Friday, July 5, 2013

Egypt's Independence Day?...or not?

Egypt kicked out the Muslim Brotherhood president a day before OUR Independence Day, fireworks and all.  Some are saying this is a good thing...others, like Obama, aren't too happy.
Where do you stand on the 'coup'?..except you can't say 'coup' or Congress can take money back, which I'd have thought Obama'd like since he's not too happy with the Egyptians but he was careful  not to say 'coup'.  You figure it out.



Always On Watch said...

If Obama doesn't like the coup in Egypt, then I DO. So, there!

Always On Watch said...

BTW, this isn't the end of "political Islam." But it just might be a good start.

Always On Watch said...

Egypt: Pro-Morsi demonstrators threaten jihad suicide bombings and to set Christians on fire

Always On Watch said...

Note Obama's statement about Morsi's overthrow:

The United States is monitoring the very fluid situation in Egypt, and we believe that ultimately the future of Egypt can only be determined by the Egyptian people. Nevertheless, we are deeply concerned by the decision of the Egyptian Armed Forces to remove President Morsy and suspend the Egyptian constitution. I now call on the Egyptian military to move quickly and responsibly to return full authority back to a democratically elected civilian government as soon as possible through an inclusive and transparent process, and to avoid any arbitrary arrests of President Morsy and his supporters. Given today’s developments, I have also directed the relevant departments and agencies to review the implications under U.S. law for our assistance to the Government of Egypt.

Compare the above to Obama's reaction to Benghazi!

JonBerg said...


"If Obama doesn't like the coup in Egypt, then I DO. So, there!"

You beat me to it-nuff said!

-FJ said...

The riots start tonight after Friday prayers.... as they ALWAYS do.

A Right-Wing Rebels Conservative Page said...

Obama, even the Muslims don´t want what you´re selling.

Impertinent said...

At least the Egyptians are smart enough to know they picked a fraud, a loser and a a fascist.

Oh...wait...I wonder if we can get 21 million or so Egyptians to come here?

sue hanes said...

Z - I'm ok with the coup as long as it doesn't develop into something violent. Another election would be good. But who knows what will happen.

Scotty said...

Good or bad? Kinda tough call when one can't tell the good guys from the bad guys!

JonBerg said...


That, of course, assumes that there really are some "good guys".

Ducky's here said...

The military just fired on pro-Morsi demonstrators and killed at least one.

Pretty delicate situation. Of course Americans won't be bearing the brunt. Easy enough to talk.

Jess said...

I like the fact the military stepped in, removed the offending vermin and stepped back to allow the political process continue. That's part of their job, just like our military.

The fascists will attempt to bully the citizens, who have mostly been non-violent during this process. I don't think they'll remain that way, if they're abused by the Islamic thugs.

Ed Bonderenka said...

"If Obama doesn't like the coup in Egypt, then I DO. So, there!"
The enemy of my enemy is my enemy's enemy. Not necessarily my friend or ally.
But I agree, nonetheless.
Polls show Sharia law is still highly popular in Egypt. Just not the Muslim Brotherhood.
I haven't figured out the difference yet.
I detect a sentiment in some comments similar to mine, that an early removal by our military of the Obama dictatorship (how else to describe a regime that selectively enforces written law, and creates through fiat other law, regulations, etc.) would be a good thing.
Seven Days in May.

Impertinent said...


"The military just fired on pro-Morsi demonstrators and killed at least one." this stage of the restoration of Egypt...the military is in charge ( as they have been for 60 years ) and the islamists are by definition terrorists.

Don't think for a minute that DHS under Big nappy Sis wouldn't use some of those billion rounds here...since the T Party are "terrorists" along with Christians and returning vets.

The IRS has already fired the first shot too...remember.

FreeThinke said...

Obama's statement, kindly quoted above by AOW, offers further proof that he stinks to high heaven -- as if we didn't already know.

As for Egypt -- and all the rest of the savage, God-forsaken Middle East and Africa -- I couldn't care less what happens there, nor should any American.

In any given neighborhood if Mrs and Mrs. Smith are having a raucous row and breaking up their household, it is NOT up to Mrs. and Mrs. Jones, Miss Digby, Mr. and Mrs. Zabriskie, or Mr. Arbuthnot to intervene.

Let 'em duke it out on their own, hope that very large numbers of these verminous savages are killed, and then deal with the "victors" -- to our own best advantage -- after the fire has died down and the smoke has cleared away.

