Thursday, May 20, 2010


I mention 'Mike from Idaho' because, whoever he is, he sent an email to Dennis Miller who, on his radio show Wednesday night, said "I wish I was this smart...I think Mike from Idaho NAILED IT!"

Mike's email said "Dennis, it's hard to imagine Napolitano and Holder not having read the Arizona Law on immigration...I think they have to say they haven't read it because, if they admit they have, they could be asked just which part they thought was different from FEDERAL LAW and which part was so racist or unfair and there ISN'T anything!"

Good one, huh? Made sense to me, Mike....if you're reading this :-)


FrogBurger said...

That's a great one.
Holder is a joke. Did you see his answers about *radical* islamist? No courage of his opinions whatever they are.

Anonymous said... not only an embarrassment...he's a disgrace to people of color everywhere. He's a perfect example of the Peter Principle ( affirmative action ) at work. After 40 years of 'leveling the playing field"...we have a Negro of uncommon stupidity as the chief law enforcement officer in the US. Kind of reminds me of Chief Moose during the Beltway sniper episodes not that long ago. He...unlike his a stupid, inarticulate, incompetent ( he makes Napitilano sound the housewife from New Jersey ) moron that could have been better as the mayor of New Orleans.


Z said...

FB, it is good, isn't it! I heard it on the radio coming home last night and had to blog it! Imagine Dennis Miller saying he wishes HE'D been that smart, man is Dennis bright!
And, yes, I heard that questioning of Holder; he couldn't even admit RADICAL islam might have been a reason for the Time Square bomber's actions, wasn't that the issue? I couldn't believe that we now have an administration so afraid of offending islam they can't even admit there IS a radical islam that might cause havoc! He'd probably deny this in the case of 9/11, showed a LOT about his and the WH's mindset.'s a shame, would have been nice to have more than a few Blacks at the WH in important jobs doing excellent jobs. The minorities Bush appointed mostly did excellent jobs.....except the Alberto Gonzalez who I never trusted for some reason, seemed to slick.
I remember laughing that Bill Clinton's private secretary was a Black woman, but Bush's Secretary OF STATE was a BLack woman :-)

Always On Watch said...

I fail to understand why this administration isn't vilified for political malpractice. Remember Pelosi' statement about the healthcare bill: "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what's in it." Sheesh.

Always On Watch said...

And one more thing.

As an attorney, would Holder advise his clients to sign a contract without reading it?

Z said...

Always...GREAT points.

JINGOIST said...

Z, it's worse than that! Just yesterday the ghetto commie (Obama) was lying about the AZ law at a presser with the Mexican president.

Holder, Obama, and company don't read the law because if they admitted they did, the next logical question would be "then certainly you're aware..."

These people are like organized criminals occupying OUR White House.

About Holder, Major wrote:

"He's a perfect example of the Peter Principle ( affirmative action ) at work. After 40 years of 'leveling the playing field"...we have a Negro of uncommon stupidity as the chief law enforcement officer in the US."

I'm still laughing, good comment Major! I have to disagree with your prognosis though, I don't think Holder's stupid at all; I think he's a cold-blooded radical to the bone. He was at all over the effort to get those P.R. terrorists released for Hillary Clinton. This guy is VERY dangerous because he's a mild mannered lawyer who would be a communist terrorist himself if he hadn't figured a more effective way of damaging our country.

Also, NO ONE makes Napolitano seem smart. She is the dumbest lesbian who's ever sha-t between two shoes! She's certainly an affirmative action pick. Somehow the words Peter Principle don't come to mind though... :-)

FairWitness said...

Since they're all saying they haven't read it, I thought it was their strategy, too.

It doesn't make any sense that they would so severely criticize a law they've been demogoguing like mad, though.

They are showing themselves for what they are, incompetent!

JINGOIST said...

Fairwitness expressed a common sentiment:
"It doesn't make any sense that they would so severely criticize a law they've been demogoguing like mad, though.
They are showing themselves for what they are, incompetent!"

Believe it or not--ALL of this makes sense when you come to the inescapable conclusion that some of these radicals are doing their level best to collapse our nation from within.

