Friday, August 5, 2011

African American media? Do we cater to it or manage it, or should we just have an AMERICAN MEDIA?

Did you know that the White House has a DIRECTOR OF AFRICAN AMERICAN MEDIA?
Yes, and the person, Kevin Lewis, has a salary that went from $42,000 to $78, ONE YEAR.  Yes, an increase of what many people make in one year.......$36,000.00. (I hope you've seen the list of increases in salaries, I'd have posted the whole thing here but it wouldn't publish's AMAZING; that our media hasn't exposed it is equally amazing)
Funny, that position almost makes it sound as if there's some separate country called AFRICAN AMERICA, doesn't it?  Maybe that's how the White House views it?
How pathetic, how VERY racist.   You think not?  What are your thoughts?



cube said...
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cube said...

I'm not surprised by this. I see that the racial divide has grown worse since Obama took office. Look at the flash mob incidents almost every day.

I WOULD be surprised if the main stream media disseminated that information to the country.

Unfortunately for us, those facts need to be kept under the radar.

Z said...

cube, is he WORKING toward that? WHat's with this man?
Remember he said in one of his books (and, by the way, what publisher pays an unknown young man who's done nothing to write two autobiographies?) that he felt sad that he, like Malcolm X, could not expunge the white blood from his veins.

Yes, the facts are kept under the radar; and maybe now we know who the media turns to before reporting stories of color. How else could that HOlder/Voting poll story have been kept as quiet as it was (Big tall black men with sticks and camouflage clothing weren't threatening, right? :-) I mean, you've got laugh out LOUD with that one!
ON and on and on...........very sad and even scary.

Ducky's here said...

Should we have an "American" media? Well, ideally we should but right now we have a corporate media. It's pretty much homogeneous pablum that tells us nothing.

Frankly, I don't object to efforts to give outliers some modest voice in the media.

It's tough and you generally have to accept what you get from (N)ice (P)olite (R)epublicans or (P)etroleum (B)roadcasting (S)ystem.

Ain't healthy

Z said...

Ah, so Ducky, you feel it's the gov't's duty to represent one group in the White House, specifically designated for Black News?

Do they not get covered in the mainstream media?

When you're as left as you are and insist on loitering at Conservative blogs, one really wonders. I'll leave you here for now; I doubt it'll last long.

Re NPR, what's your take on how I must pay for people like Bill Moyers with my tax dollars and you don't have to pay for Hannity? SOmething you might not have considered.

Ducky's here said...

Do they not get covered in the mainstream media?


Oh they get covered, alright.

We get the complete contortion of the trivial incident in Philadelphia concern the New Black Panther moron. Alternative voices were drowned.

We get white panic over flash mobs when there are voices trying to discuss it and get to the objective truth of the matter.

Now, does Rupert Murdoch increase viewership by sensationalizing or hard reporting?

Opinions vary, I say sensationalizing and help getting the outliers opinions voiced is necessary in the face of monopoly media power.

Lisa said...

The problem I have with it is the same as you Z that it should not be the job of the government but as I see it this President had always been about "you and them","rich and poor","this and that" ,blah,blah,blah and lets' not forget his most focus is on "Me,me,me".

Speedy G said...

Would you have any problem if the White House hired someone to represent them to the Hispanic/ Spanish speaking media? German speaking? Chinese Mandarin/ Cantonese speaking?

This really doesn't bother me too much.

Speedy G said...

The media is always going to segment itself according to demographics. It would be nice if they didn't feel the need to do so, but there's a whole industry (Nielssen ratings) that chops up, segments, and targets messages/ advertisements soley on the basis of language, sex, and/or skin colour.

Z said...

Ya, Ducky, and the righting media has such a monopoly, doesn't it :-)
are you awake?

Lisa, I don't think it's the job of anyone to represent one portion of this country's news. We are all Americans and news is news; to complain about any perceived racism on the side of whites against anybody is silly (and why else would the WH have this position there if they weren't uptight about that?)! when we see such astonishing prejudice toward anything Conservative; but, that doesn't seem to sink in to some peoples' minds.

I'm going on Moderation......see you all later.

Z said...

