Friday, July 12, 2013


What do you think is the single most compelling bit of evidence in this case?

And, do you think Zimmerman will get off??   I wasn't too impressed with the prosecution yesterday but I did think he made some interesting points.  You?

Here's what I found odd this morning after the defense rested and the prosecutors got their last say;   After Mark O'Mara finished, it was clear that nobody's proven that Zimmerman didn't act in either great fear of bodily harm or death.  That's pretty clear;  nobody was there, witnesses say he was being trounced, etc., etc.,

SO...then the prosecutor got up and I thought, "If I were a jury member, I'd be thinking 'what the heck else COULD it be, then...let's say Zimmerman was not scared for himself or his neighborhood, why would he shoot the kid?'" 
What do you think?



Right Truth said...

I'm hoping he will be found not guilty, but I have my doubts.

Never heard of a 6 person jury before.

Right Truth

Impertinent said...

@Right Truth:

"Never heard of a 6 person jury before."

That's how it's done here in FlaDuh when it's not a capital's 2nd degree murder and hence only calls for 6 jurors....that's the law.

Impertinent said...
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Impertinent said...


"why would he shoot the kid"'

First...I don't like referring to him as a kid...or a "child" as the lame ass prosecutor called for this morning just to get something to stick...cause they know their case is..crap...political...and only a show to stave off the inevitable juvenile, violence of the baiters. It's almost like calling "Boat Boy" the Boston bomber...a kid. Plenty of so called "kids" are plenty big...plenty tall and sometimes bigger and badder than many "adults".

Second...if you're a kick boxer or are into pugilism or street fighting...your hands and feet can be legally considered dangerous weapons.

If you're a professional kick boxer, MMA fighter or just a pro boxer and you kill a guy in a just as well may have used a gun...cause to the state...they're both weapons.

Now...TM used concrete, MMA and his fists as weapons. Especially the concrete sidewalk. If anyone doesn't think having your head picked up and slammed....pounded into the pavement with enough force to split your skull open...isn't "significant' or wasn't as deadly as gun / an idiot.

And there were several significant testimony's to that too...A PA...and a couple doctors plus the force expert...Mr. Root.

That's enough for now...maybe it'll get things rolling.

Mustang said...

The issue isn’t so much that there are only six jurors; it is, rather, that they consist of an all-female jury. I honestly cannot imagine that the Defense did not insist on at least three men. The prosecutors in this case have no doubt followed the letter of the law; they have in no way followed the spirit of the law. I am encouraged that the jury remains in deliberations, however—even if, in my opinion, this case is a no-brainer. Zimmerman should be acquitted.

No matter the result, Zimmerman will not “get off.” He will be forever scarred by this event. His life will be in danger for years into the future. And even though I believe he acted in self-defense, and that such actions were reasonable, prudent, and legal, he must carry this event with him to the end of his days.

Z said...

Imp, what I'm saying is that if it's not self defense, and it surely was, then what? So, for the jury, what I said was that the defense built a very good case that it was self defense....there is absolutely no proof it wasn't. Maybe it wasn't when he started looking at him and wondering who he was; Trayvon overreacted, that's perfectly clear, but THEN WHAT?
How can a jury come up with any other reason BUT it was self defense?
Maybe I'm not making myself clear...

Right Truth...I don't much respect Zimmerman for a lot of reasons, but I do believe he was being pounded and felt he'd be killed.

A 6 person jury is very or no law.

Mustang, I heard O'Mara talk about how no men are on the jury and he said this group of women made up for that. He did seem to feel men might have been good to have there.

Impertinent said...


"A 6 person jury is very or no law..."

Especially one that's no where near a jury of his "peers" But that's FlaDuh.

You can bet you'd hear the screaming if little Skittles had a jury with 6 white women on it...maybe one's "black" or Hispanic..Dunno.

But..I'm going to say GZ will get screwed. Cause there's a book deal potentially for everyone of these housewives ( especially Rachel Jantel, ghettopotomus...if someone can write it and read it for her! ).

If they don't convict the animals will come out of the wood work and riot ( they're already outside the courthouse.."no justice" ) regardless of the Sanford and Seminole County cops pleading to be "cool and calm". Impossible for the perpetually aggrieved.

Now...there's that OJ case 17 years ago...all the evidence pointed to OJ's guilt...what did the jury do? They made every black in America joyous and disregarded the evidence and thus nullified the jury system. ( But no a peep now that the real OJ has proven to be a scumbag criminal and is in jail for 30 years !)

It'll be the same thing here...but you can bet there'll be plenty of crackers that'll be all pissed off cause GZ got that shaft...but they won't burn down a Walmart or loot it.

Ducky's here said...

I haven't followed the case that closely but I've come to belief that the prosecution has a difficult case under the law and I don't think it would be unreasonable to acquit Zimmerman.

I'm glad it came to trial, however. To say that they were just going to ignore this matter with a cursory questioning despite a dead teenager is a pretty damn cold place even if he is scary.

Ed Bonderenka said...

What's to say that hasn't been said.
There's reasonable doubt. Period.
But having served on a jury that reminded me of Twelve Angry Men (started out 11 of us convinced of one thing, only to go unanimous the other),
I never try to guess a verdict.

Sam Huntington said...

A coroner's inquest could have achieved impartial inquiry into this matter without the circus of a trial.

Z said...

Ducky, I think Sam's right..a coroner's inquest would have sufficed.

I am not quite as supportive of Zimmerman as many others are; but I'm totally of the mind that he never meant to kill anybody unless threatened with his life.

I don't believe he should be found guilty and Mustang's right, I fear; he'll always be in fear of his life, in OR out of jail

Impertinent said...

@Sam & Z:

"A coroner's inquest could have achieved impartial inquiry.."

No...but a Grand jury should have been given the case and return a no bill of an was by passed by a special prosecutor ( Corey )...which is really unheard of.

Robert Sinclair said...

The purpose of a coroner's inquest is to determine the facts in a death case. The purpose of a grand jury is to deliver an indictment for trial. I think first the coroner's inquest, and then later a grand jury indictment, if needed.

My two cents.

Impertinent said...


Not arguing the point...but down here the Grand Jury comes first...and that's all they've been talking about...why didn't they put it before the Grand Jury? And just go for a trial?

Politics and PC is why.

Always On Watch said...

Juries are notoriously unpredictable, so I won't try to predict the verdict.

Besides, no matter the verdict, Zimmerman's life is essentially over as far as any future goes. He'll be hounded for the rest of his days!

BTW, if he is acquitted, I suppose that he will face one or more civil suits (wrongful death).

Impertinent said...


Did Judge Derba Nelson look more like Chris Farley or Ozzie Osbourne?

I've never seen a more unkempt woman on the bench.

Rita said...

I watched quite a bit of the trial since I am between clients right now.

I can't say I saw any convincing "evidence" as I would think that would imply some piece of evidence that would be entered by the state to prove his guilt.

The most convincing testimony to me was the main investigator who said he found the minor inconsistencies in Zimmerman's testimony to be normal for a person telling the truth (paraphrasing here) and that he heard Martin's father say it was not Martin screaming.

I think the screaming on the 911 call is chilling. There is no doubt in my mind that the person screaming was screaming for his life.

So logic can only conclude that the eyewitnesses saw Martin on top of Zimmerman pummeling him at that time. No way in the world Martin was screaming, "Help me" while he is banging Zimmerman's head against cement.

Unless he wanted help killing Zimmerman with his bare hands.

I have no doubt If Zimmerman had not had the gun he would be dead or permanently brain damaged.

Martin was not going to stop just because he had the upper hand. He was going to stop when someone was dead. And that's exactly what happened.

TS/WS said...

Texas officials confiscated jars of urine, feces, bricks and paint as Democrats prepared to protest the abortion vote at the Texas capitol.

If They were about to disrupt for a second time, the Texas Legislator Process, with this kind of contra ban--nothing should be unexpected in Florida.

Impertinent said...


Impeccable logic.

But here's a twist that i thought of..

"No way in the world Martin was screaming, "Help me" while he is banging Zimmerman's head against cement."