It's called the "Cloward Piven Strategy" and it's intention is to collapse America with a massive welfare state. I wrote the following a few months back to address the INSANE fiscal policies of the Dems, but ilegals flooding our safety net and voting Democrat are also a VITAL part of the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

We keep making the mistake of thinking of these radical Obamabots are "incompetant" or crazy or whatever. That all depends on WHAT you're trying to do, doesn't it? If your aim and intent is to DAMAGE America as much as possible in order to ride in on a white horse with all of the SOLUTIONS, they're doing a brilliant job.

We keep hearing that Obama and the Dems are "governing against the will of the people."
It's important to remember that they care far less about the next election than they do about implementing their radical left agenda of "change." It's easier to make sense of these lunatics once you know their true goals.

Anonymous said...

It should be interesting to watch Eric Holder find an escape from his decision to drop the Black Panther voter intimidation case. I understeand one of the AG attornies is getting ready to sing out, loud and clear.

This is the same Eric Holder who thinks Americans are cowards. That would be the pot calling the kettle ... er ... never mind.

Semper Fi

Anonymous said...

This issue is being used to stoke the hatred of racism to further the agenda of divide and conquer. Next question on the docket: Do you support civil rights legislation?

Looks like a manufactured issue — one that will have the Bolsheviks at MSNBC screaming non-stop.


Linda said...

Z, I posted this on my blog today, too. Great minds, and all that!

Our gov't is a joke...a bad one!

Anonymous said...

I'm changing TOTUS to TODUS. Teleprompter of the DUMMY of the United States. After all, Obama's strings are being pulled by his handlers. Obama is the robot, not his handlers: Soros, SEIU, Rahm-bomb, etc., etc., ad nauseam. All these creatures are unbelieveably appalling! Hurry up, November. Can't get here fast enough.


Ducky's here said...

Well banter on. Thing is, the law isn't going to accomplish much of anything.

Does nothing to even discuss the reasons for the migration (I know, those darn tamale ticklers are just here to grab our stuff) or who benefits from it.

By targeting only the aliens you give fine Americans like Sheriff Joe a chance to make lots of traffic stops and indulge his bigotry and sense of theater. Such progress.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, the 250,000 illegal aliens living in Massachusetts isn't enough.

I urge all illegals living in Arizona to proceed immediately to MA.

FrogBurger said...

Ducky you have to think about your contradictions. You think a law can't do anything about immigration. and maybe you're right, but you think a democratic socialist society, full of rules and regulations to modify human behavior, would change human nature. Pretty contradictory thinking, uh? You're 56 and your thought process is high school like.

Z said...

Slvrlady...I can't wait, too.

Mustang, great comments...I wonder how Holder will explain that...two HUGE Black Panthers with nightsticks glaring at prospective voters and THAT's not INTIMIDATING?
As for intimidation...did you hear 14 buses full of SEIU members stormed the front lawn of one of the BofA attorneys and the police wouldn't arrest them because it might incite something? Nina Easton of FORTUNE MAG lived right across the street and was appalled...she said it was such a show of intimidation (his kids in his house and her toddler were crying at the 500 people screaming)...this is the new America, people storming peoples' lawns of private homes because they said they'd "tried to get BofA to pay attention to what it's doing across this country to people and they hadn't changed anything!" What the ........???

FrogBurger, it's time to throw in the towel with Ducky, I'm afraid; this blatant inability to see others are ruining this country and/or not really giving a damn is clearer and clearer....

Ducky, we're not a dirty doormat in administration's done enough to close our borders and I suppose you realize that a huge part of illegals crossing the border aren't Hispanic.

I know you don't feel any threat, but most Americans do, and should.

Brooke said...

These leftists don't read anything they should, yet are so ready to form 'opinions' based on ignorance. Where is the shame?

FrogBurger said...

Forgot to mention about Holder... Being incompetent is bad but lacking courage is worse. Those people are leaders. They're supposed to have courage as a quality. Even more than competence maybe. Competence is for the people they rely on. That's the way I see it.

Anonymous said...

Mexican president Calderon disagrees with Arizona's new immigration law ... But amazingly, the Mexican law protecting its borders from southern neighbors is similarly worded EXCEPT that anyone who enters Mexico illegally shall be imprisoned, and anyone who is not a legal citizen of Mexico is denied fundamental human rights.

