a gun? Zimmerman would probably be dead.
Why was Trayvon SO ANGRY?

Panzer..welcome and yes, you are right.

Ducky, please show where Mustang came close to saying that. Good try.
And we don't use "pickaninny" around here. Thanks for not using it again.
By the way...your comment is just another Ducky smoke screen for the point of my piece: BANFIELD'S UTTERLY NASTY SUGGESTION. and, as Sam says, her utter disregard for our rule of law in this country.

Rita..well said! and did you see EEZZ the lib here the other day slamming someone for using "big fat ass" for that poor, illiterate witness friend of Trayvon's, completely ignoring the CREEPY ASS CRACKER phrase Trayvon used?
MY commenter is RACIST, EZ apparently doesn't think CREEPy ASS CRACKER is. unbelievable.

Honestly, black friends have always told me "nobody's more racist than us black folks" and we see it more every day.

Kid said...

My 'man on the street' would confirm that as affirmative - regards Zimmerman being the most hated man in America.

This situation fits perfectly into the obama agenda to create civil unrest.

@Bob - Travon's dad and his dad's girlfriend did live in the neighborhood and was Trayvon's destination.

I do agree it should have never happened.

Zimmerman should have identified himself as neighborhood watch and announced he had a weapon. That never happened as far as I know. Zimmerman made statements indicating he was stalking Trayvon "These _____ always get away." At the time he had no reason Travon did or was going to do anything.
Zimmerman was told not to follow Trayvon.

Trayvon should not have pounced on Zimmerman and told him 'he was going to die tonight' if that's how it went down.

As far as I can tell given what I've read thus far, Zimmerman was very over-zealous and Trayvon was over-violent, though Trayvon may have felt he was being stalked by Zimmerman. What would You Do if you felt trapped. Zimmerman never Id'd himself. We don't have any testimony from Trayvon.

Finally, I feel nothing but sorry for Ms Jeantel. A young woman created by a female democrat voter breeding machine through a program started by LBJ when he robbed the social security program to start his 'great [socialist] society'.
SHE is truly a product of her environment.
Blame the people who pay the breeders in these cases imo.

Bottom line - Should have never happened and both individuals made plenty of mistakes. A tragedy.

That's how I see it thus far.

Don't matter as far as the ensuing violence and sledgehammer applied to 'race relations' in this country.

No way Zimmerman gets Murder 2, and it probably wouldn't matter if he did.

This country is like the last 10 minutes of the movie Frankenstein anymore.

Kid said...

Mustang. CNN giving personal details.

Unreal, even today after all of 'it'.

Robert Sinclair said...

I do think it must be true: whenever you punch someone in the face so hard that it breaks his nose, and then you jump on top of him while he or she is lying on the ground, and begin to beat them to death, and when you cover their mouth and nose with your hand so that they cannot breath, and when you say the words, “You are going to die,” then yes … you deserve to be shot. And I think this applies to anyone, regardless of skin color. Perhaps if we are fortunate, Ducky will experience this first-hand and then get back to us with his newly found knowledge.

Z said...

Robert, I'm giggling over here :-) HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

Kid, you are amazing.

I TOTALLY agree with you that Zimmerman should have identified what HE was doing out there.

But, if memory serves me (which I have to admit it does less and less lately!), I think there were words and Trayvon came off pretty ticked off from the get-go, right?

Jack Whyte said...

@ Kid ...

Is Zimmerman the most hated man in America because of shooting a gangster, or is he the most hated man in America because of CNNs campaign?

Meanwhile, is CNN liable for publishing the man's SSN and DL numbers, home address, and phone number?

Kid said...

Z, Well, I was careful to say 'what I know so far'. Another week? of witnesses and testimony. I think it )the story) is starting to get tight but who knows.

I wasn't there. It's frustrating because you even have conflicting opinions from the police involved at the time.

In regard to your question, maybe it was Zimmerman was 29 - Should have been more professional as far as ID'ing himself, and following the instructions from the police.
Trayvon was 17 right? And I see Trayvon as a product of his environment as well. And - There IS more racial bigotry going on today than I thought there was.
What do you do if you're a 17 yr old kid being followed by someone you don't know who he is?
Absolutely I believe there is room for some understanding form his POV.

