Friday, May 28, 2010

Time Magazine and Sestak/You won't want to miss this!

Time Magazine has published an article I read with amazement, even though it's in Time's by Michael Grumwald and he has it so wrong and he puts in so much biased conjecture that even I was surprised.
Here's where it gets MORE INTERESTING...Click HERE and read the article if you've got a few minutes, it's not too long and you'll get the gist of his 'reporting' in the first few paragraphs...but, THEN
READ THE COMMENTS SECTION!!!!! I am stunned, delighted, and hopeful. Time Mag is not a Conservative magazine so you will be shocked to see what its commenters think of the Sestak situation and Grumwald's writing. Do yourself a favor, it'll give you a lift!

UPDATE: Most of you have heard by now that this morning's story is that this was all CLINTON! HE is the one who offered Sestak something....but, wait....why didn't they just say that immediately when all this came up? AHA, I just saw this statement
at the very end of my linked article: "One thing is clear, though: If White House officials weren't at least a little worried, they would have released this information at some other time than the Friday before a holiday weekend." Why, indeed?


"White House Counsel Robery Bauer on Friday rejected claims that Pennsylvania Rep. Joe Sestak was offered a top administration job in return for dropping his Democratic primary challenge to Sen. Arlen Specter.

In a memo released by the White House, Bauer says his office has "concluded that allegations of improper conduct rest on factual errors and lack a basis in law," and runs through the various potential positions that have been reported to have been offered to Sestak, who defeated Spcter for the Senate Democratic nomination earlier this month."

Is this it? Does America just say "Oooooh, I SEE...the White House rejects any claims of impropriety" ?? Did that happen for Bush? Did it happen for "I did not have sex with that woman" Clinton? REALLY? is that it? Or does the White House think that's that?



the malcontent said...


Since Sestak had admitted it, he will eventually have to name the person who offered it, and what position was offered--the date it was offered--etc. etc.
But why is anyone surprised? This is the way crooked politics works
The lid on the "can of worms" has just been opened.

You libs that still think Richard Nixon was a big deal, well this is much worse.
Yes, I can see November very clearly from my window..
Check out my Blog for a interesting slant to this story.

Z said...

But, malcontent, my post is about the COMMENTS SECTION...the fact that ALL the commenters are saying SOMEBODY IS LYING and this writer's SO BIASED it's a joke!>
I was so surprised!!

WomanHonorThyself said...

I will check it out Z..HAVE A MEANINGFUL Memorial Day weekend my friend!!..:)

the malcontent said...

So I guess that you have a News Flash here Z.
Since Sestak had admitted it, he will eventually have to name the person who offered it, and what position was offered--the date it was offered--etc. etc.
But why is anyone surprised? This is the way crooked politics works
The lid on the "can of worms" has just been opened.

You libs that still think Richard Nixon was a big deal, well this is much worse.
Yes, I can see November very clearly from my window.

And right on cue, Sestak just issued a statement .. Saying “I received a phone call from President Clinton. He said that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel had spoken with him about my being on a Presidential Board”
What a Joke, and it took them 24 hours to come up with that? This doesn’t even pass the laugh test!

Ducky's here said...

It is just politics. What you should find interesting is that President Empty Suit wanted to make an effort to keep 'ol Single Bullet in office.

Yeah, Arlen Specter, a key support to his socialist agenda. Cue the laugh track

Anonymous said...

What's unusual about this whole affair is, Sestak actually told everyone what really happened here.

Whether this happens all the time or not, this now has to be confronted because the truth is not in question.

We all have said things like, "oh sure, he just fell on his sword because the powers that be demanded it", or "I wonder what his payoff will be". We know, but now it's proven once again.

But, this time in plain english, the offeree told the truth, and was quick to do it. Maybe even angry about it. He didn't dance around as he would have been expected to do.

A bribe is a bribe. So, if this is politics as usual, bribery is a common thing amongst the politically elite.

An example of corruption which has become common, no matter what you call it, that's what it is. It doesn't make it right.

It is a felony, and the WH got it's hands caught in the cookie jar!

This is an opportunity to do a little cleaning, but the cya efforts are in full swing. Because the phone call was made by Clinton, outside the WH, the story now is, the WH did nothing wrong.

Gee, maybe Rahm Emanuel called Clinton from his home phone, thereby making this just a couple of guys ruminating about what would happen if Sestak was offered a job to get out of his primary race. See? No harm no foul.

Now, the dance begins for real. What do they call it? The Potomac two-step?

Remember Sandy Berger who stole those documents from the Library of Congress and stuffed them in his pants? Yeah, well, he was "just sloppy". And Berger avoided the slammer!

Once again the media will cover for the administration, and I'm sure the talking points are already available for their talking heads.

The beat goes on!

