Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Obama won't be at Arlington Cemetery........and I just added new info on Obama you might like to see, I sure says a LOT about him

Obama's Visit Back Home Leaves Chicagoans Guessing is the title of THIS STORY:

WASHINGTON -- The news that President Barack Obama and his family will return to Chicago for the Memorial Day weekend has triggered a guessing game.

Where will they dine? What will they do for fun? With the Sox on the road and the Blackhawks skating into the Stanley Cup finals, might the first family ditch its predictable pastimes -- basketball, golf and tennis -- and go to the United Center for hockey?"

"Where will they DINE?" Is that a joke? Isn't it odd? I felt a wave of sadness when I saw that our president won't be at Arlington and Chicagoans care WHERE HE'S DINING in their city? It made me feel so badly for America that her President is taking his family to his hometown on Memorial Day instead of doing the traditional wreath laying at Arlington. He's sending Joe Biden instead. But, of course, Obama will be visiting a cemetery in Chicago, as this says:

According to a White House official, the Obamas will arrive Thursday and stay until Monday, when Obama will participate in a Memorial Day ceremony at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood. The veterans' cemetery is about 50 miles south of Chicago.

I guess that ought to do it for me, but I'm feeling a little odd about it and I am quite sure I'd feel odd about it if a Republican president did this, too. Maybe they have and maybe it's my bias showing....but it feels BAD. He was there last year, see my image above, but with all the sentiment against Obama these days, with his numbers so down, his allegiance to this country that many feel is questionable, wouldn't you think this would be one weekend he could have sucked it up and attended this event that so honors all of our fallen heroes? Does he care what anybody thinks?

z (thanks for the scoop, major...when I saw your comment, I thought you were joking, but, alas...)

UPDATE Wed. morning; Please visit THIS BLOG, "Another Black Conservative"...he has an amazing piece with information I hadn't heard about Obama and how he relates behind closed doors with the Republicans. You won't want to miss that. (and it's a good blog, a very good blog)



Tom said...

Similar sentiment expressed in the latest here:
And just remember,"by one's actions you shall know him" - since deeds speaking louder than words/excuses for what's really valued by anyone (and so ought to be the conclusive default logically, until proven otherwise). Cheers.

Z said...

thanks, Tom...i just commented there, I appreciate the's a good post.
You know, I understand when a president and his family are just plain worn out from the job, it's a tough one!, and I understand when they need to take a break;..but a break from honoring our fallen heroes in the traditional way most presidents have? ..... A break that has the Chicago paper I linked to only asking "Where will they dine?" with not one word about "What was he THINKING?" WOW

Tom said...

Right - gotta wonder why it's not asked at all (talk about being starkly noticed by its absence). And there's also this suppression of our right to know: “You will not stop this Marine. He is the ultimate warrior for those who fight and die for this country. His reports are honest, chilling, gripping and are as reflective of the battles they represent as anything I have ever read. But this administration is making it as difficult for him to do his job. You can’t believe this is by accident. The most critical battle in Afghanistan is about to take place, the battle for Kandahar, and the voice of the American soldier is not allowed in.” from:

Beth said...

Sadly his decision to do this does not surprise me in the least.

Speedy G said...

His presence won't be missed.

FairWitness said...

Hi, Z. Back from the family wingding in the Motor City. Glad to be home.

I don't care what Obama does on Memorial Day. Any gesture he would have made to America's fallen heroes is phony anyway. Better to send a man whose son serves in our military. At least VP Biden has some respect for America, doesn't he? I hope so.

I wish the elections were now because we'd be that much closer to stopping this anti-America regime in the White House and Congress. Can't happen soon enough for me.

God bless all the brave men who fought and died to protect our freedom. Lord, please help us fight to preserve what they gave their lives for.

tha malcontent said...
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tha malcontent said...

Once again Obama lowers the bar a little more.
To tell you the truth, he doesn't even deserve to step FOOT in Arlington National Cemetery on such hallowed ground of those that fought and DIED to defend what Obama and his Marxist buddies are now destroying.

