Friday, May 14, 2010

What do those WACKY LOS ANGELENOS think of LA City Council's boycott of Arizona?

......just what you'd expect, considering I get the impression that most of you look on California as a pit of politically correct, illegal-loving, over spending fruits and nuts?

Well.....HERE IS WHAT LOS ANGELENOS THINK, those people you love to hate the short article and some of the comments. I think you might be surprised.
(So THERE!! :-)
photo by Mr Z


Linda said...

I think the only reason these people don't want to enforce even the federal law it the illegal voters they have!

There were some Mexican-Americans eating lunch where we ate today. They are all citizens, and proud of America. They are for the law. They speak Spanish, but are also very fluent in English. It can be done! 2 out of the 3 were born here. They are building a motel, and paying taxes. Yea!

Ducky's here said...

Nice photo.

Ducky's here said...

... which reminds me, z, it's too bad your content is pretty fringe because your layout is always well done.

FairWitness said...

Ducky Dimwit, the content of this blog is anything but fringe ... except for the comments posted by lamebrains like you.

You never acknowledge the majority of Hispanic-heritaged Americans who SUPPORT anti-illegal immigration laws or their patriotic love and devotion to this country & its way of life.

LaRaza & other militant anti-American groups do not even come close to representing the vast majority of Americans of Hispanic ancestry. These men and women do not support recial profiling or discrimination, nor do the vast majority of Americans. We do support the law, including LEGAL immigration.

Even Los Angeles citizens support the mainstream. If Mexico's way of life was so damned great, WHY ARE THEY ALL DYING TO COME HERE????

Leticia said...

I could careless if LA citizens refuse to visit AZ, I think the whole state of Arizona has breathed a collective sigh of relief over that one.

debra said...

Hey Ducky Numb-nuts, you are no linger funny nor are you relevant, time to hang it up.

FrogBurger said...

Trying to do as little business in LA now as I can. Just buying food and groceries. The rest will be bought outside the city because they can go screw themselves.

FrogBurger said...

Leticia we love AZ here. I love Sedona and Flagstaff, places where I would move to in a heartbeat if I had a job.

WomanHonorThyself said...

pfftt @ LA! Have a beautiful weekend despite this madness my friend!!!

Always On Watch said...

Well, well, well:

No. The city should mind its own business. 91.8% (24,716 votes)

I know that you like to provoke response. But, frankly, your comment about "fringe" is rude. Even for you.

christian soldier said...

ignore the duck --

just came back from SolY'Luna_yes-I'll give them a free ad plug-
why-because they work-build relationships w/ their customers-(as does any GOOD business) and do not have a raaaaacist bone in ANY of their bodies...and Happy Hour is great there!!!:-)

Chuck said...

Duckhead, you all this fringe? Have you been to HuffPo or Kos or maybe even MSNBC? Z is a good and fair person and you, are an idiot.

Z, I am stunned at the poll. I sit here rightly corrected. I have always thought of the people of LA (present company excluded of course) as a bunch of wild eyed, crazed, liberal lunatics. Kind of like the people of Boston.

The more amazing thing is just how liberal the LA Times is. You would assume their readers are also so that makes this poll even more interesting.

Elmers Brother said...

duhkkky never forget that you're the fringe here....less than 20%

never forget

Elmers Brother said...

BTW we've decided here in Arizona to turn the power off to LA

Anonymous said...

It's so BEAUTIFUL there, who could possibly hate it? Only and imbecile.

It's an irony that Berkeley is a VERY beautiful place. So is Washington, DC -- and the Ivy League School campuses.

~ Ft

Faith said...

Mr. Z not only takes expert pictures but he takes pictures that show his sense of a place. His pictures of Santa Monica make someone like me who once lived there nostalgic for it. He gets the light right, he gets the glimpses of familiar places in the distance right. Often photographers somehow miss the essence of a place.

FT: I don't know if I would call Berkeley "beautiful" but I would call it pretty, quaint, charming, full of comfortable shady wisteria-draped old neighborhoods as well as parks and wild areas and some spectacular views of the Bay from the hills. And the campus IS beautiful in parts. It also has its ugly parts. So does Santa Monica or any place though.

Anonymous said...

What the hysterical left doesn't understand is, those drug cartels, Mexican mafia, and illegal alien gangs, move into neighborhoods made up of legal immigrants and Mexican Americans.

Those citizens love their children just like we do. Does anyone in his right mind believe they welcome the high crime rate? The gangs which are a constant danger to their children? The drug dealers?

Yes there are criminals who are here legally, and that's bad enough, but we don't need to illegally import more crime.

Then there are those illegals who get paid under the table driving down wages for those who follow the rules.

Then there's our President who probably didn't read the law either like his dolt of an Attorney General. He loves this chaos and disunity. He feeds it. He plays on it, and pretends he's above it.

LA is run by dunderheads, and the Mayor is the biggest idiot of all. They haven't a clue as to how to run LA efficiently, so they decide to boycott Arizona!

Wow, that ought to help huh? Of course even they have city legal teams, and even they know they can't abrogate legal contracts with AZ. It's all a show, a hateful charade.

What's worse is, LA is very likely to be rewarded with more illegal aliens who are not now going to Arizona, and LA is a self proclaimed sanctuary city. Congrats Mayor. What a leader.

