Monday, May 31, 2010

The Temptations....part of my soundtrack

One of the newer Temptations has PASSED AWAY.....I couldn't have a blog and not mention any Temptations news as they're one of my favorite groups of my past........


JINGOIST said...

What a shame. I love the Temptations. Here's my favorite. I DARE you not to get up and move to this:

The Temptations are amazing!

JINGOIST said...

Here's another brilliant song:

JINGOIST said...

Here's another great one. It's from the movie, but the soundtrack is SO good that it merited inclusion. Not only that, but watch the guy who played Eddy Kendrick..fabulous!

JINGOIST said...

All right, last one. Also from the movie because of the soundtrack quality.

Those guys could flat out make some music!

Ducky's here said...

We could use a little more soul in contemprary pop.

Chuck said...

I grew up north of Flint, MI. This was an area of mostly black people about an hour and half north of Detroit. We listened to nothing but the Motown sound at school when I was a kid.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry about the passing. It seems every year more and more of the good people die off, but then I suppose we always felt like this. It is a part of life.

I hope you have a blessed Memorial Day and you set up a nice post. Mine was more of critique post, perhaps the Obama presidency is getting to me, feeling kind of jaded, but I suppose that is just how some of us deal with pain.

You are in my prayers and again, I am sorry for the temptations passing, but I am sorry Mr. Z left you behind, though I know he is with the Lord looking down on you with so much love. I just feel for you. I know the pain of that kind of being alone.

I know you do not come by my blog, maybe I left a bad taste around, I bite hard when I am passionate about my subjects, but I do have a heart and I wish you the best and that God give you the grace and peace to continue on.

God bless you.


Z said...

Well, I'll look at your second two later, but you redeemed yourself with the second one.."Can't get next to you"...I'm not a "Ball of Confusion" fan, though I LOVE nearly everything else they ever did.

Ducky...just listened to your win. Great song. And yes, we can use a lot more soul these days.

Layla, my dear friend, I can't get INTO YOUR BLOG! I have been searching for your email address which I used to have and get figure out which it is in my ADDRESS BOOK! Please write me if you can at, okay??
I would never diss your blog!! I'm going to try one more time and maybe something's changed but I remember I couldn't figure out how to comment, which blew my mind! Here goes the twelfth try....hope you'll see me there :-) Wish me luck.

Z said...

Layla, yes, it happened again!
I click on the red 'comments' and nothing happens. Wassup??I've tried before several times, too xx

Anonymous said...

A blast from the past. Mr. Pris and I have spun around the dance floor more than once to the Temptations. They were great.

Thanks Z, and thanks Jingo and Ducky.

Yep. A little more R&B, and less rap, if you please!


Anonymous said...

Oh my how remiss of me. I got caught up in the music.

RIP Mr. Woodson, and thanks for the memories. The music lives on.


Anonymous said...

Wow Z, I cannot imagine. You are the only one who has told me they have this problem. I use both Firefox and IE8 so are you using either of those browsers? You should be able to comment, there is no restrictions, just like here except for typing in the spam letters. I am sorry you have had problems and I do not know what to tell you.

xo Layla

Z said...

Hi, Layla...I just blogrolled you because I finally got in.
As I said at your blog, I clicked on COMMENTS RSS and then it opened up...normally, you can click on that tiny red line of type and the comments page opens but it didn't for me, but at least it's easy and I'm in, finally.
Glad we got this settled!