Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Some of you will remember my request for prayers for my friend "L" whose left arm was amputated Friday halfway up the forearm.  All went very well and she came home Sunday, believe it or not....but she has gone back to the hospital to meet two of the surgery team because she's apparently got an infection.
PLEASE keep her in your prayers..she so appreciated all of you for that!  Thanks.


FreeThinke said...

I was very glad the procedure went well, but sorry about the infection. Post-operative infections are very common these days. I think it's because patients are sent home from the hospital MUCH too soon and denied the critical care they really OUGHT to have.

It's a terrible thing "L" has had to endure, but she should be all right, if she doesn't get too depressed. Depression can kill you. That's why prayer is SO important. Staying in constant touch with Almighty God means you really can't get depressed. His Presence ALWAYS comforts and cheers, but we must keep ourselves AWARE of Him in order to benefit from His power and grace.

Even so, I hope she has understanding, loving support at home? It really helps, as well I know.

Z said...

FT, can you IMAGINE sending her home 2 days later? But, you know how they talk about germs IN hospitals, too! And, insurance as it is, they don't want to pay for a long time in hospital. She has Medicare.

She's probably one of the strongest women I've known, and if she gets down it's not for too long. And she does have some support.

I'm glad to hear you say that post-op infections are so common; she so very much doesn't want to lose more of the arm! Thanks. And thank you for your prayers.

Elmers Brother said...

Lord I pray for healing and comfort. May L find peace and joy even in this trial. Give the doctors wisdom and the expertise to make her well.

Pris said...

I have to say, I've known several people who got infections while in the hospital. To me, it seems this is becoming quite common. Why?
Years ago it didn't seem as likely as it does now!

I hope your friend "L" will be better soon. I'll pray for her too, Z.

Mustang said...

An MD friend of mine tells me that the number one cause of death in hospitals is nurses. It began with lowering standards for admission and graduation from nursing schools. We needed more nurses, you see. Apparently, we don't need as many patients who survive major surgery.

Ducky's here said...

Well mustang, if a friend of yours said it it must be gospel, right?

Best wishes for your friend, z.

Z said...

Mustang, the amount of foreign nurses here is astonishing. It's like Americans don't need good jobs.

I think some of them are excellent and some might not be as sterile as some of ours are, but that makes sense, because nurses are the ones traveling from room to room and treating/touching patients along the way.

Pris, that's right; I think that amount has risen, too. You never used to hear about that, did you.

Thank you, Elbro.

Thanks, Everyone...she's not home yet; I suppose they might keep her overnight.

Ducky's here said...

Or it might be doctors or administrators

"Pronovost said part of the problem was that many hospital chief executives aren't even aware of their institution's bloodstream infection rates, let alone how easily they could bring them down.

When hospital leaders decide to create a culture in which preventing infections is a priority, he added, nurses feel empowered to remind physicians to follow the checklist when inserting catheters, physicians are provided antiseptic soaps as part of their catheter kits and infection control personnel have the best tools to monitor patients."

Z said...

Ducky, so that rules OUT nurses?
Nobody said it's only nurses...what's your point?
The situation's bad and nobody can say for sure where microscopic germs are coming from or exactly how they're passed along, but any time people are going from room to room, there's a chance of contamination; doctors, nurses, administrators, dieticians..

Mustang said...

Ducky can't help it, Z. He's always been an idiot.

FreeThinke said...

Nurses USED to be slim, trim, neat, clean and no-nonsense. They wore starched white uniforms and distinctive starched white caps that differed with each nursing school.

Today most nurses I've seen are good natured enough, but most of them are overweight, wear long lank hair that looks nine too clean to me, and their "uniforms" today are hideous multicolored, multi-patterned shapeless blouses and dark slacks. They look sloppy and unprofessional -- not an image that insures confidence.

There are too many "people of color" in nursing now. Few of them can speak proper English, and may very well be unfit to anything but empty bedpans and mop floors -- which they ow will let you know in no uncertain terms is BENEATH their dignity to even CONSIDER.

This is no ALWAYS true, but I have fund by and large that black women in these "high class" jobs are often snotty, uncooperative and totally lacking in empathy. They're getting 75K a year or more, and they AIN'T about to do anything more than they absolutely HAVE to to keep their jobs.

Unionism, Feminism, and our sick, perverse, even demented, popular culture have certainly taken their toll.

