Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bashir....down the toilet

I guess the toilet was the best place for this man, considering what he said ought to happen to Palin.  You all know I'm no fan of Sarah Palin's, but what this guy said, and has said in the past, was beyond the pale.
The only place, frankly, that I'd have thought wouldn't fire someone for such hideous, low life language is MSNBC. So, bravo, MSNBC.   Oh.  Wait....before I applaud MSNBC...I just remembered:  He 'resigned.'

Do you think he ought to have resigned?   Or think he should have been fired way before now?  Think he'll work again?

Z  (and thanks for the tip, Imp!)


Sam Huntington said...

Do not worry about Bashir; Al-Jazeera will hire him, or the Clintons. If that does not work out, the communist left can run him for the Senate in Minnesota. They like his kind of politics up there. What should have happened? The flush idea has merit.

Silverfiddle said...

Love the graphic!

MSNBC: Lean forward! Fall in...


Duckys here said...

The hate fest will continue.

The left and the right will fail to communicate because they don't communicate ideas. They communicate their feelings about each other.

I blame "Talent on Loan from Synthetic Morphine"(yes, I get the irony) for bringing this to the fore of our media and everyone is on board.

We are a sorry people.

JonBerg said...

What's MSNBC, anyway? It sounds like some sort of virus to me!

Constitutional Insurgent said...

I have as much [read: as little] love for MSNBC as I have for it's counterpart on the right, so it never fails to surprise me when a commentator/pundit on these outlets utters something absurd. I think MSNBC is free to hire or fire as it likes, but I think Bashir apologizing and resigning was the correct course of action.

Gutter politics breeds gutter punditry. You're either part of the solution, or you're part of the problem.

Robert Sinclair said...

I am not one of those who believe that an apology makes up for a transgression. It is easy to say how sorry you are, especially if there is some question about losing your source of income. This was not merely a problem with Bashir; it was a problem with MSNBC and everyone who participated in it—the executive producer, the producer, copy writers, and illustrators … and an apology form Bashir has absolutely no affect whatsoever. He is scum and I hope he never works again.

Impertinent said...

@Rob Sinclair:


Dave Miller said...

I never thought he was all that when he did celeb interviews...

That said, if they were gonna ax Alec Baldwin, they should've axed Bashir.

Seems chicken you know what to wait for him to resign.

Impertinent said...

Nelson Mandela has departed.

Impertinent said...

After cruising around the web today...I'm stunned to find that there are actually "people" that defend this guy! How far have we fallen in this country?

Duckys here said...

R.I.P. you great soul.

May you rest in peace.

Mustang said...

I was having a suitably serene moment until Jesse Jackson took the stage in Nelson Mandella’s memory. What in the hell does Jackson have in common with Mandella? Answer: not a dman thing beyond skin collor. Meanwhile, the press laps it up.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

No more news alerts and hours of coverage every time he has the sniffles.....

Liberalmann said...

Palin has been in the toilet for quite some time now.

Kid said...

Should have been fired the same day he made the comment.

obama should have been fired after proving he lied for the 20,357th time. Instead he was rewarded with another 8 years.

duck, the left have no 'ideas' they only have dead end fairy tale childhood fantasies. Dig? Course not.

@CI, I have no use for FOX. Everytime I come in contact with FOX, they've got juan williams or colmes or some other SFB moron yapping away about obamas great economic recovery or some other nonsense that I really don't even think children would fall for.

If a media outlet wants to be conservative, be conservative. Let the mushrooms in life go to msnbc if they want bedtime stories.

Kid said...

IMP, today's kids have been indoctrinated to believe politicians can design, create and deliver iPhones, milk, bread, beer, the latest in dfense technology, health care, and lotion for a sore butt. In fact all they do is create the sore butt.

Impertinent said...


"In fact all they do is create the sore butt..."

As in "life style" choices?

Impertinent said...


"R.I.P. you great soul."