Speedy, no offense, but this"Would you have any problem if the White House hired someone to represent them to the Hispanic/ Spanish speaking media? German speaking? Chinese Mandarin/ Cantonese speaking?" just might rate up there with THE most insulting comment I've ever rec'd here.

Of course I'd have a problem with that. Do you think this is against Black AMericans? ARE YOU SERIOUS? MY tax dollars paying for a GERMAN MEDIA REP? Are you KIDDING ME?

"This really doesn't bother me too much" good for you.

I don't mind the normal media representing its own...I DO mind the supposedly AMERICAN MEDIA in such an astonishingly biased stance against the Conservatives, but we're used to that by now.
But for the WHITE HOUSE to pay with our tax dollars for ONE SEGMENT of America? REALLY?

soapster said...

What do I think?

I think we already have an "American Media".

I'm not interested in state propaganda thanks.

Speedy G said...

Why the White House feels the need to cater/sell and segment itself accordingly seems more a symptom of their insatiable need to establish "control" over their own message than communicate that message to others effectively. I guess it comes from the "rhetoriticians dilemna" and takes the harder road (than "truth" would need)

Plato, "Phaedrus"

SOCRATES: Oratory is the art of enchanting the soul, and therefore he who would be an orator has to learn the differences of human souls—they are so many and of such a nature, and from them come the differences between man and man. Having proceeded thus far in his analysis, he will next divide speeches into their different classes:—'Such and such persons,' he will say, are affected by this or that kind of speech in this or that way,' and he will tell you why. The pupil must have a good theoretical notion of them first, and then he must have experience of them in actual life, and be able to follow them with all his senses about him, or he will never get beyond the precepts of his masters. But when he understands what persons are persuaded by what arguments, and sees the person about whom he was speaking in the abstract actually before him, and knows that it is he, and can say to himself, 'This is the man or this is the character who ought to have a certain argument applied to him in order to convince him of a certain opinion;'—he who knows all this, and knows also when he should speak and when he should refrain, and when he should use pithy sayings, pathetic appeals, sensational effects, and all the other modes of speech which he has learned;—when, I say, he knows the times and seasons of all these things, then, and not till then, he is a perfect master of his art; but if he fail in any of these points, whether in speaking or teaching or writing them, and yet declares that he speaks by rules of art, he who says 'I don't believe you' has the better of him. Well, the teacher will say, is this, Phaedrus and Socrates, your account of the so-called art of rhetoric, or am I to look for another?

PHAEDRUS: He must take this, Socrates, for there is no possibility of another, and yet the creation of such an art is not easy.

SOCRATES: Very true; and therefore let us consider this matter in every light, and see whether we cannot find a shorter and easier road; there is no use in taking a long rough roundabout way if there be a shorter and easier one. And I wish that you would try and remember whether you have heard from Lysias or any one else anything which might be of service to us.

You can read the whole dialogue if you want to learn the "shorter" road.

Z said...

soapster, I agree.

Speedy, I'll be back,

Actually. i have the day off and am lunching with the wonderful Orson and Alley Bean today... :-) He's making cheeseburgers!

and am going on moderation again.

see y'all later!

Lana said...

Well, Z, I've said it before and I'll say it again. Until all segments of our society consider themselves American without any hyphens, we will continue to have "racism". Speedy G needs to come to the realization that this is America and our language is English. His comments offended me also. Keep up the good work.

Speedy G said...

...and I apologize if I insulted you, Z. I just wanted to explain WHY they need to "segment" their message by market.

When you are'nt going to speak the truth, you need to employ rhetoric. This is merely evidence that the White House is deliberately employing DECEPTION, and everyone now KNOWS it.

Lisa said...

Ducky said:
"We get white panic over flash mobs when there are voices trying to discuss it and get to the objective truth of the matter."

Just like the media and the White House stirring up panic trying to get to the objective truth of the Tea PArty by calling them racists,terrorists,hostage takers.

The only difference is the Tea Party isn't violent attacking people.

Jan said...

Z..this is too disgusting for words, really...but, I'm not surprised that he's done that, nor am I surprised that he does a lot of things that he does.

I think he has done more to DIVIDE the citizens of this country than any other President.