Suppose Skittles was doing that so he might have an alibi / reason for killing Zimmerman? And he had hoped that by screaming he'd have someone come out to help him and a witness to say...Skittles was defending himself...cause George jumped him?

Z said...

TS/WS, are you KIDDING ME?? UGH!! How AWFUL!!!

Rita...great comment, thanks ...(I'm the luckiest blogger alive with such great commenters, I swear)..

I see your point about "evidence to prove his guilt" but, truly, don't you think that my feeling that O'Mara showed Zimmerman feared for his life is evidence that should wipe out ANYTHING the prosecution CAN say? Zimmerman worked with Black youth...he wasn't racist!? Zimmerman wasn't sure he was black at first, in a hoodie, in pouring rain!

Imp, you're hearing a LOT more than we are, being in FLA like you are...I had ZERO idea a Grand Jury OR inquisition was even discussed!

Robt, your 'two cents' are always really worth about a hundred bucks :-)

AOW...he'll be branded for the rest of his life, you're right.

Impertinent said...


No NY that stuff is in a gallery posing as high "art"...but in Texas, the libbie loons use the "art" for weapons.

Guess they don't know the market value of poop and pee down there.

Z said...

THAT PISSES ME OFF, pardon the language...let me say it again : HOW FREAKIN" DARE this JERK saying that in ENGLAND?
No, PAL, all black families do NOT worry about their sons being killed by a white guy; they probably worry more about BLACK GUYS KILLING THEIR BLACK SONS!>
This is RUBBISH, and I guess you can see how angry this article made me. WHAT NERVE.

I have a message for the writer: RAISE YOUR SON NOT TO BE A VICTIM, NOT TO EXPECT TO BE VICTIMIZED, RAISE YOUR SON TO NEVER EVER ROB OR HURT ANYBODY; if ALL black parents did THAT, we wouldn't have the damned TRAYVON MARTIN case today. He'd have NEVER circled the car, he'd have NEVER said "you got a problem?" he'd have GONE HOME if he thought someone was watching him.

OH, that TICKED me off; can you tell?


Z said...

By the way:
two AMAZING things.

Good news/Bad news?

I'll start with the bad news...the punk lawyer for the Martin family tonight was played, on CNN's Piers Morgan show, the video of Mark O'Mara showing the jury Trayvon Martin with half his blood drained from him on the autopsy table and Trayvon Martin fit and strong 3 months before.
When Piers asked him "what do you think about that?" (meaning "see? Martin was strong enough to hurt...what do you have to add?")
The IDIOT says this:

"and that's when Trayvon's pooor mother had to walk out of the courtroom..that was really rude.."

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? ANSWER THE QUESTION, YOU JERK. He spun it around and morgan didn't even correct him, or lead him back.

OK: gOOD NEWS: If ANYBODY can find the Martin parents calls for justice and calm, etc ., PLEASE link it or copy it here. It was so beautiful and good (I HEARD it on TV) and I can't find it... I was very impressed by them for that remark.

Impertinent said...


This one?

""We just want to have that trial, and let the jury decide," she said. "And whatever decision comes out of that, we're going to accept that.

"We may not like it, but we're going to accept it."

Always On Watch said...

I have no doubt If Zimmerman had not had the gun he would be dead or permanently brain damaged.

That's what I believe too.

Z said...

Imp, it was that good stuff and much more...very fair, very caring about this country.
I WISH I could find it...saw it on CNN, I believe. :-(

Rita said...

I was streaming the trial online the other night when the hearing about evidence continued until 10 pm after the jury was out.

What the judge didn't allow in was what a computer forensics guy found had been deleted or hidden on Trayvon's phone.

Text messages regarding practice fighting and how he wasn't satisfied he didn't make the guy "bread" enough. Anyone with a smart phone will tell you're was intending to type bleed and the phone likely changed the word when he made a typo.

The conversation continued with someone telling him not to be fighting.

Also pictures with Trayvon with a gun.

This boy was headed for a life of trouble. After listening to the trial, I have no doubt he was wanting to hurt a creepy ass cracker.

What is more appalling is the black community turning their heads while young black kids are killing each other in the streets. That the race merchants are selling the media and other blacks the lies that this is some injustice caused by white slave owners and right wing nuts.

MLK would be disgusted that his death did not better the black community with equality. Unfortunately scum like Sharpton and Jackson have sold out their own race for a profit and have convinced young black youth they are more victims now than their slave ancestory.

I have no doubt Zimmerman did what he did to save his own life. I suspect the jury will come back with manslaughter because they will fear for their own lives of they return a not guilty verdict.

I listened to Bob Beckel this week rant and rave over what a wimp Zimmerman was, so that should make him a murderer.

Zero evidence that Zimmerman got even one defensive maneuver in. Except for his final ability to get ahold of his gun.

TS/WS said...
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FreeThinke said...

You know, frankly I just don't give a rat's rump one way or the other.

Zimmerman is no murderer, but he certainly WAS a fool.

Martin was not a criminal either, but -- unless he was participating one of those deliberately staged test cases to set up a lawsuit for the NAACP -- he should have KNOWN that black male teenagers in hoodies are NATURAL objects of suspicion and FEAR -- in ANY upper middle-class to upper-class neighborhood.

Maybe it shouldn't be that way, but it IS.

Ergo, when FOOLS COLLIDE,TRAGEDY is apt to occur.

Neither Martin, nor Zimmermann used an ounce of Common Sense.

It's a pity, but it's time for FIDO -- i.e. Forget It, Drive On.

Ducky's here said...

FT, watch Fruitvale Station if you get a chance.

Does a good job of delineating what young black men face without venerating the victim. One of the better documentaries to be released in several years.

Impertinent said...


"sold out their own race for a profit"

What say you about Skittle's moms and pop doing the same?

Impertinent said...

Fruitvale Station

I'll pass....seems like all the Hollywood swells like it...then it's not for me. And if the Weinsteins bough must be crap.

Jack Whyte said...

It doesn't matter if they were both fools; what matters is that no one has the right to jump on another person, and beat their head into a cement sidewalk. If that happens, then they deserve to get shot.


Justifiable shooting.


Z said...

Ducky, young black men would never face what they're supposedly facing if young black men didn't engage in violent crime quite so much.
My school has many young black men who are GOLD, they'd never think of hurting anybody; They're open and full of smiles, get treated the same way we in administration treat all the white and hispanic and asian kids, they're clean cut and get great grades.
They'd probably be more afraid of black guys looking scary in a black neighborhood than I would.

Z said...

and I've heard plenty of black women say they're afraid in black neighborhoods.

Hint: that's NOT OUR FAULT.

Anonymous said...

FT, then I was a fool recently.
A big black kid was walking down the center of our street last week cussing f-bombs into his cell phone. I got off my couch, stood in front of my door and told him to shut up.
That behavior won't get a foothold here.
He threatened me a number of times, but kept walking.
And cursing.
And threatening.
If he had charged me, I'd have killed him.
Not shot him.
Killed him.
Did I want to?
But he kept moving.
Martin did not.
I comment here and did earlier in this thread.
But I'm anonymous on this.

Impertinent said...


Anyone see the names of the Asiana pilots that were released today?

Ed Bonderenka said...

Names are a hoax.

Impertinent said...


Party pooper.

Ed Bonderenka said...


Z said...

"Party pooper" :-)

You have to admit, tho, as 'funny' as they are, the sad thing is that newsreader bimbo didn't get what she was saying. How DENSE!

Impertinent said...


When I heard her read it....I was reminded of the pranks we used to play over the airports paging system...

I thought that's what she was doing..what an pun intended.

Z said...

Imp, do you remember a joke about French pilots or something? Or Americans? DArn, I can't remember but it was very funny!...and could have been true...something like we called Orly "qu'est-ce qu'il dis" Airport because that means "What's he saying?"

Ed Bonderenka said...

Z: And somebody else wrote the copy for her to read.
Reminds me of Obama thanking himself until he realized he was reading the wrong teleprompter.

Z said...

