Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sharpton: Hate Crime

A hate crime occurs whenever a perpetrator targets someone because of his or her race, ethnicity, sex, religion, or sexual orientation. As a crime category, hate crime is used to describe bias-motivated violence, such as assault, injury, and murder predicated on the victim’s personal characteristics. A hate crime generally refers to an illegal act motivated by biases that could include property damage, bullying, harassment, verbal abuse, insults, graffiti, or even written communications.

Consequently, many states have followed the example of the federal government by legislating laws against hate-motived crimes. Interestingly, hate speech does not automatically qualify as “hate crime” unless there are other mitigating circumstances.

Still, in the wake of the Zimmerman trial, the paragon of racial justice, Al Sharpton, said that he intended to use his National Action Network in organizing protests as a means of bringing a civil rights case against George Zimmerman. “It’s not over,” said Sharpton, “And we are going to make sure it’s not over; that’s why we’re calling people to … organize in your city. I don’t care if its 20 people, we want to show the nation that over 100 cities a week later is still demanding justice. We’re not having a fit, we having a movement.”

And, of course, following this statement, masked vandals went on a rampage in Oakland, California breaking out storefront windows and terrorizing residents at a Wal-Mart store. Blacks attacked an Oakland waiter with a hammer. Several blacks attacked a white man in Milwaukee, shouting, “This is for Trayvon Martin.” A journalist and a photographer working for KCAL-9 were the target of racial assaults in Los Angles while covering a protest in the Crenshaw District.

And this should take us back to hate crime and Al Sharpton. He has incited violence in several US cities, and I am stating, right here and now, that Al Sharpton is guilty of perpetuating hate crimes against innocent persons by inciting others to riot and do harm. Remember what he said: “It’s not over and we are going to make sure it’s not over…”

Now of course, we all know that Al Sharpton is a fraud. He is no more a Baptist minister than I am. He was “licensed and ordained” as a Pentecostal minister at the age of nine-years by another fraud, the so-called Bishop Frederick Douglas Washington. Who in the hell “ordains” a nine-year old kid? And people want to know why people no longer attend church services. Let us also not ignore the fact that Albert Charles Sharpton is as corrupt as his father, the senior version, who had an illegal sexual relationship with his own daughter … the only point being that filth begets filth.

Make no mistake about it: Al Sharpton is filth. Whether we are looking at the fabrications involving Tawana Brawley in 1987, or the fact that he has referred to white people as “homos,” inciting violence against New York Jews, and bigotry directed against Mitt Romney in 2007, he is filth. If we follow the advice of Martin Luther King, Jr., and judge Al Sharpton by the content of his character, then Al Sharpton is a cretin who should be locked up in a federal penitentiary for the criminally insane.

No one man has done more to destroy race relations in America than Al Sharpton. But destroying race relations is not a crime. If it were a crime, then we could arrest Barack Obama and Eric Holder, too. What is a crime is inciting people to riot, assault others, and destroy their property. What I want to know is why hasn’t Sharpton been arrested and charged with hate crime?

Mustang Sends


Philip Gordon said...

“George Zimmerman to Got His Gun Back” - ABC News
Well thanks to the idiots who can’t respect the jury’s verdict, and the bleeding heart liberals running wild in the streets, and the death threats that he has been getting. He needs it more now then ever.
Suck on it libtards.
Instead of Obama’s stupid speeches and his phoney Gun Control excuses, What we really need is more Americans like Zimmerman to stop thugs like Trayvon Martin..

The next thing we hear is that Obama wants yo give Trayvon Martin a Holiday names for in in February, after all there are still 15 days not named after Black Martyr's

Linda said...

I certainly agree with you, Mustang. Who is man that can 'ordain' a 9 year old? Of course, we just read this morning in 2Kings 22 how God ordained Josiah king, and he was 8 years old. I think he had a lot more wisdom than who is in charge of us today!

Philip Gordon said...

