Sunday, December 12, 2010

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The usual headlines are showing up in the press this time of year, like FIVE WAYS TO SURVIVE THE HOLIDAY SEASON...  This is the one time I don't mind them saying HOLIDAY instead of CHRISTMAS, though Christmas is very obviously inferred in the article.   From experience, I know that you'll see a lot of these articles coming up, as if Christmas is the biggest darned chore to get through and your heart will be broken and you'll be lonely and you'll be miserable.......and, "Oh GOD, when will CHRISTMAS FINALLY BE OVER?"  Then there are the DANGERS of Christmas HERE! it physically or emotionally safe to celebrate Christmas? :-)
This year, if anybody knows how Christmas can be difficult, I do (having lost Mr. Z 14 months ago), but I can see that, even through all my very unhappy times today as I remember sweet things we did together, or I see something that suddenly prompts a happy memory never to be relived, while I mourn and feel LOUSY for a while, I know that there are so many wonderful things about this season, cooking special things, a gorgeous shining tree, seeing smiling faces when gifts are opened, the lovely music,  the gleeful children, etc .......and, if we look to the true reason for the season, there is no need to feel the best we can do is "try to SURVIVE" this wonderful time....
I hope we can all work toward staying focused on the happiness and promise that's really Christmas.  

"...the Father himself loves you because you have loved me and have believed that I came from God."  John 16:27

GIVE SOMETHING NEEDED!  YOU will feel better and the GROUP will feel better and those they help will feel FAR BETTER from this Season of Giving.
Especially this Christmas, please donate to NURU, the group I told you about recently.  They have found enthusiastic donors who will match, dollar for dollar, your gift, no matter how small or large. I feel like anything I spend for someone is appreciated but is it really used?  Here is a way to give to your loved ones, and to the world, a gift people CAN really use!  How about writing the following in a Christmas card to your friends and family?:

"This Christmas, instead of gifts none of us necessarily need in our abundant world, I've donated money to an organization called NURU which brings the hope of an escape from poverty and the tools to do so to people who deserve the chance...With love and blessings...Merry Christmas!" 

I'm going to.  Thanks.


Always On Watch said...

I really miss certain loved ones at Christmas: my parents, my closest cousin -- all have gone on ahead of me.

And, this Christmas, of course, I am still grieving over the loss of my dearest Aunt this year. Christmas and New Year's Eve will be strange this year because my Aunt was a part of those celebrations all my life.

I'm trying to focus on happy memories.

Sue said...

Wonderful thoughts, Z. Merry Christmas to you...and many, many more happy thoughts and memories! God Bless!

By the way, my little corner of the world is fighting its own "Christmas" battle...

Franklin County is a SMALL, RURAL place with no money to hire lawyers...we shall see how this develops. A LOT of angry citizens rallied yesterday in favor of the beautiful 50 year old tradition.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Besides never giving to the RNC again, I target my "giving," always have and always will. There was a time when I was pressured, as an employee, to write a check or agree to have cash taken out of my paycheck as a cop for United Way. United Way, in my opinion, exists to pay a bloated administration and takes a cut for their own profit. They can go to hell. You don't get people to "give" by ordering them to give or by ordering them to fill out their UW forms so that the Patrol Division can "look" better to the Sheriff than other divisions.

Because I worked Homicide, I give the bulk of my money to the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy. These people ALWAYS showed up at my calls and comforted families and survivors immediately. In the past I've given $1,000 to a blogger in need. I recently purchased a used car for a local family in need. Last week I sent $2,000 to another dear person who could use some help. Giving is good but, we forget, it doesn't have to be strictly limited to Christmas -- which, of course, is a fine and memorable time of year. But it shouldn't simply begin and end here.

Merry Christmas to Z and all her readers, and may God keep you all healthy and safe for the coming year.


Anonymous said...

I love Christmas, and sure I'm busy, but I choose to be. Just like we choose to give to Salvation Army, and Boy's Town.

However those contributions, are besides our family, not instead of. It's all a matter of choice, and what others choose to do is theirs.

We send traditional Christmas cards, not some One World card like the one we received from a friend this week. We don't send political messages and call them Christmas cards.

For me Christmas is a matter of the heart. Love of God, the birth of Jesus, and love of family. We don't draw names, or make lists.
We give what we can, and share with our family and close friends. That's Christmas to me and as it has always been.

I know what you mean AOW, I can't not remember sweet Christmas mornings with my parents and sister, long ago. As with you, my parents are gone, but they live in our hearts. Those were wonderful times.

Or when our own children were little, with their shining eyes and happy faces in anticipation of Christmas morning.

I still get excited at Christmas. The family traditions go on, and for awhile we shut out other distractions, and just relish the joy of our families, my sister and I, together at Christmas dinner.

I wish you all Merry Christmas, and to you Z, a special wish for a blessed Christmas, and a thank you for this gift called GEEEZ!


Sam Huntington said...

I think it is as you suggested; people who still observe traditional Christmas are having a wonderful time. Everyone else ... well, who cares?

christian soldier said...

support W Warrior -
Valour IT-
OK-any mission for our BEST--
LA Lutherans for Life-

individual candidates who support the original intent Constitution...

My take- the very poor countries need educators so that the people can get rid of corrupt governing bodies - then there would not be so many poor--

Oooops - we must take back our ed system - our gvt' is already showing signs of deep corruption...

Anonymous said...

My favorite charity is the Salvation Army. I never pass a kettle without donating. Never to the NRC again.

Another excellent one is Boy's Republic in California. They are a last chance for many before incarceration. Their most famous graduate was the actor, Steve McQueen. The members & the neighborhood people produce the most magnificent Della Robbia wreaths in 2 sizes. The wreaths are natural greenery, & all the decorations are gathered during the year: cones, seed pods, lemons, & apples. I don't know about now, but these wreaths have been used at the White House for many years.


Susannah said...

Lovely. My favorite thing this season was today when I presented my "Listener" friend @ the Elem. school w/ his Christmas present. Just some fun, silly stuff, but he flung his arms around me like it was a new bike or something! Neat, neat kid, & such potential!!