Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hawaii again...surfers, landscape and a 'whale' of a good time had and captured by Ms Z on her trip to Maui


Linda said...

I'd like to spend a few day in Hawaii! It looks so beautiful.
My word is 'rejeck'. I hope the thought isn't 'rejecked'!

Z said...

YOU are never a 'rejeck', Linda (that's funny!)
Ms Z is coming home tonight after about 2 wks on Maui...the last email I got was signed...
"Ms Z (only she uses her real name! :-) in HEAVEN"

Well, you can see from her pix what a gorgeous trip she had...she's sailed, tried surfing, ziplined, helicoptered and hiked...who knows what else; the girl's got as much energy as her dad had..which is saying something!

Ducky's here said...

I'm too stunned to comment. Sox signed Carl Crawford. Oh man, put him in front of Pedroia with Ortiz, Gonzalez and Youkalis in the middle of the order. That is dirty, just dirty.

If they can pick up one reliever now the Spankees can forget about showing up. It's over. Life is god in Red Sox nation. Gotta look for some fun somewhere because the world is just to scary.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

God bless you, my dear.

I know how it, at one hand, liberated you.

I know, please trust me, on the other hand, how it constricted you though you won't write about it.

You, Me, we all need to "move on."

But it is so.

So DAMNED hard to do so.

It's almost like we need "permission."

I WANTED to have "permission."

But I felt "guilty" about that permission anyway.


Z said...

Ducky, didn't know you took your sports quite so seriously...!

BZ, I'm not sure what you're referring to..........
but, it's fascinating that you write this. I'm not ready to 'move on' regarding Mr. Z but I do feel, 14 months later, an odd calm sometimes. NOt lately, sadly, you know how the holidays can be when you're missing the person who meant such happy Christmases.....
I can't write more, it's personal and tough and too complicated for even me to figure out let alone write about it, but you're right..a million emotions in five minutes, that's what losing a beloved spouse is like.

Opus #6 said...

Z, I am glad to hear that you were able to get out and about. And in Hawaii, that is heaven on Earth.

Z said...

EVERYBODY..MS Z is my stepdaughter, not me, Z!!
Sorry for the confusion!


Chuck said...

Glad you had a chance to take some time to enjoy yourself. You had Mr Z with you the whole time.

Z said...

it's not me, CHuck, it's MS Z, Mr. Z's daughter.
I'm Z! :-) xx

Opus #6 said...

Z, that's reassuring. For a moment there, I thought you referred to yourself in the 3rd person. ;-)

MK said...

Hope you had a really good time Z.

Z said...

MK, that cracked me up! READ the comments above.
That's not my photography! :-)
Ms Z just walked in and we've had a nice chat about her wonderful trip and she's laughing about everybody still thinking she's ME:-)


Anonymous said...

Z, what a beautiful place, isn't it? Paradise. Glad to hear Ms Z had such a good time.


Chuck said...

Z, not only did I not get it, I didn't see your comment above mine. Oh well, my wife says I'm oblivious.

Always On Watch said...

Question about pictures 3 and 4: Is that Molokai?

Anonymous said...


...But the emperor was naked! Only he didn't realize it till now. ;)

Signed: A well-wisher.

Z said...

Chuck, I had to tease:-)

AOW, she spent the whole time on Maui

"Anonymous" is that 'well wishing'? I have faith that you're wrong.

Z said...

oh, and obviously a lot of evidence ":-)"

Anonymous said...

...I didn't know that the emperor was not only naked but also "lame". Wonder when would he realize that!

P.S. Forget it, Z. I don't want to ruin your "party". I suggest that you delete the comments.


Signed: A well-wisher of the well-wisher.

Anonymous said...

...I enjoy reading your blog, btw. There is such ec(h)o-friendliness about it. ;)

Ticker said...

Beautiful pics. Glad Ms Z had a ball. Talk about confusing. I thought you were refering to your Mother-in-Law, not your daughter! But then I 'm getting old, what's you young folks excuse? hahahah

Anyhow, I sure could use some of that warm weather about now. IT'S COLD and going to get colder on Monday. Low of 14 degrees, OUCH! Down south ai't what it's cracked up to be folks. So much for Global Warming.

Z said...

anon, I just wonder at certain comments and their motivation... thanks for coming by.

Ticker, Ms Z said Hawaii had perfect temps her whole 2 weeks....just wonderful, as you can tell from the pictures. Good luck with your cold temps!...we've had a few cool streaks (you'd laugh if I gave you the temps that I think are cool!) but it's into the low seventies again the next few days. I really like cool weather, but don't know how I'd manage in temps like yours.

beamish said...

You should turn anonymous commenting off, Z.

It ain't hard to sign up for a gmail account so you can comment on Blogger. There's no excuse.

Those that wish to be taken seriously will do so.

Even overpaid government workers can find time to create sock puppet shows on Blogger on the taxpayer's dime to accomodate their need to post.

No reason to be open to anonymous comments. It's not like anonymity can't be retained with a fake blogger screen name. And posters can delete their own posts.

It's win-win.

Debbie said...

I'll never forget the first time I went to Hawaii, with hubby and daughter years ago. The Navy sent us. We were all sick with stomach flu on the plane over and the medic and his wife that met us had to take us to the infirmary first and get us some medicine.

They then took us to the hotel, and even in our sick condition, I don't think I have ever experiences anything so new and beautiful.

It was night, the Hawaiian music was playing, someone in full Hawaiian dressed in full Hawaiian attire sounding the conk, dancers, the smells of the flowers, ...

We lived there almost 2 years and have been back only once since. I would love to live there, but the land prices are way too high for me.

I hope you were renewed and refreshed Z.

Right Truth

Anonymous said...

...This is getting funnier by minutes @ Debbie.

Signed: Blemish.

beamish said...

Or, you could continue subject yourself to the further "anonymous" barbs of clueless imbeciles.

I don't see what the big deal about creating a Blogger account to post from could be. It even allows them to pretend to be female and flirt with people online for homoerotic kicks, if that's their thing.

All I'm saying it that it closes an obvious door to people who were asked not to post here.

You ought to try it, Z.

Z said...

Beamish, I'll wait a while. I just noticed where I can block Anonymous Commenters (i didn't know).
Yes, it's very easy to open a Blogger account, but I'll lose really good commenters who're friends and only stop by from time to time. We'll see.

Again, you just have to wonder at the way people post without saying who they are and want to insult; shows a lot, doesn't it.

I'll set that, probably..have to think it over.

beamish said...

I don't think you have many people that post anonymously that wouldn't be willing to set up an account to continue to post. Pris, Frogburger, and others would certainly be missed, but with an account, they could start their own blogs as well as comment with their own customized sign in / avatar.

I'm sure they'd understand the minor adjustment they'd have to make to help YOU cut the crap factor.

Even Ducky, self-styled "troll non pareil" signed up for his own Blogger sign-in, which makes him a little better than those who pit no effort whatsoever into their trolling.

Ticker said...

Anon sounds a like a Duck, Quack, Quack! At least about the same level of mentality...lower than a pee ant under a rock.

Z said...

beamish, thanks, I know all that but they just don't open accounts...I can't force people.
Also, most trolls never come back, so I'm not doing any shutting down Anonymous comments until I need to.....let's wait and see..thanks

beamish said...

Ad augusta per angusta...