Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Left shows a side that's frightening and sad

HERE is a Huffington Post article and video whose associated comments will be hard for you to read.
A camel hurts people and the article only says "don't worry, no animals were hurt" and "I feel sorry for the camel", to say nothing of the comments that are so smugly God-hating.  The comments are even more difficult to read.  Make sure you read a "Huffington Community Moderator" who obviously saw what was happening and decided she'd better say something humane.
This is how bad the leftwing has's almost unbearable to think how disdainful secularists and others on the left have become. 


FrogBurger said...

Those people are f'ed up in the head. Sorry to be vulgar but I think it describes their brain best.

Here's my plan overall for them since they hate the human species so much. I suggest we restrict healthcare for them. They think our world and life is worthless so I suggest they show the example first.

Ducky's here said...

Florida. Figures.

An idiot brings a very large animal into a church service and people are surprised that it doesn't work out well.

Doctrine of logical consequences.

Anyway, did they go there for worship or for a floor show?

FrogBurger said...

Ducky first time I hear you speak about personal responsibility. Too bad it had to be mean and despicable again.

Anonymous said...

"Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."

Yes awful things were said in response to this sad item. That's pretty much true for all of us. The net is rife with callous, insulting, inane, vulgar and depressing remarks that offend and deny the interests of common sense, good taste, frinedliness and decency. Crude insensitive, inappropriate remarks don't all come from political leftists by a long shot.

In truth I feel very sorry for animals who are used in this way. That poor camel was a victim in this situation. Think of how confused, disoriented and frightened he must have been. There is no good reason for treating a living creature like that.

Promoting a circus-like spectacle is contrary to the production of a worshipful atmosphere that might help bring about greater understanding of the mystery, wonder and deep significance of our Saviour's birth.

Holiness doesn't mix well with hoopla.

Instead of wringing our hands reveling in the coarseness and degeneracy we see, let's instead focus on the goodness -- and the omnipotence -- of God the Father Son and Hoiy Ghost.

The world was a dreadful place when Christ was born. It still has a long way to go, but the world is considerably better today for His presence among us. Let us rejoice and be glad the He was born and is risen still. All we need do is fill our hearts with gratitude for life and with ever increasing awareness of His holy presence.

"For lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world."

Merry Christmas!

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

FrogBurger, they are sick, aren't they. Imagine wishing the camel well while he fell on about four people.

ducky, again, you take from the point of the piece, the nastiness of the Huffington leftist readers, and make yourself look mean spirited..bravo.
How I wish all the left would finally understand the "doctrine of logical consequences", like "every time God's removed from a society, the bodies pile up" as Beak says in his latest piece.
Still, the leftwing just never learns.
Ya, DUcky, blame the people who were having a lovely pageant ... nice.

FB...'too bad'...what else is new?

Anonymous said...

Years ago we went to the Crystal Cathedral to see their Christmas program. This place is a theater, not a small church.
We went with my sister, brother-in-law, our daughter and our Mom.

Mom decided to go the the ladies room before the program began. The lights went down, and she was gone quite awhile. We worried she got lost.

I was just about to go look for her, when an animal procession, camels carrying the three wise men, a goat, a sheep, etc, began coming in the side door near the stage.

Suddenly, I saw Mom at the end of the procession and said to my sister, "Oh my God, look, there's Mom following behind the animals"!!

Everything went fine, and Mom made it back to her seat, but I have to tell you, we were in hysterics with laughter. I'm laughing now, just thinking of it. We teased her for years about that.

Only our Mom could inadvertently find herself in a nativity scene procession of animals, I swear.


FrogBurger said...

Yes Z, totally sick. Ducky needs some treatment as well. Can't believe he is a Catholic. He's got nothing of a religious man.

Ticker said...

Well Freethinker I gotta tell ya. You sure like to take things and twist them to suit what ever "religion" or agenda you hold.
It is not a circus to present a live nativity scene be it inside or outside. I have been to both and found them to be presented in a most worshipful attitude. In fact the congregation that I am affiliated with will also present a live nativity presentation this next week.I am sure that it will be done in the most tasteful and worshipful manner possible regardless of your opinion of it being hoopla.

Presentation of the gospel, which the birth of Jesus is just the beginning of, is to presented to all the world. I don't find where there were directions on how to present it. It certainly was not presented from a pulpit surrounded in luxury and people sitting in pews like the "frozen chosen" as I have seen in too many so called churches. It was presented anywhere and in many ways but I am not to judge how or where it is presented and neither are you.

Merry Christmas.

DUTA said...

Thank you Z for your warm words regarding Israel and the fires on Susannah's blog. Blessings to you!

Joe said...

Free Thinker: What a small minded gerble you are.

Z said...

DUTA, thank you so much for coming by....I do feel so terrible about those fires. God bless you and God bless Israel.

RedWood said...

"We grew a garden of weeds and we ask why the flowers are gone.

Anger, is all the rage. Jeremiah Wright showed us. Michael Pfleger showed us. Spencer Ackerman showed us. Bill Ayers showed us. Ward Churchill showed us. Michael Moore showed us. Keith Olbermann showed us. Lawrence O’Donnell showed us. The Che T-shirts showed us. Sean Penn showed us.

Marxism is about revolution. Revolution is about rage.

It comes in two flavors. In your face, throw you through a plate glass window, plot to murder you with nail guns, dream of killing 25 million of you, frothing, raging, screaming, hating.

And, scheming, plotting, hiding, secreting, stealthy, filled with populist words and phrases.

Rocky Road vs. Cherry Garcia.

Instant revolution vs. incremental revolution.

We allowed these weeds to grow for forty years or more. In academia, in our information stream, in Hollywood. We have sown the seeds of self-destruction. Unchecked, rampant leftism became all the rage. And it is spiraling further and further into its own orbit. Liberals are dead, the leftists ate them.

