Thursday, December 2, 2010

Got a PET?

Do you have a pet, or one favorite pet of many, which you'd like to tell us about?  I'd love to hear you tell us what you've got and describe it a bit and WHY you love it!  Thanks..................



FrogBurger said...

We had 2 cats till we adopted a dog from the pound, called Max in August. I love it. I used to be very afraid of dogs (attacked a few times as a kid) and was a cat person till now. Now I understand the appeal of dogs. I love my little creature.

By the way there's a fascinating PBS documentary about dogs and their domestication process in the NOVA series. The experiment in Russia with the domestication and selection of foxes is truly fascinating.

Anonymous said...

I haven't had a pet in years but I used to have cats, usually half a dozen at a time. I once was driving through town and saw a tiny calico kitten walking down the sidewalk on its tippytoes all puffed out trying to look scary as I guess that instinct is intended to do, all alone, ignored by everybody walking by, so I found a place to stop and picked up the little thing. It so immediately started purring and making itself at home in my car I fell in love with it. I did put up a sign in the neighborhood where I found it just in case, but I knew it had been abandoned. Interestingly it scared the wits out of my other cats who wouldn't come near it. It turned out it had distemper and needed some special care from the vet and we bonded over my taking care of her. I called her Puff as I'd found her all puffed out. She used to hear my car coming from way down the hill and wait for me at the bottom of the steps, something you'd never think a cat would do.


Ducky's here said...

Don't talk about him much, my late great English bulldog, Harry Callahan (named after the photographer).

Dumbest creature on the planet at times and the most friendly, loyal, good natured slob you would ever have wanted to meet.

Living definition of loyal friend. I've thought about getting another bulldog.

FrogBurger said...

Ducky get one that can skate. I had one close to my house and I loved watching the little guy push his skate and then be on it.

Anonymous said...

When I was growing up we only had dogs, miniature Poodles, so never got to have a cat. But ever since my first feline I'm a convert. I had to have my 15 year old tuxedo cat put to sleep earlier in the year, but after some weeks went to a shelter & brought home a little tuxedo kitten. My husband took one look & said 'Oreo Cookie!". So Oreo is her name. She's a mess, & spoiled, too. But putting her in the laundry room to bed is a real challenge, as she's too darn smart. My husband is too light a sleeper to have her with us. She knows when it's time & she heads behind the end table, the couch, under the bed, & she has to be tricked out to be caught. Unlike my last cat, she is very timid, due to being near all the barking dogs in the shelter. So anything or anyone strange, POOOF!, she disappears. She's a mess.

Merry Christmas & Happy Chanukah to all of your bloggers, even Ducky, whatever he is.


P.s. Ducky, there's only one problem with Bulldogs, & I know you know what that is. >^-^<

Ducky's here said...

Yeah Frogy, I've seen clips of him, believe his name is Tillman.

Silvrlady, it was just part of his charm.

Ducky's here said...

... I found that controlling his diet and avoiding soy and by products reduced the frequency but when he decided to rip, watch out.

FrogBurger said...

Ducky I think there are many bulldogs doing the trick. I've seen a couple plus the tv one.

FrogBurger said...

Ducky I think there are many bulldogs doing the trick. I've seen a couple plus the tv one.

cube said...

I grew up with all kinds of animals, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, mice, turtles, and a chinchilla.

Currently I have a 102+ pound
German Shepherd female, a 55+ pound female Doberman, and three cats.

What's amazing about the dogs is that they are prescient, always knowing where I'm going to be at any moment. Wherever I go, there they are, right in front of me.

The two female cats are very loving, but the male is food-driven and wouldn't tolerate us if we didn't feed him.

cube said...

Silvrlady: BTW that isn't just true of bulldogs.

FrogBurger said...

Cube, I am a fan of guinea pigs. I had 21 as a teen, a bunch of babies, etc... That was a lot of fun and some are really affectionate. We had a baby who survived the killing of his siblings by the male (first and only time it happened) and he was really sick. The tiny thing didn't survive for very long (a few weeks) but during that time he would lay in bed with us and was smart enough to wait for being in his cage to go to the bathroom.

Brooke said...

Don't get me started!