Unless and until each "family" in the neighborhood we call "the world" learns to keeps its OWN house clean, and its OWN grounds in order, we will live forever in chaos.

We'd all do better to live with less material wealth and fewer of these world's goods, than to follow the patterns of conquest and plunder that defined the past -- including our own.

The greatest gift people could give others would be to LEAVE THEM the HELL ALONE.

Z said...

I followed the Post story that islamists have been fired upon and one killed only to find, on Page 2, that islamists have been killing police in another city.
We have to read whole articles to dig into the truth behind the biased and agenda-driven Washington Post articles.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

The democratic process is often messy and drawn out. Most people thought that the election of a MB regime was the endstate, instead of part of the process.

I'm not at all unhappy with the actions of the Egyptian military, but a military coup against a fairly elected government should by default, be cause for concern.

Interesting that it's not in these circles, but rather another rhetorical hammer against domestic political opposition.

Z said...

AOW "isn't the end of political islam"...that's clear. But, I sure wish it was.

Sadly, Obama's reaction has apparently turned the Egyptians off of US...he supported the Brotherhood going into this, in every way he could, and now he's made it clear he's not smiling after Morsi was ousted. Not a smart thing to do.
Again, is sucking up to terror really going to keep us safe? I think not, Mr. Obama.

FT, I think we should all care about their people on a human level, and, on a political level, how it might affect us; because it will.

Scotty...very well said. It IS difficult because we don't know what the ousters of Morsi REALLY want.

Ed, do you think it could ever happen here? I think there are plenty of legal reasons to...but I don't think it'd ever happen. Plus, the more uneducated in Black America would make these Egyptian rioters look like a picnic in the park.

Imp; we do have to worry about that, but I don't think leftwingers understand that concept; they're apparently more happy to think we're 'over the top' in our criticism of Obama than open to actually seeing what he's pulling.
Odd that he'd suddenly say that parts of the Health Care plan won't start until after the midterm elections...and just before a holiday weekend (he usually picks late Friday nights to inform the country of truly important changes but he was smart picking before the holiday when people aren't watching much news...again)

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"We have to read whole articles to dig into the truth behind the biased and agenda-driven Washington Post articles."

I suppose agenda reporting is a tricky thing, since FNC's World page leads with the same thing as WaPo.

Z said...

CI, it's always a concern when a democracy is overturned like this; what we're here saying is it's promising to see that the more hardline extremists have been ousted.

Obama, as you know, takes your stance..."in a statement issued Wednesday night after Morsi’s ouster, said that only the people of Egypt can ultimately determine the future of the country. “Nevertheless,” he said, “we are deeply concerned by the decision of the Egyptian Armed Forces to remove [President Morsi] and suspend the Egyptian constitution. I now call on the Egyptian military to move quickly and responsibly to return full authority back to a democratically elected civilian government.”

Very careful. I thought it would have been quite clear that the military was used for strength and ability.........and isn't taking over the government.

I think any time extremist islamists are ousted is a good thing. Some are suggesting that's the true feeling at the WH, too...I hope so. I doubt it, but I do hope so.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I've expanded on my comment here:
Removing The Obama Regime
I hope you don't mind my linking to my blog here, but it is in response to this discussion.

Z said...

i'm off to to run.

CI..There's no getting around the fact that the military killed at least one islamist demonstrator; IT HAPPENED and all should report it, of course...I'm glad FOX's article does tell what the islamists did right from the start...the Post tells that on Page 2 of their piece. But GOOD DIGGING, CI...

Z said...

Ed, I'll look from work if I have five minutes.

I have to say I'm not big on the idea of ousting any president, even THIS ONE, who I think has done more damage to our country than any president EVER. And I think the thugs behind him have always been at work for any kinds of attempts

Some of our generals have said this admin hasn't prepared for scenarios of war, famine, etc., like other presidents always have; I'm guessing Obama's crews have been more at work prepared to fight the Right...insulting GOP members, constantly ignoring ideas they have and saying "the party with no ideas" or the "party of NO" instead, etc etc.

I've GOT To go..have a good day, folks.

Impertinent said...


"I have to say I'm not big on the idea of ousting any president, even THIS ONE.."

We do have a legitimate, legal process that we've used before. That's called Impeachment.

JonBerg said...

The repeat presence of the Dictator-In-Chief portends something far more ominous than just this despot alone!

Ed Bonderenka said...

