Saturday, May 15, 2010

Who cooked THIS UP?

"Former TV Chef Accused Of Cooking Up Murder Plot"

HERE is an article about a former Food Channel chef who's "under arrest in an alleged murder-for-hire plot involving homeless people, Santa Monica police said."

Do titles like the clever one above bug you? While I admire the creativity, isn't it a little unseemly? Inappropriate? Seems like it coarsens us, inures us...........What do you think?

If he goes to jail, will they be saying HE GOT HIS JUST DESSERTS? :-)



Linda said...

Nah, I like the 'clever' titles. I wish I had the gift, but alas, I'm just boring!

Z said...

You're not BORING, Linda!
Did you like my hypocrisy? I slam the title for being a little too clever in re to a MURDER story and then add "just desserts!" :-)

I was at a baptism/luncheon today and told a journalist friend of mine from Milwaukee (Super liberal) about this and he said the same thing you do...and that journalists like little clever titles but he did agree they might want to avoid in in association with MURDER!! He liked my DESSERT add on!
AND he wants my blog address...holy cow, just what I need, another DUCKY!! HAAA!!

BB-Idaho said...

Most of us like catchy headlines; it may be an art, but apparently is taught as early as 6th grade ..
An idiosyncracy of the English language, double or hidden meaning. I kind of like news that is straight forward - like up our way, they chased a felon who dove into the hole of a portapotty to hide. :)

Joe said...

The whole thing about a cook cooking up a murder plot has me stewed. If convicted, I hope he fries.(Do they still do that in CA?). My blood boils at these kinds of stories. They seem half-baked to me. I wonder if they really grilled him? His hatred must have been simmering just under the surface. If he was a murderer, might he also have been a poacher? Should I quit, now?

Linda said...

Joe, you are funneh!

FairWitness said...

Since the plot was thwarted, Z, I think the play on words is not necessarily in "poor taste" (pardon the pun):-D.

I never watched his show, although with my middle-aged expanding waistline, I probably should watch the reruns. I seem to prefer Triple D (Diners, Drive-ins and Dives), that Guy Fieri is a hoot.

Ducky's here said...

Another Ducky? Please, Ducky is a nonpareil. There isn't another Ducky.

Clever titles draw you in, generally they're tasteful.

Z said...

Joe, are you MY DAD'S BROTHER!

Did you watch that show just for the 'halibut'? how WAFFLE!

Oy...he was funny, and corny, but so great and so smart :-) (like you!)?

Hi, BB...I like ClEVER but this is an attempted MURDER!! That's my point :-)

Ducky, the more tasteful the more clever, don't you think?

FW...I see your point.
And yes, I can watch Guy forever...I never met a greasy spoon I didn't like! And OH, are there GREAT diners, drive-ins and dives all across this country!mmm

Anonymous said...

"Chef jailed...Goose is Cooked"!

Anonymous said...

From The Irish Ballad (Tom Lehrer c. 1958-60):

And then one day when she'd nothing to do
(Sing Rickety tickety tin)
And then one day when she'd nothing to do,
She cut her baby brother in two,
And served him up as an Irish Stew
And invited the neighbors in -- them in
And invited the neighbors in.

Waxing gruesome in the extreme may be very funny when it's satire, but satirizing real life horrors in the process of reporting the news is distasteful. It shows a want of feeling for the victim, and an inappropriate desire to call attention to the reporter instead of the tragic incident cited.

A terrible practice!



~ FreeThinke

I.H.S. said...

I have to admit the clever titles at times, more than not, get my attention long enough to read what the overall story is about. I've noticed they do the same on the 10 o'clock news right before commercials in order to keep us interested to wait through the commercials....


Anonymous said...

Just a clue that something may have been fishy about this chef — he was a wedding cake decorator and a food channel calorie Nazi all at the same time. Wouldn't surprise me to learn that the guy was also a vegan Nazi, as well.


cube said...

I didn't see this story until after I had posted about it on Monday. I have no problem with using the 'clever' titles. I'm guilty of it myself... Calorie killer plot.

cube said...

Joe: lol. That's rich.

Joe said...

Speaking of diets, I'm on three of them: Weight Watchers; Slim Fast and Nutrisystem.

Why three?

I can't get enought to eat on just one.