We have two dogs, both rescued; a Pitt Bull and a Great Dane. Both are fabulous, although the Pitty, Kona, is still a bit of a pup and isn't trained as well as I'd like. In the house she is very good, but we're still working on yard/store manners. She's quite smart, and once she realizes what I want she complies easily, but being a rescue she was abused and beaten, and training her not to be fearful can sometimes be a challenge. It took me over a month to get her to realize she wasn't in for a beating when I would sweep the kitchen floor with a broom.

The Dane is great. We've had Fortune for four years now, and she is also a rescue. The previous owners crated her 24/7, only letting her out to eat or potty. I've NEVER crated this dog; I can't figure out why they did it. She never chews, has an accident, ect. When we got her, getting Fortune to eat was a challenge. I think she was fearful that once she finished her bowl of food, she'd be back in the crate. Consequentially, she was underweight for quite a while and needed some 'extras' like gravy in the food. She's a healthy, happy, well-sized Dane now, who sneaks couch time when no one is around and cannot WAIT until Halloween, when she sits in front of the candy bowl and gets pats from the neighbor kids, and all without a leash!

Our other one is a six-month-old tuxedo kitten. She is attached to me at the hip, it seems. We've missed having a cat since our previous cat, Jack, made a 'jailbreak' and never came back. This cat is being clicker trained with meat to respond, so hopefully if she ever gets out the door she will come to the sound.

Aren't pets great? The kids get so much out of them, and there's nothing like the unconditional affection of an innocent animal, particularly after a long day at work, ect. :)

Brooke said...
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Always On Watch said...

Mr. AOW and I have three cats: Cameo, Dusti, and Mysti. Sheba, also pictured at the foregoing link, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on December 1, 2008.

I like cats. Obviously. They're independent and quite intuitive. Because of our schedule and the busy road in front of our house, we've avoided owning dogs. And with the traffic zooming by here, our cats are now indoors only -- pretty much, anyway.

But we do love dogs, too.

Cats aren't bootlickers. We like that spirit in cats.

Each of our cats has a very different personality. Cameo is the feistiest and constantly has to be reminded that I am the alpha: "I'm bigger than you are.:

Z said...

a dear acquaintance died two weeks ago; I think she was 90. She was totally sharp till the end and not in bad health at all but she'd had to go into a retirement home about 3 months before her death.
A friend of mine went to visit her a few days before Wanda died and my friend asked the staff who the black cat belongs's a 'house cat' that roams the elderlys' rooms and this cat was sleeping on Wanda's bed near the end.......wouldn't leave her, but had nothing to do with her until only a few days before the passing.
They say cats know in advance when the end is near...I thought that was pretty wild because it sure did apply to my friend Wanda!

THanks for the animal to read!

I've never had a dog, other than when we had a couple of dogs while I was growing up..they were always only outside or, rarely, allowed into the kitchen, so I can't say I really got to know dogs well and wasn't that big a fan. But, since I've been an adult, I've usually liked my friends' dogs and Mr Z was amazing with the wildest dog; we'd be told "Be careful around the dog" and the dog would curl up at Mr. Z's feet every time..
ANyway, i love dogs now, except the flatulance problem...some people keep their homes too closed up with too many dogs inside, too, then a dinner party's a little hard to attend...for me, anyway

Anonymous said...

We have a kitten named Isabel who (like someone else mentioned) probably wouldn't stay around if I didn't feed her. She LOVES the kids, though, especially my youngest. Go figure.

We have a 12 yr old dog named Little Jerry Seinfeld (he looks like Seinfeld) who is the greatest dog I've ever had. He's a Border Collie mix and so sweet and mild.

Our new dog is named Indie (N.D. for new dog). He's a Blue Healer / Shepherd mix and he's amazingly sweet and loyal but SO hyper. The dogs stay outside and Izzie is inside.

It's good for the kids (and me) to slow down and be gentle with the pets and experience that affection.

The kids are learning responsibility, too.

beamish said...

No pets. My former avatar had me snuggling with my girlfriend's schnoodle (schnauzer / poodle cross-breed).

I love cats, but unfortunately they don't love me (I'm deathly allergic)

I had a snapping turtle named Donatello Giovanni once. Named Donatello after my favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (the one with the bo staff) and Giovanni because it made the name sound more mafioso...