Imp: Impeachment won't work with a dem-politicized senate.
They are too invested with Obama Rex.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

The problem with impeachment, and why the GOP would never pursue it, is that if the foundation is POTUS selectively deciding which laws to actively enforce.....would have to take into account the precedent set by nearly every other POTUS going back to Jefferson, at least.

Anonymous said...


well, Imp, I didn't mean I thought millions would, or should, go to the White House and drag the man out and arrest him.

Wait...let me just reverie here for a moment in that thought...:-)

OK...I'm back!
I firmly believe impeachment would have been MORE than considered publicly by the Dems had Bush did a health care plan of so many pages without allowing the time to READ IT or PARTICIPATE in its planning (stop, Democrats, the Republicans were barely included if at all, so don't even go there here, thanks...remember, no matter what good ideas they had, it was "THE PARTY OF NO" anyway, which does GREAT in the press)...or if Bush had had Benghazi happen and nothing was done to show WHY, or if Obama called as important a situation as the NSA leaker "only a TV movie importance", or if the IRS scandal had targeted libs, etc etc..
ANY of those would have been REAL TROUBLE>
But for Obama? notsomuch

Anonymous said...

From Z:

OR FAST AND FURIOUS! Remember, the libs STILL say "Bush did it, too" when Bush's ATF people were told to stay and watch the guns given to cartels, etc., not LEAVE them and GO! I remember an ATF agent's testimony "we used to watch, that was the whole point...but the DoJ told us to leave them and go home... we couldn't believe it!"
Plus, they supposedly had chips in the guns, as if the cartels didn't know that and couldn't get rid of them?
\Actually, if anybody knows about that microchip situation, could you confirm that? Someone mentioned it the other day and I hadn't heard that. Is it true?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - RFID tackers can be placed inside weapons, and have been.

Anonymous said...


CI...could you be clearer on that? "actively enforcing laws"? You think the only problem with Obama is that he's chosen certain laws to actively enforce and ignored others?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - No, not the only problem....but Section 3 of DOMA seems to be one of the prevailing points in which the GOP would pursue at least the rhetoric of impeachment. Though, again, nearly every other POTUS has done likewise, that specific point has some legal merit....much of the rest is political theater.

FreeThinke said...

The kindest thing one could do for "the world" would be to take very good care of ONESELF, one's FAMILY and one's closest FRIENDS.

Praying for "the world" is, of course, something all of us should do, but the very idea that anything "we" are able to do in any physical sense might actually "save" an inferior country, or a war-torn, disaster-stricken area is utter foolishness.

Every one of us has more-than-enough to do to keep body and soul together, take care of our wives, husbands, partners, children and pets while doing whatever we can to make our immediate surroundings as pleasant as possible. That is our duty -- and our privilege.

Anything beyond that verges into the sorry realms of hubris, vain pretense, Masochism or hypocrisy.

Making a holy show of "CONCERN" for the wretched of the earth without actually DOING anything materially effective about their problems is a highly LIBERAL attitude. Conservatives usually know better than to waste their efforts in that direction.

IF we have faith in God, we know that HE knows what HE is doing, and that all is unfolding as it should in The Great Scheme.

After all who are WE to try and second guess the Almighty?

THE Great Lesson in Life is to learn to do what one CAN to make this a better world, and leave the rest up to the Lord. That is the lesson of The Serenity Prayer.

TRUE Christians do unto others as they would have other do unto them. They don't waste time fretting and worrying about things totally beyond their control.

Disbelieve that at your peril. ;-)

Anonymous said...


CI, you think of Benghazi or the IRS as political theater? Really?
I'm hoping the ethics alone of the IRS situation would warrant some kind of reprimand if it gets to the White House..I doubt it will.
I'm not a big impeachment advocate but I do think something should be done.

ALL OF YOU: How do you feel about Lois Lerner demanding immunity if she testifies again?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"CI, you think of Benghazi or the IRS as political theater? Really?"

No, and I'm not sure why you would jump to that conclusion.

JonBerg said...

"How do you feel about Lois Lerner demanding immunity if she testifies again?"

Well then, I think that she must be gulity of something.

Ed Bonderenka said...

She has no right to demand anything.
Why would she think she does?
She waived her fifth.
Subpoena her.

Impertinent said...

Obummer..."you shouldn't have what I have to Africans?"

Impertinent said...

@Ed B..

"Imp: Impeachment won't work with a dem-politicized senate."

