Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Your Christmas Present

If you could have ANYTHING for Christmas...what would that be?

Okay, now....realistically..........what DO you want for Christmas that you just might get? :-)

Do you have a favorite gift you're giving, just the right thing for someone, and can you share that?

I'd love to know!



beamish said...

In no particular order, I'd like:

New shoes
A new XBox 360 (will settle for a DVD / BluRay player)
New tires on my car
A phone call from my sister
Everybody else to get what they want

Always On Watch said...

What I'd like to get:

A new pair of gloves
Homemade fruitcake -- with booze in it
New sweaters/blouses
A VCR (mine bit the dust)
A new television
A family dinner on Christmas Eve -- at my younger cousin's house
Money and/or gift cards!

I'm terrible at figuring out what to give others. However, one of my best friends is nicknamed Bunny, and I got here a framed sketch of a bunny rabbit. I got the picture at a yard sale, but Bunny won't mind as the picture is the perfect gift for her collection.

I send Warren and Jackie a Figi's "meat-o-gram" every year. That way, Warren doesn't have to cook much for a few days.

Ducky's here said...

I'd settle for a new telephoto lens.

Chuck said...

I don't typically want much, I'd rather get the kids stuff.

I would be happy with a new MP3. I was working in the yard and left mine on the hood of my car "for a minute". It's the last time I saw it.

Anonymous said...

I love reading these lists.
AOW's fruitcake request made me laugh. ;-)

I wish I could play Santa for y'all.

If I could have something miraculous, it would be for my drug addicted uncle to get sober and for healing to take place in my mom's family.

On a more materialistic note:
gift card to the bookstore
more polaroid film
new drawing pens
Jung's Red Book
some really nice boots
a subscription to satellite radio

Z said...

love reading these..thanks.

I didn't want to say, but I've been in quite some pain the last week or so and am not visiting blogs ... please hang in there, I hope I'm back soon, this is a nerve syndrome I don't wish on anybody.
Please keep me in your prayers. I can come type between bouts of pain.

DaBlade said...

I'm not sure yet if "a job" fits in the first category or the "realistic" category. If there's one thing I've learned over this last difficult year, it's that I have all that I need and am extremely blessed. I'm with Chuck in the giving to the kids thingy. I just hope they appreciate their very own mason jar of stewed tomatoes. Just kidding! Luckily I saved for these rainy days and take solace in the knowledge that the rest will take care of itself. Taking comfort and joy by surrounding ourselves with our loved ones is really all any of us needs.

beamish said...

I forgot to mention whirled peas.

Z, I'm sorry about the pain you feel. I hope it's not with you long.

I can give prayers for Christmas.

In fact, scratch my list. I need prayers myself.

Anonymous said...

A world without religion.

Think of all the innocent men, women and children that would be alive today if this World had no religion.

Anonymous said...

“Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction¬.”
-Blaise Pascal

Ducky's here said...

Sorry anonymous, the Holy mysteries still give me a little hope for the world.

Not an antidote to Kapital yet but they can save us from Libertarianism.

Ducky's here said...

I bought my grand niece a big plush duck. Yeah, she's going through her duck stage already and I had very little to do with it.

FrogBurger said...

I have no idea. I don't need much to be honest.

Think of all the innocent men, women and children that would be alive today if this World had no religion.

I imagine a world without collectivist thoughts. That's what killed the most on this planet, not religion. Religion killed when it was in a collectivist mindset and when religion and the State collide.

FrogBurger said...

Not an antidote to Kapital yet but they can save us from Libertarianism.

After all I think I need a Ducky bobblehead so I can laugh at it everyday.

Ducky's here said...

Oh be nice, Froggy. I hope you get your deepest wish this Christmas and get to dig up and rape Ayn Rand's corpse.

FrogBurger said...

Oh Ducky, my joke was funny. Yours is the one of a psychopath trying to disguise himself as a nice guy. Catholic uh?

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, my children asked me the same thing. I can't think of anything in particular. I'm too busy asking them what they would like or need.

We all are partial to being surprised. My best gift of all is, that my family get's together at our house Christmas morning to open gifts, and to have a nice big breakfast together.

I can't share what I'm giving, some of the the rascals in my family have the good taste to read GEEEZ!

"In fact, scratch my list. I need prayers myself."

Beamish, consider it done.

Z, I pray you're on the mend.


namaste said...

Z, i hope you feel better soon. ugh. when our body's not 100% it is such a distraction.

something frivolous like a bunch of expensive lipsticks.


Ticker said...

I really have no need for anything for myself. I would , for my children and friends, wish for them to come to know and understand the real meaning of Christmas and then follow that for the rest of their lives, passing it along to their children as it was passed along to me.