I thought, as you do, that we were all just "Americans" so why is one segment of the population being given so much special and individual consideration and attention?

I just don't get the "African-American" thing, either. How many of the black population are actually "from" Africa? If they are born here, aren't they just "American" like everyone else?

I am of German descent, as well as Cherokee Indian, born in this country, and never even visited following the logic of blacks not born in Africa, being called African-American, shouldn't I be referred to as German-American?

Many blacks are bi-racial, but they are STILL referred to as African-Americans, so even though I am part American Indian, born here, I SHOULD be referred to as German-American, right?

Maybe the WH could appoint someone to explain what I've just said. ;)

Makes just as much sense to me, and what's fair is fair.

Well, it used to be, anyway.

Anonymous said...

"We get white panic over flash mobs when there are voices trying to discuss it and get to the objective truth of the matter."

"White Panic"? I guess that arises when a white is surrounded by the ravages of savages that don't appreciate the "Obama - Change" sticker on the bumper of your Prius or Subaru? When you realize that it's not good enough to spare your life from frenzied, racist mobs that are determined to kill you because of your skin color?

My, my. And the morons on the other side ( Waters, Lee ) accuse us of rekindling "Jim Crow"? All the progress of the last 3 generations have been wiped out by this "president".

And those who weren't even born before 1965 now listen to old hardened racists like Sharpton and Jerkson to justify the racial pimps for another hundred years. There's all this talk about a "race war"? Well, apparently it's underway. Yet I see no evidence that it's being perpetuated by white folks.

Some examples that still with us as the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

The Truth About Violent Flash Mobs...
The perps are all black..

New Jersey Must Dumb Down Police Exams to Promote More Non-Whites….

Lower pass rate for blacks and Hispanics meant that the test was biased.

Witnesses Describe Mobs, Some People Claim Racially-Charged Attacks:
Wisconsin State Fair organizers wanted diversity. They got it.

Teacher Tells Why She Helped Her Students Cheat;
Says cheating was “widespread” and “constant” among “poor and African-American” students.

City Preparing Response to Random Attacks by Youths, Philadelphia Inquirer;
Another bout of wildings in Philadelphia.

And on and on and on.

Anonymous said...

Now....I wonder if these same black mobs...will be emboldened enough to do their wilding at the voting precincts come 2012?

And I wonder again...what the outcome will be if Comrade "O", should lose the election fairly?

My guess? The riots and "wilding" will make Rodney King's party look like a Boy Scout jamboree.

And....libbie whites will be intimidated into voting for this fraud to avoid getting their Volvo's and Suburau's trashed.

I'd like to start a pool. Betting on how many and which cities will burn when Obama is fired?

Always On Watch said...


So much for the post-racial Presidency.

Pris said...

The President is supposed to represent all the people.

It is not his prerogative to control or own any aspect of it.

Furthermore, since the state run media, formerly called the mainstream media, is in his pocket, isn't that enough?

African American Media huh? Why doesn't the president just call it what it is, his Plantation, and get over with.

Evidently he believes the black community belongs to him to do with what he will. This is nothing more than a propaganda vehicle aimed at one race.

If I were black, I'd resent the hell out of this.

Z said...

Speedy, no insult but kind of surprising. You're now asking "Why do they have to do that?" when it seemed to me you said it didn't bother you much. ;-)

AOW, as if it ever was intended to be that way by OBAMA and the race pimps like Sharpton and Rangel and J Jackson.

Imp.....i think the media's covered up so much until now that America really hasn't a chance of being the same country it was. The left's way of thinking is all people hear about, the PC, the entitlements, indoctrination of our children...and then we have leftists calling this amazingly biased media 'rightwing'? The fun never freakin' stops.

Z said...

Pris "If I were black, I'd resent the hell out of this."

Right...MY Black friends would find this revolting. I wish I could bother one of them to write on this but they're busy with fulltime jobs and raising kids...maybe I'll see if I can do that.....
And yes...plantation, indeed.

Speedy G said...

Speedy, no insult but kind of surprising. You're now asking "Why do they have to do that?" when it seemed to me you said it didn't bother you much.

It's a "necessary evil" regardless of how you look at it.