At the same time I MUST stick up for our medical system, because with the rather vast experienced I've had trucking in and out of hospitals year in and year out the general level of care I've observed at close range has been excellent.

I shudder to think of what it's about to become if we can't stop Obamacare.

Remember I'M the guy who took care of two invalids for more than ten years, so I really do KNOW what I'm talking about.

FreeThinke said...

Ducky is not an idiot, Mustang. he's a kind of pervert. The polite word for it is "contrarian." Whatever one of "us" says, he undoubtedly feels compelled to gainsay or contradict.

An irksome mannerism to be sure, but our Ducky is not stupid. He's just been badly MISEDUCATED.

Baysider said...

Mr. Baysider was a hospital architect for 45 years. He’s worked directly with medical staff on infection control. It IS a major problem and it has increased, particularly as superbugs morph out of inappropriate use and overuse of antibiotics and antibacterial agents.

Recently, North Shore University Hospital in Long Island experimented with cameras with sensors to catch whether a health worker washes his hands after a patient - a very effective control. So they know who the culprits are. In their 16-week study compliance zoomed from 10% to 88% after workers started getting reports emailed to them and posted on an electronic scoreboard.

Mr. Baysider’s father got an infection in a hip replacement from the virus in his doctor’s nose (he had a cold, and yes, he wore a mask). This happens way more than most people think.

I’ve been praying for your friend every day. Wish her the best.

Z said...

Thanks, everybody.
She called while I was out for dinner tonight and left a message that she might be in the hospital until Monday. This is dangerous...
I really appreciate your kindnesses.

Jen Nifer said...

Prayers ongoing, Z. And Baysider is spot on. It's safer to be at home.

sue hanes said...

Z - 'L' has been in my prayers and she will continue to be.

Enjoy your break - Z - you deserve it.

Z said...

I won't be commenting for some days but did take a look this morning;

She'll be in hospital until at least Monday..they haven't found an antibiotic she can handle yet and it's looking grim ... very red, very feverish.

Please continue prayers. Particularly for her husband, who can really use some calm!


FreeThinke said...

" ... they haven't found an antibiotic she can handle yet and it's looking grim ... very red, very feverish."

That's very distressing news -- for her -- and potentially for ALL of us.

"Ask not for whom the bells tolls ..."

I am very sorry this is happening to your friend -- as I would that it happens to any one of us.

This is the first time I've heard that "they" can't find an antibiotic that will work for a patient. It bodes ill for our future,

I hope you enjoy your break, Z. I can't tell you how much better I feel since I quit blogging after only one full year in the trenches.

Blogs, I have fond, are very much like swimming pools. It's great fun to know someone who has a pool and let's you visit frequently, but owning and maintaining a pool is a PITA -- and I ain't talkin' 'bout that there pocket bread frum the Middle East.

FreeThinke said...
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Always On Watch said...

Breaks from blogging are essential for one's own sanity and to enjoy real life (as opposed to living in the virtual world).

Average American said...


Break from blogging---check.

I took a year or so a while back---hope your break is shorter than that!!!

Enjoy all the extra free time. See ya when we see ya!

FreeThinke said...

You really ARE taking a break, aren't you, Z?

I thought you'd just be "off" for a day or two.

I know how good it feels to stay away. It's much me fun commenting at other people's blogs than tending one of your own.

Bu please, don't stay away TOO long. You are missed, believe me.

~ FT

Ed Bonderenka said...

Years ago, a famous Doctor and nationally syndicated columnist wrote a book called Modern Medicine.
He was castigated for it.
Lost his column.
Removed from the ilinois licensing board.
He pointed out the dangers of going to the hospital.
Because of contagion.
Thirty years ago.

Anonymous said...

There are too many "people of color" in nursing now.

Terrible comment.

FreeThinke said...

Froggie, please don't YOU succumb to PC too!

What I said happens to be the TRUTH. I have WITNESSED it and DEALT with it since I had to take care of not-one-but-TWO invalids over a ten year period.

I also TAUGHT for the UNCF and believe me I KNOW what I am talking about.

There are a growing number of exceptions, thank God, but from a REALISTIC perspective the vast majority of these people are a drag and a burden on society.

Having to deal with the acute problem "people of color" present is THE main reason we have been going downhill at an ever-increasing rate of speed.

This does not mean we ought to be unking, unfair and exclusionary, BUT we MUST be REALISTIC, or we WILL go straight down the tubes.

Disbelieve that at your peril.