There are no more liberals.

There are only frothing, raging, unhinged leftists. Fighting furiously not about whether to start the revolution, but when…and how. Many feel they had it in their grasp and Obama hesitated…and the chance was missed. Ergo, the sound and the fury."

beamish said...

Seperated from the dutiful sniping of Christianity on cue from the trained seals of the left, the video is actually kind of funny, in a America's Funniest Videos kind of way.

How that translates into the phenomenon of HuffPo's leftist commenters taking their cue from it to trash Christians in general involves a mental process missing from people above 80 IQ points.

As ambassador of the willfully stupids, have Ducky explain it.

Chuck said...

Amazing, you write a blog about mean, hateful, idiotic leftists and the Duckhead shows up to prove your point. Could he have better timing?

HuffPo is a cesspool full of idiots. They forever lost any credibility they had with me when Tony Snow died and the people commenting celebrated it. Quite frankly I think they can all go to Hell.

Opus #6 said...

Huffpo said no people or animals were hurt. Some people must have been hurt. Nobody died. I bet some of those folks get arthritis and other odd pains in the coming years. At the very least.

Leftists are not impressive. As usual.

Anonymous said...

Imbeciles abound as usual.

beamish said...

Somebody got the light on before the cockroaches could hide.

beamish said...

dang backwoods rednecks

Craig said...

it's almost unbearable to think how disdainful secularists and others on the left have become.

Z, Do you even read your own blog? Talk about selective observation. Never mind beamish's infantile need to insult any one he disagrees with, here are a few, out of many I've seen, of his "reverence for life", Sociopathic rantings.

followed by a swift execution of everyone who doesn't think it's a good idea.

If it results in the concept of the British "royalty" being memorialized by burnt corpses hanging from lampposts and forever referred to as an ancient, atavistic mistake corrected, sign me on

This is an oldie but illustrates the contemptible ploy of reducing 8000 Chileans who were resisting a bloody military coup to "commie insurgents" to justify mass murder.

The executions of 8000 or so communist insurgents in Chile under Pinochet is something of a tragedy in that most of those executions weren't caught on film to enjoy with popcorn.

I know he thinks he's cute. Typical of blustering internet cowards.

Craig said...

Opus #6 said,

Some people must have been hurt. Nobody died. I bet some of those folks get arthritis and other odd pains in the coming years. At the very least.

It said "no people were hurt". I bet some of those folks develop hemorrhoids or pilonidal cysts from sitting on those pews every Sunday. Take your religious persecution wherever you can find it, I guess.

Ticker said...

Anonymous said...

Imbeciles abound as usual.

I couldn't have said it as well myself. I am sure you realize that while pointing with one finger there were three pointed back at you,Imbecile!

Craig said...

I couldn't have said it as well myself. I am sure you realize that while pointing with one finger there were three pointed back at you,Imbecile!

Not the way I finger point.

beamish said...


I have never insulted you for disagreeing with me. Calling you an imbecile is no more insulting than calling a refridgerator a "kitchen appliance." To wit, I could agree with you on some matter or another, but this would not mitigate the fact that you're an imbecile.

As for snuffing out the British royalty so that England can join the 21st Century or Pinochet wiping out Marxist guerillas terrorizing the Chilean countryside, we're not talking about innocents being killed. Repeat: Marxist terrorist groups setting bombs and robbing banks in Santiago were not "resisting a bloody military coup," they were terrorists trying to restore Allende, the government leader famous for having starving people rioting over food prices dispersed with machine gun fire.

Oh those poor terrorists killed by Pinochet!


beamish said...

Since Craig wants to come to the rescue of (or confess to) "anonymous'" drive by insulting, perhaps he'll take on a defense of incest now that one of the Huffington Post's bloggers has been charged with having a sexual relationship with his own daughter.

Now, we all know leftists are sexually confused, what with their advocacy of gay rights and all. Even Craig for a time had a female as an avatar, before he switched to a dog (ew!!!!11onehundredeleven) but is it really right to point to the Huffington Post as the forum of sexual deviants? Paint rollers for everyone!

Or do we need a video to make snarky comments on first?

beamish said...

8000 or so Marxist guerrillas died under Pinochet's rule.

Most of those killed under Pinochet died in gun battles with Pinochet's forces. Others were tried and executed for their crimes. A few others were assassinated.

Ain't civil war hell.

Z said...

Craig, I write my own blog, thanks. And I stand by the fact that when God goes, more bodies pile up than when He's allowed a home in a society...that things today are far worse because of leftwingers and/or secularists.

Beamish; he can get a little silly from time to time but, mostly, he's incredibly intelligent, hilariously funny, and I think you should be able to engage with him, Craig.

How was that bread you made for Thanksgiving, by the way?
And, do you have a specialty for Christmas!/

beamish said...

Beamish; he can get a little silly from time to time but, mostly, he's incredibly intelligent, hilariously funny, and I think you should be able to engage with him, Craig.

Actually I'm an example of all libertarian-conservative fusionist thought on the internet by which all of it should be stereotyped and judged and held accountable for by leftists who can't figure out sarcasm.

Ticker said...

What do you do ,sit on your thumb point one finger while the rest(fingers) join you head, up your a$$?

Ticker said...

Last post was supposed to be addressed to Craig since he admits to calling the rest of us Imbeciles. Seems the copy it didn't pick up all the statment.

Joe said...

As evidenced in and by their comments, liberal/progressives are inhumane toward human beings, and only believe in acting humanely toward animals.

Unless they are the ones upon whom inhmaneness is being perpetrated.


Ticker said...

Yep, Joe, you got it 100% right.