Monday, December 20, 2010

Fumbling hope.........

This one's from CANADA.......Since you all had a football weekend, I thought I'd post it!  Thanks to commenter SilvrLady for the great bunch of cartoons you'll be seeing here from different countries in the near future.  


beamish said...

If the Rams win their next two games, they'll clinch a playoff slot :)

Those next two games are against other NFC West teams, the Forty Whiners and the Stinkhawks.

The Stinkhawks face the Suckaneers next week and will probably lose, while the Rams take on the Forty Whiners. Next week's game I won't predict, because the NFC West is pretty evenly matched in their underdogdom.

Which makes the Rams vs. Stinkhawks game in two weeks CRUCIAL.

Hungry time in the NFL. My favorite time of the season :)

Opus #6 said...

So Beamish, does that mean that you are a Stinkhawk fan? Or maybe you favor the Forty Whiners? ;-)

Always On Watch said...

That graphic does sum up the Obama administration.

Karen Howes said...

What AOW said. I don't call him Obumbler for nothing!

Brooke said...

The Bengals won just barely against the Browns after a ten game losing streak.

I wonder why they even showed up?

Anonymous said...

My name for him (just one of) is O'Boob-Boob. Just pitiful!

When the cartoonists finally attack you know the Emperor has no clothes.


Ducky's here said...

Gee Beamish, move to Boston and watch a real (football, basketball, baseball, pick) team.

Sue said... least they DID beat them! Hope you aren't a Stains fan...

Ducky's here said...
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Z said...

ducky, you're deleted. I"m in no mood for your juvenile crap.

beamish said...


LOL! Nah, I'm a Rams fan even when they lose. Which is a lot.


Gee Beamish, move to Boston...

Nah, I prefer homosexuals on my television rather than in my neighborhood.

Z said...

beamish, were you a Rams fan when we had 'em here?
Do you know of Pat Studstill, by the way?

beamish said...

Nah, I became a Rams fan their first year in St. Louis. I welcomed them as much as I wanted to run the Cardinals out of town (they went to Arizona).

As a snot nosed little punk kid growing up, I was a Bills fan.

I still like the Chargers too. I even have a soft spot for the dirty Bengals, back when they used to play like their opponents belonged in a hospital.

Can't stand the Patriots. Tom Brady without his sideline spytech is like Obama without a teleprompter, lost.

beamish said...

Pat Studstill's prime was before my time. I was born in 1970. His last NFL season was in '72.

Ducky's here said...

Such anger, z. It's a little shortsighted to call the municipal bond market, "crap".

Make no mistake, housing will suffer and the bond market will suffer because he decided to kick the can down the road. The bill offers no stimulus so the job market will also continue the stagnation.

That is indeed what we get for following Republican policies and he is indeed a Reaganite.

Z said...

Ducky, stay away for a while...
You know very well the 'juvenile' is for the way you put things.
Doesn't it get dull feeling like you've got the keys and we're all stupid here? I guess it's a need you have but it's silly.
More stimulus: will you ever understand deficits and being in debt to enemies? My God.

Beamish, Pat's a buddy of mine, I just wondered if you remembered him cuz you're such a whippersnapper :-) You like the Chargers?

beamish said...

Well, I liked LaDanian Tomlinson. Chargers almost had a thing going there for a while.

beamish said...

Is Ducky pulling his "Obama hasn't set up death camps therefore he's not left wing" crap again?

Z said...

Beamish, I think you've got something on the death camps stuff!

beamish said...

Death camps are one of the only specifically, exclusively leftist accomplishments Obama hasn't attempted.

But, don't count Obama out. It even took the leftist labor activist Adolf Hitler five years to come up with those, and he had a smaller country to work with.

RedWood said...

"Death camps are one of the only specifically, exclusively leftist accomplishments Obama hasn't attempted."

Ooooo...Ohhhh...did I miss something? Is Obambami going to set up the camps at Crystal River now?

Jeeez...I hope so. These mudslimes are certainly getting out of hand with their seditious, traitorous, political ideology that swears to replace the Constitution with sharia law.

I also think that the EU is well on the way towards setting up those "death camps" that they have some history with.
However, this time with the really seditious, criminal, traitorous, renegade, terrorist, civilian killing, christian murdering, anarchist, untrustworthy, stone age members of any mosque on the planet....attempting to force their political ideology on free people.

I ask...if anyone had witnessed this same ideology of murder, mayhem and dedication to an ideology that was determined to decimate, corrupt, kill democracy as Hitler was determined to do...would you object to his demise and the obliteration of his political quest?

I think not. So I ask, why the hesitation to fight islam and it's tenants to it's obvious conclusion just as we have with communism, fascism ( islam ), organized crime ( islam ) and this radical ideology. Surely one cannot continue to view islam as a "religion". Unless you view it as a religion of conquest and death to Americans and the West.

So far this year...muslims, 24 incidents - murders, attacks and attempted attacks.

Please remember...this religion of "peace" has adherents upwards of 20% that support jihad.

Major said...

Look folks. I make no bones about either distrusting, profiling or even hating muslims as the killers of American society.

I make no bones or excuses about my deep seated hatred, mistrust of our vile, hedonistic, murderous, lying, untrustworthy, seditious lying killers known as muslims.

I don't want to hear the continual whining bullshit about "moderation or moderate" muslims.

Not until I see muslims convicting, condemning, arresting, turning over to the FBI, Homeland Security those animals amongst them. Yet as of this time...they don't.

What we hear and see is the constant excuses of the various muslim brotherhoods ( especially CAIR ) is not a condemnation of their murderers, assassins, loons and "religionists"...but a continual bullshit deflection of their adherents to place the blame us.

That their completely fucked up followers where somehow.."misunderstood" or entrapped. ( That one I love the most ! ) you ever hear them condemn the murder or the beheading of a Catholic Archbishop? Do you ever hear them apologizing for the murder of innocent Christians?

Never folks. Why...because these bastards of their mothers wombs....don't care. They believe that what crimes they commit are ordered by their pedophile slob of a prophet....Mohammed.

Do you think there's hope? I do. At the end of a 9mm.

Alas....we won't fight. I know it. We'll retreat...we'll bow...we'll compromise...we'll run away.

MK said...

Yeah that looks about right, the bungler in chief.

I read elsewhere that according to obongo, homos serving in the military is a matter of national security, yes really.

Good grief, what a joke!