It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ Act 20:35

For you my new friend Z, I pray that you are healed in mind, body and spirit for I know of the pain you suffer in all those areas. He is willing and able to bring healing and restoration if we only ask, believing that it will be done.

24 Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them. Mark 11:24

Merry Christmas to all and may each of you be blessed in the coming days ahead.

Faith said...

I hope it's not shingles, Z. But if it is try carrot juice, lots of it. I'm not sure it will work but I really think it might because if I have a herpes sore on my lip carrot juice will wipe it out in a flash. Kid you not. Herpes zoster isn't herpes simplex but I think it's worth thinking about. I've also heard about people who have used carrot juice to defeat cancer, even melanoma and prostate cancer. They drink so much it turns them orange but what's that compared to death? I'm going to be blogging on this soon, it just happens to be on my mind lately.

I'd like a good camera for Christmas. And a pair of fur-lined slipper boots for around the apartment. It's COLD in here.

Hope everybody gets their heart's desire this year.

Z said...

"Blogger Ducky's here said...

Sorry anonymous, the Holy mysteries still give me a little hope for the world."

Good for you, Ducky, I couldn't agree with you more. to blame religion for people who say they act in the name of religion is sad and silly.

Beamish "Z, I'm sorry about the pain you feel. I hope it's not with you long.

I can give prayers for Christmas."

Mostly you make me laugh, sometimes you make me cry, like now. God bless you, sweet friend.. and thanks. it's been six days of pain worse than any 100 migraines I ever suffered but the meds are numbing it a little....and it's "not serious".. oh, MAN.

FB...YOU are something else :-)

Pris, thanks....all of you here at geeez are gifts to me.

Ticker, thanks. you made me cry, too....I've got a lot of wonderful pray-ers praying for me...I think God's busy....or, as Anonymous suggests, maybe He's out hurting people in the name of religion (just kidding, of course)
Here's all I can do with this:
I go to the doctor today and, in all this pain, I stay resolute saying either to him or his nurses if the timing is right; "God's in control, I trust Him." If ONE person hears that and is touched by it, that might be why I have this syndrome.

thanks, everybody.

Z said...

Namaste, thanks, honey. Good to see you.xxx

Faith, I think there is some shingles going on in, it's why I'm going in. It's diagnosed as neuralgia with all the symptoms, but I really do think I could have shingles and I am so grateful you came by and weighed in. I will definitely heed your advice.
I hope ,very much, that you get those gifts you desire.

Anonymous said...

Well, Z, in the part of the world in which I reside I'll probably need a new snow shovel before this winter is over. More snow than I've seen since we've lived here (21 years) and more to come.

But whatever the weather if you don't have good health what does everything else matter? For better or worse that's where it starts, IMO.

Wishing you a speedy recovery, more health and happiness and a Merry Christmas to you and your readers!


Anonymous said...

DaBlade, what you said touched my heart...because my mamaw gave me canned tomatoes for Christmas for years, and because everything you said is true.

beamish said...

"There is a God shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created thing, but only by God, the Creator, made known through Jesus." - Blaise Pascal

Merry Christmas, Anonymous.

Z said...

Faith, it IS shingles...I just got back from the doctor. The strangest thing is that the areas of enormous, intense pain all over the left side of my head do NOT have the shingles bumps! But my ear's a mess.
Anyway, believe it or not, I'm glad it's not what he'd thought it was..shingles goes away.

I'll be taking about 20 pills a day now and hate that part of it. I will see if I can find some carrot juice, thanks.

Beamish, re Blaise Pascal; secularists think that religious people are supposed to be perfect and that's the farthest thing from the truth, especially for Christians like us. And, if we're not perfect, we have a terrible religion and we're wrong and hateful. But, it's imperfection which brings us to Him and He forgives and helps.......(man, I hope he helps stop this intense pain of mine)
Thanks...those two Pascal quotes make sense if you truly understand our faith, don't they.
You're the best, Beamish. I hope I made sense up there in this comment?

I'll be back later...thanks for all your comments, everyone.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to have seen my Dad make one more Christmas with us.

On the other hand I can't think of anything I really want or need. Good health is all I ask for my family, friends, neighbors for the coming year.

Elmers Brother said...

my sil after contracting breast cancer tried that carrot juice diet, didn't help...she died anyway.

Faith said...