You know Joe, I'm friggen sick of these dumb ass libs already trying to make hay out of this verdict. It's done and over and getting tiresome already.
These Black race baiters ate always throwing fuel on the fire.
As with all issues that become politicized, these liberal bleeding heats of this debate are ignoring all facts that don't support their position. I never know whether they are purposely ignoring all the facts or whether their ideology somehow short-circuits their intellectual capacity to do so, that's always been a source of fascination to me.
The bottom line is that two young guys did stupid things. Both of them. One of the guys had a legal gun in a legal situation and (per proper legal proceedings) used it legally, to defend himself from a thug who was looking for trouble.. And the trouble maker is dead as a result. I have no doubt the guy with the gun wishes the whole friggen thing hadn't happened, and that he had found something better to do that night.
But it did happen and the trial is over and the jury had it's say. Why do these fools always think that the jury must agree with them or else!
It's a crappy, tragic situation that does not lend itself to simple answers, yet it has become a simplistic political pawn for no other reason than the color of the young guys skin.

That won't stop the insults and finger-pointing, of course, because the race pimps and the division pimps have done such a good job that insults and finger-pointing are ingrained in our public discourse. We're playing right into their game like good little sheep, and I'm sure they appreciate it every time they check their bank account balances.
But they continue to play the "IF" game like "IF" Zimmerman didn't follow him or "IF" Zimmerman didn't get out of his car!

How about "IF" the punk didn't go to that community looking for trouble in the first place and "IF" he didn't punch Zimmerman in the face. Or "IF" he didn't say "Your gonna DIE tonight?
The circus trial of George Zimmerman has ended, but the Blacks and white liberals won’t accept the fact that the (the creepy ass cracka) was found Not guilty.
As the evidence was presented in the Martin/Zimmerman, it became very clear that this case was so weak it should not have even been brought to trial. But white liberals in conjunction with Black America’s RACIST side and demanded Zimmerman be found guilty. Why? Do white liberals really care about black teens being killed? Yes, they do. But only if the killing occurs at the hand of a white person. White-on-black crime in America is so rare that white liberals had to construe Hispanic George Zimmerman as a “White Hispanic” to get blacks upset and all riled up over the case. And guess what? It worked!
Why is the only answer ALWAYS is to blame Whitey? Or as some will say, to blame the Crazy Ass Cracker?

Always On Watch said...

A hate crime occurs whenever a perpetrator targets someone because of his or her race, ethnicity, sex, religion, or sexual orientation.

What about being targeted on the basis of age? Size?

Always On Watch said...

Will Michael Eric Dyson be charged with a hate crime for saying THIS?

MSNBC’s Michael Eric Dyson: More White Kids Need To Die In Order For Americans To Understand Racism

Always On Watch said...

TRAYVON ‘PROTESTERS’ SMACK Houston Grandmother – Won’t Let Family Take Child to Hospital (Video)

Always On Watch said...

George Zimmerman does not appear to have been a racist; see this -- text and photograph.

Louis H. said...

Sharpton is all about one thing. Just one. Sharpton.

Lisa said...

Good one Louis. You got it right again like your previous comment that we don't have a race problem in this country,we have a left problem.

Lisa said...

Interesting how self described "social" engineers seem to incite people to anti-social behavior

JonBerg said...

"Al Sharpton is filth" and a charlatan; no doubt. Now what of those who are influenced by him; are [they] forced into that? I submit that the problem is much bigger than just Sharpton and Jackson!

Sam Huntington said...

Jon Berg is correct; the problem goes far beyond Sharpton and the others. The problem is that so many people are too easily influenced by the false rhetoric. But beneath this, we find an education system that has done nothing even remotely similar to educating our children. Yes, it has brainwashed them. Yes, it has propagandized them. Yes, it has turned their minds to mush … but it has not educated them. It has not taught them how to think for themselves, to reason, or to articulate understanding. And now, here we are, so far down the road and there is absolutely no reason to think that any of this can be corrected. It was bad enough when it was just Sharpton and others doing the race baiting. Now it is also Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and a long list of leftists who, as Louis said yesterday, seek to destroy the fabric of America. It is working, isn’t it?

Mustang said...

Yesterday a woman named Betty Jo left a comment and a link to her blog and a post entitled “Oh Hell No.” I read the post and I will tell you that it is worth a few moments of your time. If you want to know how it is possible to poison the minds of so many blacks in America, read this post for the answer to that perplexing question.

Anonymous said...

BTW. Kiudos to Mr. Free Thinker for telling Ms. Shaw that she sounded like Hitler!

Jack Whyte said...

Who gives a flip about Shaw?

The race baiters are toxic to our country, but I don’t see very much we can do about it. I read Betty Jo’s post, and it is depressing. What is going on is the same exact thing that the Moslems are doing: poisoning the minds of their children. Same damn thing.

