Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Obama ...whose side IS he on regarding illegal immigration?

Marv Albert on interviewing Barack Obama ESPN Blogs - May 24 01:57pmOops!...the middle link above says "Sorry, the page you were looking for is not available." That's ODD, isn't it? :-) The one and only article I could find whose title says what I just heard on FOX, that Obama thinks the Suns wearing their LOS SUNS jerseys was "terrific", and I can't open the link? Who managed that? Ya, well, maybe it's because the thing hasn't aired yet and the teaser's too titillating to expose beforehand, right? Ya, right.

Also, the Republicans are now saying that the president says today that he does not "embrace" closing the borders. Oh, that's not Calderon, that's Obama, if you were wondering.......(I have to admit I saw Coulter say that in reaction and thought it was pretty astute) I'll find that link as soon as Google (yesterday called one of the two of the world's most reputable companies....who cares if Google's an Obama shill and covers for him, too, right?) let's that information out.

Don't you find yourself asking "Wait, whose side is Obama ON?" I do.
UPDATE: Our commenter buddy IMPERTINENT just sent me THIS LINK...Obama's asking for $500 million for 1200 guardsmen at the border (ya, I THINK it's OUR side of the border :-)!...read it, it sounds like "can't we just have an effective FENCE?" to me) (thanks, Imp)



highboy said...

Its not even a question any more, but I'm actually amused by this. Obama on this issue along with nearly every other democrat have totally exposed themselves as anti-American frauds, and I hope they continue to humiliate themselves in this fashion. After all the tear filled feel good emotionalism that surrounded his election, it sure didn't take him long at all to piss off nearly everyone in America. Between him clearly being on the wrong side of the issue here and public support for an Obamacare repeal up to 63%, the numbers don't look good for Barry.

Name: Soapboxgod said...

I find myself wondering more and more who's side the Republicans are on. To be sure the majority of them are completely intellectually bankrupt. Hardly any of them, save John Cornyn, came to the defense of private property owners and the defense of Rand Paul's commentary regarding the same.

Obama and immigration???.....bleh...to be sure his predecesor offered little more.

Leticia said...

Obama is never for the American people and from what we seen and heard he tends to bow down to foreign delegats and then apologizes for the country he represents.

Whose side is he on? His own.

Anonymous said...

Re sending the Guard to the AZ border. What's missing is what their mission will be. Will they be there to round up illegals? Will they have arrest powers? Will they be able to engage the gun runners, drug traffickers and coyotes? Hell...will they even be issued full metal jackets when they start taking potshots at the Guard? Will they be held harmless from prosecution if they rough up one of these scumbags? ( Think Navy Seals ) Will they be allowed to enforce FEDERAL LAW? Or will they be dragged into court by some lowlife aclu paralegal and be sued for "violating their civil rights?

Until we know....it's all political maneuvering smoke and mirrors.


Z said...

highboy, I think the left is out-lefting even themselves and Americans are REALLY waking up.

Soapbox, I don't think it really helps to talk about the predecessor; I was no huge fan of Bush and this border situation was a big reason why, though I believe that he DID sign legislation which demanded the fence be built..what happened to that?
I believe even McCain (Mr. Finger in the Wind) is harder today than any Democrat is regarding the border.

Major, YOU MAKE SUCH GOOD POINTS and one has to wonder if they're figuring out how to give Mirandas in Spanish and Arabic while I type.
We just might be putting our boys in harm's way as the amount needed is SO FAR BELOW that which AZ's been asking for.
By the way, why does Obama need another $500 million when most people can't figure out where the heck the stimulus money IS?

Leticia, you always humble me as you have Hispanic background and are so America-First..(as are ALL my Hispanic American friends, by the way)
How would you solve the border problem? Any ideas?

Karen Howes said...

I don't ask, Z-- the answer is already crystal clear.

Anonymous said...

We have troops dying in foreign hell ( shit ) holes everyday of the week. Men and women risking their lives to provide the very freedoms that barry insane obambi covets. Yet this pos...yes...pos is the first "cic" to shun Memorial Day to honor those who have fallen...even while he sends 100,000 more to fight the islaimes.

Is it just me? Or can anyone see that this thug...this creep...this low life community organizer, actually detests the military has has just given all vets...all of us Americans the middle finger as a salute? Cause he'd rather be in shitcago...cause he'd rather be in...Ii won't say it.

I'd love to see a million vets in front of the WH giving him his "salute" right back.



Elmers Brother said...

you know if people realized we have squad size groups of armed thugs crossing the border with automatic weapons, traveling back and forth deep into Arizona that even the President can't ignore the situation for long.

McCain and Kyle have asked repeatedly over the last year to start sending troops...hopefully they just won't be washing cars like last time.

Anonymous said...

Why even ask?

We already KNOW he's not on OUR side.

~ FreeThinke

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

But here's what you WON'T know about those "1,200 troops."

They won't be issued weapons and standing station-keeping positions alongside USBP and ICE officers in green uniforms. Oh no.

They will be there to provide assistance with "intelligence."

This is Mr Obaka JERKING YOU OFF.

And hoping you are sufficiently stupid to say "thank you sir, may I have another?"


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Let us not forget, people, that this is the SAME administration that, via Gates, wants to LOWER the wages paid to our soldiers.

And THAT is an abomination. Or should I say, an OBAKAnation?