Probably I'll rephrase that...Dems are not invested in doing anything right for America, period. They're invested in themselves and dragging this country down to 3rd world status...yet living above it all themselves. They have a plan and have had one since 1965.

Remember Ayers was quoted as saying he could justify and foresee the deaths of 25 million Americans or so to get his utopia.

But...they didn't have any balls when it came to Clinton either...but it sure as hell stained him forever.

Impertinent said...


"Well then, I think that she must be gulity of something..."

A gubbmint official invoking the 5th...certainly that was settled then as far as her cooperation and truthfulness.

Law and Order Teacher said...

This isn't over by far. The MB won't go down without a fight. They "won" an election and were in the midst of installing an Islamic government. A dream. Without the election to give them legitimacy this would have happened sooner.

But BO and the boys are reaping what they sowed. They have an odd tendency to see what they want to see and ignore the rest. This one really has them scratching their heads. They really have no idea what to do.

Impertinent said...

A sample of what Obummer supports in Islam...

"Two sisters in northern Pakistan made the mistake of dancing and playing in the rain. After video of their joyous time circulated in their village, local jihadists executed them.

These are so-called honor killings. How should we respond to these violent acts from proponents of radical Islam?"

FairWitness said...

Hi Z,

Not sure what the long term outcome will be in Egypt. It certainly won't be as bad as it would have been under the Muslim Brotherhood.

I sure don't get President Obama's desire and preference for their rule. Perhaps all democratically elected leaders will take this as a cautionary tale about those they're supposed to serve.

President Obama rules by edict too. Although he hasn't been able to rewrite our Constitution, he does ignore it will every Presidential breath he draws.

I'm happy the Egyptian military stepped in to restore some semblance of lawful rule. I'll continue to pray for them.

Anonymous said...

FROM Z: was you who said "Much of the rest is political theater" clearly implying nothing much else is of importance enough to even consider impeachment or chastisement. I know you'll say you didn't, but see your comment above. And I'd posit that until they answer the GOP questions about Benghazi and make some sense, it's an offense and needs correction. Not impeachment, probably, but something.

Law and Order; I don't mean to imply it's over, but I LOVE that THAT MANY PEOPLE came out against islamist can't be read differently than that, right?

Imp..God, that's AWFUL! I'm not sure Obama supports THAT but he sure is a curiosity when it comes to Islam, isn't he.
He supposedly is against what happened in Egypt because it broke their rule of law and it was an election which put Morsi in office (as if we didn't have corruption here in our elections...) but one would THINK he'd be delighted at the hardliners' apparent loss of favor with the majority of Egyptians...
I suppose it's a difficult place for any American president to be in when things like this happen.
Man, they offered SO MUCH MONEY to the islamists when the MB got elected IN....will we help the NONhardliners? Or will THEY get that money? And SHOULD we give ANY MONEY?
Is it only money for their not attacking Israel?

Israelis were apparently thrilled at this coup....I'm more inclined to pay attention to their reactions than any reaction from our WH, considering they have more to lose plus their Mossad runs circles around our intel agencies...

Anonymous said...


Hi, FairWitness...good to hear from you. I hope you're doing great!
I agree with much of your comment... I'm thinking Obama might be just a tad nervous about this overthrow. Yup

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - "it was you who said "Much of the rest is political theater""

Exactly. You take that somehow to mean "everything else". You're framing the argument.

Benghazi and the IRS issues aren't political theater, but allegations of Obama being a Muslim sympathizer, supporting honor killings and/or installing the MB in Cairo [all of which are claims made here on your site] are.

Impertinent said...


"but allegations of Obama being a Muslim sympathizer.."

Ok..I'll bite. Tell us why you think not.

Anonymous said...


CI, no they're not political theater but your comment "much of the rest" certainly clearly suggested it. I'm not sure why you're switching subjects midstream but as long as you have:

FOR THE RECORD, those allegations are made in comments at my site, not by my site; I have never ever suggested he supports honor killings or that he installed the MB in Cairo.
As far as sympathizing with islam, I think that's pretty undeniable.

Constitutional Insurgent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - Political theater is what it is; rhetoric drawn typically along partisan lines and largely [if not completely] unsupported by verifiable fact. I stated that those comments were made AT your site....not BY your site.

There has not been anything resembling a preponderance of evidence that leads ME to assess Obama to be what I would term, a sympathizer. I understand that there are those who believe otherwise, but the key term at play here is believe.

Allegations, yes. evidence, no.

