Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Question about Anchor Babies............

Here's a fascinating thing I heard on TV Monday night that I had to share:

"What's the difference between the government making us show we have health care coverage and making us show we've got citizenship papers?"

And a QUESTION: Would you be for changing the law about ANCHOR BABIES? Did you know the law that says that, in America, if your baby's born here it's American and you can stay was written to protect slaves back in the day? I believe we're the only country with this law.............You think it should change now?



FrogBurger said...

I think they should do like in France. Only get citizenship through parents or if you've been here long enough.

And about papers, likewise. Like in France. Cops would ask me for my ID there once in a while. I even got arrested in a pretty scary fashion one early morning (4am) on my way to work because I was running.

People ask me for my SSN card or passport for freelance work, contracts, etc...

FrogBurger said...

By arrested I meant stopped while I was running. Never got in any trouble.

Ducky's here said...

Clearly, making it a requirement that at least one of the parents be a citizen makes sense.

I have no idea why it hasn't been introduced. Ratification would probably be fairly quick.

Z said...

Ducky, I think so, too...it's the wise thing to do and would be quickly approved as you say.

FB...I saw cops stop guitar players sitting on the Champs Elysee and ask to see inside the guitar case..nobody cared.
I believe the cops can stop a car when they suspect something without a warrant, too. Sounds AWFUL to Americans, but it worked.
There were also sharp shooters on top of buildings...on a lovely day, you could look at the blue sky and see a glint from a rifle on top of a 3 story building...you felt very safe there, but I know that's anathema to Americans.

As freedom-loving as Mr. Z was, he thoroughly approved of ID cards, too...especially for voting in Germany...one card, one person, ONE VOTE, and no worries of illegal voting. And, the card worked for many other things, too...nobody there felt taken advantage of or that Big Brother was watching, it just made SENSE.

Still, I know many disagree...at least here in America. I think we've gone past the place where we can avoid doing some things that'll guarantee our safety that seem against our normal thinking; I'm thinking jihadists are counting on us NOT making changes ...

HoosierArmyMom said...

For years, we have had millions in welfare checks going straight to Mexico because so many mothers would wade across the Rio Grande to Texas to have their babies when the labor started. Tax payers in Texas have not only got stuck with paying the hospital bills for the anchor babies, but for 18 years of welfare. A close friend of mine lived in Brownsville and worked in Matamoros, Mexico (the GM Plant)in the 80's. He said the average number of Mexican babies born in Brownsville in a given year was in the thousands. The only way the hospitals could bear the burden of the costs was through government grants and hiking the expense up for Americans. That's our tax dollars too. It's been going on for generations... literally.

Meanwhile our schools are in shambles and the infrastructure is crumbling.

Absolutely, the law needs to change.

Anonymous said...

To answer your question in one word:


We've lost every trace of common sense in our policy making apparatus.

But, I suspect the inaction is part of the CLOWARD-PIVEN thing -- i.e. encourage anything and everything that is bound to overburden and then DESTROY the existing system. Yes?

~ FreeThinke

Brooke said...

I would without hesitation do away with the anchor baby law. It is an incentive for illegal immigration, pure and simple.

Ducky is actually right on this one. At least one of the parents should be a citizen.

FrogBurger said...

I'm a Libertarian and I'm not against an ID card. What I am against is the use of biometrics or RFID tracking chip in those IDs. If it's just a piece of paper, I'm fine with it.

Ducky and I agree on one thing. Geez I didn't think it would happen. Must the the Quatro de Mayo effect.

BB-Idaho said...

Ooops! At first I thought you were discussing anchor babes ..the young ladies on FOX, CNN, etc...
Several oldsters in my family were born of immigrant parents, Scandinavian, Swiss etc; seemed to work out OK.
I'm wondering a bit about this adoptions of babies from foreign countries..
do they become automatic
US citizens? As far as ID,
I had to wear a badge in all the defense places I worked, so would have no problem with being checked.
(Unless I left my dang billfold home again)

Linda said...

I absolutely agree that at least one parent needs to be a citizen. And, while we are at it...how about Aid to Dependent children? As my dad used to say, anyone can make a mistake, but the gov't should only pay for one, and not any more!

We all carry ID if we drive. Of course, if we forget our purses or wallets, here in our state, all we have to do is prove we have a valid license. Of course, that entails a court date.

Z said...

