Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back tomorrow? I think.

Yes, I will probably be back August 1, the day I go back to work.  Maybe.   That's been my plan, but now I'm not sure.
Lots to think about.  I've been happily busy but have watched television news, too.
Watching Obama speeches.
Seeing horrid scandals simply dismissed as not horrid.
Constant insults.
The requisite Obama-speech joking about 'the other party' and how they just don't understand that what he wants is good for us all and that they should 'move on' (always accompanied by his toothsome grin which seems to say 'what's WRONG with those people?')  and let him do it so all of us will thrive.
Very difficult to watch an American president that nasty. A first in our history.

I may blog on gardening instead.  If I was a gardener.

Or art, maybe.  Or music.  Or cooking.  Maybe I should go back to Mac 'n GeeeZ, the food blog I've been neglecting in my efforts to discourage myself as much as possible with research for political posts and the astonishingly sad and even indecent comments I sometimes get here.

News is full of every massive fire ...for days ...until the fire's out.  We don't hear that good news.
We hear about every missing child until it's found dead.  If it's found alive, barely a mention.
I just heard a talk between two MDs who say we shouldn't be calling some cancers 'cancer' because they don't grow quickly and people get nervous and over treat.  Is this sudden discussion a prelude to Obama Care turning down your cancer should you, God forbid, get cancer in the next few years?
I watched a favorite film of mine this morning, The Women, and one woman used the 'generic' "HIS" in a sentence..."everyone must watch over HIS own feelings.."   There isn't a man in the film, by the way.  She used that in the way I remember used to be acceptable, until women started feeling belittled and we had to start saying "his and her" can add "it" to that now, too, I suppose.  It felt so refreshing to hear the correct grammar but then so sad to remember we mustn't say "his" anymore lest we offend some woman.

I just heard about a guy named Daniel Chong who was detained for having had drugs for four days with no food or water and nearly died.  He won a $4.1 million dollar settlement.  DoJ is looking into what happened  (in May, 2012).  Meanwhile, he's of Chinese descent...where are the Asians yelling "RACISM!  RACISM!".    Nowhere.  Even Chong is saying it was "a horrible accident.."   Rare and admirable reaction after having had to drink your own urine to stay alive, I'd say.  No Chinese Al Sharpton's around?

Obama's "Hello, everybody.." with which he greets Democrats upon meeting with them, seems to now mean "...get a load of the insults we're going to pile on the Republicans and let's plan my next belittling speech.........we're going to promise Americans the world but, don't worry, the rich are going to PAY.  I'll get Axelrod, he'll figure it out.  :-)"   And Americans believe it.  And, yesterday, Axelrod actually said "I occasionally talk with the president.............."    Right.. "occasionally"   WOULD that the Republicans had a man as dedicated, so cleverly evil and conniving as Axelrod.  Add Soros money to Axelrod's astonishing mind and focused endeavors in bringing to life leftist dreams and it makes the Kochs, who the left brings up the minute we're on to Soros or any of Obama's supportive cronies, look like small potatoes in the light of the left's reality.

Only a few intractable libs come here, so am I singing to the choir?  What's the point?

Got any insights of your own, folks?  what's the point anymore, right?, with a president who just wants to keep spending tho there isn't any money left (considering we're $16 TRILLION in the hole) and insulting the other party with lies and demeaning laughter on television?  I would laugh at us, too, considering one hardly hears the Republicans trying so hard to get Americans to wake up to the debts and over spending and pitfalls of the Obama Health Care fiasco, to only name a few things.  But then I realize we're speaking out but Americans are not hearing it.   It's the media.

I've watched a lot of CNN the last month or so.......and a little network news, too, for a change.  We have to realize what happens when the media's SO in the hole for one party and we have to realize Americans aren't hearing both sides nor are they hearing anything even slightly and oh, so legitimately, critical of Obama.

Meanwhile, CNN got an interview with a terrorist but the FBI hasn't.  Is that how Obama's "tracking down terrorists?"

