Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Voting ID cards in Kenya??.........all on YOU??$$$

A Conservative journalist wrote the following article.  I Googled leftwing responses and link them below.  Please read this first:

White House Pays $53 Million for Voter ID in Kenya While Opposing Same in US
Ever since Obama stole the 2008 election with rampant voter fraud, Republicans have been trying to pass laws that require a photo ID in order to vote.  President Obama, and his puppet, Attorney General Eric Holder have fought against every one of those voter ID laws.  They claim that they discriminate against poor black voters that are not able to obtain a valid identification card, even though they are able to obtain enough ID to get welfare and food stamps.
In August 2012, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney supported Obama’s stance against voter ID when he said:
"And on the voter ID case, I can tell you that, as you know, this administration believes it should be easier for eligible citizens to vote - to register and vote. We should not be imposing unnecessary obstacles or barriers to voter participation."
In a typical case of Obama hypocrisy, we learn that the US government gave the Kenyan government $53 million to help fund a program called ‘My ID My Life.’  The program assists the younger generation to obtain National identification cards.  Kenyan law requires that all citizens have the national ID cards before they are allowed to register to vote.  Supposedly, the program helped to get over 500,000 people registered to vote prior the Kenyan elections held in March of this year.
So how does Obama and his cronies justify paying millions of dollars, that we don’t have, to help Kenyans get ID cards that are necessary for voter registration while at the same time legally challenging similar programs and laws here in the US?
Journalist and Senior Fellow with the American Civil Rights Union, Robert Knight is asking the same question when he told OneNewsNow:
"The irony is that the president is using taxpayer dollars to promote something in Africa that he is actively suppressing in the United States, and calling people names who are promoting that very thing."
"This is an administration, you understand, whose Justice Department struck down voter ID laws in South Carolina and Texas just before the 2012 elections and has said over and over that states that are trying to require photo ID are motivated solely by political bias."
Obama will not allow voter ID in the US because he and many of his fellow democrats rely on voter fraud in order to win their elections.  Voter IDs may have changed the entire outcome in the 2010 and 2012 elections and that scares Obama.  But when it comes to his birthplace, Kenya, it’s an entirely different story.  Not only does Obama endorse their National ID card being required to register to vote, but he spends OUR money to make it happen.
Time and again Barack Obama has demonstrated that he does not want to live under the same rules that he imposes on others.  This is typical for a dictator of any nation.  He feels that he is above the law and that allows him to so whatever he wants to whomever he wants without consequence to himself.   (end of article)

The following link is and has a pretty clear outline on what happened in Kenya.

I find no leftwing sites mentioning that we've spent almost $100 MILLION DOLLARS on helping Africans vote (if the money, in fact, actually got to where we supposedly wanted it to go and not some African's Swiss bank account?), which I believe is as big a point as "if they don't want US having voting ID, why are WE supporting it elsewhere?"   Tell me, liberal you believe starving Americans come first or voting Africans?   Just for your consideration...what are your thoughts?

You see, that part of the equation isn't much mentioned in the democraticunderground link (and the irony of the huge amount of money, isn't, either) because it's easier to slam Republicans and not address THE POINTS.

 Tell me, GeeeeZ readers:  What are your thoughts?  

By the way;  Here's a quote from the White House site that cracked me up...THIS from a White House still dumping important news either late on Friday nights, or before a holiday weekend...and whose IRS was messing with Conservatives, and who thinks NSA leakers are nothing more important than fodder for "a TV movie," as Obama suggested.  Here's the quote:

Partnering to Promote Open Government and Transparency
The United States is committed to promoting open and accountable governance in Africa and around the world.  As a founding member of the Open Government Partnership, we are working to secure concrete commitments from governments to promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption, and harness new technologies.  South Africa was a founding member of the Open Government Partnership when it was launched in 2011.  Since then, four more African nations –Tanzania, Ghana, Liberia, and Kenya – have joined, and four more — Cape Verde, Malawi, Senegal, and Sierra Leone – have committed to join by the end of 2014.

Oh, COME ONnnnnn.


Always On Watch said...

From the linked article:

The White House Fact Sheet states that in advance of Kenya's March 2013 general elections, the Kenyan campaign - known as "My ID My Life" - helped 500,000 youth obtain national identification cards...

To facilitate voting in a Left wing and/or Islamist government?

cube said...

Head slapping time. The world I knew has gone topsy-turvy.

Anonymous said...