Well, God's timing is always right isn't it? Shingles just popped into my head when you said painful nerve problem. Man I wish the carrot juice would do it for you. I hate the idea of all those pills. I have a juicer and just got myself a ten-pound bag of carrots to juice for my own reasons. But I think you can get it bottled at any health food store, maybe even some grocery stores. I'd get at least a gallon or two and take it a glass at a time as you can handle it. Hope you can stand the stuff. I happen to like it myself. I juice a granny apple with mine, so I suppose you can add a bit of apple juice to it if you like. There's also something called a Carrot Milkshake (lots of recipes online) but I think that just adds unnecessary bulk when what you need is the pure carrot.

Blessings and prayers.

Faith said...

I'm promising nothing, Elbro. It's all anecdotal. I just think it's worth a try, and you do need to drink a LOT of the stuff as I understand it.

beamish said...


I suspect "Anonymous'" wet blanket wish for no religion in the world and his anti-religion Pascal quote in particular were given in utter imbecilic ignorance of Pascal's fervent Christian beliefs.

Beliefs which led Pascal to also say "Can anything be stupider [sic]than that a man has the right to kill me because he lives on the other side of a river and his ruler has a quarrel with mine, though I have not quarrelled with him?"

Perhaps not as "stupider" as that, but quoting famous people out of context to attempt to parade a secularist point the quoted famous people would actually never subscribe to is rather obviously and irredeemably stupid.

But we knew that already.

We wish "Anonymous" a Merry Christmas nonetheless, and a new hobby other than asinine trolling in the coming new year.

Brooke said...

Oh, good lawrd, trolls abound on the most innocent of posts!

Back to the subject; I would like a hot cup of Irish Coffee in front of the tree after the kids are sound asleep, and a warm plate of cookies to share with 'Santa', if you get me. :)

Z said...

Here's a kind of sweet story...
I bought a bunch of very small, very pretty flashlights from QVC a couple of years ago...I gave them to girlfriends and kept one for myself.
I asked the doctor on the phone the other night what his little girls wanted and he said "Grace wants a flashlight" (she's 4!)
Today, I was using my little orange flashlight and remembered that I hadn't given one away, I thought I still had one in my closet..sure enough, there it was, all wrapped with "Red flashlight" on a postit!
I took it to my doctor today and he was thrilled! WHat are the chances I'd happen to have one let alone remember and FIND it? :-)
He didn't charge me the $175 for today's visit...."you brought the flashlight" most expensive flashlight going, huh?
My doctor's gold.

beamish said...


It's kinda like the asshat left-winger who mocked Sarah Palin the other day for citing C.S. Lewis as an influence, mocking her as "being inspired by children's books," apparently unaware that the man wrote more than just "children's books."

This in a world where computers connect to both Farmville and encyclopediac outlets of knowledge.

You never can grasp the full effect of a leftist's incapability of rational thought until they say something and thus expose their inexcusable ignorance in all matters.

Elmers Brother said...

well evidently it wasn't enough, however much she drank

Elmers Brother said...

I assume then Faith that you wouldn't mind a testimony to the contrary when you put it on your blog

Faith said...

Have no problem at all with contrary comments at my blog, Elbro. Fire away. But you may find when I get around to doing the blog piece that your contrary testimony isn't all that contrary since I'm not into making extravagant claims for these things. In fact I'd like to hear your story in as much detail as you can muster.

I mentioned two bits of anecdotal evidence about cancer, I can quote one when I get to it, and the other I just remember hearing about, and neither had to do with breast cancer.

Everybody's different, cancers are different. I have a neighbor who was first diagnosed with breast cancer some ten years ago now and I keep expecting to hear she's died -- I've expected it for years now but she just keeps going although she stopped all chemo and radiation treatments four or five years ago because they were worse than the disease, and almost two years ago now the doctor specifically gave her three to four months to live. She doesn't do carrot juice or anything that I know of. We're all different.

Since shingles is excruciatingly painful and it's a herpes and carrot juice really does zap a herpes blister on the lip for me, which otherwise I have to put up with for about a week, I thought it worth recommending. If there's any reason Z doesn't want to try it that's up to her. I think it helps if you love carrot juice. I could guzzle the stuff all day myself.

Anonymous said...

How's that praying working out for you Z, you all better?

Major said...

"How's that praying working out for you Z

STFU pagan. If you can't say anything good, productive or gracious, then PISS Off.

I'd like to punch your lights out twerp.

RedWood said...


I'll second that.

FrogBurger said...

How's that praying working out for you Z, you all better?

Anon, shut the hell up indeed you big dummy.

Scientific studies have shown that it does make things better.

Go on TMZ blogs if you want to stay dumb. I imagine you haven't gotten beyond puberty yet.

Ticker said...