Yes Z, I read the comments, and it's clear that the commenters get it, and are not pleased at all. I think everyone already knows how corrupt this administration is. We can only hope sooner or later, they will have had enough.


Z said...

MALCONTENT..I don't know that I have a big scoop but I sure do think the comments page at TIME is noteworthy, you don't?
And who are you addressing as 'libs' here?!!

Pris, good point about Sandy Berger..that was just "politics as usual" when he messed with classified information but this is supposedly "just politics!"


FrogBurger said...

Obama really is changing how Washington works.

Like Ducky says, it's politics as usual. Left or right, they all do this crap.

I'd love to have a special crime for public official corruption, punishable with many years in prison.

Anonymous said...

Malcontent, I think the surprise is, not that this took place, but that Sestak came right out with it, from the beginning.


Z said...

Pris, I've considered this, too...what reasons would you proffer for Sestak's coming out when he did?

Anonymous said...

I'll go back and look at the comments section, but the part that caught my attention was the author's line that Specter was a surprisingly reliable Democrat.


Anonymous said...

These recent stories about Blumenthal, Sestak, and all the stuff Glenn back has dug up and amply illustrated IN THEIR OWN WORDS about the true nature of the Obama APPOINTEES and past ASSOCIATES, reminds me of the time one of my relatives was suddenly infested with roaches, because of the FILTH in the apartment above her. After the exterminator came, the dying vermin ERUPTED through the drains by the THOUSANDS. It was a hideous sight, but afterwards the apartment was free of pests -- for a while.

Maybe the Tea Party should change its name to The OLD DUTCH PARTY, because it's most important mission is TO CHASE OUT DIRT.


~ FreeThinke

Joe said...

I read the article and the comments. There were 822 of them when I read them and they ran 95 out of 100 against the Time article.

That WAS inspiring.

BTW: Ducky! There is a law! There is a law AGAINST offering a federal post to someone in exchange for ANYTHING. Just because it has been done before does not mean it should be allowed or ignored now.

For Pete's sake, man...start will do you good.

Z said...

Ya, tio, I noticed that, too.....very telling.

FT...i hate to compare this WH with roaches, but........ :-)
Glenn Beck is digging up incredible stuff..all proven, all facts, all RIGHT THERE ON THE CHALK BOARD and the Left still won't open its eyes.
As he says "This story would be a Pulitzer Prize if some young journalist had the nerve to really dig in and get the information!" he's right..but they won't.

Joe, THANKS for reading them ...isn't it astonishing in an avowedly liberal magazine to have so many of its readers WAKING UP!? WOW!

Today, we've been waiting since morning when Sestak was coming out "in fifteen minutes"'s been about 3 hours...imagine what an earful HE had to get before he talked!? Perhaps he is now, I'll go check..THIS IS A RIOT!

JINGOIST said...

Off topic.

A quick note about some sad news. The diminutive actor Gary Coleman died. I didn't get the cause, maybe he bumped his head on a counter or ran into the back of someone's chair? I LOVEd that show Different Strokes.. He is survived by his younger brother Byron Leftwich, QB of the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers.

RIP Gary Coleman.

Z said...

Jingo, it is sad....he's been in bad health his whole life, apparently; I heard today that even his short stature was caused by an immunity disease...and he had bad kidneys, etc etc.
The guy did not have a happy life in general and did some nutty things from what I remember, but he sure did die young and he sure brought happiness to people on that show, I guess.

JINGOIST said...

It is sad Z. I still don't know if it was an accident between Big Wheels. Wear helmets!

When a comedian dies, it's always hard to know how to treat it. When Rodney Dangerfield died, all we did was tell jokes. Of course...ah forget it. :-)

I'm having a tough day. It's my 47th b-day and I have a WHOPPER of a cold! Carmen wants to go to the local Mexican restaurant, but all i want to do is crawl into bed. I think I'll prevail. :-)

Anonymous said...

A summer cold is a B-TCH, Jingo.

Please don't send it any farther south. (;-x


If you can stand it, drink a FULL GALLON of iced GRAPEFRUIT JUICE. OJ won't do. Gotta be grapefruit.

Unfortunately, it's probably too late for ZICAM, which really does work, IF you take it at the very first sign of a cold.

If you have a sore throat, gargle with HOT SALT WATER.

Best of luck, young man!

~ §;-D

JINGOIST said...

Thanks D. Can i substitute St. Paulis Girl, Special Dark for the Grapefruit juice? Less acid and beter sleep from my angle anyways...

Anonymous said...

"Pris, I've considered this, too...what reasons would you proffer for Sestak's coming out when he did?"

Of course I can't know Sestak's reason for being candid about this, But I suppose there are a couple of factors.