Perhaps it's merely part of my peculiarities, but I'm not in the habit of making or repeating unsupported claims, or agreeing with them, simply because they are greeted warmly by adherents of a political party.

Ducky's here said...

Not a sympathizer but maybe a realist.

The MB has been around for some time and it has seen brutal suppression yet here it is.
Fact remains that a sane policy is going to have to accept their presence. Because only a dictatorship is going to push them out completely.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - I just reread your first statement. Are you claiming that the specific examples I referenced are substance based, factually verifiable and acceptable to an impartial observer?

If not......and stated as matter of fact.....then the allegations become political theater.

beamish said...

My sister is back over there in Cairo, with her husband and adorable son, supposed to be coming back in a few weeks to get their lives started in the US. Things are much tamer (so far) than was expected. I guess we pay the Egyptian military well enough....

Impertinent said...

".then the allegations become political theater."

What do you call Benghazi, Fast & Furious, IRS - gate, NSA - Gate, Arab Spring...the fall of Libya, the fall of Egypt and the admins assistance in toppling it's president, the fall of Tunisia, the unsolvable Iranian crisis...our energy and health crisis, pissing of our European allies as well as the resurrection of Russia and Putin as international mavericks once again?

The loss of US influence and prestige on the world stage. Our enormous $17 trillion debt...our nearly 8% unemployment and the release of 20 million more parasites feeding on what little goodies we have left to dole out?

The rise of Islamism and the "Arab Spring"?


Constitutional Insurgent said...

Some of it yes.....but apparently you didn't read my previous you felt the need to bolster your list with a couple of issues I've already addressed as being issues that the Administration had culpability in......and should be held accountable for.

Z said...

CI, for goodness sake.
"sympathizer" is a term that can take different meanings too.
If you've read his glowing accounts of muslim history and how beneficial islam has been to our world, yes, he is a sympathizer. He's discussed the lovely calls to prayer he grew up hearing in Indonesia...
I'm saying I believe he's shown he's quite taken by the culture.
He's also gone to great lengths to downplay islamist jihad, never using the term "terror", etc. Yes, I believe he's more fond of islam than many in the West.

By the way, I won't have you even say "AT" geeeZ lest someone who doesn't know my blog and reads that actually believes I've printed those things.

And yes, I believe Benghazi's situation is verifiably suspect and deserving of much more investigation until we have are the IRS, F&F and NSA scandals. Absolutely.

Ducky....I think we're all realists about the MB and islam and he is somewhat more a sympathizer than most people. And I do believe you're right about sane policy having to accept their presence.

beamish; will they be living in your town? Is there a mosque nearby?

Imp: Bravo

Impertinent said...

Oh...and now to b e consistent...we have another lying POS sec of state. Remember hitlery's claim that she had a concussion or brain tumor / injury and couldn't testify before Congress on Benghazi? Then had the bialis to scream..."What does it matter"?

Well now we have the lying gigilo ( which we've know since winter soldier days and his run for POTIS back in 04 with his phony claims of the Purple Hearts)..and he and they are at the coverup and lies again.

Will they ever stop this deceit? Will they EVER HAVE RESPECT FOR THE AMERICA PEOPLE AGAIN?

"Since his ( KERRY'S ) plane touched down in Washington at 4 a.m., Secretary Kerry was working all day and on the phone dealing with the crisis in Egypt.

He participated in the White House meeting with the president by secure phone and was and is in non-stop contact with foreign leaders, and his senior team in Washington and Cairo. Any report or tweet that he was on a boat is completely inaccurate."

Yet...they now admit ( photos of him on and getting off the boat don't lie )..

"As millions of Egyptians rose up to depose the Muslim Brotherhood-backed Mohamed Morsi, Secretary of State John Kerry was on his private yacht, the State Department finally admitted Friday.

Yes, after vigorously denying reports that Kerry was on his private yacht during the uprising Wednesday, the State Department has issued a somewhat sheepish retraction.

“While he was briefly on his boat on Wednesday, Secretary Kerry worked around the clock all day including participating in the president’s meeting with his national security council,” spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

The State Department was forced to admit Kerry was on his boat after the following photos were released by the Boston Herald.."

They can't help themselves....these people are the most duplicitous , disingenuous, untrustworthy shit bags in the universe.

Impertinent said...


".as you felt the need to bolster your list with a couple of issues"

I "bolstered" nothing. I just listed and reiterated for your edification just so we can determine what are we talking about?
Which one is "political" theater and which one of those items are indicative of the massive failure of this potus to be transparent, honest, open, truthful and worthy of our trust?