ElBro, I hear a lot of saddness as well as a lot of anger in your writing. Just who are you angry with? Are you angry at your Sil, youself or are you angry with God or maybe all of the above.
Carrot juice or no carrot juice my friend, death will claim us all. God says that he knew us before we were formed and that he had plans for us. He also said that He knows the number of our days and I can tell you there is nothing we can do to extend those days other than praying for God's mercy and Grace to be delivered in His healing. A miracle some call it. We can reduce those numbers by our own actions and God, loving as he is, will not interfer with us other than sending the Holy Spirit to convict us or our ways and turn us from our paths of unrighteousness. If we do so then we will continue our life as He had planned for us.
I know that when my wife died of Leukemia 10 years ago I was devastated, angry and didn't know where to turn. Once I began to talk with HIM I first forgave myself for being angry at me. I had no reason for I had done all I could do. I had not at that time learned the power of prayer and yes, there is more power in one single prayer than in all the carrots and juice and doctors in the world. I then forgave my wife for dying for somehow I was angry with her for leaving me. She certainly did not want to die, she was 47 years old, young, much to young to die a painful death in five months after diagnosis.
I then ask forgiveness for my lack of faith and asked for knowledge to replace the anger and frustration. I received it and more. Along with that came the wisdom to know how and when to apply that knowledge and this is one of those times I feel.
I wrote a verse in my earlier post to Z Mark 11:24 and it is so very true but first we must learn how to ask. So many of us ask without power to ask, ie not really believing that what we ask will be given. We we an come to the point that we can ask in absolute faith, much like a child who ask for a certain present at Christmas, just knowing that they will get it without a doubt in their mind, then we can ask and we will see things begin to happen in our lives that we have never seen before.
How do I know this? I learned to become child like in my faith and not to have doubts in my heart nor my mind that God would not answer my prayers. I can testify that I was healed totally and completely from Lymphoma. I was stage IV, terminal with a 4cm mass under my right arm. That was on Thursday, My surgery was scheduled for Tuesday of the following week. On Sunday the lady who became my wife a few years later asked if she could pray for my healing and if I would pray in agreement with her. I said yes. On Tuesday there was no mass to be found under my arm. It was gone completely and verified by 7 doctors and nurses. Seven is the number of perfection. Again just three years ago Cancer stuck again in my body. this time Prostrate Cancer, level 8, the highest level according to the doctors.
I asked for healing and then underwent the surgery. The doctors were amazed that the cancer was only concentrated in the prostrate and had not spread as it usually does at that level. God saw fit to give me yet a few more days perhaps to do such as I am doing know.Telling others of his grace , his mercy and his healing power so easily accessed through a simple prayer. Jesus died not only for our sin but he also died for our healing. The scripture says that he carried our transgressions(sin) and our infirmities(sickness and illness) We receive healing the same way as we do salvation, by asking and receiving. In the heart man believes and with the mouth confession is made unto righteousness (in the Greek it is the same word as wholeness) .

Have to do this in two parts,

Ticker said...

So ElBro and others who are reading this I hope that you can come to understand that God is a loving God and does not desire that any of us suffer from our infirmaries. I have so much more that I could write but I feel that I have said what was needed at this point. If you or anyone would like to discuss this further, please go to my blog site and in my profile you will find my e mail address. I will be more than happy to share with you what I have received. There is no judgment, just some words that you can accept or leave where you found them.

Z, forgive my highjacking your wonderful post. Merry Christmas.

Ticker said...

Anon. I pray that someday when need prayer there will be those who will pray for you and yes, with you.

And yes Anon, prayer works you just have to know the one who hears all of your prayers. As of this point Anon the only prayer that he will hear from you is one for forgiveness of your unbelief. The Holy Spirit will speak to you and tell you of your need but for only a season, the scripture tells us and then he will strive with you no more. I hope that the Holy Spirit is speaking to you as you read this and you will ask God to forgive you of your sin(of unbelief) and make you whole as He intended for you to be. It's up to you however to accept or reject. Rejection has consequences.

Truth said...


I feel sorry for you.

God is a loving God and does not desire that any of us suffer from our infirmaries.


Z said...

Anonymous, thanks for saying that....it's very typical of people who don't quite understand Christianity..you're not alone, believe me.
No, the pain's better but not gone...

Are you under the impression that people of faith who pray have perfect, painless lives? Did Christ?

