Monday, July 1, 2013


I have a funny post below which I'd posted last night and set for this morning; and hesitate to write this one here, but I just had to:
Please pray for the families of the 19 elite firefighters who lost their lives yesterday in Arizona.
It's almost too much to take in; 19 men, 19 families and friends in utter grief.
May they find comfort and peace.

If you need a lift after that, please do check out the post below.


Always On Watch said...


There were 20 men in this elite crew.

Pris said...

Oh my, how awful and terribly sad.
My prayers are with their families.

CnC said...

Very sad and tremendous loss of some very brave men.

Kid said...

That was really the only thing I saw in the news today.

Rest of it was dryer lint.

Z said...

Yes, but one man was sent with a truck to get somewhere and didn't die, AOW. 19 died.

kid, you are so right. I thought the same thing "what's more important than that?"

so sad.

Leticia said...

It is a horrible, horrible tragedy. These men died as heroes.

I pray Holy Ghost is comforting all of their loved ones.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I imagine AOW was saying the 20th feels horrible.
Survivor's guilt. He needs prayer.
They all do.

Z said...

Ed, ...well, she might have been!
That 20th has been on my mind since I heard he survived..I'd heard 19 had died and didn't know what AOW was talking about when I saw her comment, just thought she'd got it wrong.
I can't imagine how he's feeling today...don't want to, poor man.
Apparently, 3 were from the Los Angeles area, too. It's SO terrible.

Always On Watch said...

Yes, my point was the survivor's guilty that #20 must be going through. I didn't finish my earlier comment because the furnace people were installing a new furnace and interrupting me every few seconds.