Monday, July 15, 2013

He's not giving up on America!

Rafael will not forget this guy!  What a command of the language, and what a love for this country.   I used to feel as passionate as he almost hurt to watch him because I realize my sheer admiration for modern America's waning.

I need an attitude adjustment.  Got any tips?!!  And what do you think of this guy?


Constitutional Insurgent said...

He gave a good speech, but fell back on a couple of tired cliche's like the "apology tour"

Moral of the story is to be wary of political charlatans. Good advice, but easily ignored by our attention deficit society.

Ducky's here said...

Attitude adjustment?

hard to say, z. Try the article in this weeks New York Review of Books on the conversation between Dwight Macdonald and George Orwell on the meaning of Animal Farm.

Small first step but it can be a start to breaking down gross misconceptions of the left.

Ducky's here said...

... or just go back to your post complaining about the justice department's presence in Florida to try to manage demonstrations and match that with the lack of violence in Florida after the verdict.

Robert Sinclair said...

It is true; the government cannot take away our sacred honor. They don’t have to. Half of America has given up their honor without so much as a whispered objection. We deserve nothing that we aren’t willing to fight for. I don’t see that spirit in this country today. Yes, it is sad … but true.

sue hanes said...

Z - He is a great guy. A great speech. And you should be like him and not give up on America. Maybe you should think back on times when people wanted to give up on America - but didn't. It's going to be ok. It will just take time.

Z said...'s hard to avoid cliches, particularly when they're still true, cliche or not, don't you think?
Good advice, indeed. And yes, ignored.

Ducky, I think the words of Trayvon's parents were so wise and so kind and so compelling that it really helped dampen the expected violence. I admire their statements that they released. They're both very strong Christians and she, particularly, talked about something like the greatness of our country. I was at a family get-together yesterday and we were all impressed by her.
By the way, you act as if only conservatives expected demonstrations; which isn't at all true. Leftists also expected trouble; one might say anyone who expected it is sheer racist; or you might say, sadly, that it's what we expect from Blacks who are led by Sharpton, etc. Sharpton, by the way, IS calling for protests and marches, etc.
In L.A., people blocked main freeways, and major street arteries yesterday..Violence happened in Oakland, CA.

Robert...we are not raising young people who WOULD fight for this country anymore. Children are actually getting in trouble even for 'playing cops and robbers' with fingers pointed as if they're using guns. I'm not even sure that the COPS are the good guys to our kids anymore. I could go on and on with other examples, but I get too depressed.

Sue, leave it to you to address my sadly waning appreciation for America. I am VERY worried.
I even have a health insurance situation where I can't act in my favor because nobody can tell me (and I've asked experts in the field) WHAT Obama Care is going to do in the next couple of years.
Suffice it to say I could save $8,000 a year if America was back where it should be and we had laws people understood and could count on.
Thanks for the encouragement. Dad used to say "the pendulum always swings back and forth" but I don't think we have the will or the character anymore to have it swing back. I hope I'm wrong, TRUST me :-)

Z said...

Am I hearing correctly? Eric Holder is considering suing Zimmerman on civil rights charges?

While his president is saying we must abide by the verdict, and complimenting the parents as they ask for calm when he himself instigated anger early on for Zimmerman?

And why doesn't Obama discuss the hundreds of Black on Black crime just in Chicago on one weekend?

Do Black kids not matter when other Black kids kill them?

Mr. Holder; is that not a HATE CRIME, too?

Z said...

Sue, by the way, it's things like hearing HOlder and Obama which add so much to my fear for our country.

FreeThinke said...

I only heard Senator Ted Cruz speak once at considerable length -- on C-Span. I liked him enormously, and felt -- if he is what he appears to be -- that we might be able to pull ourselves out of the doldrums once again if he were to become a major leading influence.

It's tempting to imagine our best days are behind us, but very foolish to succumb to that mentality, because -- with the exception of the idyllic childhood I and many others enjoyed -- there never has been a time when the status quo, however favorable, has not been sorely threatened.