FreeThinke said...

I categorically object to the existence of "HATE CRIMES" as a foolish, dangerously inflammatory redundancy in the law.

Murder, Mayhem, Rape, Assault, Theft, Vandalism, Extortion and organized campaigns of Harassment are ALREADY listed as felonies under the law. That should give the authorities sufficient leverage to arrest, try and punish perpetrators of so-called "Hate Crimes" without labelling them as such.

When we verge into the territory of punishing MOTIVE as much as the ACT, itself, we come perilously close to hunting down and persecuting individuals for the way they THINK.

In a free society, such as are supposed to be, there could be no such thing as a THOUGHT Crime.

If I want to dislike someone -- for whatever reason -- or for no reason at all -- it is my right -- and should REMAIN my right -- to do so.

On the other hand, my dislike, disapproval, contempt, loathing, fear -- whatever -- does NOT give me the "right" to attack, maim, murder, rob, rape, steal or deface the property of the one I don't want to know or associate with. I only have the "right" to AVOID that person, and to suggest others ought to avoid him too, and give my reasons.

Those I may talk too are, of course, fee to act on my suggestion or ignore it.

As soon as we legitimize any attempt to restrict and control THOUGHT, we have automatically lapsed into TYRANNY, which feeds on itself and will only grow stronger, tighter, and more severely oppressive if left unopposed.

The Founders, if I've read them rightly, believed that LIBERTY trumps ALL other considerations. We've strayed much too far from their ideal -- so far in fact we no longer deserve to call ourselves Americans.

Anonymous said...

Good point FT, I agree, murder is murder makes no difference why, the victim is still dead , S who cares about if it was a "hate crime" or not?
Hitler didn't .

Robert Sinclair said...

Well, what to say?

One profound sadness I have whenever I listen to An American Trilogy, is the futility of what happened in our nation 150 years or so ago. It is happening again today … but with an important difference. During our Civil War, we had men of honor opposing one another over issues of principle. Today, there are again two sides: one wishes to maintain our Constitutional relationship with the federal government, while the other, using the emotion of racial hatred, demands the total dismantling of our nation, our culture, our way of life. It is painful to realize, as Sam points out, that such a revolting plan is working.

FT is right to suggest that if we are no longer prepared to defend our values, then we no longer deserve to call ourselves Americans.

FreeThinke said...

Thanks for this, Mustang. I couldn't agree more. Why the likes of Altawana Sharptongue, Jessie Jackass, The Reverend Goddam America, and Calypso Louie Fartingcan are still walking the earth as free individuals I can't imagine. First Amendment be damned. Pernicious, dangerously subversive, scurrilous rabble rousers should be SILENCED.


He [Sharpton] is no more a Baptist minister than I am. He was “licensed and ordained” as a Pentecostal minister at the age of nine-years by another fraud, the so-called Bishop Frederick Douglas Washington. Who in the hell “ordains” a nine-year old kid? And people want to know why people no longer attend church services. Let us also not ignore the fact that Albert Charles Sharpton is as corrupt as his father, the senior version, who had an illegal sexual relationship with his own daughter … the only point being that filth begets filth.

Two questions sprang to mind in response, sir.

1. Wasn't it the esteemed prophet Mohammud who MARRIED a NINE-YEAR OLD named Aisha? by those standards why shouldn't a nine-year-old be "ordained" in any cockamamie organization that wants to call itself a "church?" ;-)

2. If Sharpton's father had an affair with his own daughter in an act of "filth begetting more filth," does that mean that Atawana Sharpton's MOTHER is really his SISTER?

I always knew Sharpton was a bastard, but I assumed he just an ordinary, garden variety example of the genre. This makes his case downright EXOTIC.

Of course, we really must make allowances for the sexual mores and proclivities of Negroes.

FIRST, they were brought here by force from a variety of savage, sub-Saharan cultures all of whom had a concept of "normal" radically different from British and European whites.

SECOND, they were treated more like beasts of burden than fellow human beings, and thus were bred like cattle. They were not allowed to marry, and any families they produced on their own were subject to arbitrary division. Family members could be sold away from one another to separate plantations never too see each other again, etc.

THIRD, Negro women were often "used" and abused sexually by white plantation owners and overseers, etc. The offspring of these libidinous matings were considered Negroes and treated accordingly. Their white blood was never acknowledged or rewarded as such.