Ed, yes, the news writers wrote it...but imagine themselves killing themselves laughing as she said the words out loud?
I'm thinking they're on a slight leave of absence..if not permanent!

and, really, it's in the very worst of taste, isn't it.
But FUNNY!! :-)

Kid said...

My final analysis.
- GZ was too aggressive in pursuing TM
- TM was driven to a point of paranoia that caused him to think it was he or GZ.
--he called his GF
--Girlfriend telling him to run, jacked up the paranoia
-- people like jackson, sharpton, most of the dems creating a mindset daily that people want to hurt blacks. I can easily see TM feeling like a trapped animal.
- TM's last words "You got me", tells me he believed GZ wanted to 'get him'.

- GZ is much to blame, someone correct me if I'm wrong but he never announced himself as being in any official capacity, or that he was armed. When people see a cop tailing them they at least know he's armed and can make make prudent decisions.

Bottom line -
Both individuals made fatal mistakes. Tragedy being exploited.
According to strict stand your ground law, I don't see how GZ will be convicted of M2 or MS.
-Que the riots.
-- next slide

Kid said...

AOW, Yea, I believe GZ will lose in a civil suit. he's got problems.

GZ has some problems too, things that can come up in a civil suit that couldn't be brought up in this trial:
- guilty of assaulting a police officer.
- guilty of domestic violence
- has/had a restraining order as a result of the DV
- went to MMA classes for a year himself.
He's no saint.

Kid said...

PS - I don't believe GZ would have pursued TM if he Didn't have a gun.

So there.

Elmers Brother said...

TM was jacked up on Drank.....skittles, az tea and Robitussn. Taking MMA classes is not illegal

Always On Watch said...

I have to look up Drank. Are there effects other than those listed at the link?

Always On Watch said...

From the WaPo:

“This case is not about race; this is about right and wrong,” he told the all-white jury of women. “What if it was Trayvon Martin who shot and killed George Zimmerman? What would your verdict be?,” Guy asked. “That’s how you know it’s not about race.”

Whether we want to admit it or not, we know the answer to Guy’s question. If the verdict would be guilty for Trayvon if he were the accused murderer then it must be the same for Zimmerman. Now, we wait to see if the jury agrees.

FreeThinke said...

My point in indicating that both Martin and Zimmerman acted foolishly has nothing to do with the rights and wrongs of the situation -- or the legal consideration. I only wonder why the nation is becomes so easily preoccupied with the pursuits of sadly inferior people?

If there is anything positive we might gain from looking at this sad, stinking mess, I'd like to know what it might be.

The most interesting thing about it, as far as I can see, is the fixation on Martin-Zummerman when there are literally thousands of cases out there as bad or worse that receive no publicity whatsoever.

Ed Bonderenka said...

FT. Agreed on that!

Anonymous said...

Zimmerman is raw meat no matter what!
If he's acquitted, they'll riot they’ll hunt him down and ruin his life. If he's convicted, they'll be emboldened and step up their hate crimes against whites. thrown to the large criminal element of the black community. The Black Panther Party already announced that “Riots to Happen if Zimmerman is Found Not-Guilty”
And Obama has to be loving every minute of this.

So, instead of this being an issue of innocence or guilt as decided by the courts, this has become a polarizing topic based on race alone. According to the Black Panther Party, Zimmerman will pay and pay dearly regardless of what the evidence proves.

Z said...

FT and ED...I don't think the nation is preoccupied with these "inferior people" (not sure I'd personally use that term) as it is preoccupied with the the fact that it's on TV 24/7 and draws one in. I think most people find criminal cases fascinating. I do.

BUT...when you consider the details of the case, NOTHING makes it singularly interesting BUT RACE, when you think about it.
It's the ONLY reason we even know this happened, right? WHY ELSE?
This stuff probably happens all the time.
So, we ask ourselves WHY THIS CASE? And, if RACE, why race, other than the way it was ginned up at the whom?
I think we've answered that here.
the WHY is what's most interesting,
as My Conservative Thoughts suggests...why do Holder or Obama get off on this enough to have been involved in early protests...? What's up?

Robert Sinclair said...

We know that the left is capable of doing more than one thing at a time. One only need to examine the myriad of “programs” implemented by Barack Obama over the past five years to see that one effective strategy is to literally flood society with communist programs. The American voter is not smart enough, nor even inclined, to attempt to keep up with it all. So while half of us is looking at the IRS scandal, and another 25% is looking at Benghazi, the left are busy implementing other ideas behind the scenes that we aren’t even aware of …. And they ultimately win.

In a similar way, we have the Zimmerman case in Sanford, and the Dooley case in Tampa. Zimmerman, as most people know, is a racial assault because Zimmerman is a sort of white guy with black ancestors. Dooley, on the other hand, is black, who shot a white guy. No racism there, of course. The only place on earth further left than Tampa is Moscow. Two cases, and both orchestrated against the right of Floridians to protect themselves by the use of deadly force. Are we not paying attention?

Ed Bonderenka said...

Z: I wasn't agreeing with the "inferior" term.
A modern day william Randolph Hearst might say, "You furnish the video and I'll furnish the Race War".
I expanded at my blog on that subject a few minutes ago.
And why do they want the war?

sue hanes said...

Z - I think he will get off with manslaugter. I cannot imagine that he will get off altogether.

Robert Sinclair said...

Does Sue think that 30 years in prison is getting off? Does she think that 30 years in prison for doing no more than acting in his own SELF DEFENSE?

She must live in one of those "run away and hide like a mouse" states.

Impertinent said...


If what you say of Zimmerman were true...arrests and so forth.

Florida would never have issued a CCW to him...he'd have never passed the triple background examination.

Impertinent said...


You mean the one where the French air controller scolded an American pilot for not speaking French?

And the pilot responded that he never had to before.

The Controller say's that impossible and the pilot says...."well the last time I flew here in 1945 it wasn't required"!

Impertinent said...

Breaking News...well we can rest now...Trayvons replacement has been found and is beginning an illustrious criminal career at the age of...12.

"Police were shocked when they responded to a bank robbery around 3:00 a.m. Friday night to find the suspect in the security cameras was in fact a young, 12-year-old boy.

Reports indicate the child rode his bike to the bank in the middle of the night, and Southfield police spokesman Lt. Nick Loussia told The Associated Press he broke a window to get inside.

In doing so, he set off the bank’s emergency alarm system.

He'll be a future recruit for the NBPP or he'll wind up another Trayvon...?

And 3AM? Ummmmm....hey "Mom" where dat kid be?

Impertinent said...


"They said he had “property from the bank on his person,” but didn’t get in to details. WDIV-TV video from the department, however, shows what appears to be cash and rolls of coins.

“The boy also kept asking police about the snacks — Funyuns and chocolate milk — he had taken to the bank with him,” WDIV-TV adds.

Seems... like just with Skittles...ya goota have a snack and be well fed before you decide to commit a crime.

So when will he graduate to a purple dank of skittles, watermelon "Ice Tea" and Robitussin DM as his favorite snack?

Impertinent said...

Skittles are used for sizzurp ( mixed with a hallucinogenic)……..Its a sweet drug that the thugs use to date rape the ladies…..You have been warned.

Anonymous said...

That's really very big of you Sue. You think like the rest of the Libs. What the hell throw the guy in jail for 30 years, so that he won't hurt any Black "children" any more.

Always On Watch said...

The media have turned this trial into a high-profile one. Agenda?

Z said...

AOW, that's my question.
And the DoJ, too, seems to have encouraged this. WHY?
Which means the WH gave the word; WHY?

What would worse race relations do?

-money given to modern day Blacks for ancestors in slavery? they've tried before.

-dividing America further and further?

-all out war...? With such weakened youth from years of indoctrination and stupidity in even elementary schools, do they think they can truly bring us down?
(A friend's granddaughter participated in a contest to design a school yearbook in elementary school..12 year olds, I believe?..she and others did gorgeous drawings. A plain peace symbol won. SO, they had printed Tshirts with peace symbols on them, banners with peace symbols on them. The artistic, talented kids didn't win; the obedient agenda hound kid with leftwing parents and adherence to her leftwing teacher won.

Z said...