Anonymous said...

"Is it just me? Or can anyone see that this thug...this creep...this low life community organizer, actually detests the military has has just given all vets...all of us Americans the middle finger as a salute?"

No Major, it's not just you. I would venture to opine most here are with you in your opinion. We see, and we know.

The fact Obama will not attend the Memorial ceremony at Arlington is a disgrace. Our men and women in uniform, I believe, are fodder for this President. He doen't care. It's obvious.

Obama doesn't observe our American values or cultural expectations and traditions. He seems to go out of his way to avoid them. Indeed to disdain them.

I think America is just a place he has obtained power, and is determined to make us just another place.


Elmers Brother said...

I think Walter E. Williams is right. It's time for a divorce.

Chuck said...

"Wait, whose side is Obama ON?"

That question was answered last week when Calderon attacked Arizona in Congress and Biden and many of the Secretaries stood and cheered.

EDGE said...

I can't believe that 70% of the country is with AZ and yet... man this is frustrating.

Anonymous said...


"Arizona just acquired a poster boy for its policy of questioning people about their immigration status in the course of police investigations. Boston Fox 25 reports:

A serious car crash involving a local lawmaker and a "suspected" illegal immigrant is threatening to reignite already heated debates about immigration on Beacon Hill, according to police reports obtained by FOX25.
State Rep. Mike Moran of Brighton was rear-ended by a "suspected" illegal immigrant this week. The suspect was wearing a Mexican costume at the time of the crash where he slammed into Moran at 60 mph.

A mexican costume? What was that? A Taco Bell around his neck? A chiwawa on his lap?

The suspect, 27-year-old Isaias Naranjo, was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, leaving the scene of an accident and driving without a valid license. According to the report, when told of the serious charges he would be facing, he just laughed.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, a close associate of Barack Obama, three years ago revoked an executive order of former Gov. Mitt Romney, which gave state police the power to investigate immigration violations.
Naranjo, apparently aware of Gov. Patrick’s actions, averred that he was going back to “my country” (Mexico) so nothing would happen.
Donald Douglas of American Power has looked into Moran’s voting record, and finds him a big supporter of illegals!

Can anyone say...KARMA? I think it's great it happened to a twerp lawmaker...especially those who are responsible for unleashing these animals upon us with their inability to enforce the law.


Z said...

EDGE! GOOD TO SEE YOU, sweetie pie! XX

What great comments you ALL make, but doesn't it all just make you want to WEEP? WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON in our country?

I laugh when I hear FOX saying "Obama is in dire trouble over offering SESTAK another job if he didn't run in PA.." AS IF the mainstream media's even TALKING ABOUT THIS? Who are they kidding?
this is state-owned media and I don't see a way OUT of it!!! And it is an IMPEACHABLE CRIME!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Z.....I think you might want to headline this: It's important to many, many of us:

"Memorial Day should be a pretty big priority for the Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces. The wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery is not just some arbitrary meaningless tradition. It actually means something, and Obama is just blowing it off so that he can go hang out in Chicago. I understand the desire to go home for a little while, but when you’re the president, Memorial Day ceases to be just another holiday where you get to take an extra day off for a weekend and have a barbecue. For him, he still has to work. It’s part of his responsibility as president. Blowing off paying his respects to the fallen at Arlington National Cemetery — our country’s most sacred shrine — on Memorial Day is inexcusable. It’s despicable and he does not deserve the title of Commander-in-Chief if he has this little respect for the heroes who have given their lives for their country.

If he doesn’t like it, he can always resign.

I’m curious how much golf he’ll play while he’s in Chicago.

It's ez to see...I'm absolutely enraged by this...as any American who hangs a flag, bends a knee, bows his head for our honor, for our dead and wounded on Memorial Day. I weep for them...does this man? This party animal "cic". This sneaky, dishonorable low life.


Anonymous said...

This creep will bow, shuffle, shuck and jive before saudi kings, and other maniacs...but will not bow his head or bend his knee...to place a wreath at the tomb of those soldiers we honor?

Damn him...


Z said...

Major, honey, see my blog first thing in the morning..it's set on auto-post at midnight tonight..

It almost made me cry that this pres doesn't think it's necessary to honor our fallen on MEMORIAL DAY.

I'm covering it and am eager for your comments, but keep 'em clean (if you can, this is tough with this subject, I KNOW!! :-)

thanks, m'dear. xxx

Z said...

Soapbox, I can't figure out your blog; have you not posted since Nov 2007 or am I looking at the wrong stuff? HELP!

Name: Soapboxgod said...

McCain's only a hawk now because it has become politically expedient to do so. To be sure he's as much a problem to the issue as the illegals themselves.

Name: Soapboxgod said...

"Soapbox, I can't figure out your blog; have you not posted since Nov 2007 or am I looking at the wrong stuff? HELP!"

I don't blog on a regular basis because the bulk of my free time is now heavily invested in 4 different campaigns at present but yes, I have blogged since 2007.


You should be able to see the most recent blogs on the home page but you can also get to other posts by simply going to the right hand side and clicking on the down error at "Blog Archive".

Ducky's here said...

2-2. Some bad karma somewhere, z.

Anonymous said...

We don't need no stinking badges, gringos.

Felipe Calderón

Elmers Brother said...

yep using armor all on the humvee tires again