I'd have thought even the Left would understand how dangerous that is to a democracy.  They would if it was Republicans insulting them, misrepresenting them, with a media in their pockets, trust me.

So...what to do?



Always On Watch said...

THIS makes me want to go live under a rock: President Barack Obama said Tuesday that the U.S. economy would be “much better off” if federal, state, and local governments hired more workers.

Taking money out of the front pocket and putting it into the back pocket.

Why wasn't Obama laughed right off that podium?

Always On Watch said...

Back to work, huh?

I've spent most of the day today gathering school supplies. A marathon trip to Office Depot!

Then, hours spent organizing those supplies.

I did the lesson plans a few weeks ago -- when we were having monsoons here. Going to the swimming pool was not an option for weeks.

Classes here don't begin until the day after Labor Day, but I have hours upon hours of various kinds of prep to get done now because Mr. AOW and I will be taking a week's vacation before the start of the term.

Besides, the good sales for school supplies are going on right now. Wait too long -- and nothing will be on the shelves. As it was, today I got that last large box of black dry-erase markers left in the store.

Ducky's here said...

Try art and music. Freethinke had some success with his music threads.

Z said...

AOW, you are so right. Any other president WOULD be laughed off the podium, absolutely. THIS is what gets me...the lies, the stupidity, the way Americans believe him!!
Who's producing this money? GOVERNMENT? Are they kidding?

School actually starts at the end of August, but, as you know, there is plenty to do before then!
Good luck to you...I'm so glad you did get such good time off and got so much done.
And I'm praying about your eye situation xxx

Ducky, I could do that...and I might mix it up a little but I keep asking myself why I can't give the politics up. It's like I need the fight.
When, really, what is this doing?

Ducky's here said...

Very difficult to watch an American president that nasty. A first in our history.

Guess you missed Nixon.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I'm ready to pray for a military coup.
I'd fully support one now.
Can't be much worse.

Right Truth said...

You may say you are going to blog about other things, but like most of us you will be back to politics pretty quick, ha

Right Truth

Pris said...

Obama refused to allow the College Republicans in to see him speak a couple of days ago, even though they had tickets! The reason? For security!

My take is, he didn't want anyone to boo him. Actually, those college Republicans were spared being bored for over an hour hearing what he has said over and over again!

Pris said...
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The Debonair Dudes World said...

You are and always will be an asset to these boards.

Looking forward to your return.

Kid said...

Z, You describe EXACTLY how I feel. Much better than I could.

And now this POS dictator vows to ignore and go around Congress on anything he wants.

Unreal, to the whole 5 years of this POS and his corrupt incompetent clown army and propaganda machine known as the media.

Kid said...

Duck, you'd like that wouldn't you? Painful to see the truth displayed day after day, and SO much work for you to keep your fantasies afloat. ;-)

Z said...

Ducky, no, Nixon wasn't belittling the Democrats and laughing at them in public speeches. No way.

Ed...I hate for you to say that, and I think I agree with you.
Something I haven't mentioned here is my interest in our media constantly calling Egypt's coup a MILITARY COUP when, in fact, most of the people started it, not the military.
I'd have to guess our military is NOT for Obama and I, too, have dreamt of something coming from that. But, it's a dream and, really, I'd hate anything that dramatic to happen here, even while the changes and ruination of our once wonderful country are even more dramatic..

Right Truth; I fear you're right.~!!!

Pris, would you believe I actually get tears in my eyes when I hear things like that? I had no it's security problems which would prohibit COLLEGE REPUBLICANS to the White House? The tears come from COMPLETE frustration, the terrible insult to them, and that other countries, too, hear these AWFUL Obama actions.
MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! When is this going to STOP? took a too-long break, I remember! Thanks for the nice I'm glad you're back.

Kid, thank you so much. If ANY Republican president did any of this, our media'd have him in a shredder.

Kid said...