The inmates are running the asylum.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to add that hopefully this poll is indicative of Los Angeles residents screaming, "NO MAS"!!!


Z said... think Ducky's just 'rude' by calling MY blog 'fringe'?

As Chuck said, which (of course, because we WERE separated at birth)is exactly what my comment was going to be if he'd not beat me to it and if I hadn't just got home !!...Huff and Kos are "FRINGE" ...

To call my blog fringe is probably a compliment, coming from Ducky.

Chuck...I know very few people personally, libs and cons, who still subscribe to the LA Times...they were GIVING IT AWAY about four years ago at the large grocery stores on Sunday mornings.
The Cons gave it up about 10 years's just not very popular anymore..BUT, they've started printing fairly balanced coverage, which is amazing.

FAITH...I can't thank you enough for those kind words re Mr. Z's photography. That means the world to me. He'd have loved to have heard that.

Pris...some are trying to paint the LA Poll as "Only against LA butting in" but, let's face it, the comments are FAR too obvious that they're TIRED OF ILLEGALS.
Did you know that FIFTY PER CENT of the HISPANICS IN THIS COUNTRY are FOR the AZ LAW!? I just heard that on the radio and someone had mentioned it to me a few days ago but I didn't quite believe them...who knew?

LINDA...Hurrah for those Mexican Americans who are proud of America....I LOVE THAT!

LASunsett said...

It's no secret that many people in LA have the platform to communicate their leftist views. Hollywood elitists use their fame to advance radical agendas and some of the most vocal radical groups have a strong footing in LA.

LA has always attracted a certain fringe element on all sides of the spectrum. Hollywood may be partly to blame for some of this for creating their own illusions. As a result, dreamers embrace some wild fantasies, many actually believe they can make it big in show business.

Others just want to be a part of that scene. From Aimee Semple McPherson to the likes of Charles Manson, it seems to attract a wide variety of personalities which demand some attention. And because of their location, they get it.

This is why it's no wonder, LA gets a bad rap more than other cities. But there is no way an intelligent person can even begin to think that everyone in the LA Metro area falls into the loon category.

Bottom line:

Like anywhere else, normal people just want to be left alone and go about their lives, while the handful of attention seekers get their names and faces in the news. The LA City Council is one such entity that seeks notoriety and to make fools of themselves in the process.

LASunsett said...

//Hey Ducky Numb-nuts, you are no linger funny nor are you relevant, time to hang it up.//

Not true Debra.

No one is completely worthless or irrelevant. At very least they can serve as bad examples.

Elmers Brother said...

the other ironic part is that LA has a similar law and San Francisco (started the boycott) is considering the same legislation

Always On Watch said... think Ducky's just 'rude' by calling MY blog 'fringe'?

Well, I didn't want to launch at your site. Believe me, I can outdo a sailor when I'm pissed off.

Opus #6 said...

Z, you are not fringe. You are the garment in this center-right country. The lefties want to think that we are fringe, so mollify their sense of impending doom.

Anonymous said...

The Fringe calling the center of the Table Cloth "edgy."

That's very funny -- like the Window calling the Floor Fragile and Insubstantial" -- or the Ceiling calling the Chandelier the Source of Darkness -- or the Skunk calling the Rosebush a Purveyor of Vile Odors -- or Pollution telling the Water its Unfit to Drink.

One drop of used crankcase oil that found its way into the batter is now telling the entire cake it's not fit to eat.

SILLY, isn't it?

~ FreeThinke

beakerkin said...

I am quite amazed at the arrogance of lefties. They don't like a bill so they boycott Colorado and now Arizona.

While I was in LA, I did not realize how small your version of Chinatown is. In NYC we have three of them and they are huge. The one in Flushing is
even more massive than the one in Manhattan that tourists go to.

Z said...

Hi ALWAYS...what I meant was he's just plain wrong, not rude, that's all.

Opus, thanks...

Ducky, by the way, thanks for the compliment on the layout, it's one of my favorite things to do, picking text colors and images for stories.

LA true about LA. I have to say there's an enormous underground of conservatives working in the creative fields in HOllywood, too, but they're too nervous they won't get hired if they 'come out'...stay tuned on that. seriously.
See, that's the BIG OPEN MINDED LIBERAL MIND: "FIRE or don't hire people who don't think like WE DO!":-)

FairWitness said...

Good morning Z,

Ducky referring to your blog as fringe in not only wrong, it's a bald-faced lie. Furthermore, it's highly insulting and outrageously disrespectful to you.

You are such a tolerant, understanding and kind woman/blogger. You don't just talk the talk, you walk the walk. Need proof? You don't ban the comments of horse's petoots from your blog. You believe in free speech and respect others rights to it, even when you disagree with everything they stand for.

Ducky has no right to come here and leave his bird droppings. He befouled this blog and deserves to be castigated.

Z said...

Thanks, FairWitness....
I've had a lot of flack from readers asking why I allow leftists to comment here but I do think it's important. I've lost a couple of readers and, just the other day, someone emailed me "I'd come more often, but I can't take reading Ducky's comments..." But, I want both sides here...

FairWitness said...

My pleasure, Z. I don't like Ducky or PsiBond's views either, but I respect their rights to them. I just have to ignore them or lash into them when they offend me.

I also support your stance on allowing them to post on your blog. That's walking the walk, dear!