One is, he was angry that he, a lifetime Democrat, would be spurned for a turncoat Republican like Specter. Payback.
I can't figure out myself, why Specter was so in favor over Sestak. Perhaps it was because they would need someone viable to run for his congressional seat in the House.

Another is he's an honest person, and didn't think it was a big deal to utter the truth. And he must have figured it would help him in his run.

But today his story rings a little hollow. Why would a former President be a go to guy to offer something as unimpressive as an unpaid member of a Presidential Advisory board as compared to the opportunity to become a Senator?

Somehow I have trouble believing that was the true offer.

Now, Sestak is between a rock and a hard place. He's in the middle of an uncomfortable game. If he doesn't play along with the WH and Clinton, they can see to it he loses, or threaten to.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jingo, Happy Birthday.

Have a nice warm honey and lemon toddy with a shot of whiskey in it, that will help you sleep. It's soothing and it can't hurt, right?

I think since it's your birthday, you get to choose, so I vote you stay home and crawl under those covers.


Chuck said...

Don't worry Z, the WH attorneys looked at this and said it was all okay. I feel better knowing that.

I do love this "it's just politics" bit by Duckhead.

The libs wanted Karl Rove drug out on the WH lawn and shot over the Valerie Plame business but now that it's the Obama WH it's "just politics".

A GOPer gets caught with his secretary, it's a national scandal for a month. A Democratic President gets caught playing hide the cigar with an intern in the Oval Office and it's "just sex".

Rush has a problem with pain killers, he's a junkie. A Democratic Congressman is abusing prescription drugs and runs his car onto the US Capitol steps and he has a "problem"

And Duck before you start on your "the GOP is for family values so they deserve to be exposed as hypocrites" bit, explain why it's not an issue when a lib makes racist or sexist statements.

the malcontent said...

It's going to be kinda fun watching this unfold. Put Bill Clinton into the equation and we get a whole new story.
This just gets better every day, it's better than watching As The World Turns! These loony tunes think that we are so dumb we will believe anything they throw at us. Sestak said it very clearly, he was offered a job by the White House! Bubba is NOT a member of the White House.
Bill Clinton doesn't have the authority to offer positions in Obamas White House. We all know that!!
So they needed a day or so for all of them to get their story (or their LIES) lined up. That's why Obama said at the press Conference, "The fact will be released in a day or two"
Get used to saying "President Joe Biden"

Ducky's here said...

Yeah Joe, there's a law. And as a result this is the first time this sort of deal has been cut by either party.

Is there a law about being allowed to vote when you are that hopelessly naive?

FrogBurger said...

"Is there a law about being allowed to vote when you are that hopelessly naive?"

Question works for yourself Ducky. I could add to naive: in permanent denial, ignorant of the facts and History.

Your lefty side loves getting votes from the naive. So don't complain too much about it.

Z said...

I think even for ME (who ADORES Mexican food) that would be a tough choice...with no cold, NO CHOICE, but OH, a rotten cold....stay home and get better and enjoy the anticipation of a birthday celebration in a few days, right?
GET BETTER SOON and know we love you!

Ducky, talk about naive.....doesn't it strike you as ridiculous that the WH is saying "nothing was illegal"!? I mean, PLEASE...
There are lefties who don't understand this could be a felony...frankly, I hope it isn't because we don't need something so big in America; it's bad enough the Left has always NAILED Republicans because they never let down and take ANY excuse from a Republican...never minding how it hurts the country.
You sound as dumb here as suggesting Democrats have never done anything like a Watergate!!! :-)

LASunsett said...

//Is there a law about being allowed to vote when you are that hopelessly naive?//

No, but there ought to be a law against worthless lazy bums, using depression as a reason they are unemployed....while drawing government checks for nothing. there ought to be law against those people having the right to vote.

They sit on their asses, vegetating on the couch.... watching Ellen, Jerry Springer, and Oprah (when she isn't up against Judge Judy in the same time slot).

They do it while hard-working people get their asses out of bed early and struggle to make the world function.

The longer your heroes in the WH and Democratic members of Congress continue to reward this kind of behavior, the less prosperous we are going to be....and the more likely hard-workers will throw up their hands and quit, because they can make as much money on the dole as working. And then, we will see less GDP, less tax revenues to pay the union thugs their cut (for nothing), and every special interest that is cozy with Marxist principles.

Of course, as a far right loon, I lack your superior economic knowledge and should feel foolish for thinking I can reason this out.

Opus #6 said...

Z, I agree. The best part is that TIME readers aren't swallowing the lib party line. Yaaay!

FrogBurger said...

LASunsett, bravo!

Z said...

Jingo, Coleman's death apparently WAS a brain problem from a bump or something..very sad. Just wanted to clear up that it was more than what I'd originally heard ..

How's your COLD?