I did give my high level thoughts on it though. Summary? Both in the wrong and tragic.

Kid said...

@Jack Whyte. This situation exploded by a power of 20 because the media and the obama administration/sharptone/jackson/et al are Using and exploiting it to their own ends.

I personally believe CNN is guilty of a crime. A Felony.

Z said...

Kid, I agree about Trayvon, too, except one does wonder why a kid would be SO jumpy just because someone's merely looking at him.
Sure, maybe it goes through his mind that all whites are "creepy ass" racists...he's been taught well... but ...

Ya, we don't know a lot yet...we really don't.

It just should not have happened.

Mustang; why WOULD they do that? Didn't ANYBODY file a complaint with the FCC or anything???

more later.

Kid said...

Jack Whyte. IF it leads to Zimmerman being done harm. (CNN)

Rita said...

Trayvon's friend Z, not Zimmerman's.

I am honestly beginning to believe that the prosecuting attorney and the police department do not support prosecuting this case.

Ether they are deliberately putting on the weakest case and then will pull a whammy or they really do not have evidence to support a charge.

I heard CNNs Ashley Banfield say today how devastating it was that Zimmerman said he got on top of Martin and spread his hands out, yet he was found face down with his hands underneath him.

Zimmerman said he did that because Martin was still TALKING.

Maybe it's just me, but I've never heard of a dead man talking. She is too stupid to realize that if Martin was still alive at that point he could move enough to roll over. That was certainly not damaging evidence in my book.

I had been listening online to a Florida local TV station, so I only heard CNNs take when I went to the gym. They were completely in the tank for guilty.

How do they call themselves a news organization?

Rita said...

And Fox was not on delay at one point in playing the interview tape yesterday or today. An MF slipped through during coverage. I don't think they noticed as there was no mention of it later.

Robert Sinclair said...

@ Rita

"How do they call themselves a news organization?" The same way Obama calls himself a president, McCain calls himself a conservative, and Eric the Holder calls himself a Norwegian.

I think you could be right about tanking the trial. No one believed this case should go to trial at the very outset. It went to trial because FL wanted to avoid the appearance of insensitivity in the death of a sweet young child. And also, to avoid race riots later on. It is also possible that Holder threatened FL with a civil rights lawsuit, or a time out in the room alone with Bill Nelson for 8 hours.

Given all I know about this case, I do not see how Zimmerman could be found guilty of Second Degree Murder. This means we should plan on race riots.

PS. If you want to help the family of Trayvon Martin, I think they are selling T-shirts with pictures of Trayvon flipping off the camera. I might buy one and add it to my satin Elvis painting collection that I picked up on the cheap in Mexico a few years back. When I was drunk.

Kid said...

Z, Well he wasn't just being looked at, he was being followed.

Robert Sinclair said...

Kid, that's what community watches do. They keep an eye out for suspicious persons and report what is happening to the police department. That is what Zimmerman was doing. Why did he follow Martin? To report on whether or not Martin had left the gated community. Following a suspicious person does not suggest anything more than that.

Impertinent said...


I've covered this before...so I'm going to respectfully disagree and say friend that you have this wrong. Both statements are erroneous.

"Zimmerman was told not to follow Trayvon."

..."and following the instructions from the police."

Z said...

Imp, I thought he was told "don't follow him"?

Kid, we simply don't know enough to even discuss it except in hypothesis, do we, really.

am out for dinner...see y'all soon.
Three GREAT girlfriends, a birthday of one of them, fabulous food, live jazz, and a Cosmopolitan for THIS GIRL! HURRAH!

Thersites said...

It's ALL about sustaining the mythical "racist Southerner" narrative for the DNC.

Impertinent said...

@Z & Kid:

"Imp, I thought he was told "don't follow him"?

Here's what i said above on this very page...and I've listened to that 911 tape at least 200 times over the past year.

"GZ was never "ordered" to cease following TM...a 911 civilian dispatcher cannot order you to do anything ( and it was more of a suggestion than a "command" as the 911'er said..."you don't have to do that"...which gave him the option to or not to follow ) "

911 Dispatchers are not sworn police officers...they're civilians. They have an important job to do...but they have no force of law behind them.