No, Imp...definitely "What's he saying"? in French is the punchline, but I can't THINK of the joke :-)

Impertinent said...

News flash...da dat da da!!

Over on they've posted a picture of the dead TM....which they got from MSNBC pool feed from the trial.

I'm not happy that I've seen it...quite the opposite...I wasn't pleased to see GZ's injuries as a result of his beating either.

But I think Americans ought to see the results of violence and other peoples actions too. We get too desensitized by being handled like children from the media and our government.

It's not a graphic's a picture taken by a cop for their use. However...these people that get upset and or violent over this picture...never seem to know or care that cops take pictures of young dead black men, women and children dozens of times a week....or maybe a day all over the country.

We don't see any trials, parades or marches for them chanting "no peace,no justice", do we? Not from the CBC members, NAACP, The pimp Fat Al, Obutthead or any other prominent black leaders, do we?

But I will say they're using this picture of Trayvon to start something..and to incite rage though.

They have to carry through...cause you see...they thought they had a Jew ( Zimmerman ) when this all started. Not knowing he had the same amount of white in him as Obutthead does. ( I wonder then if Obutthead can be considered a creepy cracker too? ). had to fit their sick narrative...a self "identified" white hispanic.

Which logically makes Obutthead a self identified black?

JonBerg said...

I just have a question. The prosecution focused on Zimmerman continuing to follow Martin after the dispatcher said, to the effect, not to. Notwithstanding what the dispatcher said I seem to recall that at some point it was brought out that in nieghborhood watch training the "watch" person was supposed to follow, but not engage, a suspicious person while staying in contact with law enforcement until they arrived. Did anyone else pick up on that? Most of my exposure to the proceedings was listening to it in the background while doing other things.

beamish said...

I thought the defense could have done a better job "bringing Trayvon Martin back to life" to testify than the prosecutors did, trying to portray him as "a scared little kid being followed in the dark."

I would have started with Trayvon's Facebook postings (pictures of him smoking weed and throwing up gang signs), tossed in his juvenile criminal and school disciplinary records (caught at school with a burglary tool and a dozen items of stolen female jewelry; caught with marijuana and a marijuana pipe) and built from there to Zimmerman's report to a 911 dispatcher that Trayvon looked "like he’s up to no good or he’s on drugs or something."

The real tragedy of this case is that at the end of it, Trayvon's parents are not going to be forced to compensate Zimmerman for the cost of his bullet.

JonBerg said...

Here's another thing. The prosecution and its witnesses kept stressing that Zimmerman's injuries were not "life threatening". Having a bloody nose and his head being bashed on concrete how in the World was Zimmerman supposed to know that his situation was NOT "life threatening"? I don't recall the defense stressing that Zimmerman was not a health care professional.

Z said...

JonBerg, you make a lot of sense ; I've been thinking all thru whatever trial I saw that we're not privy to the atmosphere (dark, raining, late, deserted streets), the thoughts in their minds (scared, uhoh is that guy going to rob me or my neighbors? what's that creepy ass cracker doing watching me?, the whole ETHOS of the thing is really hard to grasp.
And no, I don't know if that 'don't follow/do follow' thing was mentioned.

When they kept calling GZ a LIAR, I couldn't help think that I'd be confused and scared and getting things messed up, too! For goodness sake, he'd just TAKEN A LIFE!.... he'd been threatened with HIS LIFE, I'd have been completely FREAKED OUT...and they're upset he didn't get details straight THAT NIGHT and then later as he was supposed to remember it all?
yes, how could he know his injuries weren't life threatening?

beamish, you make a point about talking about his past; that he smoked weed, that he liked the gang signs, etc., but I think they were afraid that would be read by the jury as "See? they're condemning a guy for who he was, not what he was doing.."
Was their toxicology done on Trayvon? WAS he loaded? Does anybody know?

beamish said...

In any case, there probably should have been a mistrial declared when the judge continued to badger Zimmerman about whether or not he wanted to take the stand, and "overruling" his lawyer's objections.

You see, when you cross the border of Florida over into the United States of America, you have both the right to remain silent and the right to legal representation. The judge "overruled" that.

beamish said...

I think they were afraid that would be read by the jury as "See? they're condemning a guy for who he was, not what he was doing.."

Perhaps. I just think it would have handily rebutted the fairy tale portrayal of Trayvon Martin as some innocent kid walking down the street. It would have been Trayvon "brought back to life" in his own words and deeds.

beamish said...

I just have a question. The prosecution focused on Zimmerman continuing to follow Martin after the dispatcher said, to the effect, not to.

IIRC, Zimmerman reported to police that Trayvon ran up on him and jumped him from behind as he was walking back to his truck.

Always On Watch said...


Virginia NAACP Chief Dared To Question Trayvon’s Innocence.. Liberal Rage Promptly Ensues… Demands Are Made For Resignation

Whistleblower Ben Kruidbos Reported Concealment of Evidence In Zimmerman Case—Was Promptly Fired

Thersites said...

Follow the $$$, people... Treyvon's Daddy needs a Caddy!

Rita said...

The defense wanted to bring in the FB posts, the deleted texts and deleted pics. Judge overruled it.

You know,why should a jury see evidence that Trayvon was fast becoming a thug wanna be. But they needed to know that Zimmerman was a cop wanna be.

Robert Sinclair said...

Meanwhile, the one-cell organism that we've come to know as Trayvon Martin's parents, continue to make public statements about the shooting death of a child.

TM is a child in the same way Barack Obama is white.

Z said...

Have you all heard that the IT Director for the Fla. State Attorney's office was fired Friday because he mentioned to someone that things he'd seen in original documents weren't in the final information giving to the defense?

Check this part out from the article linked above:

"Concerned that attorneys did not have all the information they needed to prepare the case, he said, he reported his concerns to a State Attorney's Office investigator and later to prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda.

Kruidbos said he generated a report that was more than three times the size of the one that had been handed over.

For example, Kruidbos said that 2,958 photos were in the report given to the defense but that his report contained 4,275 photos.

Kruidbos also said that he has been told to not put specific case-identifying information into internal e-mails.

Through his attorney, Wesley White, Kruidbos informed Zimmerman's defense team that the information existed.

Did investigators blow the Zimmerman case?

In court, Kruidbos testified that he was concerned that he could be held liable if all information wasn't shared. "All the information is important in the process to ensure it's a fair trial," he said."

Then there's this:

"Kruidbos testified before Zimmerman's trial began that Martin's cell phone contained images of Martin blowing smoke, images of marijuana and deleted text messages regarding a transaction for a firearm and that those images had not been given to Zimmerman's defense team."

Check out the won't believe the delays O'Mara got...they didn't get the biggest part of information till days before the trial started and the judge says she'll deal with sanctions AFTER the verdict!


Z said...

AOW has a link about yet ANOTHER guy fired in this case, too....thanks, AOW.
Elbro sent me the information, tho I'd heard about this earlier.

Robert, I have to admit I'd probably refer to my 17 yr old son as a child, too. He IS their child.
The prosecution used it, again and again, for obvious reasons, right!?

SO, folks...we've got a sheriff fired, an IT expert fired.

WHAT THE HECK? With Holder's part in riling up protests at the beginning of this whole situation, I'm beginning to wonder if this case will be another scandal of our gov't for intruding in something COMPLETELY not their business...another scandal as big as F&F and Solyndra, and Benghazi and the IRS. This is CRAZY.

But, Holder knows libs have his back.

Imagine the NCAA guy threatened with being let GO because he has a different POSSIBLE opinion?

THe left is so amazingly close's just unbelievable. They have ZERO respect for any opinion other than their own racist, leftwing BS.

Z said...

On FOX right now, they're saying Manslaughter is an INTENTIONAL ACT...if that's how it's being explained to the jury right now, I think that if that's the case, he'll go free.
There is absolutely no proof of any intention to kill EXCEPT in self defense...don't you agree?

Impertinent said...


In most nations on Earth, a 17 year old is considered an adult. In the Middle East, 17 year olds like Martin are planting IUDs, shooting RPGs at our troops, and taking part in battles against our troops. In America 17 year olds are breaking into peoples homes and killing them as well as out on the street.

