Saturday, May 22, 2010

"America is not defined by her borders", according to our president....

Do you think that's true? Are we not defined by borders?

What do you suppose he meant and what's your take on borders in this regard?
And, do you think Congress should have walked out when Calderon dissed the State of Arizona? My commenter Silvrlady thinks so, and I agree with her..........STRONGLY.



Always On Watch said...


What else is not defined by borders but by bonds? The ummah!

Always On Watch said...

And one more thing....Feudalism is defined by bonds. Check out this information on the feudal system.

Is that the kind of society BHO wants to take us back to?

tha malcontent said...

And the liberals STILL say.. “Well, at least he's not Bush” and “Well, at least it's great to see such a new spirit of hope”.

No, he's not Bush - he's potentially far more dangerous than Bush could ever have been.

FrogBurger said...

All of this is spiel for global government, something that people hanging out at the Council on Foreign Relations really want. Including many Republicans. The whole economy crashing with their currencies is a big opportunity for a global leadership. Maybe I'm cynical but I think there's some truth to it. Global government, socialistic policies and corporatism to make our elite richer and more powerful. Sad world.

FrogBurger said...

It's back to feudalism like AOW suggests. We have new kings on this planet.

Ducky's here said...

Just a little warning against isolationism.

Nothing to see folks, move along.

FrogBurger said...

"Nothing to see folks, move along."

Great comment. Really adds to your IQ level this Saturday.

You're an idiot Kwakette. There's a difference between isolationism, border control, etc...

But again your highschool level intellect is dismissive.

Please spare us your lack of intelligence and go read books about the arts.

Faith said...

June 8 is our Primary here in Nevada and I want to put in a plug for Sharron Angle as our best and most conservative candidate to unseat Harry Reid. She's recently been growing in the polls and gained some important endorsements, such as the Tea Party Express, but still needs financial help for the last-minute push.

And here is her position on immigration


Joe said...

Aw...come on FB, don't deprive us of the outrageous comedy of Ducky. He borders on the sublime.

Let's see whether we can convince Canada that borders don't matter. We can just take them over and set things right with them.


FrogBurger said...

Ok,. Joe.

Most of my friends are on the left or they think they are (some are Libertarians and they just haven't figured it out.) But at least they're not dismissive and we debate. Kwaky really has, well, the intelligence of a duck.

Anonymous said...

"America is not defined by her borders" could be one of the most idiotic statements any president ever made.

And this, boys and girls, is what happens when you hang out with communists all your life. Of course, the communists all seem to love their borders ... and extending them.

beamish said...

I think Calderon should have been stopped at an ice cream shop and asked for his papers.

Z said...

Remember when Chris Matthews, Obama fan, called West Point the "enemy camp" that video if you've the stomach for it.

still looking for transcript from today's speech

Z said...

"We are the United States of America. We've repaired our union, faced down fascism, and outlasted communism. We have gone through turmoil and come out stronger, and we will do so once more," he said."

I found the above from a FOX article, still looking for full transcript.

What do you think of the above?

And THIS PRESIDENT thinks we've FACED DOWN FASCISM AND OUT LASTED COMMUNISM??....just as we're sinking into BOTH? WOW

Anonymous said...

"And this, boys and girls, is what happens when you hang out with communists all your life. Of course, the communists all seem to love their borders ... and extending them."

Right Mustang, communists love their borders so much, they build walls not to keep people out, but to keep people in!

Without borders, however, there is no nation to define, and there's the rub.


Deborah on the Bayside said...

AOW - perfect!!!

He's wrong -- again. Of course our borders [partly] define us. Common language and culture even more so. His crowd has launched a full out frontal assault on those two. Looks like borders are now fair game officially.

That's hardly news to globalists, especially American leftists who engage in self-loathing but keep the veil of deception over their eyes when they fawn over "Europe" -- and seek to muddy our exceptional society while feigning equivalence with some of the worst aspects of others. (Current example - no Obama administration voice raised against putting Iran on the UN commission on the status of women. Where the h*ll was our ambassador?)

Mr. Obama used the comment as a soppy throwaway appeasement line, but there's oh so much more to see here.

Ducky on isolationism: Right thought. Wrong application. Mr. Obama is isolating us from good nascent allies with terrible trade policies.

One can say of him what used to be said of the so eloquent but so wrong-when-he-got-off-the-track-of-his-handlers Abba Eban: "he never has the right solution, just the right speech!"

Anonymous said...