Impertinent said...


"And I do believe you're right about sane policy having to accept their presence."..

Why pray tell? Our we so impotent now despite our enormous power that we hadn't 60 years ago on the world stage....where we didn't accept Mussolini, Tojo or Hitler and National Socialism.

Yet we "accepted" Stalin and communism to our ( and Roosevelt / commie sympathizer ) to our everlasting shame and the worlds for having to fight a cold and sometime hot war for the next 50 years?

Why should we feel obligated to surrender and accept murdering, genocidal islamist political / ideological neanderthals determined to destroy western civilization? Are we that ball-less, frightened and weak?

I don't call it's called suicide when you surrender or accommodate the enemy.

Z said...

Imp, I believe Ducky meant accept the MB's presence in Egypt, not here. Thought that's coming too, as you know.

I agree.."which are political theater?" Or does political theater not mean "worth no investigation?" "just for TV movie fodder"...

And KERRY WAS ON HIS PRIVATE YACHT? are you kidding me?
Maybe that's where Obama was the night of Benghazi? His whereabouts while an ambassador's life was threatened are unknown, too, aren't they?

I like "sheepish retraction"'s always just not any big deal when the Obama people do these fact, how many times has Obama said his words were "inartful" and the media goes along?
But let a Republican be INARTFUL ....and oh, PLEASE, no 'sheepish retractions" for us. :-)

Impertinent said...


Sure ducky...let's get real and accommodate those true believers like Speed Bump and Boat Boy.

That turned your city and downtown Boston into a war zone followed by a police state after these two "boys" murdered and maimed your innocent 8 years old.

How soon we forget, eh Duck?

Should we call it "recreational" violence rather than workplace...or god forbid...Islamist terrorism.

Will you be fist pumping at his trial asking for an acquittal?

Impertinent said...


This man stinks so badly and has more warts than an ugly bullfrog.

And they called Bush a "chimp"? Lest I trip up here...I think I know who the real zoo specimen is.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - ""sympathizer" is a term that can take different meanings too."

Of course it can, though I'm hard pressed to remember an example in the context of this discussion, where it wasn't used as a pejorative.

"...I won't have you even say "AT" geeeZ lest someone who doesn't know my blog and reads that actually believes I've printed those things."

It's your house, I'll certainly try and abide by your rules....though I'm nit sure where your concern comes from. Anyone who stumbles across what I've written, has to only scan a few lines up to see where it's been proffered that 'Obama supports honor killings'.

@Impertinent - re: Kerry, you've just illustrated an example of something that is NOT political theater. You've posted something that is substantive, verifiable and acceptable by an impartial observer.

DoS lied, and was caught lying.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - "I agree.."which are political theater?" Or does political theater not mean "worth no investigation?" "just for TV movie fodder"..."

That which is not substantive, verifiable [I'll throw in measurable as well], or acceptable to an impartial usually political theater.

You'll not likely argue that the left engages in this activity....why would you think the right to be immune from it?

beamish said...

beamish; will they be living in your town? Is there a mosque nearby?

C'mon now, this is America. We have more mosques than most Islamic countries.

But, yes, they'll be living close by, and there is a mosque nearly, mostly for the Bosnians that Clinton dumped on St. Louis in the late 90s.

Z said...

CI, now you're talking in circles ...let me just say again that it doesn't matter what comments are made here, they don't reflect me when they suggest Obama's for honor killings or many other things I've heard about him here; I delete no one at geeeZ for differing viewpoints unless they're vulgar, racist, or anything else that rubs me the wrong way.
Maybe my comment regarding this above will help if you read it again?

And, don't you understand that calling something "political theater" necessarily means it's not worth investigation or correction or criticism? shrinks it to a mere aggravation when it should not?
So, which of the scandals is reduced to mere "political theater" in your book? Because they're not in the eyes of most Americans.

beamish said...

Speaking of mosques, Imp...

Ducky needs to prove he's not a bigot (by his own trollish standards) and call for a mosque to be built at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - "now you're talking in circles ...let me just say again that it doesn't matter what comments are made here, they don't reflect me when they suggest Obama's for honor killings or many other things I've heard about him here...."

Where did I say they reflect you? That is why I stated AT your site, to provide you with reference to the examples I made.

"And, don't you understand that calling something "political theater" necessarily means it's not worth investigation or correction or criticism? shrinks it to a mere aggravation when it should not?"

