Saturday, December 18, 2010 Mr and Mrs Z about 10 years ago............thanks for asking to see it


Z said...

Five watercolors ...VERY different styles...
The first is Place Daupine in Paris...from a photo I took, drawn and watercolored by moi.

Mr. Z drew the second one from a photo he shot of Honfleur, France (so pretty there) I watercolored it.

No 3 is mine from memories/imagination...very different style for me....drawn and painted by myself

'St Tropez windows' is mine...In person, the colors are very vivid; it's the only one I think I have a copy of as it's the only one I did more than one of. I love this one.

The last one is Sanaray-sur-Mer, which Mr. Z drew, I believe, from a book photo....I did the watercoloring on it.

I hope you enjoy them...Thanks for asking to see them, Anonymous.


Anonymous said...

I love them. Both of you artists, how wonderful. Thanks for putting them up.

Brooke said...

I really love that fourth one, and they are all very nice!

Anonymous said...

Wow, these are really good Z. Watercolors are the most difficult medium IMO.

They're just lovely. Nice technique too.

My gosh girl, singing, writing, and now this. What can't you do?


Layla said...

Oh how Mr. Z talented and you too - this is so awesome. Absolutely beautiful.

Ducky's here said...

Definitely the St. Trpoez windows, but I have a bias for repetitive, minimalist composition.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Z. ---where have you been hiding this talent? Very lovely paintings indeed.

You have a "good hand" for watercolor and bring out it's most enchanting qualities with a sure touch. Not everyone understands how to keep it transparent. I'd say your're a natural ! I have been teaching it for 36 years and
I have seen it all.

Do more--do more ---and share it with the world ! Bravo !

Anonymous said...



Z said...

As I said, the St Tropez is my very favorite..
thanks,Anonymous....Mr. Z passed away last year...that's one reason I wish I had the originals still, but we gifted them.

Brooke, thanks, so glad you like them.

Ducky,, too.

Layla, glad you like them.

Matisse, dear friend...I'm blushing! .... it took some guts just to email you to 'come see' considering what an AMAZING oil painter you are :-) Thank so much. Haven't painted a lick in 10 years...and especially don't much feel like it now.

BROOKE and LAYLA...I am not well and am sorry I haven't been to your blogs...not visiting anybody much; it's all I can do to be here. Am having fine moments and shriekingly painful moments...should be well very soon. I HOPE SO

Susannah said...

Fantastic!! Thanks so much for sending me here!! I LOVE the 4th one especially. It reminds me of 'rainbow row' in Charleston, SC. (It's where Mr. Susannah & I Honeymooned almost 19 yrs. ago.)

Something about the movement of the lines in that one draws me to it...I'm not an artist by any stretch, so I can't articulate it like Duck did. These are just terrific, though. As Pris said, 'What can't you do?' ;)

Susannah said...

btw, feel better...saying prayers for you, dear one.

Z said...

Pris, thanks...that's very sweet of you.

Susannah, thanks for coming by ... I'm So glad you liked them.
I'm delighted so many of you like the St Tropez one.......i really need to frame mine (if I can find it now, come to think of it!)

Anonymous said...

C'est mon plaisir mon ami. J'aime le travail et suis content que je peux vous aider.


Anonymous said...

My favorite???

Fabulous this one is....

PAR TOUR EIFFEL....without a doubt. And I've been there so that's why this one means..PARIS to me and my bride.

Je l'aime !


beamish said...

These are all impressively good.

Very good eye for detail in all of these.

Always On Watch said...

Oh, wow. These are very nice.

I do admit a partiality to water colors.

FrogBurger said...

Very nice! I like the windows a lot.

Can you do one of Obama for me now? Just kidding :)

Anonymous said...

Charming pieces!! Thanks for letting us enjoy them, too.


Anonymous said...

These are lovely!
I'm with Ducky on the St.Tropez, regarding simplicity and repetition.

But the detail in all of them is so pleasing.

It really amazes me how you and Mr. Z both captured perspective so well. I think that's such a difficult thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Very attractive. The colors are good. The mood sunny. Must have been a happy time for you both.

Z said...

anonymous..the 4 years living in Paris were the best in my life...i think Mr. Z felt the same, though he lived there 9 years without me years before that.

Jen, the perspective is difficult but as I said in my first comments, these are from images we either snapped ourselves or Mr z found an image he liked in a book.......I will say he blew them up to the sizes we wanted by himself, which I thought he did masterfully.
He was quite a draftsman and I Loved painting over his stuff.

The St. Tropez windows piece was my photo and my taking just a section of it and painting it...I'm so glad everyone likes that as much as I do. It's definitely my favorite.

Pam said...

just wonderful to see this. Such talent! Proud of you!