Saturday, May 8, 2010

Go, LAKERS! :-)


FrogBurger said...

One of the rare things we disagree about. The Lakers.

Anonymous said...



Linda said...

What are 'Laker's?'

LASunsett said...

Although it hasn't made me a lot of friends in these parts, I have historically been an avid Lakers fan most of my life. But the thug culture of the NBA has turned me off to the sport.

When fans in Las Vegas for the NBA All-Star game shot up the strip afterward, and half of the Indiana Pacers ended up with criminal records here in Indy, that pretty much did it for me.

Plus, the punk Ron Artest now plays for LA and after what he did to the Pacers, I won't root for any team he plays for. It's a matter of principle.

Anonymous said...

LASunsett, I have to agree with you. Mr. Pris and I used to be big Laker, and UCLA Bruin basketball fans, but it's not the game it once was.

We are still always hopeful the LA teams win, but we don't follow them as we once did. Thug culture is an accurate term for what they've descended into. Very sad.


Law and Order Teacher said...

I agree. The NBA isn't something I spend time watching. I'm a college basketball fan and a season ticket holder for my alma mater Dayton Flyers, 2010 NIT Champs. NBA, nah. Thug culture, great term.