He never had the respect for these soldiers that it takes to honor them.

the malcontent said...

Maybe he just forgot?

Chuck said...

The truth is, he doesn't care what we think. He and Michelle have set themselves as the aristocracy and we peasants aren't supposed to concern ourselves with what they do.

To be honest though, I am with FW. I've gotten to the point that I don't care what he does. He does something like laying a wreath at Arlington when he needs the photo op only. It's never to honor the troops.

Bush met with soldiers and their families and we never even knew it was going on. Obama cannot do anything like this unless there is somewhere there to record it.

anewday said...

Great point Sister.
The madman dunce Obama will Skip Memorial Day at Arlington Cemetery while our troops are in two Wars and after so many have been killed. One would think that the puke bag Marxist would be going to the Gulf if not to Arlington, but instead the arrogant Obama is going on vacation. What an asshole we have as a President... But then again, what did you expect from a Neo-National Socialist?

Z said...

Tom is right, everyone..PLEASE read this:

Obama's people have rid Afghanistan of a guy who dared criticize some of the actions there which are putting our soldiers in more dangerous situations than they need to be...please read that link and let us know what you think.
of course, this will be kept from the public; how can we get Americans to wake up??
(thanks, very sad this is)

Beth, that's the saddest thing said, isn't it....'no big woop'

Speedy G...probably not, good point. And, of course, he'll get such good feedback from DINING IN CHICAGO! :-)

FW, I hope it was a great time!
And yes, who really cares anymore what he does? Except I feel for the soldiers.

Malcontent "maybe he just forgot?!" made me laugh out loud. Good point!

Chuck, that's my feeling...he couldn't care LESS what we think...they're above it all.
And, yes, Bush met with soldiers behind the scenes all the time...even at Ft Hood after the massacre, but the Obama people told them to go home.
No coverage in the mainstream media.

People, WAKE UP! We need our media back........we need that so we can have a sublimely easy time winning in November and getting rid of THE ONE in would be a landslide were the media allowed to tell us what's going on, in depth.....both sides.

Z said...

anewday, welcome, sister!
You made another great point; wouldn't it be terrific if he felt moved to go a war zone on Memorial Day and give a prep talk to our troops? "Remembering what you're all doing...praying for your safety...honoring our fallen by continuing the fight.."

Heck, just thinking O would say that is CRACKING ME UP! :-) (sadly)

anewday said...

These liberal people that are so madly in love with Obama and SO admire whatever he does and says, such as that dumb-ass who writes Progressive Eruptions are terminally stupid it's a joke.
But they constantly personally attack Saraha Palin, Glenn Beck and Rush! How stupid can you get?

Mr. Tibbs said...

Man this guy can't do anything right. He should go to Arlington. This snub is actually pretty appalling. I don't think many will forget this one. He really should rethink his vacation plans. Our Vets certainly deserve better.
I intentionally blows off the military. It has a lot to do with the left wing kooks pulling his puppet strings....he's letting them dictate his schedule and they are who's responsible for where and when he appears.

Z said...

Well, Mr. Tibbs, I have yet to see his decision in any way criticized by the mainstream media...but I'll be looking and I hope we all do.

If anybody finds anything, please get me links..thanks! (and welcome, Mr Tibbs, I'm considering getting a sister's 11 yr old kitty this weekend see that's an interest of having trouble making up my mind!)

Name: Soapboxgod said...

Honest question to all the posters/commentators herein:

Are any of you surprised by any of Obama's actions thus far in his presidency?

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that the overwhelming response to my inquiry is likely to be a resounding NO!

That said, I am left dumbfounded by the extent to which bloggers who consider themselves to be right of center on the political spectrum spend countless minutes and hours calling attention to it.

To be sure it is a waste of productive effort.

Brooke said...

Obama sees himself as royalty and the media props that up with crap like, "where will he dine", ect.

It's infuriating!

cube said...