With this in mind, why did Congressional democrats stand and applaud Calderon when he criticized Arizona's law.

Z said...

Mustang, I watched a little of that this morning and cringed as you could see Pelosi's mouth and she smiled through so much of Calderon standing there dissing US.
The hypocrisy of this bunch never ends. Mexico's got brutal laws, as you say, for anybody coming up THEIR southern border, but us?....hey, this is a NEW DAY, Bush is gone, Obama's willing to diss his own country, GO FOR IT! Why shouldn't they? Funny, as I just watched a bit more of Calderon just now on TV, I couldn't help wondering if Obama's people had a hand in writing his speech. Honestly.

cube said...

If they admit to having read the law, then they would have to admit that it isn't anywhere near the NAZI-like legislation that our 'free press' has been
portraying it as on their nightly newscasts.

Ducky's here said...

Well Frogburger, great economic mind that you claim to be, I did bring up one issue and I noticed that the usual subjects, the ones that constantly decry illegals were mute.

NAFTA destroyed the small corn farmers in Mexico. They have no livelihood, so what are they going to do, starve?

Here we are subsidizing Monsanto, Cargill, Archer-Daniels and promoting seed that requires more fertilizer and pesticide and at the same time driving small corn farmers in Mexico off the land. Now, just what is our responsibility?

In your world, none. They are inferior leeches and they can't compete. Tough. Well, it isn't going to play like that so we just curse these beaners like mustang, z, AOW et. al. or do we look for a solution. Now you won't like the solution and maybe you anticipate that, I don't know.

Z said...

Ducky, who has 'cursed beaners'? (and who's EVER used BEANER here at my site, by the way?)

I don't curse them, I wish them well, and I hope they come into this country eager to participate in it, to love it, and not with an open palm.

By the way, those 'cursed beaners' are FAR tougher on THEIR Southern border than America would be on their testiest day.

Also, let Mexico worry about their farmers, I don't mind helping them there and I know this isn't very popular, but I'm all for helping people in their indigenous countries..they're happier there and we're happier when they're there..UNLESS they come in legally and want to fit into OUR lifestyle

Ducky's here said...

You cursed them as soon as you brought up the "open palm" cliche.

Right there you framed your true feelings. Of course you'll frame it all in polite language which is why I use the vulgarity. Just a way to make it real.

yes sir, let Mexico worry about it. We crate the issue and dump it on someone else. In the fine "know-nothing" tradition of America's far right and mighty Christian to.

Elmers Brother said...

Ducky, we're not a dirty doormat in administration's done enough to close our borders and I suppose you realize that a huge part of illegals crossing the border aren't Hispanic.

40-50% of illegals are people who have overstayed their visas, how would we catch them if we could not verify their legal status during the course of a traffic stop etc.?

Anonymous said...

"These people are like organized criminals occupying OUR White House."

Jingo, that's because they are!


Anonymous said...

Mike is very astute. Instead of looking like hypocritical liars, they are advised to look incompetent.

Just as long as Obama is covered. He can make idiotic jokes such as "adios amigos". My wasn't that funny? Brilliant?. Uh...yeah..sure. Presidential too. Uh huh.


Elmers Brother said...

and duhkkky's answer is to let drug cartels, murderers, and kidnappers run rampant?

not to mention terrorists?

nice duhkkky

Z said...

Ducky, sadly, the 'open palm' isn't cursing it's just the TRUTh. Of course, you always gloss over any compliment I give Mexicans, and one of my best friends is a nationalized Mexican whose whole family is Republican and more FOR the AZ laws than I am.

Elbro, that must be Ducky's long as they're not white Christians, they can do ANYTHING THEY WANT without his criticism.

Elmers Brother said...

the problem with duhkkky is he equates illegal immigrant with mexican

while we equate illegal immigrant with illegal immigrant

17% of illegal immigrants have committed crimes previously in the United States and have been deported at least once

He also equates illegal immigration with compassion which is stupid

there certainly are other ways to help the poor of Mexico, but letting all illegal immigrants to disrespect our borders is wrong and he knows it

Z said...

So well said, Elbro..thanks