Z said...

you're really confusing me, sorry.

it's a 'necessary evil' that the WHite House appoints someone WE pay for to represent only Black America? Or...? I hate to sound obtuse but I'd like to better understand your take on this.

I couldn't agree with you more on this, Speedy "This is merely evidence that the White House is deliberately employing DECEPTION, and everyone now KNOWS it."

But that shouldn't be a necessary evil. It should be forbidden and, once known, STOPPED.
But, as everything else with our damned biased media, it gets overlooked except by Conservatives...#$(*&@(*$&@#

Speedy G said...

As a "practical" matter, there are two ways of looking at it.

The first (positive) is that the Executive is supposed to lead... and leading sometimes means going places people don't want to go. You can have many "reasons" for leading, some that appeal to the cautious, others, to the bold. This would allow the President to message one "reason" to the cautious and emphasize a slightly different one to the bold.

It's a "white lie" (the "emphasis" in the reason to one of the groups) that gets us where we need to be, "together".

Of course, this "system" could also be abused (negative). But as the man is the POTUS, I'd give him the benefit of the doubt until I saw some overt "abuses" of certain Executive privileges.

There was a time when a President did what he had to do without regard for "popularity". These are not those times. Popularity has much more "political capital" than it ever did in the past. The "states" and their governors can no longer give the president their support as a counterweight to electoral approval. There is no "middle" aristocracy... our three tier system (with states in the middle) has been reduced to two, the feds and the people.

Speedy G said...

The other alternative the White House would have is to out-and-out LIE... to give their message "truthiness" by altering the facts to suit a message (like a lawyer crafting his message to convince a jury). THAT approach I would find MUCH more offensive than merely catering/pandering to a minority opinion...

Again, from Plato's "Phaedrus"

SOCRATES: May not 'the wolf,' as the proverb says, 'claim a hearing'?

PHAEDRUS: Do you say what can be said for him.

SOCRATES: He will argue that there is no use in putting a solemn face on these matters, or in going round and round, until you arrive at first principles; for, as I said at first, when the question is of justice and good, or is a question in which men are concerned who are just and good, either by nature or habit, he who would be a skilful rhetorician has no need of truth—for that in courts of law men literally care nothing about truth, but only about conviction: and this is based on probability, to which he who would be a skilful orator should therefore give his whole attention. And they say also that there are cases in which the actual facts, if they are improbable, ought to be withheld, and only the probabilities should be told either in accusation or defence, and that always in speaking, the orator should keep probability in view, and say good-bye to the truth. And the observance of this principle throughout a speech furnishes the whole art.

The "wolf" in question, would be the Executive... and it would appear that Obama has NOT selected this more seriously immoral path.

Speedy G said...

an example of the latter from "Phaedrus"

SOCRATES: I believe that he has a clever and ingenious case of this sort:—He supposes a feeble and valiant man to have assaulted a strong and cowardly one, and to have robbed him of his coat or of something or other; he is brought into court, and then Tisias says that both parties should tell lies: the coward should say that he was assaulted by more men than one; the other should prove that they were alone, and should argue thus: 'How could a weak man like me have assaulted a strong man like him?' The complainant will not like to confess his own cowardice, and will therefore invent some other lie which his adversary will thus gain an opportunity of refuting. And there are other devices of the same kind which have a place in the system. Am I not right, Phaedrus?

PHAEDRUS: Certainly.

SOCRATES: Bless me, what a wonderfully mysterious art is this which Tisias or some other gentleman, in whatever name or country he rejoices, has discovered. Shall we say a word to him or not?

PHAEDRUS: What shall we say to him?

SOCRATES: Let us tell him that, before he appeared, you and I were saying that the probability of which he speaks was engendered in the minds of the many by the likeness of the truth, and we had just been affirming that he who knew the truth would always know best how to discover the resemblances of the truth. If he has anything else to say about the art of speaking we should like to hear him; but if not, we are satisfied with our own view, that unless a man estimates the various characters of his hearers and is able to divide all things into classes and to comprehend them under single ideas, he will never be a skilful rhetorician even within the limits of human power. And this skill he will not attain without a great deal of trouble, which a good man ought to undergo, not for the sake of speaking and acting before men, but in order that he may be able to say what is acceptable to God and always to act acceptably to Him as far as in him lies; for there is a saying of wiser men than ourselves, that a man of sense should not try to please his fellow-servants (at least this should not be his first object) but his good and noble masters; and therefore if the way is long and circuitous, marvel not at this, for, where the end is great, there we may take the longer road, but not for lesser ends such as yours. Truly, the argument may say, Tisias, that if you do not mind going so far, rhetoric has a fair beginning here.

