Monday, August 1, 2011

Marco Rubio on the Debt Ceiling/Jobs/and name-calling

 Marco Rubio is someone more people, Left AND Right, ought to listen to.  HERE is a link to a terrific speech he made on the Senate floor.   And here are quotes from it which I thought were the most important, quotes that all people ought to read regarding the debt situation regardless of they watch the video:

“And I've heard lot of talk today about delaying tactics and delaying votes. I would argue to you that this issue has been delayed at least for the last two and a half years.

“In the two years before I even came here, this chamber neither proposed nor passed a budget. It is a startling figure that for the last two years this government has operated without a budget. So think about that. Two years have gone by without a budget. The first two years that the President was the president, no budgets.

 “So all this name-calling, so I said let me read some quotes about this debt limit and I found some pretty extremist quotes.

“Here's one.

“It says, "The fact that we are here today to debate raising America's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better. I, therefore, intend to oppose the effort to increase America's debt.” A quote from a tea party extremist, right? No. This is a quote from March 16 of 2006 from Senator Barack Obama of Illinois.

“I found another extremist quote. This one says, "Because this massive of accumulation of debt was predicted, because it was foreseeable, because it was unnecessary, because it was the result of willful and reckless disregard for the warnings that were given and for the fundamentals of economic management, I am voting against a debt limit increase.” Well, that must be from a tea party extremist member of the House, right? No. This is March 16, 2006, from Senator Joe Biden of Delaware.

“And last but not least, here's a quote from September 27 of 2007. It says, "I find it distasteful and disturbing to increase the debt limit yet again. Clearly we need to change course and this debt limit bill is just another reminder of that." And that is from the distinguished Senator from Nevada (Harry Reid), the majority leader. On that date in 2007.

“And yet now these same quotes in this context, what we're talking about raising the debt limit more than has ever been raised in one vote, is (rightwing/Tea Party) extremism? This name-calling is absurd and it sets this process back.


 “I am prepared to discuss the things that I believe we need to do not just to raise the debt limit. Raising the debt limit is the easiest thing. That's one vote away. The hard thing is to show the world we are serious about putting our spending in order so we can show people we'll able to pay our bills down the road.

“..... we need to do two things.

“Number one is we need to grow our economy because while the debt is the biggest issue in Washington, jobs are the biggest issue facing America. And if we could get more people back to work, we would have more people paying taxes, and if we had more people paying taxes, we'd have more revenue for government.

“And so that is the first thing we need to do, is figure out how to create jobs in America and I think there is bipartisan agreement on things we can do to do that.

“We've all talked about tax reform. Flattening and simplifying our tax code. And if there are things in that tax code that do not belong there because they are the product of good lobbying instead of good policy, then let's go after those things. We’ve talked about that. Let's talk about that.


“Compromise is fantastic.

“I would love nothing more than to leave this building tomorrow night having said the republic still works. I was able to stand shoulder to shoulder with people from states far from mine with views different from mine but who love their country so much that we were able to come together and save it when it faced this catastrophe.

“I would love nothing more than compromise. But I would say to you that compromise that's not a solution is a waste of time.

“If my house was on fire, I can't compromise about which part of the house I'm going to save. You save the whole house or it will all burn down.

“We either save this country or we do not.

“And to save it, we must seek solutions.”

Thanks for this video, Pris...important that we watch it and read the quotes above...and start to GET REAL.  Rubio's terrific;  I wish he'd run.


soapster said...

"Number one is we need to grow our economy because while the debt is the biggest issue in Washington, jobs are the biggest issue facing America. And if we could get more people back to work, we would have more people paying taxes, and if we had more people paying taxes, we'd have more revenue for government."

Yeah...[rolling eyes] I'm all about more revenue for the government.

What a joke.

Z said...

Ah, so you want ZERO revenue for gov't, soapster?
And you must be for the large scale gutting of defense with the possible final bill they're working on today, right? Since we have no threats, why bother? (rolling eyes)

Rubio is someone who CAN GET ELECTED if he were running, and someone PEOPLE LISTEN TO.
Keep pushing Paul and see where we get.

soapster said...

Great we should all help Rubio get elected so we can all start slaving away at work to make sure the government has more and more revenue so we can make sure that government is taking care of us from cradle to grave.

No shame in that game....

Lisa said...

I just posted this Z but I didn't copy you. It was just so refreshing and relatable.
It's nice to hear someone who sounds logical instead of Marxist chants of "Hope and Change",rich and poor,you and them ,ME,ME,ME..

Opus #6 said...

I love the part about compromise not working when the house is on fire. The Dems want to pour gasoline on the fire. How do you compromise with that?

Z said...

soapster...really? NO money should EVER go to the gov't?
I don't believe in gutting defense as badly as this horrid Boehner/Reid plan supposedly will. I don't believe in pulling the wool out from sixty year olds who counted on Medicare and Soc. Sec. (altho, of course, the media/left is totally lying about any Republican hosing either)...etc etc.
Do I believe in lower taxes? Who doesn't?
But to slam Rubio as if he wants ALL our money so gov't can be 'cradle to grave' isn't informed.'re not the only one! I've been to three blogs this morning and 2 had this, DARN! :-) SO, you're the third, fourth counting me, that I know.
This is a good thing, but Liberal blogs SHOULD be the ones learning...we don't have to.

Opus; imagine raising your credit card limit each time you were in arrears, until you've got such an unmanageable amount to pay that you're TOAST? THat's our situation today, isn't it.

soapster said...

When he's willing to come out championing the elimination of the income tax I might be willing to listen.

beamish said...

"Saving America" is a nice platitude, if you squint your ears it might even sound like a right-wing thing to do, at least until you figure out "saving America" really means "saving entitlement programs" for the far left communists that make up the Tea Party.

