Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Obama's "national Motto"

He dropped "the Creator" while "quoting" from the Declaration of Independence, and then went to Indonesia and told them there in another speech that America's motto is "e pluribus unum" instead of "In God We Trust," which IS the American motto.  I'm not sure that we don't all mistakes when we make as many speeches as a president does, but he's on teleprompter;  it's said he is involved with the writing of his speeches........read along with my friend's article below, do you see a pattern here?   "We are not a Christian nation," is another thing Mr. Obama said though approximately 90% of Americans celebrate Christmas.  Kind of understandable when you think of it, coming from our president...Socialists, Marxists, Hah-vuhd guys...they're not too hot on God, how can you make everyone dependent on the government when they're dependent on a much higher Power?
What's going on here?  Is my friend who wrote the post below more right than most of us thought?  How can one deny that our president isn't too big on giving God any credit around here?  Not easy to disprove, but give it your best shot if you disagree.



Debbie said...

You got it right, the image and your quotes. Obama must go and we may get our wish. Even the Democrats are upset with him. He may be challenged in 2012 by his own peeps.

Right Truth

Chuck said...

He did this because he would get too much heat for the preferred "In Allah We Trust"

I'm expecting the Duck along any minute now to explain how you are too stupid to understand Marxism in all of it's glory. Oops, sorry he wouldn't use the word glory. Too religious. Maybe wonder?

Ticker said...

Narcissist never give anyone the glory or the honor other than themselves. It is very clear that Obama suffers from NPD.

Brenda Bowers said...

I have been seriously studying this guy since I finally accepted that he would be the Democrats nominee and am no closer to figuring him out than when I started. I sometimes wonder if even Obama knows Obama. One thing I do know is that he and his cohorts are destroying this nation. Between little footnotes placed in laws that were passed and his Presidential Decrees the Whi9te House now has all the control they need to OWN this country. There is simply very little left for them to take over except the people themselves. IMO the only reason he has not done this is the fear of the American spirit fighting back and he now knows his so-called "base" and Civilian Army (rabid Lefties and inner city Blacks) will not stand up for him. He called them during the elections to come out and vote and to come out and disrupt the voting of other and they didn't come. This group of people are always cowards and opportunist. So Obama is now afraid of We the People. He is also afraid of the military. We have never had a military take over in this country but it is not entirely unthinkable if the President goes too far. Soldiers are patriots first and foremost. BB

Anonymous said...

I know this is OT, but I feel it's important that we remember today is Dec. 7th. Pearl Harbor was attacked 69 years ago today.

We have veterans, heroes out there who fought and won that war against Japan.

I'd like to honor and thank them. There aren't many left now, but I think we owe them for their sacrifice, and their service.

We owe them our effort today to carry on the cause of freedom. To come forward and stand up for our country, when she is in need.

So, to all our heroes then, and now, thank you and God bless you.

God Bless America.


RedWood said...

This fraud...this rank amateur, this socialist, marxist, islamist collaborator is an enemy of all we cherish.

This wimp, this wuss, this sissified, metrosexual, this wisp of a man must go.

I'd almost entertain a coup at this point. But unfortunately we don't have anyone with the guts to stand up to this quisling. I pray for another Washington, Patton, MacArthur, Bradley, Reagan to come forward and save this Republic.

It's almost too late. It all might lay in our hands. For those who think it can't haappen. It did once. And so long as we're hailing the "Don't Tread on Me" flag once again. it can happen again.

In all my years I've never witnessed a more disruptive, chaotic, uncertain time as we are living in now. Between the NK's, the Iranians, The muslims, the Gangs, the crime, the illegals, the depression, the overbearing government, the ignorance and apathy of our elected "representatives" and on and on.

Joe said...

His speech today about compromising with the Republicans was almost incoherent.

I think he is beginning to lose it.

Pam said...

oh G you're spot on. Did you hear his press confernece today? The lecturing and blaming and whining and...oh please 2012 get here quickly!

Ticker said...

Joe, when he loses it he will blow up go into a frenzy or as we say down south have a hissy fit. That is the way of those who suffer from NPD. Hopefully it will be on national TV for all the country and the world to see. Then finally he will disappear.

Until then watch and listen to him. He is preparing for 2012 by pretending to compromise but then blaming the republicans and all the republicans are doing is sitting idly by and allowing him to control the conversation.

Z said...

Pris, thanks for the reminder...they showed FROM HERE TO ETERNITY TODAY on TCM and I did see a little of it...made the plight of the Americans on Hawaii at the time come alive. God bless all who gave their lives and their families...

Well, others, regarding Obama....he is certainly a curiosity, isn't he...and so dangerous, so unAmerican in so many ways, in my opinion.
We have this guy who grew up in other countries, whose racial makeup had to be confusing to him, whose parents dumped him off at the grandparents, making it all the more confusing, a broken home and all that can infer, then SOMEONE (will SOMEONE EVER TELL US WHO?) paid for Harvard...THEN a big publishing house approaches a guy who's done NOTHING in his life and pays him money for an autobiography at the age of 33 or something? WHAT? Then ANOTHER book? WHY?

ANd that's just a little tiny bit of Obama's background. I believe he hates this country as we know and love it, as our founding fathers planned it (remember what his wife said about never having been proud of it until they nominated her husband!?)
he can and is doing a lot of damage and I frankly don't see Republicans REALLY stepping up to the bat, either...telling the truth, waking Americans up.

By the way, who DID pay for Harvard?

MK said...

Obongo can go to all the muslim nations of the world, kowtow, bend over and promise them that he's their bumboy, but at the end of the day they'll still treat him like the clueless idiot he really is.