Speedy G said...

So I suppose I'm saying that I'd rather that the President "message" his audience (and give us the opportunity of putting the various stories side by side to figure out the truth and the lies and refute them) than have him out-and-out LIE to us by messaging us with a single "truthy" lie.

Pris said...

"Of course, this "system" could also be abused (negative). But as the man is the POTUS, I'd give him the benefit of the doubt until I saw some overt "abuses" of certain Executive privileges"

So, Speedy, you don't see abuse in ruling via fiat through executive orders, to skirt Congress?

He doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Update: We've just been downgraded!

As soon as the debt ceiling was raised, Geithner borrowed $238 billion.

We didn't demonstrate we were willing to cut enough to avoid this. A "no" vote on raising the debt ceiling was the right vote.

But, I think it was already too late. Politics ruled the day, but the country lost big time.

Maybe now people will see that the goal all along by this radical thugocracy was to bring us down.

Hold onto your hats folks it's going to be a whirlwind of a ride.

Anonymous said...

African American Media huh?

I found it today...while cruising through my Satellite stations in my car. Sure enough...after the "Patriot" channel ( 126) I found on 128...the "Power" station.

An insulting , racist, black power diatribe against all things...white. The Jews, the Power, the racists, the "Crows" and the constant defending of...the Revvvvvvvrand.....the Revvvvvvvvvrand...Al the POS, murderer of 7 or 8 Jews in Harlem...cause they were "interlopers".

Now..if this were a "cracker" from Say, Alabama or Mississippi during the heyday of white "supremacy" speaking as sharpton the slick ass racist that he is....would the cracker get away with it?

I think it's really time to expose the frauds of the so called "African-American" community.

What I'd really like to see is which "African" community they'd like to idolize and emulate.

Would it be...Somalia? Ethiopia? Kenya? Nigeria? The Sudan? Haiti? Guinea? South Africa? Rhodesia? Zimbabwe? Liberia? Uganda? Libya? Morocco?

Maybe they can name ONE...Just ONE, bastion of freedom or racial harmony...outside of Detroit?

Hypocrites, frauds with 50 years of excuses and failure.

Sorry...face up to it. It's a failure because...they just aren't up to real "equality".

Am I a racist? Nope...a realist. My your money for a nice 9mm, a 45 acp a pump shotgun.

They'll have them to bust down your door..while the cops decide if it's "racial" or self defense.

Hey...the evidence says....Fook...PC.

Do yourself a favor and "Google" black this and black'll find thousands of acronyms....but do the opposite...will you find ONE...just ONE...WASP club?

Anonymous said...

"Breaking: S&P downgrades U.S. to AA+ rating"

And thus goes the decline of America under Comrade "O".'s change indeed.

"U.S. Treasuries, once undisputedly seen as the safest investment in the world, are now rated lower than bonds issued by countries such as the UK, Germany, France or Canada.

The outlook on the new U.S. credit rating is negative, S&P said in a statement, a sign that another downgrade is possible in the next 12 to 18 months."

Be prepared for the Greece like riots from the liberal parasites coming to you.

Anonymous said...

The quote that we're now...A DEADBEAT NATION UNDER THE WATCH OF THE ...ONE!

"We lowered our long-term rating on the U.S. because we believe that the prolonged controversy over raising the statutory debt ceiling and the related fiscal policy debate indicate that further near-term progress containing the growth in public spending, especially on entitlements, or on reaching an agreement on raising revenues is less likely than we previously assumed and will remain a contentious and fitful process. We also believe that the fiscal consolidation plan that Congress and the Administration agreed to this week falls short of the amount that we believe is necessary to stabilize the general government debt burden by the middle of the decade…"

The now on the whole....just like Detroit or any other slum in the country.

