Monday, May 24, 2010

HERE is a solution for BP and the WH.......get rid of the oil naturally!
A pretty good idea for getting rid of the oil spill............check out the link!
What do you think?



Ducky's here said...

Why not just call Vince and order a couple gross of Sham-wow's

But call in the next 15 minutes because we can't do this all day.

You watching this Mr. Cameraman?

Makes as much sense. The schemes will be all over the place.

Jan said...

Z..this is way off topic, but I'm wondering if you, or anyone, here has seen anything about the woman in Yuba City being killed, after refusing to answer questions for a Censua worker.

The worker called her supervisor, who informed the police, and they shot her three times, because, they said, she pointed a shotgun at them when they came to her door after ten o'clock at night.

I haven't seen this on the news, at all.

A census worker came to our home, three different times, even though we had mailed ours in the next day after we received it.

My husband finally called, and told them that ours had been returned, in a timely manner, and they said that they would make a note of it--good thing, after reading about what happened in Yuba City. :(

Z said...

You're so right, Ducky...Shamwow, why didn't I THINK OF THAT :-)

On Christmas Eve, we have a wonderful service at our church and we had my stepdaughter with us almost 2 years ago....from Munich. Pastor has a time during the service when he tells some cutesie story and then gives about four gifts away...he's marked bulletins and those with bulletins with the marks on it get a gift...usually it's a Bible or something but he has a great sense of humor and, that year, one of them was SHamwow!
My German stepdaugher got it...she had to come from Munich to get a German product, cracked us up.

Ya, there'll be crazy schemes for this oil slick, but I thought there's something to this since it's so natural. Of course, it would then result in a huge mess of HAY and I have to admit I kept thinking "but it'll clog the water up in the drain" WHERE THE HECK IS MY MIND SOMETIMES!?

Anonymous said...


~ FT

Z said...

Jan, are you kidding? What a horrid story. Are you positive about all of this? Our media can't be THIS sneaky and secretive to protect this far too probing a census.
I have had two come to the door and they told me that mine hadn't been 'scanned' so I have to do it again with them...I've been telling them that the owner of the house isn't me and to come back when they're home :-) So far, so good.
I hope I'll have the guts to finally tell them I filled it out, sent it in and if they didn't scan it, it's their problem because I"m not doing it again.
Let us know if you finally see anything in the news and I'll do the same...maybe I'll Google it,..

Z said...

It did happen..I'm wondering if Census Workers should only come in daylight and knock on peoples' doors?
This is hideous.

Anonymous said...

Jan, why would the supervisor call the police in the first place? Did the woman pull a gun on the census taker?


Anonymous said...

Z, If they can lay a ring around the surface oil, there's no reason I can see why they can't gather up hay when it's saturated with oil. Hay floats.

It's a natural common sense idea to absorb the oil and remove the hay. Especially when it get's near the land. Engineers and scientists have opted for chemicals which are more harmful than the oil.

But, let a couple of regular, non PHD's make a suggestion, and it's a non starter. If you ask me, the experts don't have a clue.

The last thing they need is a couple of Bubbas to come along and show them up! And I say this with respect for Bubbas.


Ducky's here said...

Pris, how much hay is needed and how will it be transported?

Ducky's here said...

Jan, that's what happens when you point a shotgun at cops.

Another Glenn Beck fan unclear on the concept.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand al, the fuss about the Census. It's ALWAYS been a pain-in-the-ass, but no more so THIS time around than any other.

In fact it was EASIER and LESS intrusive. For the first time in two decades NO ONE came to my door.

I filled it out, sent it in a LONG time ago, and have heard NOTHING about it since.

Like it or not it's our DUTY to cooperate with the census.

I think it's SILLY to resist it, though the draconian behavior described stretches the bond of credulity. The woman MUST have done something stupidly paranoid and aggressive.

There are some battles worth fighting. Resisting the census is not one of them.

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

Ducky's here said...

Jan, that's what happens when you point a shotgun at cops.

Another Glenn Beck fan unclear on the concept

Ducky, you are such a caring liberal...thanks for you empathy! I have a feeling these people might have been drinking; I also think that census workers shouldn't come after dark..or even near dark.

I had one on Saturday and then the day after, on Mother's day..Mr. Fahrad Mohammed something-or-other.... Don't come on a holiday, BUB....some people don't like it, some people have dignity and SOME PEOPLE filled out the damned thing and don't feel like sharing details of their LIVES with a census worker, TRUST ME.

FT...this was so much beyond a normal census. Steve Harkonnen, a blogger friend, jokingly wrote BLACK as the race of his household...this PRIVATE INFO apparently escaped because 2 weeks later, they got info re Black Scholarships to Black COLLEGES.

Something is WRONG.
And, we don't need 2 notices saying the form's coming, then getting the form, then 3 notices asking "DID YOU GET IT? AND PLEASE FILL IT OUT!" and two guys one day after the other.
This is NUTS, FT.

Anonymous said...

"how much hay is needed and how will it be transported?"

I don't know how much hay is needed Ducky, do you?

How about how much is needed to protect the shore? The wetlands?

How would it be transported? Well, let's see. First in trucks. Then on boats. You know, land then sea. Pay attention Ducky, sea, is water, boats float on water. Thus boats. For that matter, cargo planes could be used as well.

How do they distribute chemicals, which are more damaging than the oil? Do these chemicals float? I don't think so! Can you see them to gather them up?

Sometimes, a simple answer is the answer. Sometimes, "experts" aren't as smart as laypeople. And sometimes, people who work everyday with their hands can think. Find a solution. Because they have a hands on knowledge of what works, using common sense.


Anonymous said...

"I don't understand al, the fuss about the Census. It's ALWAYS been a pain-in-the-ass, but no more so THIS time around than any other."

FT, I resented the 2000 census. Personal information is not required under the constitution. I resented this one as well. When I called and asked why they wanted to know our home mortgage status, she couldn't tell me.

The fact is, FT, I don't trust our government anymore. That's not my fault, It's the fauslt of bureaucrats who can't leave us alone.

No amount of info is enough for them. What's required is how many live at our address, the rest is nobody's business but our own. In 2000, and 2010.


frogBurger said...

"Another Glenn Beck fan unclear on the concept."

Yes or another SEIU or union thug, like those

Sam Huntington said...

IMO, Pris hit the nail on the head. The government already has more information on us that even we can possibly imagine; they don’t need to ask these questions because they already know the answers. They know too much and it goes far beyond what the founding fathers intended.

Jan said...

Z..yes, as you know by now, that it did happen. And, yes, it's horrid, any way you look at it.

Pris..I've read several articles since I Googled it, and it seems that she was holding, or pointing, a shotgun..but, she was shot five times. In my opinion, that is overkill.

No doubt, that she, too, will soon be referred to as a far right 'sovereign citizen' wingnut, as I've read about some others being called that.

I can't believe that none of the news channels are reporting on it.

Yeah..I can, too.

Ducky you said "that's what happens when you point a shotgun at cops."

And, I still say shooting anyone five times like that, is overkill.

Z said...

Sam, Pris always 'hits it on the head' and you're so right..Your latest post is quite something, by the way.

Jan, FIVE TIMES is NUTS...I mean, she was not a young strong girl who could have kept lunging after ONE shot! That's horrible and NOBODY is reporting it on TV, NOBODY.