BBIDAHO..BUMMER, they don't show the gorgeous FOX journalists..who are SMART, too :-)
And ANCHOR BABIES was an adorable tie-in I never thought of..good one!

Good question...I guess when foreign babies are adopted they're immediately citizens? I'm first generation and second generation and my mom (not botn in the USA) had to go through quite a lot to become a citizen, including leaving the country for a few days while very pregnant with her second child...scary for her. Imagine today, when illegals from MX come and look you RIGHT in the eye like "DARE CHECK ME"..no fear there..but my mother, who never took a dime from anyone was scared about her becoming a citizen even after having married Dad and had me!

By the way, when relatives came here from 'over there', we had to 'sign' for them, guaranteeing work, home, etc....they couldn't come without it. Imagine?
We have several German friends who took FIVE YEARS to come in legally with GREAT jobs and great character... it still takes a long time for legal Germans...or French, etc.

Linda, your Dad must listen to Dr. Laura :-) Excellent idea there....

Linda said...

Z, My dad was a generation older than Dr. Laura. She may have listened to him! Of course, his generation should have taken care of that problem, but I guess there were too many liberals then, too.

'Opines' is my word...are you one of the 'anchor babe' from Fox?

highboy said...

My son was born in Canada when me and my wife attended college there. By law he's a U.S. citizen and a Canadian citizen. Not sure if that's relevant at all but its pretty cool to me.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who doesn't drive can go to the DMV and get an ID card as far as I know.

I also agree one parent of a child born here should be an American citizen, native or naturalized. Ducky, now don't you feel like just one of the GEEEZ gang?

I am not in favor of a national ID card. Mainly because what they're talking about in Washington, is a biometric ID card. Once we accept that, it's not too big a leap to implanting micro chips in newborns.

I know it sounds alarmist, but, there are things happening today, that just a few years ago, were unthinkable. Somehow, nothing seems unthinkable anymore.


beamish said...

Set up a nursery at Gitmo.


Anonymous said...

Without a doubt..the 14th amendment was never meant to secure citizenship for illegal invaders.

I'm for repealing it and pulling the citizenship of any birth that was to a known illegal.

I'm also for pulling the citizenship of any muslim...who raised his hand, under oath to swear allegiance to America and it's laws then knowingly lied under oath.

Whereupon they were knowingly following a cult political ideology that has declared war on the US and has shira proclaimed it's commitment to our destruction and demise. Are we so naive to not understand that and islamic ideology calls for any means to destroy the US? That they are commanded to lie to we infidels?

Hassan....now this scumbag. And on and on it goes. While a dumb broad like napilatano....who sounds like a Jersey soldier of the sopranos mafia when she opens her mouth...is in charge of "protecting" us? The woman is a quisling and a disgrace....as is waters, boxer and clinton to be fair.

We now have another, educated, privileged upper middle class professional muslim....willing to kill innocent shoppers in NY....they all need to be locked up. Their mosques are clearly a national security threat. But we'll wait until a nuke...or a dirty bomb has a successful detonation....in Times Square...won't we?

I'm certain the lame media will cry that it's not some fat militia member from, Michigan...won't they?


Anonymous said...

I oppose dual citizenship. You either have loyalty to one country or another. It dilutes and confuses absolute fealty to the country whose laws you swear to respect and obey, especially if those two countries should be at odds.

To my mind, you must choose. You can't have it both ways on an equal basis. In the end, it's not possible.

Sorry Highboy.


Mona said...

"All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside."
Some people read this quite differently. It can, and should be argued, that the illegals who give birth here are not "subject to the jurisdiction" of the US. These illegals are not subject to taxes, military service, jury duty, etc., and thus are NOT CITIZENS.
As for the adopted children from overseas. They have to apply for legal citizenship. They are usually given a legal resident status while they wait for their legal citizenship. My husband and children came here legally and I am offended that people who thumb their noses at the system are given a free pass.

Chuck said...

First of all, the question about health care v immigration is great.

As far as the anchor babies, I'm all for repealing it. It's just being used as a back door into the country.

Anonymous said...

I spent many years along the Texas/Mexico border. I witnessed pregnant women sneaking across the border to have their babies in the United States so that if caught as illegal aliens, they could produce their baby’s US birth certificate and remain in the United States. If this is not fraud, I don’t know what is. And yet, no one wants to contest the issue because it appears inhumane. I once thought that the federal government should designate all delivery rooms along the border as ‘foreign consulates” so that these babies would not be citizens of the United States, but Ducky’s solution is a far better idea; and easier to enact. So we ought to ask, why aren’t our politicians doing that? It should be our very next legislative priority.

