Friday, July 19, 2013

Someone needs big help

I have a big request today:  Please pray for my friend "L", who will be an amputee by tonight.  This huge and very complicated surgery will start today at 10:30 PST, when they embolize her, and then the amputation starts at 2:30 PST. (poppies are her favorite flower, hence, the image)

She's losing her hand and probably quite far up the left arm; they won't know that until the surgery.

She could really use prayers for wisdom and talent for the huge team of surgeons, hematologists, anesthesiologists, etc. (She has a problem with clotting so it's even more risky than for other people).......and for peace and comfort.

Odd, because she was here the other day weeping and generally devastated (she's had this threat of losing her arm for about 30 years and it's come to the point of not putting it off anymore..long story that doesn't need telling here...suffice it to say it's a vascular situation) and, when she was leaving, I said "L, please pray......for peace and comfort....just try it when you go home."  (she's a neighbor). I don't know if she did, she's not really a big believer, but I have to share with you that her attitude's suddenly optimistic and, today, we ran into each other and she said "I want to apologize to you and get over the past." (she'd become very difficult a few years back and we have only been cordial the last few years after having been pretty darned close friends for about 20 years).   Something's suddenly changed her. I like to think  it was prayer.

That's my post today.  If any of you have dealt with amputation in a friend or relative, please let me know if you have some words of wisdom for ME as I really do want to be a comfort to her.  She really needs help.

"....How gracious he will be when you cry for help!  As soon as he hears, he will answer you."  Isaiah 30: 19




Gordon's View said...

very sorry to hear this, my prayers are with her.

Z said...

FROM ED Bonderenka:
"Dear Lord Jesus.
Please help L and the doctors through this surgery, and her rehab to come.
Thank you for the restoration of relationship with Z and please help Z and give her the wisdom and words to minister to L."

(I'd mistakenly printed her real name and Ed kindly picked it up, not knowing, and quoted it I redid...sorry, Ed, and thanks for your prayer)

sue hanes said...

Z - I'm sorry to hear about your friend 'L.' I'll put her on my prayer list.

Lisa said...

Oh Z I am so sorry for your friend. I am in tears right now for her. I cannot even imagine what she is feeling. I will keep L in my prayers and you also to give her strength.

Right Truth said...

I'm sorry for your friend. This will be tough for her, family, friends. But we know that God can carry her through this.

A praise goes up for a friend of ours. He has been in the hospital for 2 months, in an induced coma most of that time, tracheotomy, ...

Diagnosis congestive heart failure and double pneumonia.

He has now been moved from the hospital to a rehab facility where he will be for about 3 weeks, physical therapy, etc.

His wife died of heard failure while he was in the induced coma, so he missed that, missed her memorial service, this has been a tough time for him and his family, only one son to take care of everything.

Right Truth

Impertinent said...

God rules...God heals..count on it!

Z said...

Right Truth, that is really AWFUL! I'm so sorry for all concerned and will pray for him.

Philip Gordon..thanks so much. She's just gone into the embolization phase...very risky!!
2:00 PST is the actual amputation. I'm kind of a wreck but
IMP is right..
GOD IS in charge...and he DOES HEAL>>>(which leads amazingly to my Sunday Faith Post this week)

Sue, thanks....

Lisa...I'm a little teary today, too......THANK YOU.

Pris said...

Z, my prayers are with your friend L. I'm sure God will be there with her.

FreeThinke said...

There are no words ...

If God really is all-powerful and ever-present, there is nothing to fear. All is unfolding as it should no matter how it may seem to us.

I hope your friend is able to draw inspiration from our many wounded veterans -- most terribly young -- who've lost their limbs or their eyesight or both.

Perhaps she could get involved in one the programs created to aid and comfort these stricken vets?

There is no more powerful therapy than doing whatever you can to help others who may have greater problems than you.

How do I know? Because I've lived by my beliefs for a very long time.

Getting as far away from SELF-PITY as you possibly can is the best thing anyone can do in a threatening situation.

Anonymous said...

I had a thought and prayer for your friend, Z. It's 3:20 pm so I hope everything's "OK." (I had to use quotes for that one.)

Z said...

Pris, thanks so much.

FT...we still are asked to pray...this will all turn out exactly as God's planned, and we're still asked to pray.
And yes, she is coming around to the idea of helping others in the future; that's a great way of making something good out of this.
And I do believe she's benefiting from military injury prosthetics, etc., but people in the future will from her, too...she had such a mess of a hand/arm and so rare, that they'll be using it. somehow.
One doc, when asked by "L" ,"will you be in the amputation or just the embolization?" said "I'll be down the hall to pick up the specimen."

her hand. what a way to put it.

FB..thanks very, very much

Z said...

By the way, she's been in surgery for 3 1/2 hours now and I haven't heard anything but I don't know if I will tonight.
Thanks so much for your prayers.

Z said...

NEWS: the 10:30 AM embolization took five hours or so instead of the short time expected so the 2:00 PST surgery was delayed till 5:00 PM..
She's in surgery now.

Please keep up the prayers!

Z said...

A friend just emailed me...her grandson is in the air force in Alamagordo NM. He said that a server/servers in a restaurant have had written messages on their copy of the receipt saying "no justice, no tip". OMG, those people had nothing to do with it.

What has this started? Is this the opportunity for people to take out every perceived injustice on good people? is this what we do in America?