Monday, May 3, 2010

Obama....robbing kids of their HOPE with his CHANGE (and yours$$$)

If you haven't already read the Obama speech to the University of Michigan graduating class Saturday, please click HERE and at least read the points I highlighted in black.
Priscilla writes this speech to the same kids, and all American kids, and I think you might appreciate her speech better than his. Would that America's kids would hear this:

To the young people of America

I'd like to ask the young people of America if they want to be successful or limited as to their possibilities of success. Do they want to have their dreams smashed before they even have a chance to fulfill them? Wouldn't they like to earn as much money as these rich politicians who want to keep them down?

President Obama and the liberals in Congress are appealing to our young people for their support and seeking their votes in the coming election this November. He wants them to come out for Democrats once again as they did in 2008.

At the same time, he and the Democrat Party are working towards taxing the “rich“ so they can redistribute their wealth to those who earn less than the middle class.

My question to our youth is, do you not have dreams to excel at your chosen profession or occupation, and to become successful, or yes, even wealthy? Do you want to work hard to make that happen only to be told by the government at some point that you’ve earned enough? Who decides what’s enough? In a free country, you would decide. In President Obama’s world view, you do not have that right.

In my youth and succeeding years there was something called the “American Dream”. In my personal dream, I wanted a family, a middleclass life, and a home of our own. I, along with my husband, wanted an opportunity to be able to save our own money to have the ability to govern our own lives and to eliminate being a burden on our children.

That was our American Dream and we attained it even though we began our journey with nothing more than hope, determination, and the knowledge it was up to us and nothing would stand in our way but our own limitations if we allowed them to. The government did not stand in our way.
Today, that dream is in question. Today, the same people who would limit your expectations are the ones who ask for your votes. Perhaps you can’t see it now while you’re in college, or beginning at your work. Perhaps you believe in that ideal of helping others, and that’s fine. But, in a free environment that is your choice, not the government’s.

Do you want to be forced through high taxation and regulation to be limited so that others may prosper as a result of your hard work?Or should those who receive these benefits earn their own just as you're willing to do? If you believe the former, then why work so hard? Why not suppress those dreams you may not be allowed to attain? When you have children wouldn’t you prefer they be the beneficiaries of your work and sacrifice?

I suggest you have an important choice to make in November. You can choose to limit your own future, and vote for those liberals who would limit you, or you can choose a path to keep the American Dream alive for you, your ambitions, and for the children you may not yet have. I ask you to think ahead. I ask you to consider your own parents and what they have been able to provide for you, and which you may be prevented from providing for your children.

Finally, you have the gift today of a wonderful, free country in which opportunity lies ahead if you’re willing to take advantage of it. There are those in power at this very moment, who are poised to take that from you and have indeed begun that endeavor.
Question their motives. Question why they would rob you of the freedom and prosperity past generations have enjoyed. Is their power over your life more just than that which our Founding Fathers decreed is your unalienable right from our creator, for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?
You have the power in your hands to make a difference in your future and the future of America. It is my hope that you choose to dismiss those politicians who now wish to control every aspect of your lives, indeed your future, and that you choose to remain free to decide your own.

Z: Thanks so much for writing this, Pris. I feel so badly for the kids who will never hear this message and who'll still believe in the kind of thinking Obama shares with those in power today until it's too late.........little will graduates today know what they missed, what they never learned, what they were not taught to consider, that they were not really taught to think....some of them will never know an honest media, or respect for others' thinking......... we need to do something about this.


tha malcontent said...

Don't tell me they are taking jobs no one else wants!
There are plenty of Americans that would gladly take these jobs.
Legal immigrants should really be angry at the illegals. The illegals don't want to be Americans, to assimilate, to learn English, to learn our culture. No, they came here for the perks. The love of money is the root of all evil the bible says.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Sort of a similar topic post kinda thing, but it pissed me off:

Ramblinboy's a big time liberal but bear in mind he is a navy veteran and sailed on USS Seawolf, so at least he has some values.

Z said...

Steve, people go into the armed services for a lot of reasons, including having being drafted. While I TOTALLY salute those who fight for our country, you've got to love the tenets of the country and the goals of the founding fathers for me to consider anybody to have 'values'.
Redistributing wealth isn't a value that even fits this fits Maoist China and all the Socialist countries in which it has NEVER worked.

HoosierArmyMom said...

Not all veterans are equal. I had a man who claimed to be a Nam Vet with kids and kids-in-law actively serving tell me I was an Ignorant POS for a piece I wrote about Murtha months ago, before he died. I basically pointed out his shameful conduct toward the Haditha Marines and that I could not respect someone who could do verbal damage before an investigation had occurred and when they were acquitted, NOT APOLOGIZE. Because a reserve officer with political ambition earns medals does not make him honorable. It's the actions of a lifetime that makes that honor. So I don't think everyone who ever served are honorable by virtue of service. People still have to earn my respect via their actions toward me and our country. But I do still cut our military members a lot more slack than I do Congress!!! LOL!!!

Just another ignorant POS Army Mom.

Anonymous said...

Pris...I should take Kathleen Parker's job at WAPO!

Your much better at this than she is. Word up!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Imp. You're the best.


psi bond said...

After an extraordinary debate, even for an extraordinary time, legislators in the Virginia General Assembly in the fall of 1780 came up with a startling offer to needy whites in the state. For joining the Continental army, new recruits were promised not only a parcel of land large enough to enfranchise them but also an enslaved Virginian as an extra bounty. Yet this controversial offer was merely a compromise solution to conceal a more profound debate in the legislature that fall. Desperate for soldiers amid a series of British invasions, the Virginia legislature initially debated even more radical plans to redistribute property from the most wealthy in the state to the poorest in return for military service. Many legislators argued that the wealthiest slaveholders in particular, who generally had not fought in the war, ought to give up a larger share of their slaves to those who had.

— Michael A. McDonnell, William and Mary Quarterly 63 (April, 2006), p. 305

Anonymous said...

Do let me say this, please:

Many Americans may be willing to TAKE the dirty, disagreeable, dead end jobs, but fewer and fewer are willing to work with the ZEAL and GRATITUDE many of these "Little Brown People from South of the Border" do.

That has been MY experience anyway. The Illegal Immigration Problem has reached crisis proportions in California, Arizona and New Mexico, because the MORONIC Bleeding Heart Liberals have offered them the PRIVILEGES and PERQUISITES of U.S. Citizenship without demanding they accept the RESPONSIBILITIES that come with it.

NATURALLY, this attracts the least desirable elements, and they breed like flies.

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.

IT -- not "illegal immigration" per se -- is KILLING us.

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

Good points, everybody...

Pris, thanks for loving America so much, you have things in context, you have such a hopeful attitude...let's pray Americans go back to real hope...

Anonymous said...

A special thanks to you Z, for giving me the opportunity. I am very grateful.

As for praying, I never stop.


Z said...

It's a privilege, Pris...and
keep praying! xx