If I were BO (God forbid), I would attend the Arlington National Cemetary proceedings on Memorial Day. Goodness knows he doesn't listen to my advice or he wouldn't be such a crappy president.

As far as his now legendary thin-skinned nature, yeah, it goes with being an affirmative action hire who has been given a pass all his life and no screw-ups ever questioned.

Mustang said...

I agree Obama is an affirmative action hire, and far beyond the benefits of that to Obama directly, it works to the detriment of somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 million other Americans—true even as much as dyed in the wool democrats are too stupid to realize what has happened here. The issue is more than his incompetence vis-à-vis Memorial Day, which is bad enough. As Z pointed out in her update, Obama needs professional help and if any one can recognize the signs, it is Charles Krauthammer —a board certified psychiatrist. Yes, I am disgusted with Obama and his Windy City Thugs, but I am far more disgusted with Americans who made his presidency possible. Idiots.

beamish said...

As a son of a Kenyan born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii, even whatever connection Obama might feel to the descendants of African slaves in America freed by the soldiers Memorial Day was originally established to honor is hokey and an affectation at best. African slaves in America descend from west Africans, not east Africans; and Indonesia and Hawaii are far away from both descendants of American slaves, descendants of American slaveowners, and descendants of American soldiers on either side of the Civil War. It's probably difficult, if not impossible, for Obama to authetically relate to even African-American culture at large as no one in his ancestry ever was a slave at all.

If Obama can pantomime that he's connected to the legacy of freed slaves in America via the coincidence of his skin color, and he can amateurishly bow and scrape to kings and emperors of other countries as if he were defering to foreign protocols, surely he can fake giving a damn about America's war dead particularly in light of the fact that Operation: Gotta Do Something Other Than Bush is failing miserably in Afghanistan.

Maybe the dead-ender 24% that "Strongly Approve" of Obama's job performance is too high for him.

Ducky's here said...

Sorry mustang, this is an thoughtless action on Obama's part but the pathological Charles Krautzenjammer isn't in a position to judge his mental health.

Still, for all the right wing whining, and you folks sure can whine, you have to think of Obama as the black Chucklenuts. He just has a different set of offensive acts.

beamish said...

So in other words, Ducky, Krauthammer's judgement of Obama's mental health is likely spot on, particularly when Obama is nothing like Bush. Higher unemployment, deficits that make Reagan look like a penny-pincher and a listless foreign policy that even has Syria laughing that the US.

More people strongly disapprove of Obama's job performance now than Bush could piss off in 8 years with the media hammering him constantly. Why is that?

Ducky's here said...

The Krautzenjammer Kid is a doctrinaire dipstick.

The symbolism of an Arlington appearance by the commander in chief is very important to many and I find it vulgar and inconsiderate that he would skip it.

However, vulgar and inconsiderate is not a matter of mental illness but rather just negative character traits of the entire political class. The Krautenjammer Kid is just acting like a low functional in high dudgeon because it was his ox that was gored. He's nothing more than a performing clown.

Anonymous said...

If I had a relative who had given his/her life for this country & was buried in Arlington I wouldn't want that sacred ground to be sullied by Obama's presence.

I saw Dr. Krauthammer when he offered to write a scrip for him, & I thought it was point on. I wouldn't suggest that he (or Ducky, either) ever try to match wits with the good doctor. Believe me, they couldn't come close to his brilliance.


Debra's Diary said...

Ducky,I sure hope the Democratic party is paying you well to make such an ass of yourself day in and day out.

And Soapbox, yes honey we know. we got the message. That response actually SOUNDED like the preacher that you think you are...
I believe that if a Republican was in the White House right now,most of these Socialists/Progressives on this very board would be screeching for Impeachment 24/7 over this awful catastrophe. This President also took the most cash from BP of any politician in America. You don't hear too much about that from the MSM huh? Has he even criticized BP yet? Imagine a Republican in the White House right now who had received the most cash from BP. What would all these Hopey Changeys being saying about that?
Even by liberals standards Obama is a f#@!*ed up...
It's fine by me if Barry skips Arlington on Memorial Day. I'm thinking, if I had died in the service of my country, the last thing I'd want is Comrade Obama standing over my grave for a photo op.

