Thursday, May 20, 2010

Next time you think all of California's totally leftist-loony........

...........listen to THIS VIDEO.

BRAVO, Mr. McClintock............FINALLY, somebody stands up to Calderon and the Left. What the heck kind of people applaud a man who insults us? Obama followers.


Faith said...

It's depressing that anyone would ever have to give such a speech.

LASunsett said...

Very well said and way overdue.

Anonymous said...

McClintock has always been solid. He's the one who should have been elected, instead of Arnold, for Governor of California.

We, including me, believed Arnold was capable enough to stand against the entrenched liberal establishment here. We knw now, he couldn't. Too late.

I do think he tried, but he gave up when the California electorate voted down his initiatives which would have paved the way to solvency in California.

McClintock wasn't a novice concerning our state issues and would have been more dogged in his approach, and I believe would not have backed down.

His remarks on the House floor in the video, were made sincerely and were based on his core beliefs as an American.

He is the real deal!


cube said...

The nerve of that Calderon criticizing the US when he's president of a cess pool. And the nerve of those dems giving him a standing ovation. It's topsy turvy world with the libs.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

And guess what?

That's MY Congressman, in MY area!!



Linda said...

Thanks for posting this. I wish all of our DC folks would recognize that this should be our stand!

I posted this for tomorrow, with a HT back to you!

FrogBurger said...


Z said...

Faith, so well said...I often think "Who'd have thought we'd NEED to do THIS", right?

LA...if only liberals would be more open minded and read our blogs, they could learn something...maybe patriotism would be infectious again?

Pris, great guy, isn't he. He did have good ideas but somehow's never quite made it in bigger office aspirations..

cube, it was stunning to see them stand and clap after seeing a hypocritical JERK diss us.
Have you noticed a pattern? People feel much freer to bash us now that Bush is gone..

BZ...WOULD that he'd run!

Linda..thanks, enjoy! More people need to see this, I hope more post it, too.

FB, exactly!

FrogBurger said...

This guy should run for president. Great speech quality, leadership skills clearly, some courage. That's what we need in a leader of the Free World. I am going to send him an email.

Anonymous said...

Personally, as the Mexican President was being inexcusably rude to this nation, I think the Republicans would have been within their rights to rise & walk out en masse. If we can do it at the U.N., then why not in the Congress. Show some backbone for a change. They wouldn't have missed anything important.


Anonymous said...

What's to say..that's not the sentiment of over 70% of AMERICANS?

When did we lose this country to the fanatical, suicidal, pieces of shit that would gladly and happily abandon our Sovereignty? When did we ever allow the head of a hostile foreign state...a corrupt state...a corrupt and foul government to dictate to us what our laws should be obeyed, respected and adhered to?

When the scum sucking, America hating liberal loons like Wright, Ayers, Soros, Frank, Sharpton, Jackson, the CBC and the NAACP had a say in the future direction of our nation. Like McClintock....I despise these incredibly destructive, seditious, traitorous scum behavior and actions..have on our country. Could their purpose be any clearer? Can we afford to sit on out asses and wait till November? I think not.

What do we do? I predict that the November elections will amount to nothing, if little change in our government. Just as so many years ago appealing to the British masters amounted to nothing. I know what we need. And we've been there before. Ask yourselves this: When the head of a hostile foreign entity like Iran or Mexico comes to the US and shit on and mock our laws, our values and our laws...and we see these commie bastards masquerading as "senators and congressman" applauding the foreigner, hostile "guest"'s well past the time to take, positive...even violent save this country from a guaranteed destruction.

Oh...sorry for all those week kneed pacifists that "abhor" fighting back...because it wouldn't be polite. Kiss my ass. There's no way millions of Americans are going to bend over for Islime....commies...traitors...or asshole traitors like Barry O.

I go down...with my flag...with my principles...intact. And all the rest of you...can share your wealth with a scumbag, illiterate, criminal...illegal POS that wants be Like..."Home".

Like my bud Mustang....we're not going to do that...ever.


Z said...

Slvrlady, I'm so glad you're commenting're so right.

Major...You and Mustang are brave, patriotic men who are smart enough to see what's happening ...and very clearly. It does seem like something bad is going to happen within our country because it can't go on like this, that's for sure.....
yet, I see people just going about their business thinking Obama's taking care of them.
We have children in the WH and we're facing such terrorism and other things and I don't get why people don't WAKE UP. They are, somewhat, but I am with you...I really strongly doubt NOvember will make much of a difference.Though I'll fight HARD on my blog..too bad so many people are on our side here! We'll be preaching to the choir !

Law and Order Teacher said...

I agree that any American in the truest sense of the word should have walked out when Calderon started trashing his host, us. The fact that bobblehead Nancy and Bonehead Biden were in love with him is inconsequential.

BTW, the word verification was "unbows"

David Wyatt said...

Statesman-like words. We are desperately in need of statesmen & sickeningly overpopulated with politicians. God Bless him.

Tom's Place said...

Z - great find. Am going to "borrow" this one for a post.