A 17 year old is not a child anymore.

beamish said...

It's clear to me from listening to the 911 call Zimmerman made that he lost sight of Trayvon Martin and did stop following him. He may have continued to look for him / try to spot him, but less than 2 minutes later 91l calls were made by witnesses of the fight and the gunshot is also recorded.

Zimmerman needs to file a lawsuit against Trayvon Martin's family to recoup the cost of his bullet.

Robert Sinclair said...

I think we should sue the Martin family for wrongful life.

Z said...

Imp, your daughter is way older than 17 and you refer to her as "my kid"...and I've often thought that was very sweet.
Trayvon was HER CHILD.
As I said, the prosecution used the word CHILD as a stick on the defense for the jury to take heart, but he was her child.

A friend from Fla. just called and the news they hear on local news includes things I guess I just hadn't heard...I hadn't heard there WAS a toxocology report and it should THC or something? is that right? Did the Defense mention that? Or that Trayvon had tweeted or Facebooked about getting guns?

What she told me on the phone right now was pretty new to me...national news doesn't seem to be carrying some stuff.

Impertinent said...


Well...I said Kid..but not my child. Skittles "mom' is using the term purely for emotional reasons hoping to sway the an female jury..5 of whom are mothers.

Let me put it this way...if skilltes killed George...and was charged for his death...don't you think he'd be tried as an adult?

He was very close to turning 18 adult in our eyes...can enter into muslims...and all the privileges of adulthood.

How does being a couple months shy of 18 and total adulthood somehow mean to be construed as still being a "Child"? So one magically transforms at midnight of the 18th an adult at one minute past?

Humans aren't butterflies.

Rita said...

That was part of that hearing that lasted until 10 pm the other night. She ruled against th defense.

I think that's all part of what you quoted earlier about the IT guy getting canned.

Wasn't allowed.

Someone deleted a bunch of stuff in Trayvon's phone. Now I'm wondering if that is what the defense was implying. That it wasn't Trayvon that deleted it, but something more sinister.

Impertinent said...


"I hadn't heard there WAS a toxocology report and it should THC or something? "

Not news here...we knew he was high and was at the 7 Eleven to buy the goods necessary to make....whatever the hell is is they make in the ghetto of Miami Lakes.

Purple dank...skank...who knows. It's Skittles, Watermelon Tea and Robitussin.

Leave it it the state to minimize the dope...and the purpose of the visit to the store as completely innocent. Bullshit...they committed a crime by not fully disclosing what so called evidence they had.

If GZ is can bet O'mara's ready to file one hell of an appeal and they'll all be impeached...Chris Farley, the judge too.

Impertinent said...


"That it wasn't Trayvon that deleted it, but something more sinister..."

They HAVE to get GZ matter how they do it. The bantu's of the NBPP are already chanting death threats to GZ cause they're "mourning" the loss of a potential member.

The NBPP needs to meet the KKK right in front of the courthouse. If one is is the other.

Z said...

Imp. STOP. Adults say "child" for people they gave birth to...they don't have an age on when you can say CHILD. He is technically THEIR CHILD.
Until my youngest sibling was probably 20, Mom and Dad would get "are these your children?" or "and these are our children.."

And I have SAID that the prosecutors are using it as a weapon, and maybe SHE is, too, but he IS her CHILD.

By the way, Imp...two friends in Florida have emailed and called me saying their news is saying people are being bused into the courthouse. Anybody asking WHO IS PAYING for their being bused in??
COuld it be the same group (WH) which might have funded protests when GZ hadn't yet been charged.

The firing of the IT Director is sickening..did you hear about that? I'm sure you must have, living there.........fired for saying "Hey! There's a TON more information and it didn't make the final packet the defense got, that is NOT RIGHT!"

Talk about fodder for an appeal.
If O'Mara doesn't, he's in on this "Get GZ thing", too! :-) (I don't think he is)

Z said...

Looks like there very well could be a verdict tonight.
I don't think it looks good for GZ.
Let's hope and pray I'm wrong.

Kid said...

IMP, Ah, here is the story of Zimmerman and those charge/events

The charges were walked down out of the felony category..

Bob said...

Even though Zimmerman started out following Martin (perfectly legal), Trayvon dictated the events that followed by becoming the aggressor.

Zimmerman did not attack Trayvon, but Trayvon was the one threatening Zimmerman with grave and serious damage, even death by beating his head on the sidewalk.

Unfortunately, this whole thing could have been avoided if either of the two had taken different actions.

The telling and important evidence were Zimmerman's wounds, especially his broken nose. If anyone thinks these are minor wounds in a fight, just let someone pound their face and head.

Say Zimmerman couldn't have reached his gun? Have you ever been in a wrestling match when a kid? It is not the easiest thing to pin a person's arms. None of this stuff is obvious.

Kid said...

IMP and whoever else, fwiw.
No doubt the news and information we get is skewed in favor of blacks and anyone else the dems bring under their wing. And certainly in cases like this where they can fan the flames without sharptone and jackson even working up a sweat.

I can't remember the last time I've seen a black on white killing in the news...

There is no solution as long as this is how it goes.

Impertinent said...


".two friends in Florida have emailed and called me saying their news is saying people are being bused into the courthouse."..

No doubt..they've been screaming like savages and confrontations have already taken place to keep the Pro Zimmerman and Saint skittles to a "free speech" zone.

If you want up to date info on the case...this is by far the best source out there.

Impertinent said...


Never said he as a saint either. He's a Latino...and half black on his mothers side.

But what I did say the eyes of the State of Florida...he was OK to have a concealed permit. In about 3 years if Trayvon applied....he'd be denied cause he'd already be room temperature or in prison.

Scotty said...

A friend from Fla. just called and the news they hear on local news includes things I guess I just hadn't heard...I hadn't heard there WAS a toxocology report and it should THC or something?

Us Floridians knew about that, it doesn't get out much further than Florida because it doesn't fit the agendas.

I haven't said much as Imp has been covering what I would have said, just fine!

Kid said...

IMP, I don't believe GZ broke the law. If I implied that it wasn't my intention.

But he'll be skewered one way or the other, while people like casy anthony walk and probably jodi arias will walk in about 20 years or sooner after having it pretty damn good in prison.

That's America today.

Impertinent said...


'I can't remember the last time I've seen a black on white killing in the news.."

There was one of note a while back. Black guy kills white kid at his home. Kids were outside making a ruckus ( on Long Island ) and the guy walked out of his home with his gun....some words were exchanged and he sot and killed a a16 yo white kid.

He claimed "self defense" cause he remembered his daddy's stories about the Klan and such....pleaded not guilty. Every race hustler in thew universe turned up to defend him.

Not Guilty...even though he was safe in his home and could have called the cops and waited....he didn't.

This was murder....but to the perennially vulgar and pissed was self defense.

They didn't want a riot either. Justice in America? Phook no...mob rule is what's running the courts now.

They're not fit to live in a civilized society where we have the rule of law....with them...its the rule of the mob.

Kid said...

Agreed IMP.

Impertinent said...


It's all good bud.

Impertinent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Impertinent said...


"but he IS her CHILD..."

She is's profitable NOW. She washed her hands of that "child" some time ago.

She's been paid a cool million already...she's copyrighted his name... Trayvon is now a business enterprise she's committed to with Fat Al.

So...he's done a hell of a lot more for her now that he would ever be expected to do down the road. And they're getting everything pro bono....except they signed over rights to the Crumps and the other hustlers.

Meanwhile Zimmerman is relying on donations from us "racists".

Liberalmann said...

It's pretty obvious to thinking people that Zimmerman is a liar and guilty. That being said, this is Florida and anything goes in that racist state.

If he's freed, there will surely be riots and more shootings of innocent kids will happen under this lame stand your ground law.

Rita said...


Impertinent said...




Liberalmann said...

Freethinker said: "...I only wonder why the nation is becomes so easily preoccupied with the pursuits of sadly inferior people?"

Sarah Palin.

Jack Whyte said...

If he's freed, there will surely be riots and more shootings of innocent kids will happen under this lame stand your ground law.