Thanks...Comrade 'O". You have succeeded in remaking America as a 3rd, world country on the dole.

I have to ask then...what sane, caring American would actually vote for this POS, incompetent fart again?

And they call Us...'Terrorists". We know who the real terrorist is.

Ducky's here said...

The President is supposed to represent all the people.


That's right, Pris. You're getting it.

And when a major portion of the public doesn't have an equal voice in the news media you augment that voice.That's called serving the people.

Anonymous said...

"If I were black, I'd resent the hell out of this."

Really? You're expecting an apology?

Race..trumps all.

Lisa said...

This is turning into quite a thread.
After all the political posturing we could have come up with a balanced budget amendment and no debt ceiling.
We need so desperately to replace the senate and the presidency in 2012. That's if the current admin doesn't destroy us totally by then.
It's like laws don't even apply anymore or they can just skirt around every law by twisting each issue like until it sounds logical.

Impertinent your statement

"An insulting , racist, black power diatribe against all things...white. The Jews, the Power, the racists, the "Crows" and the constant defending of...the Revvvvvvvrand.....the Revvvvvvvvvrand...Al the POS, "

sounds like it's right out the Rev Wright's playbook and the things he says. The things Obama never heard in 20 years.
The guy can say anything he wants and lie and get away with it because of his adoring media who will never call him out and unfortunately it's not because of the "D" after his name so much as it is his color.
It's always obvious who the real racists are.

Pris said...

"That's right, Pris. You're getting it."

Really Ducky? I've always gotten it. I also get that Obama doesn't!

No, the government doesn't augment that voice, and the President certainly doesn't. He uses people, including blacks.

The government should stay out of it. Obama isn't a dictator yet, as much as he'd like to be.

What you don't get is, what's good for all of us is good for every individual.

It's a matter of effort for each of us. If you refuse to participate that's your problem, regardless of color! Got it Ducky?
I didn't think so!

Z said...

Tell me Ducky; you said "And when a major portion of the public doesn't have an equal voice in the news media you augment that voice.That's called serving the people."

What equal voice are they missing? is it Don Lemmon on CNN? Juan WIlliams on FOX...who used to be on NPR but wouldn't play their bias game? Are we missing Blacks on television news? REALLY? We have several who do L.A> local news, don't you in Boston?
What is it we're not hearing from Black Americans on AMERICAN NEWS? WHat stories? Tavis Smiley's got a show, several black talk show hosts...the rabid racist shows like Impertinent had the guts to tell us about....what's missing?

Lisa, I'm glad the thread happened but it sure surprised me because I'd thought I'd left for dinner and put it on Moderation! I guess I forgot or it didn't 'take'...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"And when a major portion of the public doesn't have an equal voice.."

That "major" portion of the public are middle class white folks without a venue...not 10% or 12% of the non voting, non producing class. never let is down. You've broken too many boards with that "head" of yours.

Z said...



AND WERE THESE SALARIES RAISED SO NOBODY'D NOTICE (PLENTY of people got enormous raises)? Was it "LET THEM GET HIRED, THEN RAISE THEM WHEN NOBODY'S LOOKING!"? Was that another stinking secretive accomplishment of this White House?

Bob said...

Z: Late, as usual in the thread, I have decided to be the a-hole, again.

Realistically, $42,000 per a year in Washington, DC won't even get decent lunches. Think about it. Janitors make more money, and the first black President is screwing the first African American Media Director in history with a peanut salary. This does not look good.

Be thankful that the raise was only to $78,000. That might cover lunch and coffee breaks. Of course, the expense account allowances are probably over $100K! You gotta keep the brothers stroked.

Hey, we have a black President, and he has proven incompetent in governing, but maybe he can salvage some sort of creds in taking care of the brothers. I am surprised he doesn't spend more money than that on African American junk.

Oh, but Obama is not African American. He is something else.

Bob said...

Duck : O stop. Obama's just dancing to the master's tune.

Can you give me a reference on this conspiracy theory? Or, is this just creative writing?

Z said...

Ducky; when you can stop insulting, maybe I won't delete you. I tried. You didn't.