I guess it shows that we truly are a banana republic now.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Hypocrisy knows no bounds. Voter ID is evil, unless we need to win a close election. In Ohio we have state senator running for Secretary of State, which runs state elections, on the platform that there is rampant voter fraud in Ohio. The only voter fraud that came to light is a Dem poll worker who got caught voting for BO multiple times. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

FROM Z AT WORK (I almost wrote my real name! HA!)

I am hoping the lack of input doesn't mean that only five of us care about this atrocious situation.

I was kind of hoping one of my libs would have the guts to search and find me wrong because this is INSANE....I guess their absence means they're cowed.
Now Ducky will come and throw in a strawman..."Are you saying Obama was born in Kenya?" :-)

Always On Watch said...

I, too, noticed the lack of response to this post. What's going on?

Anonymous said...


AOW, I'm starting to think people just don't care about this stuff.
And, of course, wouldn't you THINK that this would ON THE NEWS for all to see and regret?

of course, it's really George Bush, who's SAVED SO MANY LIVES in Obama had to get a chunk of that attention, too, I guess.

ugh. I can almost understand feeding Africans and helping them fight AIDS like Bush has...really measurably helped or nobody like Bono would be that fond of a Conservative :-).....but A HUNDRED MILLION SPENT ON THIS STUFF? what?

Ed Bonderenka said...

"I, too, noticed the lack of response to this post. What's going on?"
It's early.
Duck will show up, maybe Shawe (his alter ego) and Imp and Kid will start bouncing off each other and pretty soon the discussion will be about something totally different.
Not that that's a bad thing.
But there's nothing here to argue with until an argument shows up.
And Z: I almost used my real name to!

Anonymous said...


Wait..this is not your real name, Ed? I swear I thought it was?!

I wouldn't mention the lack of responses except that it's not at all normal for geeeeZ, particularly when it should be something this eye-opening!; ya, they pick up a little after dinner time EST with Imp and Kid...but I usually have at least 20 by then...this is odd.

Lisa said...

I thought he was doing this just to further piss us off but I think you may have a pint Z about him wanting to be big bug guy on campus although I can see more ways that kind of money would help people in need other than voter ID,geez!

Impertinent said...

Somebody call me???


Pris said...

Obama thinks he already owns us, so he doesn't care what we believe or how we feel, including black Americans. If he thought highly of black Americans he wouldn't treat them like children, which is just what he's doing. He thinks they aren't capable of getting ID's? Of course they are!
But then, voter fraud would be more unattainable here if he supported what he seems to support in other countries.

This administration is in the process of bringing us down to a third world status, and obviously spending our money to raise up other countries like Kenya, so supposedly there will be a level playing field.

When he talked about redistribution it wasn't to be only here in America, but other countries as well.

I think if he's successful in bringing us down, there will be a void left, and another country will fill it. Then, that far left dream will become a nightmare.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Pris nailed it.
I blog using my dad's name.
But I am named after him...

Z said...

Pris, you really DID 'nail it' as "Ed" suggests.
Yes, Obama feels that Africans, many of him don't read or own anything or probably even have indoor plumbing, can get voter IDs but our Black Americans are apparently too stupid? Again, the terribly racist leftwinger at work.
As Geo. Bush so aptly put it, it's "the soft bigotry of low expectations" again. SO SAD.

beamish said...

Don'tcha know, identifying voters is racist, but identifying gun owners is not.

The problem with your understanding is that you're still absurdly clinging to the idea that leftists could possibly be capable of rational thought.

dmarks said...

What do we need to do here: have states secede and join Kenya in order to escape the rampant voter fraud problem in the US?

TS/WS said...

The news this morning told a story of the vast world wide trunk system no being adversely HACKED--but GOOGLE was! A sllooowwwww dooowwwwnnnn oofff Googles servers or their trunk system. E-Mail, Blogger, and YouTube were affected.

TS/WS said...

The Big Story is the Martin/Zimmerman-stage 1.
The Justis Dept. has a offshoot, ready set go- A Community Organzition[dot]org. who sent agents to Florida, A College rally-ed demonstration March, 40 miles to Sanford [the agents forced the Police escort] and barricaded the front of the Police Station with the demand of the Chief's resignation.
That put a ready made replacement for a political showcase for a President if who had a son would look just like Travon.
Then there is stage II.
Try and use the Case of a not guilty verdict for a really bad [worse than Watts] riot that will be a reason for the President to use stage III.

Kid said...

Z, They've got to be doing this for the humor value. At some point it simply gets boring to spend your time in sex parties and the stealing of trillions of dollars. You gotta do something to break the monotony.

Kid said...

Z, there is a reason for this. This is one of hte methods used in the process of demoralization. What our friend the KGB agent talks about.