Z, duck buys into that retarded idea that the Nixon watergate incident - which was little more than a college prank, one that wouldn't have made the script of Animal House, is somehow more profound than a completely fake half white half black kenyan racist, anti-American, muslim activist, marxist, socialist, Fascist imbecile in the white house.
A dictator who ignores the laws of the American government that were put together by a number of men who are individually, Each a million times smarter than the Teleprompter Jesus we are currently saddled with.

What can you say about that? I wouldn't accuse duck and the legions of libtards of being 3 year olds. That would be an insult to 3 year olds. These people are certifiably insane. There is Something Wrong With Their Brains. And apparently it's contagious.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Kid: Such restraint :)

Kid said...

d, What else can be said? Emotion would be of no value here and after all negative energy is wasted energy anyway.

I hold no ill will toward libtards as individuals, I just find them as a group as one more major obstacle to the progress of the human species going forward.

Z said...

Kid, I think Nixon, no matter what happened with Watergate (and I agree with you on the comparisons), was never EVER as belittling to the Democrats, or nasty, or constantly foisting ridiculous lies on the American people like Obama is.. EVER.
My point is Obama's speeches and their horrible encouragements of racial divide, class warfare and, well, division on ALL counts.
It's DIVIDE AND CONQUER with this bunch of Soros' minions, in my opinion. The question is WHY.
But, then we see the indoctrination and dumbing down of our kids in liberal schools, and the cultural mess we've allowed Hollywood lib types to propagate in TV and movies, and lyrics of songs, etc etc., and we know that they're TOTALLY in control now.
Very little can help this country out of that mess... the pendulum won't swing anymore because nobody's there to remember that most of us loved this country and supported it by the time the lefty pendulum was finally swinging back to us.

Anonymous said...

MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! When is this going to STOP?

When his toes are pointed upward?

Kid said...

Z, thanks for making your point again. yea, while GW Bush said of the constant pounding of the media "This is America, the land of free speech", obama rails on the incredibly small number of media people who dare question his imbecilic dictatorial persona.

THAT's another major difference. One that the libtards have No Problem with which further drives the PROOF home that they have non interest in American Values. They're sociopaths only interested in their own fascist desires and everyone else be damned.

They're pure evil. When will the majority 'get it' ? Soon I hope.

Kid said...

Z, Nixon was Post LBJ. Meaning that the communists had assassinated JFK, put KBJ in place, and started their transformation of America in a Major Way. Their Strategy was in place and they weren't going to give back an inch. They had their agents in place in the media and the insignificant watergate was a major opportunity they took to make everything our nothing relative to non-democrat/communists in the white house. They've been doing it ever since. They got so pervasive and immune by the time GW Bush came along (hardly a conservative even!) that they had the absolute gall to put up a forged document related to Bush's military career, and THEN have dan blather actually say "Let's forget for a minute the document is forged and look at the contents" !!!
And the libtards are Behind that action. This has been going on a Long Long time. It goes back to the 60's and now we have the emperor with no clothes and to boot, one serious POS who's arrogance is only exceeded by his ignorance.
It's Fascinating as Spock would say.

Z said...

Kid, you're so smart. And so right.
Yes, with all the true insults George Bush got, he never railed...he just took it with honor and dignity. And, today, he's never butt in on any situation.
I don't always agree with him, but he's got dignity.

And yes, this president goes nuts at the slightest criticism.

i will never ever forget his reaction to the flack he got from Republicans when he said "I could have had a son like Trayvon.."
The flack must have REALLY ticked him off because he finally got a chance to say "F*** you" to us all when, the other day, he said "I could have BEEN Trayvon Martin"

which means..." screw you all who didn't like my 'son' line, now I'll go one further because I could give a DAMN what any of you think".


oops :) (but, gad, that felt good!)

Rita said...

I knew you'd be back.

I laughed hysterically today at a story Media (doesn't) Matters was all out of sprts about because a CNBC guy was discussing Rupert Murdock's impending divorce and the legalities.

He was trying to see if there was any legal way around the situation when the guy used the phrase "chink in the armor".

He used it a couple of times and now the idjits at MM think it"'s so incredibly insulting because........

Murdock's wife is......