Bob...I thought about that, too; NO WAY could anybody survive on the starting salary, but why start SO LOW? See my last comment? WHY START SO LOW THEN RAISE IT SO ASTONISHINGLY MUCH MORE SO SUDDENLY?
Sneaking? Stupidity? WHY? By the way, who'd take a job that paid that little, especially in an expensive city like D.C.? Unless you knew the salary'd go up soon, of course. get my drift?
Does ANYTHING this WH does make sense??

Anonymous said...

The racial divide is much worse now than when I was a child.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

The objective truth of the matter is that Ducky doesn't live with the problem, near the problem, see it at work and see it on off-duty hours, live inside it, as I do, 24-7.

Yes, having a BLACK media center at the White House is racist in and of itself. It is the continued fomentation of racial divide and anyone with a lick of common sense knows and senses it inherently.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

And to the black chick who, on national TV a few years ago, said that Mr Obama was going to be buying a house for her -- how's that Hope and Change working out for you these days?


Z said...

Trestin, it seems like that to me, too...very much so. I feel like every White person I know hasn't a lick of racism in him/her and yet Leftwinger whites and blacks think white racism is at an all-time high. It's almost like we're being sold a bill of goods again; we're supposed to be made to feel guilty.
Now, I'm seeing flash mobs and observing who's doing what and ask myself if this is due to white racism (as IF)

BZ...doesn't it just seem odd that there are some who really don't see a problem with a special department like this in our White House? astonishing.

Anonymous said...

"If I were black, I'd resent the hell out of this."

And if I were...I'd have gone on the violent sprees that Holder and Comrade "O" have blessed and sanctioned with their double standards. Laws are only for the law abiding...and guess who no longer needs to abide by the laws?

Or...if I were black....I'd hide my ass under the nearest rock...cause your sheet ain't gonna fly that much longer. And you're generally too damn stooopid to figure it out. Especially if you've been in "school" in Atlanta, Newark, Detroit, Philly, Baltimore, Camden, Trenton, NYC, Birmingham, New Orleans, Dearborn and every major ghetto in America. Congratulations...."You've descended a long way...babies."

Z said...

Imp, knowing you, nothing would have made you act like those people.
Nothing would get my black friends to do that, either. xx

Bob said...

Z: There are a lot of people who would work for free to be on the White House staff. The WH has a budget, too, and even Obama The Great has to show some respect for the process, doesn't he?

Z said...

Bob, the dumbest clerk in a corporation makes more than this "Director" made going in...does that make sense to you?
And what company do you know which can increase THIS MUCH in a year?

SOmething's weird...unreal, at the WH.

Anonymous said...

"And when a major portion of the public doesn't have an equal voice in the news media...."

What major portion are you referring to? Maybe like most working, voting Americans that have to listen to the inane, insanity of a John F'in Kerry advising that T Party must be stifled by the "media".

Leaving what? One news outlet to tell the truth?

I'll bet your so called "minority media" has one hell of a lot more representation than you think.

Especially the illegal screwups. Who'd have ever thought that if you break our laws, enter the country illegally and you'd have some standing to SUE...those who want to send you back?

Z said...'s astonishing, isn't it. Yes, illegals can sue US for their having broken our laws...and our government can sue us, too....

Remember, we even have lawsuits pending for having not left food and water along the desert IN OUR COUNTRY for illegals. When they died, their families have sued US.

and yes, if the Tea Party and all of us good people get angry, we're to be stifled, according to that dope Kerry, the pompous jerk.
And the media doesn't think THAT's WRONG?

Anonymous said...

Yet...another perspective Ms.z:

"But that said, if life were still felt to be preferable to what is found in Mexico, then would not the entire immigration movement be awash in pro-American chauvinism, of affection for the antithesis of a Mexico that drove them out:

American flags waving at parades, a grass-roots movement to speak and master English, something like the National Council of Mexican-Americans rather than La Raza?

Such public affection for a host, rather than serial critiques and invective, would not just seem more logical, but more politically savvy still.

Most illegal aliens desire the U.S. as proven by their presence and reluctance to leave; they need to replace the anger at being told to follow the law, with a sort of thanks for the country that took them in, coupled with a request of how to help out their adopted nation by following the law and applying for legal residency and/or citizenship —

with the assumption that they too would be angry should 11 million Chinese or Nigerians or Germans simply have arrived in the U.S. without legality."