They do such inane and outlandish things that people who care simply can't take it in anymore and stop paying attention, hoping to wait it out.

This can also be diversionary. Send 53 million to Kenya for 'voter registration' knowing the 'right wing attack dogs' will get everyone fired up with this latest 'fuzzy shiny ball' of misdirection and something else will be perpetrated upon them. No offense to you paying attention to it.

When you don't have journalists anymore, only propagandists, the information is just constantly shuffled into the furnace and goes up in smoke.

I personally believe we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg in terms of what kind of damage is being done and what's actually happening out there.

I swear this isn't OT, but a case in point - I believe:

Take these Snowden facts.
- obama says he doesn't care about Snowden (not hard to figure this from a known liar)
- Putey Pute says Snowden can stay if he doesn't release more information
- The President of Bolivia's plane is re-routed and frisked at the request of the USA (see point 1) and a MAJOR International/diplomatic incident.

So, we can conclude Snowden has more information. Putey Pute knows what it is. The USA/obama is frantic to snatch up Snowden.

What does Snowden know? It's pretty damn serious if you ask me.
Yet we hear about all these peripheral, basically non major impact things, day in and day out.
There is a Lot of stuff flying under cover. Again, not to be OT, but did you know the dem senate avoided passing the law for International gun control? All dems voted for it, and a couple independents and not a single R. 4 votes more and we'd have ceded our 2nd amendment in favor of what the res of the world wants. How many have heard of these things. Rhetorical questions all.

Kid said...

TS/WS, very plausible.

TS/WS said...

Someone gave the Pres. permission to suspend the Constitution.
But Not The Authority to do such!
Only if Congress sits on their behinds, as did the Congress when FDR Suspended The Constitution = will this be done.
And any crisis - such as riots over the Not Guilty verdict in Florida, will trigger the SUSPENSION OF THE CONSTITUTION.
They are tired of Not Getting Their Way.
Such as the Small Arms Reduction Treaty Hilary Signed.
Any Treaty That Infringes On Our Rights Are NULL And VOID!

TS/WS said...

Oh, and that would be Stage III

Z said...

Kid, many people think he has FAR more information than he should and VERY DANGEROUS information.
I agree with you.
You make fantastic points there...particularly about journalists.

I asked a friend who's on the Heritage Foundation Board, Stanford U Board, etc etc etc, and who knows a LOT of people in the Republican party (she worked directly under Reagan at the WH and knows Brent Bozell well, Margaret Hoover, etc etc...A LOT of movers and shakers) WHY we're not helping journalists who'll tell the Conservative side of stories, too.
She said they've tried to encourage conservative kids to do that, and the problem is there aren't venues for them after college...nobody will hire anybody with a conservative leaning.

Most of you know I do not want a media with ANY leanings, but that's I think it's a horrible indictment of every major newspaper in this country that they won't hire anything but knowingly leftleaning kids.

FOX obviously has mostly conservatives...but how many can they hire?

Kid said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kid said...

The democrats/liberals own the media.

In my opinion FOX is of little value. They try to tone stuff down to draw the left in so they'll listen, but in doing so, the left doesn't get the information from FOX either.
The Right Wing talkers are still on 'The Dems are the problem, the repubs are the answer'.

The repubs are not the answer and many people even dumb ones can see this. Plus they get into a lot of peripheral stuff that just clogs the pipes. Religion, Abortion, Gays, the usual shooting match stuff.

I don't see any of that stuff in the founding documents outside of freedom of or from religion. It turns people off. It makes them think if they vote repub they're pro-life, against gays, and pro-orthadox Christian religion and the whole point of conservatism is lost.

Individual Liberty, Free Enterprise, Small Government.

Until they start talking Only those 3 things and a party rams it down everyone's throat that these are the primary things that matter, and the only things that matter from a federal government POV, it’s just going to continue to be a screaming war in a Kindergarten Playground.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

The real victim was Zimmerman who defended himself against a racist dug using thug who ambushed him and attempted to murder him by bashing his head into the concrete.
Notice how these Progressive idiots libs will call George Zimmerman a wanna-be Cop, because he carried a gun, and how they are blaming “HIM” for following the little punk! I never knew that “following” some one was a crime! How was Zimmerman supposed to know Martin’s age, weight, and race on a dark rainy night, he saw a six foot man with baggy clothing, wandering out behind the houses of his neighbors.
Zimmerman should be found NOT guilty, the only reason that he is even being tried is because of the fact that the state of Florida was BULLIED into this by the racist Al Sharpton the Black Panthers and the President of the United States

Ina said...

This is cool!