After approximately three-hundred years of being subjected to such abysmal conditions is it any wonder "The American Negro" became what he became?

I needn't point out whose "fault" it is either.

We reap what we sow. There's no escaping the consequences of sins committed by our ancestors.

So, yes Sharpton and his ilk are, indeed, "filth," but our ancestors had a great deal to do with making him what he is.

The people we need most to improve are OURSELVES -- first, last and always. It is too easy o point fingers at others and smugly absolve ourselves of any responsibility for the evils that weigh down -- and threaten to sink -- our ship of state.

Impertinent said...

Piers Morgan gets his filthy clock cleaned by Larry Elder...:

"Getting back to the details of the Zimmerman case, Elder said he doesn’t know anyone who would have actually filed charges in the case due to the lack of probable cause in the first place. Morgan disagreed, calling it “wrong” that Zimmerman is getting away with no punishment.

“He’s a marked man!” Elder replied. “He will never have a moment of peace! He’s killed somebody, morally he’ll have to deal with that.”

Morgan countered by saying that Zimmerman has it “easy” compared to Trayvon Martin, who is dead.

Elder later scolded Morgan for treating “black people like children” and told him he should be “ashamed” of himself.

Elder concluded by preaching the importance of personal responsibility, particularly within the black community.

“As if [the Zimmerman case] somehow is some sort of indictment of America and black people should look over their shoulders every night and act as if a white guy is going to jump out of a bush and get them. It’s outrageous,” he said. “Hard work wins. Get an education, don’t pay attention to negative people, stay focused and you’ll be OK in America. That’s why most of the people in the world want to come here, that’s why you want to come here, Piers.”

“Thank you, Larry Elder,” Morgan said.

Impertinent said...

Is it time for Whites to riot now???

Little girl of 12 is killed by these two scumbags...for her bicycle!

Mr. Conservative said...

Neither the prosecution nor any of you bleeding heart liberal race baiters have any evidence to convict George Zimmerman of Murder beyond a reasonable doubt.
But if you've already make up your bias minds and decided to convict Zimmerman based off of your preconceived biases. The term "lynch mob" aptly describes you, and your liberal friends, and your party.
Just because the verdict didn’t go YOUR way, or whatever else reason you may have - The evidence you have is ZERO. The possibility that George felt he was in imminent danger of dying. Simply the allowance of that POSSIBILITY, means there is a DOUBT of guilt, that exists, based on the evidence. There is also NO sufficient evidence of who approached who, physically, first. If you think that there is, you need to learn what evidence means. Since the 9/11 call does not lead up to the encounter, all you have is speculation & George's word. You can't use speculation in Court to put a man away for life, and you don't even need George's word after that.

Race is not even involved in this case, yet here we are having a nation-wide discussion about it based on pure conjecture. And why? Because it’s the only thing that you Liberal Race-Baiters have. You have nothing else except a bunch of “IF’s”. If this and If that! It's really disgusting, to me.

You can speculate all that you wish too. You can THINK that George thought Trayvon was a suspicious character because of his color, but you don't have any convincing evidence of that. So all that you are doing is just kidding yourself, and BSing everyone else. . There was a proven rash of burglaries in that neighborhood, and ALL of them were done by Young Black Males, that is a fact. Like it or not. And Trayvon looked unusual because he was cutting through people's side yards. That's not suspicious enough for a neighborhood watchman to place a call? Gated communities are for folks who are very serious about theirs and their family's safety. I'd call his suspicion - based on the burglaries - warranted, even though hindsight would have been 20/20. But to make the stretch to say it was "because he was black," is based on...............nothing. George's life shows that he was not a racist. If you don't know what I mean, you haven't really looked into it before forming your opinion. More disgust.

George justifiably in his following him because of the break ins and because Trayvon looked suspicious. George Zimmerman didn't do anything unlawful. So stop saying that Trayvon was an innocent kid, just walking around with his “Skittles and Iced Tea” . And stop using the word “Child” and please grow up and take off your bias glasses, and perhaps look up this “Innocent Kids” record in google.

Impertinent said...


At 16 years old...Sugar Ray Leonard gave his opponent such a beating that he wasn't allowed to continue in the trials and never boxed again.!!

And he was only 5'10"...not 6'2'!

Enough said about a 16 y/o fighting abilities? At 17..he only got better.

Mr. Conservative said...