Our memories of childhood -- before we we were aware that life -- for ALL adults -- is a constant, relentless, desperate struggle for survival in a dog-eat-dog world with brief periods of respite, which we like to remember as "True Reality."

It's like our young dreams of marriage. Tradition aided and abetted by Hollywood conditioned us to think of marriage as a desirable END to striving.

Real life soon teaches us, however, that marriage is only a BEGINNING -- of meeting ceaseless challenges, health and financial crises, possible infidelity, raising and educating children and dealing with their inevitable crises and the effects children inevitably have on spousal relationships, etc.

Put very simply: LIFE is a CONSTANT BATTLE that inevitably ends in DEATH.

To imagine it could -- or should -- be anything else is frankly childish. HOWEVER, the beauty, joy and fulfillment we hope for CAN come, but only with GRACIOUS ACCEPTANCE of the challenges, the burdens, the disappointments and frustrations.

Our Lord never promised us a stress free existence filled with nothing but pleasure, but following Him -- in a thoroughly practical way -- by being increasingly less concerned with Self and more interested in loving and helping Others, our quality of life cannot help but improve.

I do think most of us both liberal AND conservative alike have lapsed into patterns of incessant KVETCHING and FINGER POINTING. I don't believe such behavior is constructive.

Shepherd, show me how to go
Oe'r the hillside steep.
How to gather, how to sow
How to feed Thy sheep.

I will listen for Thy voice,
Lest my footsteps stray.
I will follow and rejoice
All the rugged way.

~ a hymn by Mary Baker Eddy

I think Senator Cruz has the kind of background and a record of good solid achievement that could be extraordinarily helpful in lifting us up, and leading us to betters ways of coping and achieving worthwhile goals.

We must pray for a more open and positive orientation in our thinking.

Denigration and dissatisfaction may very well be warranted, but they have no capacity to heal and strengthen our ills.

TRUST God, and He will quicken thee.

Z said...

Ducky, I did read Orwell's response to MacDonald and I wouldn't use that as any proof of misconceptions of any kind if I were you.

Z said...

MY GOD, I'm hearing Holder; for the WH, this is ALL about race.

Imagine...if they abided by the verdict, we might get past racism, but that's not good for the Left.

Z said...

.....he's pulling out ALL the stops; playing on heartstrings, ratcheting up the rhetoric again just as it could have died down with a legal verdict. It's the typical WH "don't let a crisis go to waste" again.

I am so ashamed of our government. Utterly ashamed.

Pris said...

I'm with Rafael! My tip.....Never give up, never. We have to be strong and get our message out. Join Freedom Works! Take part in this effort for freedom. Get the message out wherever you can.

Z said...

I fear a government which has no faith in our justice system. Particularly a government whose head of the justice system doesn't understand the law.

Obama's now using this awful tragedy as something to pump up gun control.

As I said before: Meanwhile, black kids are dying from guns. He says nothing. Unless the shooter is white.

Pris said...

Take a look at the jury who came to the correct verdict. They didn't fall for the race argument, or a political argument, and pure emotional presentation.

Evidence was the key, and that's what it's supposed to be, and the jury came to the only conclusion the evidence led to. They did the right thing.

Does anyone believe if the kid was white, the DOJ would be screaming we need a civil rights investigation?

Btw, if Sharpton and Jackson really cared about young black Americans they'd be in Chicago, where murders are over the top, with a peace march! Ummm don't hold your breath, this isn't going to happen!

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - "'s hard to avoid cliches, particularly when they're still true, cliche or not, don't you think?"

I think it's lazy more than difficult. And when the cliches are either false or completely subjective, they can tarnish the credibility of an otherwise sound message.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Ducky. There are leftists and there are leftists.
I'm not sure Obama's a leftist, but using useful idiots to advance his agenda, which is control.
A Soviet is not what most leftists want, but it's what they'll get.