Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Faith Blog..Drew Brees

STOP THE PRESSES! :-) Z is using a FOOTBALL story on SUNDAY for her Faith Blog!  Most of you know how I feel about football, so I know this is surprising, but it sure does fit the FAITH part of my weekly Sunday blog!    Especially you Christians will love listening.....
DREW BREES is an inspiration on so many levels:

Would that more and more young people start to feel like he does, to trust as he does.  As Brees says, things can be bleak, but looking back later, they all come together........this really is moving. I hope these videos are a real blessing to you today and always.
"Blessed is the man who makes the Lord his trust." Psalms 40:14
Have a wonderful day.........geeeeZ


Sue said...

WONDERFUL, Z!!! I AM a football fanatic and my team goes up against Drew and the Saints today in Cincy. Shouldn't be much of a game, unfortunately for me! LOL I have always admired Drew and his faith. I live in Indiana, but was secretly rooting for the Saints in the Superbowl when they beat the Colts.

Thanks for the post!

Craig said...

Z, I just read a beautiful story and I thought of you. It probably belongs in your Chanukah thread but I didn't want it to get buried. It's from a diarist at DailyKos. I hope that doesn't prevent you from reading it. Brisket and miracles

I'm working in my wife's shop today, trying not to tear up in front of customers.

DaBlade said...

"God is never going to put anything in front of you that is too hard for you or else He wouldn't put it in front of you..."

God must have a lot more faith in the inner strength of us Detroit Lions fans than the rest of you bunch of winners. Hah! We're special!

In all seriousness though, I do appreciate when a man openly talks about his love for the Lord. Is it just me, or does that birthmark resemble Balthasar?

Ducky's here said...

He reminds me of a baseball player who points to the sky after a home run. Bothers me that you would trivialize God by assuming the deity is involved in sporting events.

All the issues in the world and God is setting the over/under? Not mine.

Z said...

Craig, thank you so's a beautiful story. Obviously, I understand her pain too well and related extremely well to her.
Actually, I had resorted to carrying Mr. Z's death certificate with me in my wallet, too, it was asked for so much. It's still there, tho I probably won't be asked for it again...but I might. She's right, it's numbing how many times you have to somehow PROVE your precious loved one is dead...who'd think you'd make that UP?
I have his ashes here, too...I'd have thought having someone's ashes here would bug the heck out of me, but they sure don't.
Thankfully, I, too, have had miracles and much of it...through so many ways, since Mr. Z died. Your linking this for me is one. Thanks. God bless you, Craig.

Sue, you know, I was waiting for Mr and Mrs FrogBurger at our favorite Philly Cheesesteak place (they fly IN the PHilly rolls) and 4 games were on the TVs and I got kind of scared because, in the few minutes I waited, I actually had an interest in the game on the TV nearest me whose sound was the only sound available.....I thought "Z! You don't LIKE football!" Maybe I could!? :=)
Glad you enjoyed the post.xx is almost overwhelming to me when someone talks faith like he does...I agree. Not sure about Balthasar! :-)

Ducky, God is in everything. EVERYTHING. Don't underestimate him.

christian soldier said...

From an hockey fan!

David Wyatt said...

If somebody (else in a long line this season!) had to beat my Bengals, I'm glad it was ol' Drew! Suffered through 3 heartbreaking losses in the NFL today, but this makes this one easier to take! Thanks Z!

beamish said...

I recall Kurt Warner was similarly faith-oriented. Despite no longer being with the Rams, or in football at all these days, he still maintains a Christian charity here in St. Louis. And being outspoken about his faith made him a pariah of sorts,

I think everyone finds a glimpse of God if they truly look for Him.

beamish said...