Funny, but I don't remember ANY White people rioting after ANY verdict. NONE!

Z said...

Philip...welcome to GeeeZ and thanks for your comments. I clicked on your name and saw a picture; if it's YOU, how'd you get so smart and conservative though you're pretty YOUNG? And are you the ONLY youngish friend you've got who thinks like you? TELL ME NO!!

Mr. Conservative, welcome go GeeeZ...
Good comments.

EVERYBODY is always welcome at geeeeZ.........I don't want my regulars to feel I don't appreciate them. I do SO MUCH.

AND, I have read the comments and have nothing to add so I won't.
I agree with you.

Robert Sinclair got to the best of FT's comments so succinctly...
and yes, it's a very different world today; even during Reagan's time, we know he and O'Neal and Moynihan didn't agree BUT, we felt confident that they had the best for America at heart.

Not today.

Today, we have a president and AG who seem not to understand the constitution.

What do you people make of the fact that there's a hotline at which you can turn in information that GZ is a racist?

Do you leftwingers who come and read this agree with that? Have you the guts to tell us how that makes you feel?
it's FASCIST, folks.

Eric HOlder will DO ANYTHING to get this guy ... HE hates him, and all his supporters hate him (GZ)..he HAS to nail GZ somehow.
He's no better than some two-bit judge in a small town who ignores the law because his supporters want something unconstitutional..imagine that in an AG??

Imagine a president who, this morning, made my skin crawl and I felt nauseated (literally) as he spanked the Republicans again for wanting to overturn Obama care, saying "we have more important things to GO ON TO now!
"? What kind of president is THAT? We're supposed to just keep MOVING ON while he ruins us and our country?

Benghazi.. it's just an ambassador and a few SEALS..."how sad"...NOWMOVE ON
NSA Scandal..."just good for a TV movie script" MOVE ON
F&F...he's SO DUMB that he doesn't understand the difference between Bush's F&F stings and Holder's dropping guns off and leaving? So someone died...MOVE ON.
IRS .... MOVE ON, we HAVE to keep those conservatives down, don't you GET IT, PEOPLE?, is what he might just as well have said.


I wish OBAMA would.

Just Saying It Like It Is. said...

Rachael Jeantel said.“In my mind, I believe Trayvon, It was Trayvon because like I say, it was the headset. I know Trayvon. That headset [is] always over by his chest area. And I was on the phone. Why would Trayvon leave me on the phone if he wanted to start something? That’s a black — well, not a black situation, any teen situation — ‘I’m gonna call you back.’ Trayvon had not said nothing to me.”

The only thing I’m OK with is that she said “In MY mind”
And we all know about what goes on in HER mind.

Philip Gordon said...

Z said...Philip...welcome to GeeeZ and thanks for your comments. I clicked on your name and saw a picture; if it's YOU, how'd you get so smart and conservative though you're pretty YOUNG?

I am? I look that way?

Gee thanks, I haven't heard that before.. But I'll take..

Z said...

Hi, Philip!
Sell...maybe 30, tops? Which is younger than a LOT of us around here :-)

But, tell me, if you are under 40, DO you have friends who think like you and are in your age range?
It's important to me to know that..give me hope!!
And could you tell us where you're from..? You don't have to list the city (we're mostly quite anonymous here) but close to it?


Always On Watch said...

Get ready for an avalanche of hate directed at Bill Cosby....Bill Cosby: Don’t Bring Race Into Discussions About George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin.

Gordon's View said...

First we had Jimmy Carter, a staunch liberal who said that the jury made the right decision and now we have Bill Cosby saying that George Zimmerman can't be a racist because of his actions and his past history and background. Bill Cosby is showing some common sense and logic that the race baiters Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder and yes the media. Seriously the Trayvon supporters on these blogs should take some of Cosby's wisdom to mind. It might help bring some sense into their thick skulls..

Liberalmann said...

Really, a racist killed an unarmed black kid and you have to deflect back to Sharpton? So transparent. Thanks!

Mustang said...

@ Liberalmann (AKA Douche Bag)

The FBI requests that you contact them immediately with your evidence that Zimmerman is a racist. Their background investigation was unable to uncover this information.

Or—alternatively, clausæ usque in Irrumabo.

Sam Huntington said...

If that Milwaukee fellow had been armed, we’d have even fewer social problems to deal with in the future. I say that there are not enough states supporting the idea of “stand your ground.”