I hope you're one of them, Liberal Turd.

Liberalmann said...

NOT GUILTY. See what I mean? Florida. Land of dumbfucks. Watch, Zimmerman's will be on the NRA circuit next week. His life is ruined anyway and he will have look over his shoulder for the rest of it. And sadly, many more innocent kids will be killed under this draconian 'stand your ground law.

Rita said...

Someone obviously has pounded Libidiot's head into the pavement until he is incoherent.

Robert Sinclair said...

I wonder, what is so draconian about a law that allows citizens to stand up for themselves and not be cowed by bullies, such as Trayvon Martin?

Impertinent said...


There's 1.2 million gun carrying Floridians....less than 0.00001% have had their permits revoked. No one in this state runs around looking for someone to shoot...STAND YOUR GROUND...WORKS.

And because of that...we're a pretty polite state now. The feral beasts will not be allowed to target us, attack us or kill us outside of our homes.

Get back under your reck your little bug. Wet your pants somewhere else.

Impertinent said...

@Liberal Stooge:

"there will surely be riots.."

Yup..there sure will be...we "crackers" are happy now...But even if we weren''s the Zulu's and the Bantu's that will ,as always be counted on to start with the Walmarts and work their way down to the dollar stores.

JonBerg said...

The prosecution kept referring to Martin as a "kid" or "child". At age 17 one can join the Military which , as everyone with a room temperature IQ should know, can be and is often a dangerous occupation. So let's cut the BS. I only wish that this site would allow me to copy the RECENT picture of this "child" and a list of his criminal activities which I think the Judge disallowed. If Zimmerman gets convicted I hope that there are a lot of appealable issues; I think that there should be.

Rita said...

Can you imagine what those six women had to consider knowing that their true verdict would likely cause safety issues for themselves for years?

Thank God they didn't let that sway their verdict.

Mustang said...

Sixteen months ago, the State Attorney for the 4th Judicial District of Florida, the Police Chief for the City of Sanford, Florida, the investigating police officer, all believed that there was NO GROUNDS to take this matter to trial.

But it did go to trial because Florida's governor caved in to Eric Holder's and Barack Obama's demand for a trial. And the bottom line is that Trayvon Martin is still dead, and tons of public money has been wasted in order to placate the black racists in our country today.

The acquittal reaffirms Florida law. Now pay attention thugs, no matter what color you are. Don't do the crime if you are hoping not to be shot.

Z said...

I'm so sorry Libman...can't delete you as I always do; too many good comments directed at your comments.

Actually, Imp...a good lawyer described this afternoon how "stand your ground" didn't come into this trial; Still the law in Florida, but they say that wasn't really part of it.

And, of course, a person like Libman doesn't honor our justice most libs don't. He'll be weeping that the black kid was innocent and the mean ol' white guy killed him just cuz he's black. Easier to be stupid and racist than smart and look into the facts.. Unbelievable.
Ya...liberals aren't happy; and they'll fight the verdict because they weren't on the jury. stupid.

Z said...

Mustang, I guess all the Florida police are racists, huh? :-)
Man, you can't tell the TRUTH unless it's leftwing truth or you ARE a racist, or stupid, or whatever...

Jon...he was acquitted.

Z said...

anybody think OBAMA will weigh in again?

Kid said...

A beer summit for the women on the jury

Rita said...

Since he's such a media whore I can't imagine him not spouting off. I pray that he realizes the impact his words could have to keep the country in peace.

I may have said this before, but Robert Kennedy was campaigning in Indianapolis the night MLK was murdered. I believe we were the only bigger city that saw no rioting because of RFK's words.

We all know that Obama is no RFK.

Z said...

Rita, very interesting..about RFK.
And ya...he's a media whore but he's had his big ears boxed with this verdict.


THESE are the types of men America needs...GO AFTER THE LIARS and THIEVES...those who'd impede justice.
And I LOVE how West went after the prosecution. BRAVO!
Ya, I'm nuts about these 2 guys...Congratulations to them.

My post tomorrow was written an hour before all this'll be amazed that it echoes what I just said so I always say "My Sunday faith posts write themselves". whew!

JonBerg said...

HURRAY, HURRAY, HURRAY, HURRAY................................................HURRAY!!!!!

Impertinent said...


"a good lawyer described this afternoon how "stand your ground" didn't come into this trial.."

Z..I gurantee you that if Zimmerman was convicted...they would have come after the "Stands your ground Laws"...and they may yet.

Rita said...

I wish I had understood that the reading of the verdict indicted the entire verdict.

I was still holding my breath afraid they were yet to read the verdict for manslaughter.

I thought it was very effective when the defense brought in that chunk of concrete in closing arguments to explain that Trayvin certainly DID have a weapon.

I think they should have done that earlier and often.

Z said...

Imp, oh, I agree. There are people who think it did revolve around that, and it SORT OF did, but they will try to bring STAND YOUR GROUND down, I agree with you.

I hope you're all still listening to the O'Mara/West presser...the press is crazy about them; they're being SO honest and forthcoming. What fabulous men. I LOVE that they're showing their righteous indignation at the horrible slights and insults they got along the way.

I am so happy tonight...I do believe Zimmerman didn't deserve to be convicted.

I'm sorry that the Martins lost their son and that he was a kid who reacted like he did and asked for trouble.

Z said...


God bless you, Mark o'Mara...

Ed Bonderenka said...

Yes Z.
And there needs to be a recall of that "judge" Debra Nelson .
And the State Attorney Angela Corey.
And the re-instatement of Ben Kruidbos.

Rita said...

Martin family attorney just said the family "accepts the jury's verdict". Let's hope all the race baiters can at least be smart enough to say the same.

Impertinent said...


"And there needs to be a recall of that "judge" Debra Nelson ..."

Judge mean Chris Farley?

Z said...

The Martin attorney likens MARTIN to EVARS?

holy COW.

Ed Bonderenka said...

These prosecutors (Crump,et al) are almost incoherent except when their racism shows through.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Yeah, IMP, that's what I meant :)

Z said...

Ed.. let's PRAY that O'Mara can get Kruidbos reinstated.

Rita..the mention of those in hoodies, etc., by the lawyer, and a few other words he chose bugged me a bit...they're a tad inciteful.

I do, however, think that he showed some class in his comments; let's hope

Z said...

Were you all as impressed with West and O'Mara tonight as I am?

Z said...

wait...the MARTINS are in a SAFE PLACE now "For security purposes?"

what's that about?

Z said...

Boy, even GERALDO thinks this trial was overkill, brought on my agenda-driven people over RACE.

Kid said...

It's time for libtard to put up or shut up.

Hey libtard. Explain if you will how men and women are to protect, Defend, their lives without guns and stand your ground laws ?
Should they retreat to their basement? bedroom? kitchen? only to be raped and murdered there, or hell out in the backyard for that matter.

What happens when a couple punks come to your house to rape you, bust the door down, get to you before you can even get to a phone to call some useless cops, then take whatever they want from you, including your life. Is that acceptable to you? Hard to think it would be, but easy to believe your fantasy world doesn't allow for such events. Well, too freakin bad. These things do occur and they occur all the time.

To support restrictions on guns or any defensive weapon is to be an accessory to rape and murder at the hands of the worst of the vermin running the streets in America. How's it feel to be an accessory ?
How does it feel to know blowjobs like you support disarming people and disallowing them to defend their life against the vermin which you obviously favor?

yea I know too much typing here. If you come back at all it will be with something even a 5 year old would scoff at...

Z said...

Wow, there are black women outside protesting saying "he LIVED there"..they don't even know the facts but there they are bemoaning the fact that a jury ruled against them. "We're HURT"..

Z said...

Kid, BRAVO!!

Z said...

Did you hear Juan Williams? He apparently thinks all white people are conservatives..what a JERK.
He hopes white people don't make a hero of Zimmerman. WHat a damned RACIST he can be.
Nice guy, but REALLY drives me nuts sometimes.

"All white people are happy" is what Geraldo insinuated...and Williams jumped on it "I HOPE NOT"..of course that's not the case.

So, you see? it's WE now who are the racists for being glad justice was done. holy COW.