If that isn't a joke showing how ignorant the leftist are, I'll eat my hat.

(Now I'm trying to think about who will be insulted about eating an hat. Minny Pearl, maybe?)

beamish said...

We need to stop this insane practice of teaching kids in school that we have a functioning Constitution. It's really not preparing them for the future.

beamish said...

We need to stop this insane practice of teaching kids in school that we have a functioning Constitution. It's really not preparing them for the future.

Impertinent said...

Obama's ego and arrogance will not win friends and influence people. He wouldn't know leadership if it bit him on the butt. His advisors must be a collection of yes men. They sure don't give decent advice if he's paying attention.

His 8 years will go down in history as the least effective in our history. He has chosen policies 180 degrees from what is needed. But in his obstinance he just doubles down on the same failures.

If he were white he would have been shown the door after 4 miserable years. But since he is half black he's given a pass by the low info voter who votes like they did in junior high.

Z said...

Rita! I was never intending to be gone..I said "BREAK" ;-)

CHINK in the armor.. is racist and insulting because she's Asian? we are SO lost there's no hope.

And it's ALL THE FAULT OF THE STINKIN' LEFT. There is NO doubt about it. What Conservative would have come up with ridiculous crap like that???

Imp...depends on what you mean by "effective".. If it means "had his way, got what he wanted, changed America to where we'll never recognize it again and made it a socialist awful state" then he's been pretty darned effective.

sue hanes said...

Z - All I can say is that I'm glad you are back. Not that I comment on all of your posts. But I like to know when I visit here there will be some new challenge.

Kid said...

Z, Since you brought it up......

obama has said F U almost every day he's been in office, and even before that when campaigning.
He said F U when he
-gave the finger (rubbing under his eye at the camera to all opponents, All of them - including john mclame who kissed his butt the entire campaign)
-went on the talk show circuit and laughed like a hyena
-came on TV and just howled laughing and admitting that "There NEVER WERE ANY SHOVEL READY JOBS' about 3 or 4 years after this was his flagship program to get the economy and jobs back on track.
- treated the prime minister of the UK (gordon brown, also a libtard!), his wife and children like Crap on their one and only visit.
-crapped on America by publishing an adobe photoshop version of a birth certificate on
-the apology tour which continues.
-telling medvedev when he thought the mic was off that he'll have more flexability to screw America after the 2012 election..
-I could go on and on and on and on. At least one event per week for 5 years and change.
This is rude but there is no way other way to say it. obama treats all of his voting supporters like manure and somehow they find a way to love it.
It's freakin fascinating. This is the fascinating I'm talking about. And that's the voters. Turn that up 18 notches if we continue on and start talking about people like chrissy mathews.

It is mind boggling. It really is the hitler effect. Like so many Germans came out after WWII and said they didn't know anything about the 6 million murdered jews and they likely did not, we will hear stories from todays American of all ages in a decade or two from now about how they had NO IDEA what this POS had been up to for 8 years.

This is more than a book. This is more than a trilogy. Seriously. I thought about writing it myself starting back during the first campaign but I refused to give that much free rent space in my brain to such a POS as he is. Cest la Vie. Maybe there is someone out there who had the intestinal fortitude to do same. We won't get an accurate accounting from the usual suspects that's for sure.

And Geeeeez Z. I'm not that smart ! You're making me blush and be uncomfortable. I'm just regula guy. Honest.

Kid said...

IMP, very accurate description.

Anonymous said...

You people are incredibly insensitive. You don't seem to realize that to a Chinese person struggling to survive in this country's brutal racist environment a phrase like "a chink in the armor" is every bit as insulting, offensive and threatening as "a n-word in the woodpile" was to African-Americans before we progressives corrected that sick situation.

I suppose you'll be telling us next that referring to "a babe in the woods" is not profoundly insulting to women everywhere in the world, or that saying "I love to see pansies in my garden" is not a viciously snide insult and a slap the face to every homosexual man on the planet?

You people are dangerously deluded. The way you think is terrifying. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

Shokan Dawe