Marine4Ever said...

I still say Al's head looks waaay out of proportion to his body. I've Googled him in images and his head is too big.

Marine4Ever said...

BTW -- Is this going to be Phase II of what we had yesterday and on up until late thirty last night? If it is, I wanna know why Al's head is so big to the rest of his body.

Jack Whyte said...

Well, M4E, that's what happens when someone has shit for brains and suffer from constipation.

Marine4Ever said...

Thank you, Jack! That's all I was wanting was a simple explanation and, once again -- when I was being IGNORED by everyone else, you came through! Je suis toujours dans votre dette. Merci, encore une fois, mon ami!

Pris said...

I find the participation of Sharpton along with the left, as one more effort to keep black Americans segregated!

To me, this goes back to affirmative action, and the War on Poverty. What an irony this latest racial, victim hood rant is. Once again, the effort is being made to keep black people on the leftist and poverty pimps plantation, and segregated!

This effort is about power over an entire race of people. Their message is, "if you follow the liberal agenda you will conduct yourselves as victims, and separate yourselves from others who are not black".

This is why they abhor conservative black Americans, for they are individuals who do not see themselves as victims, and furthermore, have risen to the middle class because they realize their lives and decisions are theirs, and not victims who continue to separate themselves from true freedom.

IMO, the left sees black people as inferiors who can be propagandized and treated like children. It's time for these segregated people to break the leftist bonds which hold them back and to see themselves as individuals who have the option to seek success for themselves and to hell with those patronizing, condescending liberals, who have been using them for years.

Z said...

Pris, you are SO RIGHT. It's a REAL travesty and this government is behind it. They're SO HORRIBLE, and I feel they're WORSE EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Marine4...who's ignoring you!!? :-)
YOU? must be SO embarrassed...never a thought to facts, just spew. What the hell is WRONG with you, you poor thing?

I'm sad to say I'm tired of trying so hard to bring you up to snuff on subjects before you go off with the lies.

AOW...good for Cosby.
I'm a little leery of him since there were those GLOWING comments of 'his' re ebonics a while back, which turned out NOT to be his, etc etc..people try to make him a hero with centrist viewpoints, but he's really not. So this is a good thing today!

Ed Bonderenka said...

The fact that the man is still on the national stage after Tawana Brawley speaks so poorly of his supporters, which appear to be the media.
His black followers are only following the media.

Radical Redneck said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Z said...

Ed, that's right.

EVERYBODY: if you have a second, take a look at the URLs I gave Libmann in my comment just above, particularly the second one;
then everyone can see how this man is not and never was a racist. (not Ed, but Zimmerman :-)

By the way, his mother has Black blood from Peru.

Z said...

Radical, sorry to delete you.
We don't celebrate anybody's death around here; you'll have to go to a leftwing blog for that.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Did you just say I'm not, not a racist? :)

Z said...

ED! Sounds like I meant the opposite of what I said. sorry! I just thought it was funny coming off that comment to you, then saying 'he'

No, you are NOT a racist!

are you? :)

Mustang said...

Everyone, Z sent me an email today and it prompted me to ask you this question. Ready?

How is Paula Dean a racist, while Al Sharpton is not a racist?

beamish said...

A hate crime occurs whenever a perpetrator targets someone because of his or her race, ethnicity, sex, religion, or sexual orientation.

Whew. For a minute there I thought it was extra crispy illegal to target people who push hate crime legislation.

beamish said...

A hate crime occurs whenever a perpetrator targets someone because of his or her race, ethnicity, sex, religion, or sexual orientation.

Whew. For a minute there I thought it was extra crispy illegal to target people who push hate crime legislation.

Radical Redneck said... must be SO embarrassed...never a thought to facts, just spew. What the hell is WRONG with you, you poor thing?

It starts with having to wear a hockey helmet 24/7

Bob said...

Al Sharpton is still the ugliest person I have ever seen.

He is the poster-boy for retro-active birth control.

That wasn't racist, was it?

JonBerg said...

Q: "How is Paula Dean a racist, while Al Sharpton is not a racist?"

A: She's white.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Don't ask ME, Bob.

Mustang said...

@ Jon

Okay, thanks. Got it.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I thought it was rhetorical.

Mustang said...

@ Ed

I'm trying to stay on Jon's good side. He's already pissed off at Marine 4 Ever for writing Romanian language at his blog ....

