Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bill Clinton takes over the presidency again......

Bill Clinton seems to have taken over the presidency for a while! 
Take a look at this the video of Obama telling the press, at a press conference, that he's been keeping the First Lady waiting for half an hour, so he's leaving and Bill's taking over to answer questions. 

Don't want to make MICHELLE mad!! 
Obama leaves a press conference to be with Michelle at some Christmas party.........WHAT?  Except, this was NOT a scheduled press THIS amazing article......the 2 presidents met in private and then had to look for reporters to talk to........had to get someone to unlock the conference room doors!
I don't know...I suppose things come up, but this seems, well......unseemly, to me!
BY the way, is Obama feeling a little impotent these days....?   Read THIS.  He brought in Clinton to sell the tax plan to Democrats!  WHAT is going ON? 
Imagine if Bush had done this and how the media would have reacted instead of how they did? 
"Obama said it was a "terrific meeting" and then yielded to Clinton. The voluble former president took center stage, and Obama left part-way through his remarks, saying he had holiday parties to attend."
Here's what I think they'd have said if Bush had done what Obama did:  "BUSH leaves press conference on taxes to stand by impatient wife Laura at holiday party, is the tax plan so unimportant to him?"  You could make bet on that.  


Anonymous said...

This was an unbelievable event. I think if Bush had done this, the press would have had a field day. It probably would have gone something like this:

"Bush has an amateur night, while ushering in a former pro, President Clinton, to field questions on the tax bill.

It was a little like passing the baton in a relay race, to the best sprinter to cross the finish line.

Awkwardly, Bush left, announcing the first lady was waiting at a party for him to show up, looking for all the world, like the second stringer in the game, who didn't belong there."

If Obama didn't look weak before, he sure looked it during this charade. I can't get over it. He had the appearance of a student listening to his teacher.

It's been said Obama's in over his head, and this affirms that IMO. Most visitors to the WH, with an announcemant after meeting with the President, make remarks outside as their leaving.

One more thing, Gibbs referring to two Presidents as "you guys", is not what I would expect from a President's underling. It's all too strange for me.


beamish said...

I'm relishing the fun that is to be had from pointing out that Obama left Clinton behind to sell not returning to Clinton-era tax rates as a good idea.

I'm guessing the teleprompter was already at the party.

Linda said...

It makes you wonder who is actually in control out there!

Always On Watch said...

Maybe Michelle is ovulating and Barack has an appointment with her?

Z said...

Pris, there isn't any respect for presidents anymore "you guys"...typical Gibbs, but, sadly, typical Obama admin. ...then they go shoot hoops.
Ya, I think my statement in my post from the media goes along with forgot to give Laura a real good slam :-)

Beamish..sublime. And yes, the teleprompter has probably already on its second laced eggnog!!

linda, there's a frightening thought. didn't REALLY go there, DID you? Man, you put me off my morning :-)

beakerkin said...

Pris is correct and Obama is just not Presidential.

Other than the folks in Big Education
I am at a loss as to who this President's core constituents are. I can say with near 100% certainty that his pay freeze move cost him plenty with many of his most vocal defenders.


Off Topic I have a good lead post.
I take a swipe at Poultry's smug imagined intellectual superiority.
I do not recall any Christians among 9-11 truthers, but Marxists are in that group in staggering numbers.

FrogBurger said...

Obama is a girly man. That's official.

Ticker said...

Community Organizers are not taught to finish anything. Just go in stir the pot,get out , let someone else do the work and then take credit for it. Sound familiar?
Name one thing that Obama has ever completed?

Ducky's here said...

Why are you so upset with him. This guy is a right wing dream.

The goal ever since St. Ronnie Raygun has been to raise deficits so high that Social Security and Medicare will be dismantled. This bill pretty much completes the job.

Netanyahoo used him and Hillary as a doormat.

He blocked a court implementation of Don't Ask ... knowing it would not be repealed in the Senate.

The Dream Act (i.e. the fill the military with brown people act) failed.

No climate change action has been taken.

He's going to stay longer in Afghanistan to protect freedom and make z feel safe.

He's advancing the privatization of public education.

This guy is a fringe right wingers dream and you haven't figured it out. He and the Clintons ave done more to advance the fringe cause than Raygun ever did. So a few liberals get upset and he walks away. You must love it.

Of course, the country is going down the drain but that's an unfortunate side effect. Can't have perfection.

FrogBurger said...

This guy is a fringe right wingers dream and you haven't figured it out. He and the Clintons ave done more to advance the fringe cause than Raygun ever did. So a few liberals get upset and he walks away. You must love it.

Shows how clueless you are Ducky. It's not because he's an incompetent bozo that he works for the right wing.

Haven't you understood yet that you are a North Korean type of communist and that the US will never go that route? So yes, everything that is not like Stalin or Mr. Korean Kim will always be right wing to you.

Because, let's be honest, you're messed up in the brain. Maybe you should get your show on MSNBC. You'd fit great with the kookoos there.

Z said...

Ducky, when you start reading my posts and comments again and can accordingly, come back.
Till then, I'll be deleting again.

By the way, did you see the TV interview of Afghanistan important women begging AMerica not to leave? That all would be lost? Ya.