No actually. I think most allegations should be investigated. But some memes continue and simply don't seem to die. I'm honestly interested in what informs peoples opinions, especially those that I disagree with. Statements of political theater are those without metrics. If someone makes a matter-of-fact statement, that is utterly immeasurable or obviously unverifiable...what's the point?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Fast & Furious, NSA [over successive Administrations], Benghazi and the IRS are all examples of events that have verified actions of the Administration that should be fully investigated and accounted for.

Impertinent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Impertinent said...


"Speaking of mosques, Imp..."

Shoot...I missed that. Seems I recall he supported one at Ground Zero too not that long that'd be consistent for him.

Yea...that's the ticket...convert the Starbucks to a mosque....that's it. Then serve Sam Adams next door at a robust rocking rolling outrageously loud Irish bar!

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Now I'm conflicted. I like my Starbucks, but I love a good Irish bar!

Impertinent said...


Finally....we're getting's called common ground.

Impertinent said...

About the wimp / fraud / gigilo Kerry...

"Let’s not mince words here….what possible good could an imbecile like John Kerry do even he was on the job during the debacle in Egypt two days ago?

Obama’s administration has been on the wrong side of the events in Egypt TWICE already. They demanded Mubarak leave then encouraged Morsi’s government. Obama’s either been uncaring, under-informed or utterly incompetent throughout the events there and it’s the same story in Syria right now.

Obama’s been asleep at the wheel. Even the Egyptians that would be cooperative with us are denigrating Obama now for siding with Morsi.

Obama’s Keystone Kops administration (and Hillary’s then state department) has been blundering their way through this from day one and John Kerry’s merely continuing the pattern of ignorance and incompetence. So ask again..what possible use would a buffoon like Kerry have been anyway?"

Bob said...

Where do you stand on the 'coup'?

I am not sure how I feel about it. I just don't think we have any friends over there. Former UN Ambassador John Bolton feels we should keep supporting the military, and he may be right. Who knows what set of rats will emerge when the dust settles.

Impertinent said...


"Where do you stand on the 'coup'?"

I think we need one...another one. I'd say more but we know NSA's here too.

Ducky's here said...

It may be worthwhile to look at this in the context of President Big Drone's recent visit to Africa.

It was a pretty strained visit that tried to position the U.S. as a trading partner like China, Turkey, Brazil and India in Africa but it all fell flat. A large percentage of the fastest growing economies in the world are in Africa but we aren't part of it other than arms shipments.

We get the headaches while others profit. I call it the Bolton Doctrine and it certainly is shortsighted and a road map to abject failure.

Impertinent said...


Of course it was a failure..that $100 million to Africa. Then..let the ChiComs supply them with the $20 billion for...good god...electricity! Why should we light them up if the Chinese are going to benefit from any infrastructure "improvements"?

That's assuming anyone or anything could ever improve things on that crap continent.

Ducky's here said...

Because all we are are the people with the drones, Imp.

Times change. Africa develops and we get frozen out with nothing much to show for it but a DVD of Bolton's ravings.

Z said...

gad, I WISH we'd get back to Bolton's 'ravings'....
The world respected us then...not anymore.

FairWitness said...

Z, this video is powerful. If the signs showing the anti-Obama/Kerry/Paterson sentiments are authentic, this is big news.

Z said...

FairWitness, that IS powerful. I did watch the whole thing; couldn't keep my eyes off it.

I wish the Egyptian people knew that Conservatives are on their side..that we're glad they got rid of the MB's in power...
I hope the MB doesn't start terrorism in Egypt.

As some of you know, my mother was raised in Cairo.....she's not an Arab and was thrilled to leave there when she was 18 on a visitor's visa never to return..ever. She met and married my dad in LA after 3 months and they were the happiest couple I ever knew; having known each other only 3 months before marrying.
By the way, those were the days when an immigrant had to go through hoops to be legal here...leaving the country and coming back in, etc. Ya, those were the days when we cared about America and had respect for her laws.
I digress: I called her just today and asked what she thought of all this uprising and she hadn't been paying too much attention to it...she feels only the affinity of having had happy family life there, not happy life in Cairo.

FW...I have to admit to feeling TERRIBLE when I see those posters slamming Obama because, sadly, he represents us right now. And he's perceived as being on the side of the could he not be after the election rhetoric, etc?

Z said...