Indeed he was. He could have been a dictator...he chose not to be. He could have rewritten the SA constitution...he chose not to.

Obama should be so wise.

Impertinent said...

"White House: On second thought, Obama did live with his drunk-driving illegal-immigrant uncle for a few weeks in the 80's..."

Oops...another lie he gets caught in.

The man is a serial liar.

Kid said...

@IMP "As in "life style" choices? "

I don't think they're smart enough to make "choices". Seriously.

Impertinent said...


I wouldn't let you in my septic tank perhaps. But my toilet...ummmm...stuff... would frown on your company.

Impertinent said...

@Kid: "proms"?

Impertinent said...

Obama Turned Down Offer to Build ObamaCare Website for Free -- Blew a $1 Billion Instead..."

Of course...Moocheles BF needed the gig.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Yes, Imp.
That he came out of prison (where I believe he met Christ) and came out, not bitter, but able to lead his country away from a bloodbath.

Kid said...

@IMP "gay proms" ? Ok by me to let those involved sort it out.

Since you brought it up, it seems like there is weird stuff going on with proms. American kids asking celebrities to be their prom date on youtube. Which is kind of groovy if it works out. But then you have japanese kids taking their 1 of 3 multiple choice Nintendo 'girlfriends' to the prom. And a hotel later in which they pay double occupancy, sometimes very expensive. No STD worries anyway. And this was pre-Fukishima.

Kid said...

IMP. obama turned down IBM's FREE offer to supply hardware ad software to stop Medicare fraud (amounting to HALF A TRILLION)

Man I hate Libtards.

Impertinent said...


Right...the man did try. But SA is a shadow of it's former self now...economically speaking.

However...Winnie was / is a terrorist.

Impertinent said...


"Which is kind of groovy if it works out..."

Forget the rest...I haven't heard that word used since 1967!! LOL

Kid said...

IMP. And $$$ paid to the most incompetentwebsite builders this side or Tralfamadore, but logged to other budget categories puts the mooschele and her girlfriend's take well over a billion.

Duck, get us a total will ya? Quick like a bunny now.

Impertinent said...


" IBM's FREE offer to supply hardware and software"

Cause they didn't "build" that? You know...the government helped them out...says the One.

Duckys here said...

“As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.” – Nelson Mandela

Yes indeed, Imp, a great man.

Impertinent said...


If all the libs here used their fingers and toes....they still couldn't count to 20.

And I'm not speaking of Ducky...the other two.

Impertinent said...


That's so profound it's hard to describe that in his will have to suffice. It'll stand the test of time too.

Kid said...

IMP. If we're going to progress, we must eliminate the rich people. Those profit focused vampires.

nana pelosi, hairy reid and that black dude congressman that says that Guam willsurely capsize if we send anymore people there, can SURELY oversee the design, manufacture, distribution and Economical prices of ALL of the goods which sustain and enrich our lives. Milk, Bread, Electronics, Clothing, Furniture, Energy, Lodging, Transportation.



Kid said...

IMP. I am still in prison. The black folks have me chained to the wall in the dungeons of their mind......

Impertinent said...


"The black folks have me chained to the wall in the dungeons of their mind....."

Are they forcing you to watch Fat Al Sharpless 34/7?

Impertinent said...


"that black dude congressman that says that Guam willsurely capsize ..."

He must be smokin' crack with that Mayor Ford in Toronto?

Impertinent said...


Want to know why Obutthead turned down the freebie from IBM?

Kid said...

IMP. No man, but they do want all of my money.

Kid said...

IMP.Guam capsize. I suspect he was smoking crack as a fetus.

Impertinent said...

Ben Stein:

"Actor and author Ben Stein is the latest pundit to point out the Obama regime’s criminal behavior. Stein told the Cavuto panel this morning if the administration were a bank they would be charged with criminal fraud for their repeated lies to the American public.

“The president lied to us about every aspect of this… I’m getting kind of sick of him saying he didn’t know what was in his own bill. He didn’t know what happened in Benghazi.