Ed Bonderenka said...

Mustang, Can't we all just get along?

Z said...

EDDDDDDDD!! "Don't ask me, Bob" made me BURST into laughter.
YOU TAKE THE CAKE, my friend. I'm STILL laughing.........haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

ROMANIAN? I just LITERALLY walked in my back door after visiting my Romanian friend/neighbor.
What's up with that?

methinks Mustang4 speaks NO other languages but takes great joy from using those translating computer programs!

Z said...

Marine4..what IS that sewer named Ema? Or whatever it is...??

Law and Order Teacher said...

One of the greatest travesties of the criminal justice system is "hate" crime legislation. How is it constitutional to codify legislation that criminalizes thought? How do you actually prove what someone thought unless they tell you.

All crime is "hate" crime. You had to bear malice in some form or fashion to commit a crime. By definition crime is an affirmative action spawned by a thought. "I like that car. I don't have one so I'll take the one someone else earned." "Hate" crime is feel-good, unconstitutional punishment for thinking the wrong way.

Jack Whyte said...

This is just my opinion, but I do not think that Sean Hannity is very smart. Tonight he had on the race baiters from the NAACP and other communist front organizations to discuss the Zimmerman double standard. What Hannity doesn’t seem to realize is this: he is being used. As these morons shout over top of him, repeating the lies and distortions that have become part of the black America talking points, they reinforce the lies and distortions. Any black communist tuning in is fortified in their mistaken beliefs because a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth. Meanwhile, Hannity has that stupid smile on his face. He has no clue that people are playing him to their advantage. Naturally, this reminds me that it isn’t just black racist organizations who are making money on racial discord …

Impertinent said...

@ Jack Whyte:

"Meanwhile, Hannity has that stupid smile on his face."

I would too if I knew I had a 5 year $75 million contract. He's come a long way from a former bartender. He's not that dumb.

Marine4Ever said...


I can do Romanian!

Break the question down, Z. I don't understand about the sewer and Enema. I do know they are synonymous with each other.

Just for the record, sometimes I have to use the translator for English, too.

Z said...

Marine4...well, I saw her at your site, that's why I didn't comment, frankly...and wondered what that history is. What a very nasty commenter.

Marine4Ever said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marine4Ever said...

Z -- Enema showed up on my site about a year ago. I let her/him/it? hang around 'cause she/he/it? accomplishes a 'two-fer-one' job -- Enema is humorous (at times) and keeps my buddy, JonBerg, entertained and his blood pressure up ALL the time.

Jack and Sam summed up Enema about as well as I've ever seen on the post you're referring to. I think it was Abby Normal that figured out that 'Ema Nymton' is actually 'not my name,' spelled backwards.

I've asked, several times (once, at least) why the period and triple spacing that starts off the rant... what the '~@:o?,' means and why the triple spacing and period is at the end. Flake that Enema is, it's probably just to take up bandwidth.

With Enema, as with all Libitards, when it ceases to be fun... DELETE-DELETE-DELETE!

Z said...

Marind4..thanks. We have SOME kinds of people in this country, don't we. I mean, differing opinions is one thing, but these

As for deletion, I do it all the time now to Libtard except when enough people have responded or even one has responded so well it could help educate him. Hope springs eternal! But, yes...he hadn't posted here in weeks until someone responded and so he got brave again. And I do NOT blame that person; it's just too deliciously fun to set these people straight BUT, he'll be gone again.
TRUST ME. I didn't build a blog to get that kind of unthinking comments here..

Average American said...

"A hate crime occurs whenever a perpetrator targets someone because of his or her race, ethnicity, sex, religion, or sexual orientation."

You mean it's NOT a "hate crime" to HATE libturds? Oh, good. For a while there I was really worried about that. So, if I beat the shit out of a moron because he is so stupid, I'm just in a little bit of trouble? Even if he happens to be a queer black atheist transvestite?

FreeThinke said...

The prevalent attitude of Progressives towards Conservatives, especially those conservatives who love and respect the Lord, sure ought to qualify as a Hate Crime. Liberals aka Marxicrats indulge in the most rabid forms of Hate Speech directed at US virtually ALL the TIME.

In fact most so-called liberal policies qualify as HATE-BASED INITIATIVES.

I've tried manfully to think otherwise, but very sadly I've been proven wrong.

Tim said...

This is great!

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