Rita said...

I didn't hear allow the statements. Quite honestly I was switching over to local news because Indy is currently hosting Black Expo, which has thousands in attendance each year and normally has young black makes shooting up the normally peaceful town late at night.

A few years ago some of the black churches finally got involved in helping the local police rather than bitching about them and the shootings decreased.

I was afraid for my former son-in-law and his wife who are both IMPD. I worried it would get bad here locally.

So far it's been very quiet. I know they were preparing for possible outcomes.

I pray the rest of the night remains quiet.

Z said...

Oh, Rita, I sure see the reason for your concern. I will pray all goes well. Let us know. xxx

Bob said...

Juan Williams is just as biased as the rest of us, maybe more so. You just have to take him for what he is, a shallow thinking liberal.

Jeraldo and Judge Jennine are passionate about there having been insufficient evidence to bring the case to trial.

I was especially disappointed in the State Attorney in her self-aggrandizing speech, along with the prosecutor's false facts presentation.

So far, I have not heard of any rioting, and and I hope things stay that way.

Tonight, I heard on the radio that the Atlanta area law enforcement agencies had been meeting, and have a plan in case of any protests or riots. I believe they are over cautious, but can also suppose they are doing their job.

Z said...

Bob, be safe.
I have to say I like Juan most of the time because he CAN be pretty fair...but, because of that, when he goes into the lefty stuff, it bugs me MORE because he can be fair! Does that make sense?
I mean, in ONE SENTENCE, ol' Juan can have Z thinking "man, Juan's fair..that makes sense.......ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Where'd THAT come from, Juan..Don't you THINK!?" :-)

Rita said...

Fairly certain all law enforcement officials had prepped their departments.

Bob said...

Wow! The black panthers are there, and are being interviewed. The guy said that they were counseling young blacks to protest, but not to do violence because of the prevalence of law enforcement agencies that had arrived, in addition to paramilitary units.

I don't know if that is true, or not. If it is true that lots and lots of cops are there, it was only a good move to pre-empt the black panthers and like-minded crazies from starting riots.

Kid said...

juan williams is a moron. On national radio, he stated that website polls of how the economy was doing were more accurate than the actual freakin Economic Measurement Numbers that everyone with an actual brain uses.

Next slide please.

Z said...

Kid, he blows my mind because he can be fair then he does says THE stupidest stuff. Geraldo just said "Juan, I think you're the smartest journalist I know.....brothu.."

Ya, he's your "Brothu.." Geraldo. what a whore Geraldo is.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Geraldo said Juan is the smartest commentator on TV.
Guess he never saw Krauthammer.

Z said...

Gad, Ed...there's such a HUUUGE chasm between Krauthammer and Williams...
what a joke, right!?

Ducky's here said...

Where's Kanye?

Impertinent said...

In 2013, we live in a culture utterly polarized by self-righteous, arrogant, inflammatory, condescending, and half-witted media messengers masquerading as journalists.

At a time when the institutional Left controls newspapers, broadcast journalism, television entertainment, movies, music, public primary education, the university system, the Senate, the White House, and the judiciary, a top-down narrative is being disseminated through our culture that demands certain precepts: America is overrated, the military is unnecessary, corporations are evil, white people are racists, heterosexuals are haters, the wealthy are selfish, capitalism has failed, religion is primitive.

Our is a nation whose citizens have been badgered and belittled into accepting that class warfare, gender warfare, race warfare, and ethnic warfare are being waged by the GOP by commentary and editorialism posing as objective news.

MSNBC – in a transparently self-serving bid for ratings – has smashed the notion that professional ethics and journalistic integrity are applicable to the 21st century.

Their decision to broadcast Trayvon Martin’s dead, under-aged face betrays their complete lack of restraint, of human morals morals, of even common decency.

Evidently, their network is a hammer to be used to pound the crap out of whatever Leftist ideological nail they see fit, regardless of consequence.

Z said...

Bob, I missed the woman's self aggrandizing...I'm sure they'll play it over and over again.
I hope so.
I understand she's a Republican.

By the way, Angela Cory in an elected position?

Z said...

Ducky, he's probably working on a rap about the verdict.

Imp....MSNBC showed his DEAD FACE??

Impertinent said...


"Fairly certain all law enforcement officials had prepped their departments..."

And it's shameful that America has to even contemplate a violent response when a jury abiding by the facts and the law..Shameful that we have such scum as 'citizens".

Black or white.

Impertinent said...


Yup...told ya... it's at for the world to see.

Rita said...

I agree with Ed, Krauthamer is the smartest media persona I've seen.

Then of course comes Steve Hayes, but maybe that's just my overwhelming attraction to Hayes. Sometimes I just get way too distracted by his looks to actually process what he's saying.

In the words of my mother, "he makes my toes curl".

I'm sorry, what were we talking about again?

Impertinent said...

What Black people are clambering for is exactly what they had under Jim Crow where cases were decided on the bases of race instead of the rule of law.

They want a special America for themselves and one for everyone else?

Z said...

Rita, that cracked me UP!
You know who does that for ME? You'll laugh. Did you see LES MISERABLES the film? The guy who plays Marius, Eddie Redmayne...oh, my GOSH :-) I haven't felt that way over a single face since I was 16, I swear!

Krauthammer is probably THE smartest...that's what I meant about the huge chasm between him and Juan Williams....
And Steven Hayes IS cute :-)

JonBerg said...

"They want a special America for themselves and one for everyone else?"

Financed by "everyone else"?

Z said...

Imp, good point about Jim Crow.

In the future, could you warn me when you send a link with a dead person in it?!!! GEEEEZ! When I saw what it was, I clicked off in time, but I didn't want to see that! :-)
Just amazed that msnbc had the NERVE to do it on TV.

Z said...

You know, tonight I feel a bit like there's hope again in this country; Not because GZ was found innocent, but because of the way O'Mara and West spoke out against the media (TO the media) which "made a monster of GZ" and the way they might go after the state for the extra money it cost in waiting at least an extra six months to get information they normally get within DAYS..$$

They have dignity and righteousness and I APPROVE!

Rita said...

I had to google him Z. Too prissy for my type.

Z said...

Rita, he can sing like a dream...that went a long way with me. And yes, he's got a face that has something I can't explain! But, I've always been drawn to that look!

Imp, by the way, I DID appreciate your digging up that link. :-)

Z said...

Rita, I just googled him now...his pix are like when he was 18...he's about 31 now (yes, I COULD be his mother :-)...still, he's very youthful and looks almost odd in some of the shots.. on moving film, he's NOT ODD :-)

Rita said...

I saw LM at the theater. Can't say that Byone in it made my toes curl.

The ending dud though. I felt like I had just attended some wonderful live production. So glad I saw it on the big screen. Watching it on the Blu ray doesn't do it justice.

Impertinent said...

@Rita and Z...

Now now don't want to sound like Chris Matthews who gets the tingles, do you?

Kid said...

Z, I read it as juan saying some conservative sounding stuff, then "when it matters" he takes the libtard angle. So, people can say, SEE, Look at juan, normally a conservative but taking our side on this issue!

I think FOX does/tries to do the same thing in reverse.

Impertinent said...


"could you warn me when you send a link with a dead person in it?!!"

I thought I put Trayvon in the subject line?

Sorry....guess seeing another dead man doesn't get to me like it used to. I'm kind of immune to it, ya know?

Ed Bonderenka said...

When I mentioned Dr K, I thought of Hayes as a contender.
And he doesn't curl my toes.

Kid said...

IMP, Yea, toes curling. Wow.. I think that's taking it a bit far. :)

Rita said...

Tingles isn't the right word for Hayes Imp.


Impertinent said...


Ummmmmm....which / what link????

Rita said...

No no. No linking to Steven Hayes this late at night. A girl has to get some sleep.

Z said...

Imp, you didn't, but that's okay :-)

Rita, who's Byone? I've seen Les Ms live twice and once on film. I liked the film WAY more than I thought I would..the singing was over the top FABULOUS. G'night!

