Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Minority parents want BETTER....VIVA!

Parents in a largely minority area near Los Angeles are speaking up!  THIS made my day.
Here is a bit from the article:

Ismenia Guzman frets that her 6-year-old daughter is at least a year behind in reading. Victor Barela is worried that his fifth-grade grandson still doesn't know his multiplication and division tables. And Shemika Murphy is determined that her younger daughter get a better education than her older one, who seemed to be doing well in elementary school only to bring home Ds and Fs in middle school.
Together, they and scores of other families whose children attend struggling McKinley Elementary School in Compton plan the first test of a new law that allows parents to force sweeping changes at the state's lowest-performing schools.
On Tuesday, they intend to present a petition signed by 61% of McKinley parents that would require the Compton Unified School District to bring in a charter company to run the school. Charter schools are independently operated public schools.

"Ismenia Guzman, Victoria Barela, Shemika Murphy"...minority names all fighting for their children to be taught better.   I salute you!   Here's more:

"I know it's never been done before, but I want to step up because I'm a parent who cares about my children and their education," Murphy said Monday. She and other parents were meeting with organizers from Parent Revolution, a nonprofit that lobbied successfully last year for the so-called parent-trigger law.
Organizers say the law and the Compton effort represent a paradigm shift in putting children first and giving their parents a decisive voice in demanding better schools.

But the mobilization at McKinley has raised concerns. Two school board members and a district spokesman said they were not aware of the petition drive before being contacted Monday by the media, and the state teachers union criticized the effort's low profile.   Here's more good news:

Organizers said the effort at McKinley would be the first of many in California and nationwide. The state allows for 75 such conversions, and other parent-trigger laws are in various stages in other states.

Minority parents are speaking up..........they've supported Bilingual education, maybe they'll finally put that aside, too, so their kids can STOP the chain of being cleaning girls and low-paid gardeners because their English isn't good. 
THIS is what Conservatism wants............opportunity for all legals and a way to break from unions which are doing more harm than good.   GET AHEAD, Minority Americans....we need you to SUCCEED, not be dependent on the left's indoctrination and 'soft bigotry of low expectation'  George W. Bush warned against!
Bravo.   (by the way...NOW is the time to get Republicans involved in these them who really does care and doesn't just go for their votes)


Ducky's here said...

Yeah, it's the union. We just got our clock cleaned again in international tests.

Of course, most of the nations doing the clock cleaning have extremely strong teachers unions but that's not material.

Let's just say that the goal here is to privatize education and make it for profit. Privatization is the grail and to say that the right really cares about minorities is the height of cynicism.

Gramma 2 Many said...

It is late, very late, bedtime and Ducky has just ruined an evening of pleasant reading. GAAAAAHHHH!!!
More power to these parents and their fight to better their childrens' education.

Always On Watch said...

I have to say that the minority parents in the homeschool group I teach are really adamant about educational standards. The crack the whip! (figuratively)

Indeed, I found the same to be true of most of the minority parents with whom I worked in private education, too.

ALL parents need to be proactive as to the educational standards for their children!

Z said...

Ducky, yes, the Right really cares about minorities.
When the left keeps minorities down by insisting they have bilingual education and the leftist media only publishes nasty stories about gangs and drive-by shootings, and they (and poor white minorities) are kept down by entitlements, THAT is cynicism.
By the way, even the L.A. teachers union is comprised of (forcefully, of course) teachers who are finally fighting the union and insisting they get out of their way so they can teach.

AOW, that's great to hear. We all know there are families, minorities or NOT, who care about their childrens' educations but nobody can deny that the media message to most of us is quite different. That could be, of course, that BAD news sells.

Gramma..sorry about that! And yes, more power to them.

Z said...

Ducky, by the way, privatization for profit is the last thing I've ever heard in relation to improving education.
Home school parents sure aren't looking to pay more than their taxes which already have to go to a school system that's indoctrinating and not disciplining in the classroom (God forbid little Johnny's ego is marred by a good teacher who disciplines him for misbehaving)

Anonymous said...