Semper Fi

Z said...

I have a sis who lives in Canada...near our commenter, Waylon, I believe?
She has two kids who were born there...My AMERICA FIRST dad never pushed much on us but she told me he really pushed dual citizenship for her kids...he felt very strongly that he wanted them AMERICAN, at least HALF American! .."in case anything happened and they needed to come here..."

I'm glad to see Dad's not here to see that it's OUR COUNTRY in grave danger these days.........she finally acquiesced and she and her children are dual citizens. And her kids are now living near San Francisco because they LOVE America, particularly California.

Normally, though, I think you should pick your country of allegiance...obviously, between Canada and America, there isn't the difference between, say, Pakistan and America, whose allegiances are at loggerheads.!!

Mustang...I heard recently that it's very common to see cumbersomely pregnant mexican women crossing the border specifically to have their baby here..it's free and they can stay, too. And the fact we allow this is INSANE and PATHOLOGICAL.

Beamish.."gitmo nurseries"..you have SUCH a mind!!


FairWitness said...

Yes, the law should be changed immediately, if not sooner. Ann Coulter mentioned the slave connection to the anchor baby law yesterday on Fox News.

Time to end this madness.

Sam Huntington said...

These so-called citizen children are raised as Mexicans living inside US territory “stolen from Mexico;” don’t laugh —it is what they are taught all the way to adulthood. They have a responsibility, therefore, as part of the reconquest, to “take the gringo” for every thing they can. Consider the welfare benefits, medical benefits, and a target rich environment for all sorts of illegal activities. While I do think it is a stretch to suggest most illegal aliens and the so-called citizen children of illegal aliens are engaged in criminal behavior, I wonder if anyone has any idea how many Hispanics are serving time in state and federal prisons. I’ll just say the number is in the tens of thousands —so we shouldn’t simply ignore the suggestion simply because it’s “politically incorrect.”


Z said...

FairWitness, you don't think I think up those facts myself, do you? :-) heh heh!

Sam, if it weren't for LIBERAL POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, this would still be the America we all knew...
PC is hurting us beyond words and I WONDER if we can ever get back to normal?
I fear it'll take something catastrophic for Americans to finally say "That's IT, we need to fight for OURSELVES now...and fight HARD...no more coddling evil people or things and no more erring on our enemy's side just because it seems NICER"

Think we'll ever get back?

FairWitness said...

Well sure you do, Z. I was just chiming in to let you know that Ann Coulter agrees with YOU! :-)

Z said...

Well, FairWitness, I had to laugh at that one! Oh, ya..I have opinions, but I'm real sure Ann doesn't care :-) I'd never known that about anchor babies, did you?


Karen Howes said...

Absolutely it should change. Parents shoudl have to be legal residents.

MK said...

The only way liberals will change that law will be when it's white Christians who are having anchor babies, then you'll see some real racism and bigotry.

Deborah on the Bayside said...

Ahh. Change we can believe in. Are you listening Mr. Obama?

Z said...

MK, brilliant!

norwegianwood said...

Did you also know that the oft cited 1986 SC decision does NOT speak to the issue of ...issue from illegals? That case was one in which the parents were here LEGALLY...and IF you read the LAW--the Constitution in Article 1:Section 8 gives power to the Congress to 'regulate' emigration--ALL three criteria listed 'presuppose' legal entry AND residency with a time period of I think it's five years...NO ONE has EVER taken the situation of parents who are NOT here legally and have not been here ANYWHERE close to the required duration TO the SC..it is JUST PRESUMED that the 1986 law/precedent speaks to it...

So, why hasn't anyone taken it to the court??? Interesting, hey?

I like the question on citizenship versus health insurance...what's thd difference really?


Always On Watch said...

Would you be for changing the law about ANCHOR BABIES?


cube said...

I think the anchor babies law needs revisiting, but only by a conservative legislature.

LASunsett said...

//Clearly, making it a requirement that at least one of the parents be a citizen makes sense.

I have no idea why it hasn't been introduced. Ratification would probably be fairly quick

Alright...what have you done with Ducky? He would NEVER say anything that makes THIS much sense... without it being a sarcastic retort.

If you do not return him before the end of the business day, we will be forced to notify the authorities.

Z said...

LA SUNSETT..:-) really good!