Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Hannukah

I hope all of my Jewish readers have a very blessed holiday.



Anonymous said...

Happy Hannukah to my Jewish friends who visit GEEEZ!


Leticia said...

Yes, Happy Hannukah to all Jewish people!

Chuck said...

Agreed, Happy Hannukah

Karen Howes said...

I'm not actually Jewish-- my grandfather was-- but I light the menorah. Thanks!

RedWood said...

It's hard these days to keep the candle lit.

I have neighbors like Hellen Thomas that peek into our windows to see if a Menorah is lit. Or if we don't have a Christmas Tree or Christmas decorations on our house....they become extremely hostile.

They sneer at us with open contempt when we're walking our dog...or we pull out the garbage cans. I fear that after Christmas they'll take note of of our trash to see if we dispose of Christmas wrappings.

I hope I can hold out for the next few days until the holiday is over.

Z said...

RedWood, could you explain your comment? a little sarcasm?
If you're Jewish, has anybody given a rat's poop that you don't celebrate Christmas?

beamish said...

This is fun.

Merry Chanukah!

RedWood said...

"If you're Jewish, has anybody given a rat's poop that you don't celebrate Christmas?"

I live on a street...where every house is adorned with magnificent lighting...beautiful to behold. Actually it's my favorite time of year. The glow..the glitter...the colors...the bright lites.

But...we only moved here not that long ago. We stand out...we really do. The neighbors do the candles in the bags ( what's that called? ) and they skip us.

Hey Mz. Z...there really is a hatred of non Christians these days...especially it will always be. Our fear is that they think we're...Muslims.

In a way...I understand. Christians have been under assault by the hedonists and secularists for a long time now. My that they're fighting back. And why shouldn't they? They're fed up.

Z said...

RedWood, honestly, I don't know the candle in the bag!? Is that supposedly a Christian thing??

What kind of town do you live in?

You say:
"there really is a hatred of non Christians these days...especially it will always be. Our fear is that they think we're...Muslims."

Are you kidding? It seems to me like it's all about hating Christians these days! "Take down that TREE" "Don't say MERRY CHRISTMAS!" "America is not a Christian country" yadda yadda.

It breaks my heart to hear you say there's hatred toward Jews ..I live in LA and I've never seen that, really I haven't.
By the way, most Muslims (at least today) look Arabic or at least swarthy (Oh, my, am I sounding UN politically correct?)...why would anybody think you're muslim?

I have to plead naivite (that's NOT nativity!! :-)...I don't even know of anti-Jewish sentiment in America so it's hard for me to believe.
Also, any true Christian loves the Jews for giving us the basis for our faith! And we're very pro Israel and honor the God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac, etc......truly!

Well, dear RedWood, you've got friends here...I'm glad you're here. Happy Hannukah, with all the most heartfelt sincerity.

Now I have to check what Beamish linked....if I dare :-) you never know what he'll come up with!

Z said...

beamish...I keep clicking and nothing's happening and I thought you type something in the PLAYER box but it won't type there..wassup?

beamish said...

No typing involved.

Click on ante up, then you play both sides unless you got an opponent. You click the button to spin the dreidel, then again to stop it.

There's a better version out there that goes up to 613 coins, but it requires Shockwave.

I can see how a 613 coin dreidel game could get fiercely competitive. Better than Uno!

Z said...

Beamish..I click on ANTE UP and the left PLAYER box gets SPIN DREIDELL in it and I click on the dreidell and nothing happens......

what 'button'?

Z said...

then I clicked on SPIN DREIDELL which was written under PLAY ONE and the dreidell spun and spun and won't stop.


RedWood said...

"By the way, most Muslims (at least today) look Arabic or at least swarthy"

LMAO....we're all descended form the same tribes. We're all descendants of Abraham. Muslims too. To Muslims, Jews are People of the Book.

We do look Middle Eastern or Greek...or Italian or Spanish. We are darer than our neighbors.

So..I guess we're "swarthy"!

What kind of town do we live in?

One that's very successful, conservative and overwhelming white.

So we thought that because we live very close to the beaches, it's be assumed we used a tanning oil!! LOL

Z said... make a good point.
Heck, my background is all Armenian, so I'm darker than most WASPS, too :-)

Still, an educated white conservative neighborhood has prejudice toward Jews?
Well, all I can say is I'm sorry for them.
East or West Coast? I'm guessin' EAST.

Z said...

I'm playing live backgammon while I answer you! :-)

By the way...I asked one Jewish friend of mine if, when growing up, he resented CHristmas...the trees, the songs (he had to sing them in public school, the parties, etc.)...his answer was "Oh, ya...don't you just hate rosy faced happy children, lovely music, and fun parties?"
He said he had NO resentment whatsoever here in LA of Christmas.
Of course, I have to add that, after 60 years as a Jew, he became a baptized Lutheran! (maybe he liked those parties too much?) But I'm joking now........

How do people get resentful of someone saying "Merry Christmas"!? How can people get resentful of seeing someone doesn't have Christmas lights on his house? SO WHAT?

beamish said...


You have to click the same button to stop the dreidel. It's wonky like that.

Z said...

i got it. so there's no skill involved, right?

beamish said...

It's a game of "chance."

Z said...

Okay, then I got it......
you enjoy that?


beamish said...

I like to gamble ;)

Susannah said...

Thank you for this lovely reminder. I must go see my blogger friend, Duta, right away & wish her the same. Thanks, Z.

Redwood, buy them a copy of Christmas With the Kranks (John Grisham). Maybe they'll see themselves in the militant decorating neighbors. Ha! Happy Hannukah! The Peace of God be upon you & your household.

Susannah said...

"Now I have to check what Beamish linked....if I dare :-) you never know what he'll come up with!"

Hee, hee! You said that right!! ;)

You're cool, Beam! And when you get to the rim of that volcano, don't get too close... Merry Christmas, my friend~

Z said...

Commenter Craig linked this for me...if anybody reads this post after it's been up a day or two, you might want to read the linked's just wonderful

Susannah said...

Good for Craig. Just read the article @ Daily Kos. What a nice surprise. I really, really liked it. Very touching.

Thanks for giving us the link.