Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day .........have a great one...and remember our soldiers

Memorial Day at Frank and Ellie's, 1998*

Windermere, Florida

The lake bumped the sand

causing the water to wrinkle

at the end of the long grass slope

that started back up at the house

The slope was lime green and shadow leaves swayed across it in the breezy heat

The barbecue was smoky with hamburgers,

and the table was piled with bowls of cole slaw, potato salad,

pickles, catsup and mustard

We sat under towering oak trees

with black angled branches

and a white blue sky

that held the heat in like

the lid on a pot of corn on the cob

Bessie the dog ran through the trees and into the lake

while the four small boys splashed in the water

and Grandpa shouted advice about their plastic raft,

him being an old Navy man

The furniture in the house was American Primitive,

dark wood-spoked chairs on an intricate wood floor

and bright orange crate labels from the family business

hung framed against pine slat walls

A small American flag waved out of the large spoon pitcher on the stove next to Grandma’s three layer chocolate cake, and the childrens' popsicles were red, white and blue

and left their mouths patriotic with color

It was Memorial Day that warm Florida Monday

We didn't mention it, but it was there.....

Z *a reprint

Between the burgers and the ribs, the chance to have a day off in the sun with friends and family or shop for a new mattress at the sales which save us money but seem the wrong emphasis for a weekend such as this, stop and remember who made all this possible. Blessings to you who fought and came home, blessings to you who lost a loved one fighting for our freedom, and blessings to you who are missing someone now who’s still at it. We owe you a lot. No, we owe you everything.

I posted this Friday, but I had to post it again today....I want as many people as possible to watch it.........thanks.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

The American Soldier: currently responsible for everything good and civilized on this entire planet.

God bless America's warriors.

God bless America.


Joe said...

BZ: I'm with you all the way.

Z: Once again, well done. Have a great Memorial Day!

Anonymous said...

As an American I wish to express my love and gratitude to all those courageous heroes who have given so much, indeed everything, for our country.

God bless and keep them all, and God bless America.


JINGOIST said...

Very touching. Some of the guys I served with admitted to me that they worried about death on occassion. Others were more resigned, and let it be in G-d's hands. It seemed to be the easiest way to do your job in the face of danger.

Those who gave their lives that we may be free are surely with G-d now.

A quick chuckle on this most somber of all days. All of the community activists who gathered in Chicago to listen to the "dear leader" are now caught in the middle of a thunderous downpour.

Z said...

Hi,'s your cold?

Ya, I just saw Obama under a DELUGE of rain telling people to get back to their cars and he'd do the same in order to avoid any lightning problems. I had to giggle a little, I must admit (Don't diss Arlington, Barack! :-)

I just heard a lib talk radio personality blame the oil spill on Bush when nobody's ever mentioned how the Obama admin was the one which waived the environmental scrutiny for BP. Man, the fun never quits, does it.

The Conservative Lady said...

What an amazing show of gratitude and respect that video portrays to Staff Sgt. Beale and his family. Thanks for posting it.
I left you a note over at my blog. I can't take credit for the comment over at Opie's blog. That was Just A Conservative Girl.
I suspect that Obama is sorry he didn't go to Arlington today...he got rained out of his photo op in Chicago.

Karen Howes said...

Nicely said, Z. We should never forget those who died fighting to keep us safe and free.

Susannah said...

Wonderful post, Z. Such a debt we can never

btw, I just posted some flower pics you might like to see - they're almost blue! ;)

Happy Memorial Day, all!

Z said...

Hi, Conservative Lady...I thought i just clicked on whoever had said it and commented, but I guess not...thanks.
Ya, I saw poor Obama standing in TORRENTIAL rain and telling people to get to their cars because of lightning...I wish he'd taken such charge on the oil spill, huh? :-)

karen, we sure shouldn't..we can't.

Susannah, thanks..and I'm on my way!

Leticia said...

God bless all of our veterans and I am so thankful and so grateful for their sacrifices.

I take this day and every day to honor them all.

Leslie said...

Very nice post Z --your patriotism shines and I am glad to know you.

It is lovely to see so many people honoring our veterans on this day.

Impertinent said...

Jingo, Mustang and all other vets...I salute your service today.

God Bless America and keep her least for the next couple of years when we then get our broken country back from Chicago.

Faith said...

Enjoyed that poem last year, enjoyed it again this year. Very evocative.

Z said...

Thank you Leticia (I always want to say LETTY because a close friend is Leticia ..from Puebla, MX and we call her Letty) and Leslie, thanks so much..
Leslie, me, too. xx

Faith, thank you...I'm so glad you like the's not great poetry by any stretch of the imagination but I thought it captured the feeling I had there that day,'s all true. YOU for YOUR SERVICE< TOO.
Yes, Jingo, Mustang, YOU, Elmer's Brother, Major, etc etc....

Elmers Brother said...

no thanks needed, I got to come home

Z said...

and I'm so glad you did, Elbro :-)