Borders are what define us. Borders are what we buy a home for. To define our boundaries from our neighbors. I cut my lawn...water my lawn...paint my house and above SEIU commie freaks and bastards..I will protect my borders from incursion and trespassing. How's that ducktwerpfartmoron? Is it OK for a bunch of swine to trespass on your property? Even if your property is in a state mental institution? Would you like it if some diseased, illiterate smelly swine...demanded to use your outhouse while you were using it? I believe in sharing your shit with anyone, right?

Even locked up criminals protect their property. It's only a basic, human desire to protect what belongs to you...what you've worked hard for...and what you pay for. Privacy and respect for your neighbors should be a two way street.

And when your neighbor parks a rundown school bus or has a collection of used Pinto's and Vegas on his front lawn to use as guest houses for his far flung'd welcome them, right?

You'd happily pay for their food, clothing, education and their desire for the destruction of your property Basically...this is what the priviliged, arrogant, white Castillion Spaniard has dictated to the citizens of the USA. That his welfare clients ( citizens ) be welcomed and accommodated for their every need by we...his "neighbors". Illegally or otherwise. Well...I and too many Americans as well as Arizonans...say...BULLSHIT!

I swear to God....we need another Eisenhower, Patton, MacArthur, Marshall or rescue us from this disease of pacifism.

American...has never been a pacifist country. And America will never succumb to the commie scum...the liberal scum...or anyone in New York, LA, San Francisco...or Boston either.

It's coming...I know it...I live for it....I pray for it. Taking back my country from the dregs, scum and parasites.

Always angry...always ready to defend my country...thats what we respect and expect from our "leaders".


Z said...

Pris, you said "Without borders, however, there is no nation to define, and there's the rub."'re so right.

Deborah..."he never has the right solution, just the right speech!" so true.....and, mostly, he hasn't the right speech, either!

Major..."Always angry...always ready to defend my country...thats what we respect and expect from our "leaders"." YOU are much more a leader than our 'real' leader (whine) is, of course.
A friend said she watched O's speech at West Point today and that it was given with such apparent insincerity and lacking enthusiasm or encouragement....he just can't IMAGINE why ANYBODY'd fight for this country, you can FEEL that.
Thank you for continuing to feel ready, we need more of you, sir.

Anonymous said...

Some feedback from another blog...average citizens all.

"If anyone thinks these moonbat Reconquista’s are just in the Southwest think again. I have friends in the Hispanic community who talk about how much the majority of Latino’s here in Milwaukee hate this country as it is and look forward to the day when they are enough of a majority to finally rid themselves of “the filthy gringo scum who stole our land and our wealth”.

They talk favorably about people like Che, Fidel, and Hugo Chavez and how with the help of Iran and other brown nations they will one day be able to rid the world of white people all together. It is the same ideology of “blue-eyed devils” spouted by Farrakhan. Some of them even say they would help bin Laden if he would just kill white people.

Folks, just like Jeremiah Wright, Farrakhan, Chavez, Ahmedinajad and so many others, many of our Hispanic neighbors are filled with the same racism and hatred they always accuse us of having and there are those who are plotting to do to us what the Nazi’s did to the Jews. We need to start educating ourselves to the threat.

Or one day maybe we will be facing what one friend told me at least one of the more serious people fantasized to her about: the day when he as a modern Aztec priest could cut the heart out of the screaming body of the last white man on earth.


"And they wonder why we don’t want them here and want them to get out. Since the Arizona law we have been “entertained” with one screaming “chicano” after another raising their fists, out to get the gringo. Hey. Show me the love! They are a threat to this nation and if they weren’t here the left would have one less group to punch into shape as more shock troops for their communist revolution. Immigration is the biggest problem this country faces. It’s time we said no to anyone who is not coming here to be an AMERICAN and that includes all the sinister types from the middle east as well. This is our home, our country. WE GET TO SAY WHO GETS TO LIVE HERE."


"Here in OH, if you are driving, and are stopped by the police for anything (moving violation, etc.), you need to show;


Driver’s license (counts as ID)

Registration of car (including on a rental)

Proof that if the car isn’t registered in your name, that you are legally entitled to be driving it

Proof of insurance

Lack of any of the above= you are in big trouble.

Cash a check? Two forms of ID, both with photos. (Driver’s license or state non-driver ID card plus credit card, debit card, etc.)

Since I don’t drink, I can’t say offhand what the ID procedure is to buy beer, but I’m betting it’s about the same.

I don’t see what the uproar is about people being required to show an ID in Arizona is. I do it every day here in the Buckeye State, just going about my own business.

Or is it an outcry from “progressives” who only want the laws to apply to people they don’t like?"

Average Americans folks. We're getting geared up, supplied and ready.


Anonymous said...