Impertinent said...

BTW..if Saint Skittles felt so threatened by GZ...and was "nervous" about being followed...he had a cell phone...why didn't he call the Sanford cops on 911?

Because he was going to pop this white ass cracker...that's why...and show him who was the boss and badder. He wanted to confront GZ...and he did. That's a fact...it's on tape.

And his illiterate "girlfriend"...probably egged him on. Remember...she's a proven perjurer already.

Rita said...

I still haven't seen or heard any evidence that he continued t follow him after being told my the dispatcher, " we don't need you to do that".

He wasn't ordered to not followed, he was told he didn't NEED t do it.

And even so, I still haven't heard anything that verifies that he continued even IF that was a problem if he did.

Nothing. Something about a dispatcher thinking there was a wind noise on the phone so he must have continued. That's pretty thin evidence. He was obviously still outside when Trayvon encountered him.

Witnesses say Martin was on top, so why would he be the ne screaming? That makes no sense. Martin wasn't the one with a busted nose, he wasn't the one getting his head bashed against the sidewalk.

It makes no sense that the guy winning the fight would be screaming. It's a stupid claim and one the prosecution was stupid to be claiming.

I honestly believe that if Zimmerman hadn't had the gun, he would be dead or brain damaged. Zimmerman was down. He posed no threat to Martin, after the first punch and yet he continued to beat a man who was following him in a crime ridden community.

Why didn't Trayvon call 911? We all know why.

Mustang said...

And his illiterate "girlfriend"...probably egged him on. Remember...she's a proven perjurer already.

Only the NSA knows for sure ...

Impertinent said...


Thank God....someone who gets it right. Thanks...really thanks. I've listened to Savage...usually I can agree with him on some things.

Now here's an educated guy ranting that if ZW didn't have a round in the chamber and didn't have the "safety" off....TM would be alive.

First...the PF9 Kel Tec that GZ used..DOESN'T HAVE A SAFETY!!!

And a cop already testified that it's stupid not to have the gun ready...what was he supposed to do? Throw it at TM?

For gods sake...the misinformation is mind numbing.

If any of you have a revolver...with 6 rounds in the cylinder...do you take one out and place it on the empty chamber???

Of course not...cause that's called Russian Roulette.

Impertinent said...

They can't get GZ on 2nd degree murder....one needs depraved ill will and total disrerard / depravity towards human life proven... to convict on that charge.

But...they'll damn sure try to convict him of 'ill will' as he said "these fooking punks always get away."

GZ didn't even know if TM was...black. But he knew he was a punk...we all know that. But should he go to prison for that?

Thersites said...

Union SEIU thugs can beat the crap out of black Tea Party supporter and ask him "what kind of a black man" he is... and it doesn't make the local news... let alone national news. But let a half white guy with a German sounding surname question a suspicious drug user... and all hell breaks loose.

Its all about one story fitting a "narrative..." and the other, not so much.

Thersites said...

The narrative...

Rita said...

@Imp. You're welcome. However I believe I was only stating the obvious. If people would take off their racial colored (oops someone might take offense to that c word) glasses, they could look a to objectively.

Even on my rare crime ridden neighborhood if I see someone out walking close to the houses rather thana road (we don't have sidewalks out here in the boonies) I would immediately be suspicious. I would not ignore any person, male, female, white, black, Hispanic that was walking around my neighborhood at night.

In fact when the neighbor boy was a teenager and out late one night walking across our yard, I watched him until he went into his own home.

The only reason why I would not go outside and watch him was because I would be no match for anyone looking for a fight. As Trayvon obviously was.

And even if I play devil's advocate and say Zimmerman shouldn't have been out there and shouldn't have got out of his truck to begin with, why does that give Trayvon the right to throw the first punch.

There is no evidence, none that says Zimmerman threw the first punch. None. The state doesn't maintain that. There is no physical evidence to suggest it.

There is not only physical evidence that Martin was assaulting Zimmerman, there is eye witness evidence that Trayvon was on top and eyewitness testimony Trayvion appeared to be punching Zimmerman while he was on top of him.

And why did the eyewitness decide to take a picture of Zimmerman's beaten face when he was sitting sideways in the police car? And the pictures of the back of his head?