BY THE WAY, everybody:

Remember my post about the Christian football kids who can't pray anymore in TX high school because of the ACLU?
I mentioned that to a friend who is a retired school teacher from a small town in Michigan and he said they had that trouble, too, but the school district decided the kids could still pray but without the coach. So kids who didn't want to pray didn't feel like they were going to get judged or graded down by the coach because of it.
I thought that was an excellent compromise.

Impertinent said...


"Times change. Africa develops and we get frozen out with nothing much to show for it but a DVD of Bolton's ravings."

"Develops" how? The entire continent has been a train wreck for over 50 years since "Independence" where they're more dependent than ever before.

A totally ungovernable continent that proves to me...we're not all the much as we delude ourselves into thinking the opposite.

Buried in poverty, ignorance, genocide, disease, starvation, warfare and now...Islamist filth.

The home and inventor of AID's, Swine Flu, Ebola and hurricanes...nothing worthwhile to mankind has come out of Africa since the last hominid bugged out for Europe and walked there.

We've sunk gazillions into Africa and still watched as it got even worse, day by day and year by year.

South Africa....a once successful, immensely rich, lush country country..has become another basket case.

Our guilt over being successful, inventive, creative and civilized won't rub off on most Africans. Nor appreciated.

Yes...I say leave them the Michael Bolton DVD's...maybe he can rock them to sleep.

FairWitness said...

Glad you had the same response that I did, Z.

Hard to see 23 million Egyptians protesting against their Muslim Brotherhood ousted President ....

and blaming our President, Secy of State Clinton & Kerry and our Egyptian Ambassador, Anne Paterson, isn't it?

That's why I wondered if those signs were true or if the video was photo-shopped.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - "I thought that was an excellent compromise."

I think so too.

Kid said...

I was going to say "Sorry Z, I don't care what happens in 7th century-land", but I like AOW's comment number 1, so I'll go with that.

Z said...

Kid! Come ON.
This is why we blog; to discuss things like this..!! You "don't care what happens" ?
It's fascinating! :-)

JonBerg said...


Sad but all statistics prove that you are right.

Kid said...

Z, Sorry, but I don't care whether we give fighter jets and 1.3 billion/yr to the muslim brotherhood who hate America or the rest of the muslims who hate America. I only care that we're giving them 1.3 billion and fighter jets.

This is just one more arrogant display by those who think they can control nature. Or it is all money laundering - my first pick.

Put simply I'm Ron Paul on this issue and anything else that deals with the middle east or any foreign entity that doesn't contribute to freedom for the world by paying for it with their own son's and daughters blood, sweat, tears, lives and money.

Let's get out. Let's stop spending money there. It is all for naught.
In fact, I'd argue that it just exacerbates the problem. No embassies, no aid, no nothing.

My wife and I just went to the dollar store to buy bunch of buck a piece flip flops for kids in Haiti because a gal at work is going there to take them and whatever else they can haul.
Clintoon and friends just collected a Bunch of money to help Haiti right? So why are kids in Haiti walking around with no shoes. Everywhere in Haiti. Many with no clothes in fact, so where did all the clintoon money go? You'd think people in Haiti could at least have been equipped to run around for the rest of their lives with at least flip flops and underwear for what they collected.

I'm not playing anymore is the simple answer and haven't been for a good while too. Unless I know a pair of flip flops is handed to a kid somewhere, I'm not playing.

I don't care about Israel either. They'll be talking about the 'peace plan du jour' for the next 5000 years or until one side annihilates the other. So, I don't care. Israel should have taken care of business decades ago.
another example of letting things fester turning into a major problem and more people being hurt in the long run. Korea is another example.
This ain't paradise.

Always On Watch said...

Western nations have been pouring money into the Middle East for over a century. All that treasure poured down a rat hole!

Z said...

Well, Kid, I get what you're saying, that's for sure.
By the way, my friend got the shoe company CROCS (sp?) to donate 500 pairs to Ugandans when she went last month...there's a kind of worm that gets into them when they go barefoot and can really hurt them.
I'm glad you're doing what you're doing.

A friend's grandson has gone to Haiti about seven times since the earthquake and says there's very little being done there..where is the $$$?

What would you have Israel do? I'm hoping they bomb the shit out of the Iranian nuke sites.

Kid said...

Z, All foreighn aid is money laundering/stealing.

Picture a chevy van with flat black paint and a hubcab or two missing and a sign on the side -free candy and puppies.
That politicians.

Israel? Defend themselves an leave us alone. We've already (The Fed) given 43 trillion to the Jewish bankers.