ONCE MORE...ARIZONA PROVES IT TO BE THE STATE THAT CAN!!! BREWER NEEDS TO BE ON THE TICKET WITH PALIN....THIS WOMAN...THIS HERO....HAS MORE BIALLI'S THAN A TWERP LIKE BLUMENTHAL. She doesn't need a Bronze Star or a Medal of Honor...she's fighting the war that we never thought would happen on American soil, being waged by a foreign country against our states, our well being, our Sovereignty and our citizens by illegal, non uniformed terrorists from MEXOCO!!!!!

"Arizona did it again! Fresh from signing a law that reinforces a federal law giving police the right to ask a person stopped by police for an unrelated matter to produce papers proving the right to be legally in the US, followed by a law banning schools from teaching minority/ethnic studies courses advocating separatism, group superiority and subversion of this country, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (R) signed legislation affirming that nothing in state law requires businesses to provide “trained and competent” interpreters when a customer comes in speaking a language other than English. Assistant Attorney General Michael Walker said that has probably always been the law.

If it was always the law, why the need for this law? Because of a lawsuit of course. A unilingual Spanish speaking woman in Arizona was treated by a unilingual English speaking optometrist in his Arizona office. The woman’s underage 12 year old daughter offered to be the interpreter; fearing legal, insurance and medical problems if the child misunderstood the optometrist refused, asking the mother and child to return with an English speaker over 18 or alternatively, visit some Spanish speaking optometrists. Instead, the Spanish speaker, whether legally in this country or not, understood enough of this country to file a discrimination suit against the English speaking optometrist. Refusing to settle, the optometrist finally won after the Arizona Attorney General took a year to decide no laws had been broken.

But the lawsuit and the trouble it caused the optometrist, Dr. Schrolucke, pushed him to reach out to Sen. John Huppenthal, R-Chandler, who agreed to sponsor what he called “clarifying language” to the state’s civil rights law.

“Nobody should be treated like this,” Huppenthal said. “It’s a nightmare to go through this. He was drug through the mud by us.”

Learning other languages, studying other cultures can be valuable, can be interesting but should not be a legal requirement for a person’s business. Learning the language, studying the culture of the country of residence for an immigrant should be legally required for such public activities as voting and obtaining such government documents as a driver’s license.

If the immigrant cannot or will not adapt and prefers to live in an ethnic ghetto that is the immigrant’s right. But imposing the alien culture onto this country, expecting the host culture—the US’s—to adapt to the immigrant’s culture by rule of law and suing to bring it about should be illegal.

Step by step Arizona is proving to be the little state that can!"

Hey son of illegal illiterates...I want Jose who cuts your be the next mayor of the republic of LA.

Arizona...cut the electricity off!!! Cut them out.


Anonymous said...

One more Gem from the obstinate, arrogant, "Magic Negro" ( attributed to the LA Times )...Hold're going to love this...

"President Obama is planning on attending the graduating ceremony of Kalamazoo Central High School in Kalamazoo, Michigan, next month. He intends to shake the hand of every graduating senior. No big deal; politicians love this sort of “mingling with the commoner” PR moment.

But there’s a catch for those seniors who want the honor of pressing flesh with The One:

Seniors are being asked to provide their birthdates, Social Security numbers and citizen status to the Secret Service so background checks could be performed.


What about those Kalamazoo Central High School seniors who might be in our nation illegally? What if they don’t have Social Security numbers and cannot prove their citizenship status? Will the Secret Service give them a pass?

Sonofabitch....but Arizona is...ahhhh.."racist"?


Z said...

Gov Brewer does ROCK, Major.
Um..that story about Kalamazoo is REAL?

Picture forty or fifty years ago...A president coming to speak and how excited the kids would be, how respectful and all! Did they even have to do frisks as people came into the room?
Now they need THIS? And DO THEY, REALLY?

What rubbish.

Anonymous said...

"Picture forty or fifty years ago...A president coming to speak and how excited the kids would be, how respectful and all! Did they even have to do frisks as people came into the room?
Now they need THIS? And DO THEY, REALLY? "

I'm thinking after 9-11, when everyone was skitterish. I'm picturing "W", out on the mound throwing the first pitch at Yankee stadium.

50,000 fans in the stands, and the President surrounded by those thousands. The story goes that the secret service had to insist he wear a bullet proof vest.

You can't do pre-game background checks on fifty thousand people.

And high school kids are more of a threat? Wanding would have been enough, but background checks?


Z said...

Pris! And CITIZENSHIP proof! SINCE WHEN? He's SO angry at Mexicans being asked and he's asking our kids from KALAMAZOO!? WHAT?