I raised Donatello from a little squirt hatchling around the size of my thumb until he was bigger than both of my hands together before I let him go in the wild by the Mississippi River ready to destroy all in his path.

He would eat live goldfish, and was the cheapest pet to feed I ever had. He was fierce. Sometimes I'd put a few goldfish in the tank with him to swim around until D was ready to strike, and when he did it was merciless. He actually became too dangerous to keep because he'd bite a finger off if you didn't respect his ferocity. And he smelled fear. I loved that. Mom hated him. Hehehehe.

Craig said...


Just visited Susannahs's. Thanks for the compliment. This is Loretta. The vet found a large tumor on her liver 2 years ago. That's when my wife and daughter went to look at Ajax and came home with his brother Brick, too. Anyway, Loretta is 13 now and still hanging in there. We had 3 cats at one time but one by one, they've all croaked. Just when we found a decent kitty litter. Oh well.

Z said...

Craug"We had 3 cats at one time but one by one, they've all croaked. Just when we found a decent kitty litter." That's funny!
And you deserved the compliment...your fadeins/outs were very well done and the music went well with the action!

Jen, I think you're so right about pets, they calm us down, stroking a cat or dog, etc..and they really do teach responsibility to kids...there's no down side (except the flatulence!)

Beamish...paranha (Sp?) turtle, huh?

AOW..."the Rainbow Bridge"? I've never heard of that :-)
By the way, I've been meaning to email TMW still on email at all?


beamish said...

Nah. Pirhanas eat like buzzsaws. The snapping turtle was more like a quick ninja (hence his name). He'd snap like a whip, leaving nothing where once a goldfish was.

You wouldn't think a turtle could move so fast...

Craig said...

AOW..."the Rainbow Bridge"? I've never heard of that :-)

No disrespect but being a member of the Grooviest Generation, this is theRainbow Bridge.

FrogBurger said...

I like all animals. If I could own a zoo I'd be happy. Ultimately while Mrs. FrogBurger would like a horse, I'd like a few donkeys. I love them.

FrogBurger said...

Jen, I think you're so right about pets, they calm us down, stroking a cat or dog, etc..and they really do teach responsibility to kids...there's no down side (except the flatulence!)

So true. When I find life really miserable, mostly when work-related, I pet the cats or the dogs and I feel A LOT better.

And taking care of all those guinea pigs as a young teen really taught me a lot. Cleaning the cage, building cages with stairs for them to exercise, going to the corn fields after harvest to get the corn left on the ground for them,... God that was so much fun.

Z said...

Craig, my dear, that's MY generation! You seem younger than I am (you're so full of silly liberal democrat pablum!) (Alright, just kidding, not trying to pick a fight here :-)
But, seriously...that's MY FOLKS you're talking about with Hendrix!
And, it kind of made me sad...who knew so much of the music was the same chords...I kept waiting for "excuse me while I kiss the sky.."
but it was Foxy Lady instead of PURPLE HAZE..

And, trust me, that's not what AOW was referring to! At least I don't think so!!

Z said...

Or I'll have to kick your ...

well, never mind, you like them, so I won't say it :-)

FrogBurger said...

I love donkeys b/c they look sad and I feel like they need to be loved.

Doesn't that fit the political donkeys? Except I don't have compassion for those.

Craig said...

And, trust me, that's not what AOW was referring to! At least I don't think so!!

I know, I just think of Hendrix when Rainbow Bridge is mentioned. I was 17 when that concert took place. You can't be that much older than me.

WomanHonorThyself said...

aw I miss my doggie..sigh

Joe said...

We have two pugs (think "Men in Black").

They are a punch line looking for a joke.

Charlie is lean and strong. His bottom teeth protrude. Stick a cigar in his mouth and he'd look like a Chicago gangster.

Zeek is fat and clueless.

Charlie frantically chases every car or truck that passes the house, running along the fence line as though he could really get at them. Back and forth; back and forth.

Zeek sits in the middle of the yard, his head following every move Charlie makes...back and forth; back and forth.

Zeek waits until Charlie is comfortably lying on his big puffy pillow, then walks around him two or three times and lies down right on top of him.