Ed, you think Hayes is a contender for Krauthammer? He could be, I suppose...we need some up and coming great conservatives. I'd have never thought Hayes was nearly as good as Krauthammer, but...with some seasoning.. !

Z said...

Back on topic; I have to say I admire Trayvon's mother very very much. Something didn't work in how she raised her boy if he was smoking pot and buying guns and getting kicked out of school, etc., etc., but she's a strong woman of faith and I believe she did the best she could for her son. I hope so, for her own conscience.
And she's not afraid to lean on her faith and talk about it publicly. I will be hoping that will get her through the nightmare of losing her young son. I know it will help.

beamish said...

I'm outraged by the verdict. Trayvon Martin's parents should have been ordered to buy Zimmerman a box of ammunition.

Rita said...

Z. Byone = anyone in IPad typos.

Robert Sinclair said...

I have a different take on Ms. Fulton, Z. Yes, she lost a son. She lost that son because, contrary to all the bullshit we heard from Mr. Crump and the “I have a bunny in my pants” media, Sabrina Fulton was a shitty parent. And so was her husband, Tracy Martin. You know as well as I do that Sabrina Fulton wanted to suppress the information about Trayvon’s drug use, his gangsterism, his wanting to pummel whitey.

Why is no one questioning this?

Fulton didn’t want justice: she wanted to send the white boy to prison. Fact: Trayvon Martin’s criminal behavior got him shot, and his parents had a lot to do with that.

And by the way, it is the same kind of criminal behavior we see displayed by wealthy Negroes who are tweeting, “I hope da hood catches up wit whitey.”

I can’t say this flavor of racism wouldn’t have manifested itself without the racist comments of Obama and Holder, but it added fuel to the fire. And this "trial" is far from over, Z. Just watch what happens next.

Scotty said...

Al Sharpton: Zimmerman verdict is an ATROCITY, a slap in the face to those who believe in Justice

Al Sharpton: We’ll call on the DOJ to investigate Zimmerman case

Jack Whyte said...

Re: Sharpton. Now you know where the Moslems came up with the idea of manipulating America’s system of justice against Americans.

Z said...

Robert, I disagree, but respect your opinion.
I don't 'see displayed' wealthy Blacks tweeting anything. I know the State wanted to suppress evidence, I think that's a bigger question. Please link anything you've got that she said she wanted things suppressed; I did not know that.

Scotty...Sharpton's upset that he had his platform ripped out from under him; he'll rise again because it's all he's got, no matter HOW he has to ruin our country..

Jack...It's a wonder Black America doesn't realize how badly all of this reflects on them; We know liberals are huffy when things don't go their way (which is rare these day) but now they're going to argue a perfectly legal court proceeding and verdict IN WHICH EVIDENCE WAS WITHHELD FOR THEIR SIDE?? They're such pawns by the far left racist nuts like Sharpton and the WH.. what a shame they don't wake up.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

Even playing the Race card didn't work.
Sorry Libbies, you lost...

Note to you Bostonian's better stay indoors, the riots are a coming..

Radical Redneck said...

Want a snapshot on how the moonbat left responds to this prevention of a horrible travesty? I can't possibly mock any more or better than the self-mockery here. Downright surreal.

Bob said...

Blogger beamish said...

" I'm outraged by the verdict. Trayvon Martin's parents should have been ordered to buy Zimmerman a box of ammunition."

I have come to expect better from Beamish. When did he go to the dark side?

beamish said...

I have come to expect better from Beamish. When did he go to the dark side?

When the "light side" embraced being a bunch of quivering politically correct sissies.

Zimmerman has a $10,000 bounty on his head. The least the court could do was make sure he has enough ammo to defend himself from these worthless pieces of crap.

Z said...

I don't want talk like beamish's here...
If Mustand or Elbro see it, please delete.
Nobody has to be glad he died or say bullets were wasted or anything else like that. It's disgusting.

Beamish, I expect you'll have a clever retort to me and you'll include voting for that far leftwinger, Romney, but just know it won't last long.

Sadly, I'm leaving for the day.

The talk you're doing disgusts me, frankly.

Sergeant D Honored Veteran said...

This case had everything to do with race, this case should have not gone to trial. the police in that city made the right call at the very beginning. and I believe It was the powerful influence of the Black community, along with the usual race-baiters including the racist pimp Al Sharpton, and even Barrack Obama that wasted the nations money and time and almost sent an innocent man to prison for 30 years.
I think of George Zimmerman as a Hero,. Perhaps if George had lived in Nicole Brown Simpson’s community, he could have prevented her senseless murders as well.
Only in America, can a Black 6 foot tall who was thrown out of his house and his School in one week and who was caught the previous week with Burglar Tools, and Stolen Jewelry, be called “A Child”.

beamish said...

Beamish, I expect you'll have a clever retort to me and you'll include voting for that far leftwinger, Romney, but just know it won't last long.

C'mon, be fair. I know Donald Trump was your first choice.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

I guess that Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Barack Obama and half of the people in this country knows more about what happened that dark, and rainy night in 2012 than the jury did.

John Jamerson said...

Appearing on MSNBC this morning, Jesse Jackson condemned the Zimmerman verdict as a "tremendous miscarriage of justice." It is a mark of Jackson's misconception of just what constitutes justice that chief among his complaints was that Trayvon Martin was denied a jury of his peers because there were no African-Americans or men on it.

But isn’t it funny or not really, but Jesse and Al were COMPLETELY satisfied when OJ Simpson was acquitted by a jury of his peers. As far as the Holder DOJ trying Zimmerman on racial hatred charges, the FBI already investigated that possibility and found nothing.

Also, neither the prosecution nor Defense had any qualms about the jury that was seated, but Reverend.. Jessssie and Reverend Al Sharpton both and I say “Reverends with a bit of contempt in my voice, are delusional race pimps, and they thrive on whatever discord is created by their dishonesty. Sharpton is even worse that Jesse Jackass. The 2 of them can't go to hell fast enough as far as I’m concerned..
And on another note:
Rather than respect the verdict of the Zimmerman trial and Zimmerman's Constitutional right to protect himself; our tyrannical president aka "our Master" is continuing to attempt to infringe upon law abiding citizens gun rights with statements about Gun Control..Obama is a clown with no credibility left at all . We might as well listen to all the illegals on the street protesting who speak no English at all. It all sounds the same as that lying fat dumbass “Star Witness” for the prosecution Rachel Jeantel

Liberalmann said...

Kid said...

It's time for libtard to put up or shut up.

Hey libtard. Explain if you will how men and women are to protect, Defend, their lives without guns and stand your ground laws ?
Should they retreat to their basement? bedroom? kitchen? only to be raped and murdered there, or hell out in the backyard for that matter.


GZ profiled, stalked and attacked an innocent kid. TM was the one who was 'standing his ground.'

So now we're left with the prospect that anyone can provoke a fight and then kill the person if they try to defend themselves.

Kid said...

Libtard, as expected You didn't answer the question. You dodged it with a Uturn back to the GZ/TM thing.

You're obviously a moron so let me clarify my question a bit more using a recent real life situation in New Jersey.

Did you read the story a couple - 3 weeks ago about the lady in New Jersey, black dude came through the back door, she is on the counch watching cartoons with her 2-3 yr old daughter? Guy beats her to a pulp in front of her crying terrorized daughter, demanding to know where the money is in the house. He then went upstairs, ransacked, then came back down and beat the piss out of her some more. Left thinking she was dead. It's all on vid because she had a nanny cam.

You think that lady wishes she had a gun? You think she wishes she had one now? You think she has one now? You think she has any reservations about when she can legally use a gun? Or do you think she is out taking kick boxing lessons, and/or hoping something like this doesn't happen again like the shit for brains idiot you obviously are. ?

Come on back now.

Also take some freaking READING COMPREHENSION lessons would ya?

Kid said...

Libtard, Part 2.

Many people... Jurors, Judges, Attorneys - disected the GZ/TM situation and have decided that YOUR analysis is something that belongs in the toilet along with whatever brains you claim to have left. Dig? You don't like the Unanimous verdict, take it up with the American Legal system which is admitedly flailing but still 1000 time more mature than Your opinion.