If I witnessed so,end getting bested and then shooting the assailant, I would take picture of the injuries so I could give an accurate description.

Oh come ON. We all know why this case is on trial now.

If Martin had been the "white Hispanic" and Zimmerman had been the black kid, there would never have been a trial.

This is political. Nothing else. As not only one young man is dead, but the left won't be happy until a vigilante takes Zimmerman out.

CNN should be the accomplice. Don't tell me it was an accident they displayed Zimmerman's SSN and address.

Kid said...

Robert Sinclair. he didn't identify himself. He didn't stop following when the cops told him too. right? wrong? I dunno, definitely stupid though given he had a gun.

When you take a conceal carry course, a couple things good instructors will tell you:

- a lawyer follows every bullet out of your gun.
- If you do shoot someone, the only thing you say prior to your lawyer showing up is - I believed my/our life was in danger.

Though that's Ohio, which is a notch down form Florida. We're supposed to retreat if possible.

Kid said...

IMP, I see you're statement that I have it wrong and I raise you that I may have a completely different opinion at the end of this trial.

Kid said...

Z, No, we don't thus far. Breaking information may present itself completely opposed to what I wrote.

And - Sounds like a great night! Enjoy

Impertinent said...


Well said Rita...better than I could. I just can't stand it when the usual L&O types start turing things on their heads...like the facts.

Poor Trayvon...nonsense. I don't want to see anyone that young dead....but everyday...everyday...young blacks...some I've seen as young as 13...randomly killing each other.

And IMHO...this man, TM was heading for a career of crime, gangstas and felonies...and then into the Justice system and prison.

Kid said...

IMP, I hear what you have to say. Respectfully, the kid was 17, his girlfriend the same or younger and neither of them given much to "use" in handling life situations. Both of them driven by peer pressure, the dems, the sharptones, the jacksons... to live their life as if they live in a war zone of racist violence.

I don't Blame Trayvon. I blame the race baiters, the rednecks, the KKK and the people who really do practice ignorant racism and most of all the Leaders of our political machine who have done nothing but make the situation worse intentionally for their own enrichment, or maybe even worse, Nothing at all to counter the problem.
Hey, it wouldn't be America without different opinions or even worth a shit for that matter eh?

My verdict: Tragedy, Capitalized upon and still more to come.

Kid said...

Imp, Actually GZ did know TM was black. He told the cops that he was when he called it in.

Impertinent said...


"the kid was 17, his girlfriend the same or younger.."

Like I said...she's a liar, illiterate and a perjurer under oath. And she lied about her age too...she's not 16...she's a grown woman of 19.

Second....so GZ was a "wannabe" cop, right? That's the reason they ridicule him and accuse him of murder, right? So now we disparage anyone who wants a career in LE?

Third: TM was a wannna be and a committed "gangsta"...it's on his FB and Twitter accounts. By all accounts along with his blossoming criminal record ( dope, burglary, assault ) and actions...he lived up to that.

Who would I choose to side with? The thug outlaw...or the guy who wanted to uphold the law? Even if he never became a cop..he took criminal justice courses in college...he might have been a paralegal or something. Or maybe even a 911 dispatcher...who knows?

But TM? His choice was to be a badder, tougher ass than GZ was...and that's why he's dead. He miscalculated. He was practicing his thuggery on a fat ass cracker who he thought he could take. And since he wasn't on his home turf...he figured his threatening demeanor and attiturd would make GZ crap his pants. After all..TM was a Miami thug. Not from a hick town like Sanford, Florida.

And GZ reacted to his violence with fear and terror. Imagine those MMA punches coming into your face every second...and your head being bounced on a concrete walkway....and look into that grilled face of his...

You know you would have done the same damn thing under the same circumstances.

Z said...

Who said GZ didn't know TM was Black?

Kid, such a GREAT TIME! We four girls adore each other and one just got back from a philanthropic trip to Uganda (3rd year in a row) and it was great hearing her stories. There's one I should write about here.
THE BEST ladies...and fabulous food; great jazz..and TWO Cosmos :-)

beamish said...

