Monday, July 22, 2013

Obama and Holder

Boy, if this doesn't feel like the truth, huh?


Always On Watch said...

It's "Just-Us" because "It's our turn now."

Sick of it, sick of it, SICK OF IT!

Z said...

WHEN is America going to wake up, AOW??

Kid said...

I'd say this is absolutely positively how they think of it.

When we look around and wonder what happened, we much first realize that we have a racist, anti-American, Marxist, communist, socialist, fascist, muslim activist from KENYA in the white house.

And way too many people are good widdat. That is the problem. Not obama and his band of incompetent racist clowns.

Z said...

"way too many good widdat" IS the problem, Kid.
No doubt about it.

TS/WS said...

Obamo is the Indonesian stepchild,
taught to bring down the UK and USA

Always On Watch said...

Too many Americans are in a coma.

Ruth H said...

It makes me sick to think how far we have fallen in such a short time under their rule.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic: Racist Right Calls Obama the racist? look in the mirror!

I really don't know what is more pathetic! You defending righty racism, OR denying righty racism! What is obvious is who the REAL racists are!

For the president to explain the experience of black males in the calmest of terms is in no way "racist" or "divisive" or harmful to race relations. No, his own mother was white. You want examples of that, Look NO further than the racist right!

They’ve done everything they can to destroy this man, from calling him a Kenyan without a birth certificate to saying he pals around with terrorists. They say he’s Nixon. They say he’s Bush. They label every weather pattern Obama’s Katrina. They scream and holler about his racism. They jump up and down accusing him of being worse than anyone ever even Hitler!!!!!! They accuse him of trying to kill Sarah Palin’s baby. They whine about whether or not he should be allowed to speak about his childhood, since his being black is so “divisive”. They call him a murderer over an array of issues.

No matter what Obama does, those who hate him will find fault. This writer may have a tale of her own to tell about how women were poorly treated, but she seems unwilling to respect the president when he tells his honest and true tale.

Bill Clinton made the same speech on race relations after OJ Simpson Verdict in 1995!!! Where was the White Flight and White Indignation or Whites calling Clinton a damn racist. More white conservative racism is you ask me.

No, the President cannot be impeached because he did not commit any offenses that would fall under the category. In no way does Hitler link to Obama. Barack Obama is not a Muslim,

3. Is Barack Obama a fraud?

4. Is Barack Obama destroying America?

5. Is Barack Obama a socialist?

6. Is Barack Obama a pathological liar?

7. Is Barack Obama a Communist?

8. Is Barack Obama an Anti-American?
9. Is Barack Obama an "Illegal" and what does that mean?
No. It means someone that is not allowed to live in a country but is there anyway.

10. Is Barack Obama a criminal?
11. Is Barack Obama a Muslim?
No. He is a Christian.
12. What role did voter fraud play in Obama's re-election? Where is the proof?
It did not. There is no proof.

Race relations are poor because a segment of white America that had been relegated to the proverbial attic with the crazy uncle came out of the woodwork the second a black man was elected president. I knew race relations would be tanked. If it has, it's because of folks who can't stand that a black man is in the White House, and behave badly.

I was right! Hatred for Obama stems from ONE elements. Racism!

Kid said...

TS/WS, and maybe the rest of the Infidels too.

TS/WS said...

DID Obama grow up in Indonesia?
Was Obama adopted by an Indonesian?
Did Obama have to drop his USA Citizenship to be Adopted in Indonesia?
Did Obama go to College as a exchange Student?
YES! Show his Transcripts!!!!
Was Obama taught to bring down the UK and the USA?
YES! HE SAID SO--READ HIS BOOK "Dreams of My Fathers" (Notice the plural)