Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sestak was not eligible for job that was offered.

READ HERE...I won't write more because I want to keep this short in order for more to see the video/post below (it's so important, particularly this weekend) but I had to post this...some news, eh? (thanks FairWitness)


Z said...

FairWitness emailed me a wonderful story...two of her business associates had to take a toll road into NY and were told at the booth it would be $1 but they'd charge one MILLION dollars if they'd voted for OBama!

FairWitness said...

Gave me a big laugh, Z. And it happened in New York, Blue State central of the entire nation!

As for this Sestak story, my God... This is the end of Obama's Presidency. He's finished.

Rahm Emanuel is going to prison for this. The statement they put out yesterday afternoon, although the particulars were lies, they admitted to bribery and conspiracy.

The bribe was the offer of a job, whether it was a seat on the Presidential Intelligence Advisory Board or Secretary of the Navy doesn't matter. They admit to making the offer.

The conspiracy was WH Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel enlisting former President Clinton to make the offer.

My God! The Obama Regime is in serious, serious hot water.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Two immediate thoughts:

1. If Sestak was offered the position and he was ineligible, then either the administration truly IS completely incompetent, or there was another underlying subtext or plot being devised -- and I wonder what that was?

2. If Sestak was offered a position as a bribe and it's now public, you have to wonder how MANY OTHERS were likewise bribed.

3. The DEM/MSM will IGNORE this.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Okay; I meant THREE immediate thoughts.



Anonymous said...

I don't believe this was the "job" that was offered. Why would Sestak even be thought to be inclined to accept a spot on an advisory board, instead of a chance to be a Senator? It makes no sense.

As for Clinton, I guess he missed rolling around in the mud. How undistingushed for a former President to be just another go-to political hack.

Where is he btw, how about some answers from him? I guess it depends on what the meaning of "when" is.


FairWitness said...

Hi BZ, I think the unpaid advisory board seat was a lie. The job offered was Secretary of the Navy. But, no matter what the offer, it was an attempt to BRIBE. An attempt to use Executive Power to influence the outcome of an election. This is as serious as it gets. I'm telling you, the MSM will have no choice but to cover this story extensively.

A high crime has been committed and already admitted to by the White House.

Surely the FBI will have to take action, as will the Justice Department. Eric Holder will not be able to head this off. No Way! If he does attempt to stop this investigation, the American people will do his job for him at the ballot box.

How many Democrats will fall in November? Republicans will take back both the House and the Senate. The margin of seats will grow the more the Obama Regime attempts to cover up their treachery and bribery.

It's over, finished. Obama and his Marxist agenda is dead. They're acting like they're still in Chicago and that crap won't fly in our nation's Capitol.

FairWitness said...

You're so right Pris.

I can't figure out why former President Clinton would get involved in this scandal in the first place, can you?

With Obama fatally wounded, Hillary could be back in the picture to take his place. Why would Bill Clinton take such a risk. I suppose you're right, he missed the mud.

My God. The stench from this regime is the foulest ever.

Z said...

I'm thinkin' they picked Clinton to take the heat because he's so revered in their crowd nothing will stick to him for long.
Also, why'd Sestak say "someone in the WHITE HOUSE" offered him a job when CLinton isn't in the WH?

OH, I just noticed I spelled Sestak wrong in my post title...sheesh..will change that now!

Anonymous said...

In Washington, DC the stench of corruption smells like attar of roses to the political class that inhabits the place.

And to them a rose garden would smell like an open sewer.

That's the true meaning of PERVERSION.

American politics is PERVERTED.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

But, shouldn't we look on the bright side, and express gratitude to Sestak for one tremendous accomplishment?

HE KNOCKED OFF that despicable double-dealing turncoat ARLEN SPHINCTER.

Hurray and Hallelujah!
You had it comin' to ya,
Arlen. You were no one's darlin'.


~ FT