Charlie gives a disdainful look, sighs and they both rest up for the next car chase/watch.

Anonymous said...

4 cats and 3 dogs, currently.

Janie Lynn said...

I have 4 cats, not on purpose. 2 were aquired after my divorce - ex was allergic. The other 2 somehow ended up with me through my daughter's urging. Sigh-h-h. I still love all 4 of them tho.

My mom was a dog person, she passed away last month. She had many hospitilizations before she died and the one thing that made her forget she was ill and relax enough to breathe easily was when a service dog would drop in.

One day she invited this big Irish setter up on the bed - and the owner laid a blanket on the bed and helped the dog up. My mom was an itty bitty thing and this dog was almost as big as her. He laid his head on my mom's leg and stayed still and let her pet him. She was so happy when one of those dogs was around.

Pets definitely have a special place in the world and in our hearts.

Z said...

FB..good point! You're forgiven!

Chuck, not sure about the age thing! I have to admit I seriously don't remember Rainbow Bridge but I sure do remember Hendrix.

I can't say too much for anonymity sake, but my bus. partner was in a pretty well known British group around that time.......bass player, lyricist and back up singer..
actually, a guy who went on to be a VERY big rocker was in the group...very early days of fame.
I loved hearing him tell me Rock 'n Roll stories.........and there's QUITE a story about Hendrix that I can't TELL HERE (How's that for a teaser?)
My bus. partner knew Sir Elton John when he was what they referred to him as FAT REGGIE DWIGHT! Bus. Partner went to Rod Stewart's 30th bday party and I had to call him to tell him the STones' Brian Jones had died...I felt a (very) small part of history telling ....him...that.
But, what stories he told! He'd met Lennon and McCartney...etc etc...
then gave it all up WITH ME :-)

Boy, Joe, you and Mrs Joe must have such fun watching those dogs!

Janie...I'm so sorry about your mother and I truly believe animals are more sensitive than we could ever imagine..did you see my comment about the cat visiting my elderly friend?

The Vegas Art Guy said...

1 dog and 1 cat. The dog Charerette, is a rescue. She's a Rottie and a sweet heart unless the cat comes around and then the dog thinks the cat is going to take her rawhide chew. lol The chew is as big as the cat...

Our cat is 15 and still gets a bird a year. Her name is Cassatt and is in turns cuddly and cranky. Usually cranky...

Anonymous said...

We have a dog and a bird.
Our dog is a Sheltie named Rush. He is a love of a dog. Very smart, loyal, and part of the family.

Sadly, he's not doing well. He's almost fifteen years old, and arthritic. We know it's only a matter of time now, before he'll no longer be with us.

We have to help him get around, but he has such spirit, he's just not ready yet. This is the hard part of having a pet.

We've had four Shelties over the years. They are great dogs, as is Rush.

Our bird is an Australian version of cockatoo. They are called Gallahs in Australia. Here they're called a Rose Breasted Cockatoo. Her name is Molly. She is rose breasted with grey wings and back with a pale pink top knot.

She talks a blue streak and is fun to have around. She calls Mr. Pris for dinner, when she hears me pick up my car keys, she says, "bye bye be good". When it gets dark, she says, "wanna go night night".

She has an extensive vocabulary, and oh, of course she says "go Dodgers" in response to crowd noise on tv or if we whistle the charge sound. What is kind of amazing is, everything she says is in context.

We were sitting around the table at Thanksgiving with our family, having a conversation, and suddenly Molly said, "that's right"! You see, even she's a conservative. Ha,Ha.


Z said...

Vegas.."Chararette"? WHere'd that come from?

Pris, Rush sounds so sweet and I love the bird's "that's RIGHT"!! You trained him well! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Z, I recently read an article about a cat that lives in a nursing home in Arizona. Just like you mentioned, the cat will stay close to residents for a week or so before they pass...the cat knows before the nurses do, what's going on.

Very interesting.

Always On Watch said...

"Rainbow Bridge"

I haven't yet checked my email today.

TMW isn't on email.

Z said...

AOW, thanks for all the info.

Jen, odd, isn't it...

The Vegas Art Guy said...

That was the name she was given when we adopted her. Since she is 2 1/2 years old we figured it was better to leave her with the name.