And here we are...pandering to the lowest common denominator prove what?

That most Americans, regardless of their silly liberal leaning, would still want to adopt or live next door to these hateful immigrants?

Do you think any of those freaking swells in Hollywood or the "Upper East Side" want anything to do with the failures of immigration?

"Millions have left their mother country, convinced its government has mismanaged the economy and impoverished them, while life in the north offers an opportunity of a good life not found in Mexico. Would not then the illegal immigration movement be located in hyper-pro-Americanism?"

Would not then the silly swells...demand that of their pet slaves? Would they not then demand that they show some respect for their more than generous hosts?

Anonymous said...

BTW...One could also substitute "Mexico" with Africa...or any african crap hole on that continent today.

What good in Christs name can be said about Africa? An entire continent mired in squalor, starvation, famine, war, disease and ignorance. Yet somehow we believe all they need is a college education to cure their shortcomings in order to "assimilate" into the mainstream? What utter bullshit.

Yet...we have somali indigents waging 'holy war" against the infidels in the country.

When will we wake up?

Between the islamists, illegal nationalistic mexicans and now wilding blacks?

Who the hell says we're not at war with those who wish to kill this dream known as...America".

Me...I think we're toast. When the swells see the vermin climbing over the walls to their gated enclaves....maybe we'll get some other reaction. And a call to defend America...but...I know it's way too late.

It was too late 25 years ago.

Anonymous said...

"Liberals like Clinton and Gore etc don't care how poor a countrys people are as long as they stay elite and can keep their offspring elite. Those of us who work and produce are dying and being replaced by immigrants who for the most part want entitlements.

Our country is dying a slow death and being destroyed by the enemy and our laziness and unwillingness to reproduce."

net observer said...

Sounds like the good ol' days at FrontPageMag =)

Familiar faces. A lot more familiar points of view.

I must say it strikes me as odd when people suggest that racial tensions are worse now than a generation or two ago. Not sure how one comes to such a conclusion, particularly in the case of black/white.

America's political tensions are higher. No doubt about that.

net observer

Z said...

NET!!! GeeeZ feels more like HOME now having an old FPM buddy here!
And, I'm so glad you agree :-)
No, they're NOT worse; but I can't know for sure because my feet aren't in those shoes.

So, as someone in the business of production; do you think we need a Director of African American Media in the WHite House paid for by tax dollars?

Pris said...

Hi Net, how good to see you.

Please don't be a stranger. It is like old home week when an old friend from FPM, like you, shows up.

net observer said...

Hey, Pris. Hope you're doing good.

Z, allow me to re-phrase. Our political climate has become increasingly more tense over the last generation. Is that a tad more palatable?

As for your question, I certainly don't see the point of a "Director of African-American Media" or a "Director of Media" for that matter. What's the job description? I can't even hazard a guess.

I assume it's a simple case of somebody giving his/her friend or family member a job.

Lastly, I'm more likely to label that position "stupid" as opposed to "racist". And it surely wouldn't bother me if that position disappeared tomorrow.

How many dumb tax-payer funded positions are out there?

Pris said...

Net, I'm doing well thanks, and I hope the same for you.

"How many dumb tax-payer funded positions are out there?"

That's easy my friend, too many to count!

Z said...

net, palatable or not, I completely understood and totally agreed with you the first time :-) It's become way too tense...and that IS unpalatable.

And yes, I agree that racial tensions are not as high as some are suggesting they are.

And I agree with your words re any Director of Media...

Soloman said...

Huffington Post just started something they call "Black Voices."

That is "African American Media" done the way it should be done - in the free market. Let it succeed, let it fail, but let it be on its own accord.

I put my political differences with Arianna Huffington and AOL and applaud this effort, and I condemn this administration for the racist example they set forth in having segregated State-Run media.

Soloman said...

"put aside" I meant to say... but you all are intelligent and knew that.

Even Ducky, who is terribly incorrect about the "New Black Panther" situation in Philly. Only FNC and Talk Radio were on the side of voter integrity; every major national "news" outlet was on the side of the "Panthers" and squashed the story.

But I digress.