He didn’t know what happened in the US. If he didn’t know what was in his own signature legislation, his own most important document, his own most important achievement, he should not be president…"

Kid said...

IMP. Turn down IBM?

Here's my guess:

1) oblammycare is an Unbelievable target rich environment for new revenue sources for DC (politicians and friends and ?)
also #1) oblammycare is an unbelievable TOOL to wield CONTROL over the POPULATION.

Impertinent said...


TS..I'm gonna tell ya anyway...

Valerie ( the actual POTUS ) Jarrett’s son in law, is a Honcho in the GFI Federal Co. and Moochell the Wookie’s BFF from college, is another!

They turned down IBM cause that meant no graft, or kickbacks. Moocheles BF made a cool....BILLION of this piece of shit.

Kid said...

IMP. MOST Respectfully.

That's just the usual gravy that comes with democrat communist evil.

imo the real prize is the control of the citizens they will be able to yield with obammycare.

own a gun? your premium is gonna go SKY HIGH, you know unless you turn in your gun. etc etc etc friggin etc.

Z said...

Imp! VALERIE JARRETT"S SON IS PART OF THAT COMPANY? Are you kidding? And one of Michelle's best friends, too...did you know that?

And yes, IBM said they'd set it up FOR FREE. WHEN are leftists going to WAKE UP to this awful man?

Regarding Nelson Mandela; I have a very different opinion of him. Other than the fact that he thought Black men and women should be FREE, that is. I agree with him there...totally.

I have an actor friend who played Chief Daniels on HILLSTREET BLUES...remember the gorgeous hunk who was the chief of the police division? He did plays and sometimes performed in S Africa...he said it was gorgeous, safe, etc.
After "democracy," he said all the actors and actresses had to stay in at night...the big cities were horribly dangerous and had changed a lot ... for the worse.

My friends the Fletchers were wealthy white farmers...families were there for YEARS. WITH black families living on their land and working for them. As soon as blacks were 'freed', Isabel and Graham told their friends to leave...they had been paid, of course, they were not slaves! But, they gave them that choice.
They ALL stayed with them. They didn't want to go.

The moral of the story is Mandela was supremely marvelous for finally freeing Blacks...but did it in a manner that's been awful for most S Africans. it should have been done slowly, wisely, education being key.
It's not. It wasn't. It's so sad.

And people think he's a hero because they don't think the wonderfulness of the end of Apartheid through..........And, of course, he was also a hero for suffering as he did for his people; I'd never EVER take that away from him. His heart was in the right place.
His mind was too full of resentment and not careful enough to GO SLOWLY. How? I don't know. But from what I hear S Africa might never be able to take advantage of its rich culture and natural resources again.

Duckys here said...

In other words, z, you would have preferred the transition be more like Zimbabwe or Congo, right?

Let's guess who hasn't thought this through.

Anonymous said...

From Z of GeeeZ:

Ducky, Why does it have to be put that way? Is there no way Africa can right itself? And wasn't Mandela one who could have claimed moral high ground and spoken to all South Africans about NOT doing so much crime after freedom was attained? About starting small businesses with funding from their amazing natural resources?
It was a FLOURISHING COUNTRY, Ducky; it's CRAP now. GET IT? Now let's see who isn't thinking things through.
This wasn't a country with SCUM like Mugabe as a leader, for God's sake. That man IS TRUE SCUM. I know MUCH more about Zimbabwe from first-hand information than most do; what our media's told us is nothing compared to the true EVILS of his mind and what he's done to those people; like declaring a holiday and having all gas stations closed so nobody can use that day to get away. he's evil...IT GETS MUCH WORSE THAN THAT.
I don't think we have to use Zimbabwe or the Congo ...I give Black Africans more credit than you do.
But maybe I'm wrong.

beakerkin said...

Hold on Duncy

If anyone said a fraction of this about Obamma their career would be over and the IRS would torture them.