"No climate action change"? No worries, Ducky, the rest of the world will be piling it on us $$$ with levies and carbon points, etc, because your side's actually bought into their THE SKY IS FALLING silliness AND they can see that America is now a country that takes orders from THEM...what a hideous situation your side's put us in... after all we've done to be strong and powerful.

By the way, we care about the oceans, the air....but we put PEOPLE first, then figure out how we can clean the environment, just like we had until Gore arrived and started lying........
STOP believing all the Moveon stuff you hear, DUcky!

When your leftwing stops hating America and shows some respect for it, maybe the world will finally follow suit again; as it is, they see YOUR type slamming her, leaking information about her which makes her more vulnerable,etc, and wonders "WHAT THE.......? IS THIS AMERICA? We were always a little envious and proud to have her around because she helps us so much, but now? WHO IS THIS OBAMA WHO TALKS LIKE HE"S EMBARRASSED TO BE AN AMERICAN? Hey, now's the time to get N KOrea and Iran going, now's the time to send all our illegals over.....looks like they don't CARE!"

Then your type says, all thru Bush's admin "We're so had they hate us in europe!" REALLY?

I'd rather be safe, powerful and enviable, even hated (tho the europeans I've met while living there are just plain jealous when the conversation gets down to that)..than the wuss, appeasing, ineffectual place Obama's made us.

You can't make this up, Ducky! :-)

Debbie said...

Don't you know Obama was steaming inside, having Clinton take over the podium?

Right Truth

Z said...

I'm not sure, Debbie, he looks relieved to me, but you could be right; his ego's even bigger than Clinton's, it seems, so you're probably right, but he would have had to answer some questions..
the first question asked was pretty Republican-flattering so I'm sure Obama heard that and fled.


beamish said...

This guy is a fringe right wingers dream and you haven't figured it out. He and the Clintons ave done more to advance the fringe cause than Raygun ever did. So a few liberals get upset and he walks away. You must love it.

Of course. Who in their right mind would believe incompetent leftists like Clinton and Obama aren't controlled against their will by Reagan from beyond the grave?

Personal question, Ducky.

Does Velcro confuse you?

Z said...

now, now, Beamish...let's "STICK" to the topic :-)

beamish said...

Seriously, Z?

Given that it is patently absurd to even imagine Ducky knows what's he's talking about?

On any topic?

Look I'll demonstrate:

Hey, Ducky. Get over here you friggin' retard. Yes, you. All fingers out of your orifices in public. You've been told.

Now, Ducky. Explain what would make Obama "more left-wing" and what solutions he could implement.

RedWood said...

Putin keep looking better and better.

We might as well have real deal rather than an amateur, Ya think? Putin's at least smart enough to announce that socialism doesn't work and he was aghast that we were heading in that direction under the fraud, poseur Obama.

Can he be drafted? I hear he sings a mean "Blueberry Hill" too.

Z said...

Beamish"Now, Ducky. Explain what would make Obama "more left-wing" and what solutions he could implement.":

You know what DUcky'd say....everybody's not wearing Mao jackets yet, so Obama's rightwing.

RedWood...good point. Pretty bad when PUTIN looks better than the American president, isn't it. I wouldn't trust Putin for ANYTHING but he's finally pegged socialism correctly..and our left keeps plugging for it...go figure. And, it seems they don't even understand it because even Ducky doesn't see socialism in the health care plan or buying companies or taxing the successful!!!!!
And, when you complain THEY ask US to define socialism. :-)

beamish said...

You know what DUcky'd say....everybody's not wearing Mao jackets yet, so Obama's rightwing.

Mao jackets, goofy facial hair, and death camps, something. What is Ducky missing about Obama's leftism that his supporters at the Communist Party USA aren't missing and are in fact quite pleased with?

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Mr Obama in making this step tacitly acknowledges he has lost control and, instead, has chosen someone with what he considers to possess "Demorat Veritas" to help him out. Though meant to appear informal you can bet that it was scripted. It is absolutely UNHEARD OF for a sitting president to vacate a press conference at the White House, in the WH press room, to not just step aside but then physically DISAPPEAR and, further, to allow an ex-president to continue the press conference and continue to answer questions posed by the WH press corps.

Again, clear evidence that Mr Obama is not just more than overwhelmed, he is looking for any life ring in the bobbing and tumultuous waters. The child has decided to call in public help from what he considers to be an adult.

And notice how easily POWER came back to our William Jefferson Clinton, and how readily and comfortably he wielded it.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...


Let's just ask, point blank:

Precisely WHAT should Mr Obama do in order to solve US domestic problems on every front -- AND -- what should Mr Obama do in order to solve world problems?

Be specific, please. Here is your chance to advance your thoughts as if you were Mr Obama. What should he do? Don't just list one thing; list as many as you can.


Anonymous said...

There's plenty to be sceptical about Putin and thinking back to the days when Armand Hammer ably assisted in bringing "the voice of postive Christianity" to the USSR there may be many phony poses occuring. When Putin took over from Yeltsin wasn't it on December 31, 1999? How long before somebody will point to Putin as being the saviour of the new millinium?