I'm tired of talking about the Trayvon Martin shooting, especially with left-wing dipshits. Had he have been a white, brown, green or blue skinned thug attacking Zimmerman he would have been shot dead in self-defense just the same.

Until God decides to grace humanity with a leftist with more than 35 IQ points, intelligent discussion from both sides is going to be an unrealized fantasy. Case in point, some left-wing dumbass on my Facebook posted a video of Zimmerman's arrival at the police station, police car dripping wet, trailing water, and windshield wipers running, and tried to argue that it wasn't raining the night Trayvon Martin got himself shot.

You can't fix f'n stupid.

Kid said...

IMP, at the point where it went mano-a-mano, yes, I would have done the same thing.

I'm saying it wouldn't have gotten to that point with me. I'd have driven up to TM, told him I was neighborhood watch, we've had some problems, I don't recognize you, I am armed, I have talked to the police and they are on the way, and what are you doing in the neighborhood?

Hey, If he dragged me out of the truck at that point, he'd have been shot, but I don't think it would have gone down that way in my variation.

JonBerg said...

OMG, I'll be glad when this is over. With all that is really important in this World this dominated the NEWS, ad nauseam all day. Is this the only thing of it's kind? I bet that since this happened there has been many, many serious things in Chicago, like this or worse, as well as elsewhere. Pleeeeeeezzzzzeee, who cares? We have much, much bigger things to worry about!

Robert Sinclair said...

Jon, as the issue surround the right of every citizen to defend himself against murderous assault, this is almost NO more important issue. It is a Second Amendment issue.

JonBerg said...

Hey Robert,as a multiple firearms owner I certainly have an appreciation of the 2nd Amendment. I'm sure that firearms have been used, successfully, to protect many since this incident occured. The real issue here seems to be about something else, sociological in nature. At any rate my problem is with the domination of this trial on FOX NEWS and over reporting on it will not benifit the 2nd Amendment!

Bob said...

Beamish said, "Until God decides to grace humanity with a leftist with more than 35 IQ points, intelligent discussion from both sides is going to be an unrealized fantasy."

At last, a man who doesn't hesitate to speak his mind.

I agree.

FreeThinke said...

A Few Points to Ponder:

1. No one seems to realize that George Zimmerman is not "white;" he is a medium-brown Hispanic. His father may be white, or more likely half-white and half-Hispanic, but his mother was obviously entirely Hispanic. Zimmerman doesn't LOOK "white" at all. Frankly, he looks WEIRD. Very odd looking guy!

2. Martin may have been wearing a "hoodie," but that is not evidence of criminal intent or criminal activity.

3. Apparently it was RAINING, so Martin's ducking between the houses and walking under the eaves could very well have been nothing more nefarious than an attempt to stay as dry as possible.

4. Did Zimmerman deliberately set out to "harm" Martin? I don't think so, but I think he was stupid to act as aggressively as he did. He should hve called the policie, waited quietly for them to arrive, then let the officers take care of the matter.

I imagine both Zimmerman and Martin both angered and frightened each other. Both overreacted. Zimmerman, who I believe is a much smaller man than Martin. who was at least 6'2" and muscular, was probably scared witless after he got punched in the nose and thrown to the ground. I'm sure if the same thing happened to me, and I had a gun, I would not hesitate to use it either.

One of my all-time heroes is BERNARD GOETZ.

It's a very sad situation. The MOST criminal behavior in the whole mess, however, is that of the stinkin,' lousy, irresponsible, race-baiting, rabble-rousing ENEMEDIA.

FreeThinke said...

As usual, the points were not pondered. Oh well ...

Impertinent said...


"Of course, such would not apply in leftist courts: the Soviet Ministry of Justice."

Duck still believes "Speed Bump and Boat Boy" are innocent till proven guilty though...those video tapes of the Boston murderers don't prove a thing. Ask their Mom too.

Impertinent said...


"but that is not evidence of criminal intent or criminal activity."

In the hood...it's a ghetto / gang uniform. It's meant to disguise and obscure the face....you can see any YouTube tape of a store robbery and 99% of them are blacks wearing hoodies.

Like the saggy ass pants and the gold grilles. It's just like the colors that separate the crips and the bloods...red and blue...mean everything in the hood / ghettoes.