Friday, December 3, 2010

Bush"VISITS"....Obama goes into "DANGEROUS AFGHANISTAN!"

I saw the wording on the Obama article I've quoted from below and thought I'd check media coverage of Bush's trips to Afghanistan and Iraq and, sure enough, the Obama-lovin' media's on duty :-)

Thursday, March 2, 2006

NEW DELHI, March 1 -- President Bush made an unannounced visit to Afghanistan on Wednesday to rally U.S. troops and boost the country's embattled president, Hamid Karzai, at a time when Afghanistan is facing a sharp rise in deadly violence that poses the most serious threat yet to the U.S.-backed government

here's another:

Bush pays surprise visit to Iraq
George W Bush serves turkey to US troops in Baghdad
Mr Bush helped serve a traditional Thanksgiving meal
US President George W Bush has made a surprise visit to Baghdad to mark America's Thanksgiving holiday.
The event was kept secret until Mr Bush left the Iraqi capital because of security concerns. Had word of the trip leaked it would have been cancelled.
Mr Bush spent two hours having dinner with about 600 stunned US troops at Baghdad airport before leaving Iraq.
Even they had not been told in advance that Mr Bush was coming on the visit, the first to Iraq by a US president.

And another...........

President Bush assured Iraqis in a surprise visit to Baghdad on Tuesday that the United States stands with them and their new government. “It’s in our interest that Iraq succeed,” he said, seated alongside newly named Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.


BAGRAM AIR FIELD, Afghanistan – President Barack Obama slipped unannounced into dangerous Afghanistan on Friday for a hurried holiday season visit with U.S. troops, but plans for a face-to-face meeting with Afghan President Hamid Karzai were abruptly scrapped.
The White House blamed the last-minute cancellation on rough weather. Instead, the two leaders spoke by phone, Obama at the air base and Karzai in Kabul.
Obama's surprise visit, his second to Afghanistan as president, came a year after he widened an ever deadlier war and ahead of the completion later this month of a review of the 9-year-plus conflict.
Under intense security, Obama landed in darkness after a clandestine departure from the White House on Thursday, where plans of his trip into the war zone were tightly guarded. \
Bush, when he went to Afghanistan and Iraq, had a 'surprise or unannounced' visits...but Obama SLIPPED UNANNOUNCED INTO DANGEROUS AFGHANISTAN!?  
no big deal...........but it's fun to catch them in the act, isn't it? (again and again and again and again and.....)


Always On Watch said...

The media are still fawning over BHO.

Nothing new, huh?

Z said...

I just wanted to show still stuns me that kids who went to journalism school can even bring themselves to be so bias...probably, it just shows that their instructions have changed from their profs;
It's no longer WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN and WHY?


Anonymous said...

Good for you, catching them red-handed. We need as much of this exposure of the truth of media bias as we can get.

Ducky's here said...

I assume you know it was a staged photo op ... that wasn't a real turkey (on the platter that is).

Brooke said...

That's ALL Ducky's got?

BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! Like Obama has NEVER, EVER staged a photo op! HAHAHHAHAHAAA!!!!

Oh, Margaret!

So, can I take these headlines and assume that Bush had Afghanistan under better control than Obama, seeing as it is now such a risk for our pResident to go there?


Ticker said...

Anything to stroke his narcissistic ego.

Ducky, you are becoming more of a Troll each time I see your comments. Why don't you just go back under the bridge with your goats.

Anonymous said...

Since the majority of the military despise Obama it probaly was dangerous

Z said...

You absolutely showed what I"ve been trying to explain about you for years........Don't respond to facts that you can't deny, find some red herring that's just silly, harp on that and hope the criticism of the left is forgotten?
:-) THanks.!!

Z said...

By the way, check this out:

"Officials said they did not know the turkey would be there or that Bush would pick it up. A contractor had roasted and primped the turkey to adorn the buffet line, while the 600 soldiers were served from cafeteria-style steam trays, the officials said. They said the bird was not placed there in anticipation of Bush's stealthy visit, and military sources said a trophy turkey is a standard feature of holiday chow lines.

The scene, which lasted only a few seconds, was recorded by a pool photographer and described by officials yesterday in response to questions raised in Washington.

The foray boosted poll numbers for Bush and flagging morale for troops. But it also has opened new credibility questions for a White House that has dealt with issues as small as who placed the "Mission Accomplished" banner aboard the aircraft carrier Bush used to proclaim the end of major combat operations in Iraq, and as major as assertions about Saddam Hussein's arsenal of unconventional weapons and his ability to threaten the United States"

Bush jokingly picks up the token turkey platter (exactly what I'd have done, by the way) they have at all Thanksgiving celebrations on bases and his credibility is questioned?
Man, you can't make this leftist media up, can you? :-)
NOW I know where you learned the red herring technique! "Gad," said the media, "these men LIKE the jerk...better condemn him for SOMETHING!" :-)

Ducky's here said...

Normally can't stand Tom Friedman but this is required reading.

Yes sir, while we whine about trivia.

Z said...

Oh, Ducky, please.....Are Americans deluded lately? Yes. He stops being correct there, of course.
But, ideological an article can you recommend?
And the NY Times prints it.

Yes, thousands of scientists (including Lord MOnkton who worked with Gore at first) deny MAN MADE global warming ...I mean CHANGE, they changed the term when warming couldn't be proven everywhere..

OH, who cares? The left keeps hammering lies and Americans keep eating it up.
Yes, Ducky, we're deluded alright.

cube said...

Those sneaky devils never missed an opportunity to tear down Bush and never miss one to build up the empty suit.

Dan said...

You should perhaps consider that the media does have a point; after all, Obama has been the Commander and Chief for two years.

Z said...

DAN!!! It took me a second, but I got are SO RIGHT!

He has been in for two years, so it IS MORE DANGEROUS!!! Really good one, Dan! true