Thursday, August 11, 2011


Two years ago, Andrew Klavan did this "Shut up" sounded ridiculous at the time to think the Left would try to shut the Right up quite as literally as he suggested. But, listen to the following videos from a week or two ago:

Al Gore says to Olbermann that "this country is in TROUBLE" because of the Right and their values and platforms...and "We need an American Spring" What do you think he means, exactly? (and Gore says we're in danger of losing our Democracy? Does he know what it is?)

And then John Kerry says the Tea Party shouldn't get equal media time (as if it does?) Isn't that "Shutting Americans UP?"

I have a feeling Americans are starting to 'get it'...that the left SHUTTING PEOPLE UP isn't very American...SO, the Left now insults, blames, name-calls, demeans.......isn't that SHUTTING PEOPLE UP? Ya...I think so, too.
Is this effective?



Elmers Brother said...

They're pulling out all the Marcusian stops

Z said...

You mean Mr. "capitalism becomes alienation" Marcuse? @#($&*@#(*&#

Yes, they are.
Maybe they ran out of the Alinsky Stops? :-)

Ducky's here said...

Boy, if Klavan and Gore would BOTH shut up. Now there's the ticket.

Ducky's here said...

Capitalism becomes alienation.

Yeah, I believe it does. Looking at the London riots I got thinking about a great film by Chris Petit, "Radio On".

A recent reviewer thought well of it's critique of Thatcherism but felt it "seems so long ago".

Doesn't seem so long ago now any more than Antonioni seems aged.

Z said...

The mobs in England are the children of entitlement.....they hate the rich, they don't understand they don't have jobs because of ENTITLEMENTS to OTHERS, because nobody can afford to HIRE's selfishness, it's liberalism gone mad; it's a lot of things.

Ducky, no, Conservatives don't think anybody really needs to SHUT UP except profane dopes who won't be informed by both sides so they can make up their minds....and maybe even come down on the side of the country which was so good to them. OH, and except for Cynthia McKinney...until she finally decides to tell AMericans (or at least those of us Conservatives who are even hearing what she's up to (most won't be informed by your media) who's paying for her "hate America first" trip.

Thank GOD for people like Klavan.

I'm wondering who's going to pay for socialism once the rich are bled dry, they can't make money in the atmosphere the Leftwingers have created, and.........there ain't nuthin' left.

Elmers Brother said...

Some in the UK are on to you duhkkkster.

Elmers Brother said...

He also advocated a form of tolerance that is intolerant of right wing political movements:

"Liberating tolerance, then, would mean intolerance against movements from the Right and toleration of movements from the Left."

Chuck said...

Duck - Boy, if Klavan and Gore would BOTH shut up. Now there's the ticket. Out of the mouths of the annoying...

Don't worry Z, John "Mr Tolerant" Kerry is going to be on the new Congressional economics panel.

Elmers Brother said...

What's the alternative duhkkky? The gulag? No thanks.

Pris said...

"Capitalism becomes alienation"

Really Ducky? I don't know, I'd say the millions killed by Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler, were permanently alienated wouldn't you? And why? Because Marxists and Fascists can't abide anyone who disagrees or dissents from your view that's why.

Furthermore, if you teach and spread hate as your far left does, yeah, people could become alienated. And whose fault is that but you, the teachers of envy and hate?

And who are you trying to alienate today, but our young people through indocrination, polarizing people into groups and pitting them against each other.

Ah yes Ducky, you have become the kings of alienation, you who don't believe in capitalism, and freedom. How else can you gain power but to create distrust, chaos and mayhem, without creating alienation.

So please, spare us your pretense of compassion and peace when your answer is assault and violence towards anyone who disagrees with you, the far left, or won't comply with your wishes.

Elmers Brother said...

Boy if Klavan and Gore would BOTH shut up. Now there's the ticket

What is it you like to say duhkky-


Z said...

Elbro: "Liberating tolerance, then, would mean intolerance against movements from the Right and toleration of movements from the Left."

Did Marcuse ever work at CNN? :-) (kidding)

Pris: "How else can you gain power but to create distrust, chaos and mayhem, without creating alienation."

Did you see that Leftwinger who was bused in with a bunch of his same ilk to a Romney gathering, attacking, questioning? Personally, I thought his questions were sound and Romney missed the bus by not answering them, frankly, but imagine if a Republican busload paid for by the Koch folks had done the same at an Obama gathering?

Think the leftwing media'd at least reported THAT? :-) Yes, like 24/7.

heidianne jackson said...

i do so love klavan's way of presenting things. i don't think marcuse ever worked at cnn, but many of his philosophical followers certainly did.

just had this discussion with someone on fb on breitbart's page. when i used pris's argument against him, i was informed "if there were no capitalist pigs to begin with, none would have had to die while overturning it." huh?

so it's our fault. i'm waiting to see the re-written history books blaming the murders at the hands of stalin, hitler, pol pot, castro, et al on the tea party members. i'm sure it's coming soon.

Z said...

Heidianne, I'm REAL sure Marcuse never worked at CNN :-) Followers...oh, ya.

Why do leftwingers always have to threaten death? Ducky said Breitbart should be in a body bag ...remember?
Remember when Huffington crashed in the leftwing celebrations over Tony Snow's passing?
WHen cheney gets sick, you should see the leftwing blogs...praying for him to die.

I don't see that on the Conservative blogs.....Remember when Ted Kennedy died, ALL MY READERS said they didn't agree with him but wished his family well ...and that went for all the other blogs who posted on that, too.

odd, the difference......kind of scary.
And WE're the bad guys? :-)

heidianne jackson said...

oh i KNOW he didn't work there, z -i was being a bit tongue-in-cheek. where's the dang sarcasm font when i need it?

as for them calling us the bad guys - they HATE the fact that the good ole days are gone where there 3 television statements and we had walter cronkite to tell us how it is. they hate that they can't stop the conservative movement and communications - so they do what liberals have always done: gin up a mob.

and mobs don't think. mobs simply react.

we're the bad guys because we're raining on their parade. not going quietly into that good night. putting our chocolate into their peanut butter. well you get my point...

Anonymous said...

They've always tried but now they can just FCC us out of the way. Rifles and tanks are next. They are getting rid of the "old guard" in favor of the young bucks who only know the "new" version of the constitution.

Anonymous said...

My assessment is that Ducky has shit for brains. One may recall that Ducky is the communist douche bag who proclaimed Democrats seized the Wisconsin Senate —a lie. Is this an example of alienation? Yes —because it demonstrates the design of the Soros machine to discredit conservative ideology and traditional American values. Where does this leave Ducky and his communist clique?

Elmers Brother said...

Somewhere at the beginning of FDRs presidency, where entitlement mentality began to rear its ugly head

beamish said...

I thought the lefties would troll out a new rendition of "Russia sucked at communism but America can do it better" but I guess "shut up" works.

Always On Watch said...

The Left is showing signs of desperation because more Americans ARE seeing how the Left's policies are failures.

MK said...

The urge to stifle and muzzle is never far away when it concerns the totalitarian left.

Let them prattle on, i've found over the years that if you give leftards enough rope, they'll hang themselves and show the voters why we always say - don't vote leftard.