Unions had a legitimate purpose when they originally were formed, but today abuse their power AND, in many instances their own members. The fat-cat union heads concern themselves only with their own aggrandisement & perks, not what is good for the country, business, or even their workers. Get what they want & everything & everybody else be damned! The teacher's unions are the worst, as it is the captive children in these dreadfully run school systems who suffer. Our country can't afford this, & kudos to the parents who have the good sense to recognize the problems & try to correct them.

Unions were greatly instrumental in ruining the automobile industry in this country, just to name one example, but that can recover, albeit slowly. But a generation of lost children are not so easily rescued. When the parents have been so very badly educated themselves how are they to help their own children, or even recognize the problem?

Anonymous said...

Forgot to sign it--- Soory.


FrogBurger said...

Ducky did you go to public school?

If yes, look at the result: you're a drone. Can't even think for yourself. You're just a speakerphone for books you read without critical thinking.

And what's wrong if a school makes a profit as long as the education is good, and like my private Catholic school VERY good. A LOT better than public school.

FrogBurger said...

And by the way my private Catholic school would accept Jewish and Muslim kids if they had good grades. (It doesn't mean it would please other parents.)
So minorities within the French population, Ducky Kwaki.

Ticker said...

Duck, deny all you want but I have witnessed Unions defending so-called teachers who could not read well enough to take a simple psychological test written on an 8th grade reading level. The ability to comprehend the wording, when given orally as the union demanded rather than allow the system to remove the uneducated person from the ranks of teaching, was just as bad.
These individual lacked a command of the English language even on a simple level so how, pray tell, were they to teach students. Oh but it mattered not to the teacher unions because all they were interested in was that the student be present so that the unqualified union teacher could keep his or her job. Once the student graduated, totally unprepared, they no longer mattered to the teachers unions. The students went out into society with no skills, no command of the English language and no ability to communicate well enough to hold anything other than the most menial job, even if that.
I have experienced that not just in one part of the country but all across the country but I can say without hesitation, that where the teacher unions were the strongest, the worse this type of situation was. That's fact Duck, like it or not.

Elmers Brother said...

honestly I don't understand duhkkky. you crow about the terrible test scores and then defend the perpetrators.....strange.

Anonymous said...

Good for these parents. I hope their movement grows and grows. It's time for parents to take their children back.

Their authority is undermined more and more every day, and it's the children who pay the price. Now they're being told what their children have to eat.

From the beginning of the teachers union movement, their goal, besides higher wages, was to control curriculum. How do I know? Because they told me that to my face. That was the late 1960's.

The bar for excellence has been lowered and lowered. Bush's line, "the soft bigotry of low expectations", couldn't be more accurate.

I know there are good teachers, I also know there are lousy teachers. Try to get rid of a lousy teacher. Just try. You can't.

The best you can get, is for that teacher to be transferred, so he/she, can be lousy in another school.

The union exists, not for the benefit of the students, it exists for the benefit of their workforce.

Ducky, why would conservatives not want everyone to succeed? I do. Everyone I know does. We aren't the bigots.

The bigots are those whose treatment of minorities is to patronize, and infantilize them.

That's because you need them to need you, and the shame is yours not ours.

I hope these parents are successful with their endeavor. Success breeds success, and no one who is a good citizen, and cares about Americans, could want any less.


Ticker said...

"The bigots are those whose treatment of minorities is to patronize, and infantilize them.
That's because you need them to need you, and the shame is yours not ours."

Keep em dumb and keep em down on the plantation, that is the motto of the Demonkkkrats otherwise known as libtards, progressives, socialist and in general, plain idiots.

Anonymous said...

Ticker, Exactly!!


FrogBurger said...

Right on Ticker. They don't like competition, people richer than then, smarter than them so it's better to make everyone poor or stupid. Then someone like Ducky can feel better about himself. Pathetic. Moral, intellectual and financial decay. That's all they offer.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Ducky, are you a teacher? How much do you actually know about the unions? Are you a highly qualified teacher?

I'd just like to know your credentials.

I'm all for the parents getting the chance to make changes at the school.

MK said...

For far too long minorities have left their children in the hands of the leftist filth and look at where they are today. They must take their children away from liberals and the unions, that's the only way they can make a future for them.