As I wrote earlier, if I can witness to one person for carrying this amazing pain with dignity and grace through God "God's giving me the strength to get through", that's good enough for me.
A very Christian dear friend of mine just called and asked if I was better; I told her I was and she said she'd sleep a little better tonight for having heard that.
I hope that, someday, someone says something as lovely and amazing as that, I really do.
ALL my Christian friends have been astonishing...I found two ornaments on my front porch two days ago and a little 'Christmas tree' shaped rosemary bush on my porch today; no notes...just amazing people wanting me to know they're thinking of me.
Calls and emails are coming in..God's at work. I wish you that amazing feeling in the wake of pain.

Ticker, thank you for sharing all of that..I'm SO SO sorry about your wife's passing and your cancer..and so glad you're okay.

Truth, where did you get a different feeling from Ticker?
And, truthfully, do you, too, believe that faith makes every bad thing go away? DAFUR?

Z said...

by the way, Anonymous...I forgot to mention the funniest part of your statement. Did you think I'd have a "EUREKA" moment!? Like 'Gee, I never THOUGHT of that!?"
Or my life's been perfect for so many years of my life that I didn't realize bad things happen to people of faith, too?
That cracks me up! "Oh GEE... you're KIDDING! I'm a Christian, Anonymous's inference is right....why didn't I think of that?"

Not to be tooo sarcastic, but it is funny :-)

Ticker said...

Truth, no need to feel sorry for me for you see I am secure in who I am in Him.

I also sense something else in you as well Anon or Truth, which ever unholy name you wish to use for indeed your purpose here on this blog is one of evil intent and nothing more.
The scripture speaks of such forces of evil as I sense from you. You are but one of many who are theives.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.
John 10:9-11

The scripture also says that at the name of Jesus ever knee must bow and so you must as well for you know who your father is and he is not the Heavenly Father.

Greater is he that is in me, than he that is in the world.

With those words I can withstand your evil and vileness for you have no power in this world save that which those who are weak in the flesh and spirit may give to you and I give you nothing.

You have no power over any of these on this blog nor I. For it is written, at the name of Jesus ever knee must bow. I bind and rebuke your vilness and evil in the name of Jesus of Nazereth.

Z if you look up the word Dalfur it leads you to the word fire and other words related to such, most of which are evil, vulgar and certainly a demonic word to be used as a curse. This individual is of demonic nature whose intent is to do nothing but to steal(the joy of Christmas) to destroy and kill the faith of those who believe the Good News of the Christmas season. Just as surely as there are angels that walk among us there are demons as well and you have been dealing with a demon disguised as a troll on this blog. That is why I chose to bind and rebuke him in Jesus Name for other wise he might have completed his purpose. Just as he was angering Frog, Redwood and Major as well as others he would continue if we allowed him to do so.
Again I highjacked your blog but this time I offer no apology for we must all take a stand against evil or be overcome by it.

David Wyatt said...

300 Winchester Magnum would be nice.

Z, I'm praying for you. I know that sometimes just drawing nearer Him is the best thing possible, since His grace is sufficient, even in pain, & I know you understand that. You are a blessing to me. Merry CHRISTmas.

Z said...

Thank you, David, so much.

To some of you others, I appreciate a good conversation but sometimes end up sounding so strident especially about faith, and I don't much like it...I will never quite understand some who can't allow others to have their own beliefs...
and, odd, but it always seems to come from leftwingers.

Also, I"m hoping the whole comments section goes back to Christmas gifts...it started out fun.

Anonymous said...

let's see....I've thought of a few more...I'm a GREEDY girl this year!

(dream gifts)
two days every week of silence, and solitude

really nice linens for my bed

10 of my images printed 11x14 or 16x22 and framed

new socks (white and soft)

a new dress

a month without internet or cell phone usage

beamish said...

How's that praying working out for you Z, you all better?

She "paid" a flashlight for a $175 doctor's visit and recieved well wishes from friends all over the nation while you were clicking your gears for something intelligent to say...

...and you still failed.

Don't give up, "Anonymous." There's always the chance you might accidentally impress yourself if no one else.

Always On Watch said...

Nerve pain is the worst. I've been living with that kind of pain at some level ever since the car accident I had in 2005. I cannot function without gabapentin. **sigh**

Z said...

3:50 AM in LA and the antibiotic gives me a screaming headache! OH, this is SUCH fun. man.

AOW, neurontin, exactly what I'm on; and two other meds. I'm so sorry you go through nerve pain. This is 'astonishing' pain, it really is.

Jen, I love all of those.

Beamish....sigh zzxxx

Jan said...

Z..I hope nobody takes this the wrong way...but, I just love Beamish!

I hope you are feeling better, even if just a little bit, and I know prayer helps, and you're getting lots of them from most of us, so it won't be too much longer until you'll be feeling lots better!

Whew...is that what's called a run-on sentence? :)

Sending lots of love and prayers your way!

beamish said...