Ducky's here said...

Debbie, I notice that on your blog you are getting all upset about the first family eating tofu.

The beef industry paying you?

Debra's Diary said...

Ducky that was so lame, was that really the best you can come up with?
But at least you are not obnoxious like so many other liberal people I know - you are obnoxious in a completely different and worse way!
Personally I think the real reason why Obumma is not going to Arlington is that he probably gets nervous being around real men and strong women, even dead ones..

Ducky's here said...

Debbie, thank you so much. I try hard to keep the material fresh and give the fans a thrill.

I wonder why this latest gaffe is drawing so much attention to President Empty Suit while everyone is really soft pedaling the Chicago police torture case. The extent of the cover up is incredible and all of a sudden President Empty Suit, who said nothing when blacks were being interrogated with car batteries hooked to their scrotums, files charges after the limitations statute is past for the worst offenses.

Man, where the heck was he when this was going down in his hood? He's in the legislature and says nothing? The guy is a disgrace.

But I wonder why the liberal media is going soft on this. It all goes back to when Governor Ryan halted capital executions and the Baggers to be went mental. Quite a story.

And Debbie, DO NOT call me a liberal. I am a leftist and your Bagger friends have been warning you about people like me.

beamish said...

Oh yes, Ducky. You're more leftist than Obama because you proudly admit to being on the side of the political spectrum driven by a heady mix of violence, revenge fantasies, and imbecility. Obama's going to have to exterminate some Jews to get back into your good graces, but overall you can't excommunicate Obama from the left-wing.

We'll leave alone the oddity that you believe as a leftist Obama should be smarter than he's capable of being.

Anonymous said...

This isn't a gaffe, This is a purposeful avoidance of yet another day of American observance of national recognition of something exclusively American.

Arlington is hallowed ground, and Memorial Day is a day we mourn and honor our fallen heroes.

President Obama doesn't want to fall in line with past Presidents. He wishes to make our national observances about him.

Perhaps in this case, it's better a thug avoids such a hallowed place, and leaves it to God to grace it.

I understand Biden will attend instead, which isn't ideal, but I think at least he's an American at heart.


Always On Watch said...

I've not been online much lately but did manage to post on this same topic earlier this evening.

I guess that my post is a bit more acerbic.

Well, I'm angry.

Fed up, actually.


LOL to Debra's Diary's comment:

Ducky,I sure hope the Democratic party is paying you well to make such an ass of yourself day in and day out.

Z said...

Oh @#$&(#*&$, I missed some great commenting today...will be back late tonight for those of you on the East Coast...kEEP ME COMPANY! STAY UP!:-)

Around 8:30 for my LA buds!xxx

Z said...

so I just got home and read these and they rock.
Ducky, I"m frankly chuffed that you'd even see a problem with O not going to Arlington..America thanks you :-)

Good sparring there, everybody...I'm a huge Krauthammer fan and am glad to see MOST of you are, too!

Mustang...Beamish..Debra...well, ALL of you.....such good points.

What really caught my imagination was Pris's mention of O's ego and how it's all about him. ...
What we can be SURE OF is he's getting more press for NOT attending than he'd get FOR attending, right? (but, of course, I've ONLY seen the news of his not attending mentioned with any criticism by the Right..the Left won't touch this with a 10' pole)

Isn't extreme conceit a form of mental illness? :-)

Ducky's here said...

I agree Obama is an affirmative action hire


You mean he was hired not elected, mustang?

beamish said...

You know the drill, Ducky.

"Obama could be the first black Presdent"

"If you vote against Obama you're a racist voting to keep blacks out of the White House."

"If you don't re-elect Obama, you're a racist."

Some day, the left will present an intellectual viepoint on accident.