I wish there was at least something conservative or right-wing about the Tea Party, but there is not.

Anonymous said...

Rubio is spot on ... I appreciate his directness and eloquence. Part of his success comes from his logic and the left hates that. Why? Because it is impossible to argue with logic.

Z said...

Beamish, you're ENTITLED! Keep slingin' :-)

Soapster...and when you get your gun out to fight when we're attacked, I'll think a lot of you, believe me.
Ya, a government with no money seems to be a grand idea for some people. As tough as I am about gov't spending, that's a tough one for even ME.

soapster said...

You've got a better chance of being struck by lightning for Christ's sake than you do of dying at the hands of a terrorist so I'll take those odds thanks.

Secondly, who said no government?

I don't recall having said no government. I merely said abolish the income tax.

Of course in order for government to adequately sustain itself it'd have to get out of the welfare/warfare business and we all know that ain't gonna happen.

War is the health of the state don't ya know.

Anonymous said...

To my knowledge, the so-called Tea Party has never claimed to be Republican, or conservative. It is a grass roots organization of fed-up Americans, many of whom differ with one another on a wide range of issues, but who are able to come together in order to voice concerns about those issues upon which they agree. Taxes is one area that a segment of Tea Partiers are focusing. They call themselves by another name … Fair Tax Org.

Z said...

Soapster: so how does gov't sustain itself with no income tax?
You know I'm all OVER getting out of the welfare business but I still don't think we can pull medicare and soc. sec. out from people who depended on something out for those not ready to retire, but don't put good Americans in soup lines because they couldn't save enough to live without a little extra help in medical care or soc. sec.

As for takes a ton of dough to get ourselves at least half ready for the next attack, whether it be dirty bomb or 9/11 recurrence. If you think we've stayed terror free these last years from doing nothing costly, you're wrong.

soapster said...

There's a very sound plan on how to transition away from Social Security and Medicare for the younger generation while continuing to meet the needs of current retirees if I thought you'd be interested.

Doesn't sound like you are which speaks directly to Ron Paul's fundamental point which is that one party doesn't want cuts to entitlements and one party doesn't want cuts to "defense".

beamish said...


I think I am "entitled" as a conservative to identify leftists when they rear their "don't touch my Social Security!!! Don't touch my Medicare!!!" heads. I won't even waste time with the obvious fouls of the extreme communist Tea Party demanding party line pledges to declare black people were better off as slaves or that Donald Trump is the model conservative candidate other candidates should aspire to be.

By not tainting myself by associating with the disgruntled left-wing Democrats who were upset that a black man won their party's nomination and the Presidency, I can stand in criticism of the left-wing Tea Party's attempts to elevate UFO hunting with Ron Paul to a conservative trait.

As for ending social programs and hurting people reliant upon them, I can't stress enough how awesome it would be if even the threat of that reduced the number of parasites on the dole, motivating them to find their own way, as Americans did for 159 years before there was a Social Security and humans did for hundreds of thousands of years before there was an America.

Z said...

soapster, what about my comment here "I still don't think we can pull medicare and soc. sec. out from people who depended on something out for those not ready to retire,"
moves you to so sarcastically suggest I'm not interested in a solution for that? WHat is WITH you? Unless you like the idea of soup lines? "Just punishment for people not libertarian enough?"

I don't bow to the Temple of Paul so I'm not interested in anything important? REALLY?

Mustang, seems to me you're absolutely right. And, it seems to me that the power of a group like that, with Indies and Dems and Conservatives, is becoming stronger and has already done some good. MANY believe it's only the TP which got this debt situation FINALLY to the fore.....
I'm for any group that doesn't suck up to the GOP and DEM HACKS.
If they have to start slowly and maybe don't fulfill everything all Conservatives OR Dems want in limiting gov't, etc., so be it. At least they're trying to do something and have been successful in getting elected LESS 'big spenders' than might have been. It's a start.

Z said...

beamish, please link to any TP person not an absurd fringe (and there is no ONE Tea Party, as you should know) who advocated blacks as slaves. Do you know how many Blacks are in the TP and how many are in leadership? And how MANY Black candidates they got elected?

Have you ever seen ANY of the blogger bunch you know so well stand behind Ron Paul? Soapster is the only one 100% in that man's corner who I'm familiar with.
What are you talking about?

So, you go to the extreme fringe of any conservative movement and mention UFO' you have to go THERE to prove your point? Who the HELL believes in UFO's?

And yes, when we're nuked back into dirt streets and the bartender's pulling teeth and removing appendixes again, then we can go back to no help at all for the elderly and sick.

Always On Watch said...

The first two years that the President was the president, no budgets.

Now, there is a fact that a lot of Americans don't have a clue about!

Obama is all about campaigning and not about governing. Can followers of the Cult of Obama grasp that fact as well.

Good post, Z.

Z said...

AOW, thanks, but the American public's mostly not hearing this.
How many times did we hear over this weekend that they DID have a budget, that Obama's been so engaged, that the Right's lying about not having had a budget? It's UNBELIEVABLE that the media's letting this go......unbelievable.
My blog is MOSTLY about exposing the leftwing media for its rampant bias and even I AM SURPRISED half the time!
And, when I talk about this with friends, etc., they don't HEAR IT.
ugh....everybody's living with their head in the sand.

Pris said...

Z, I do love this video, Rubio is spot on. I think he's great, and quick on his feet. He's a rising star, and I'd be happy to vote for him.

beamish, I wonder, do you realize you've become our resident One Trick Pony? Rather tiresome, I would say!

Elmers Brother said...

Obama submitted a budget that e every Senator in the Senate shot down 98-0 in January of this year I believe.

Anonymous said...

I have to add to this...Biden...the VP of the US calling conservatives.."Terrorists"!! WTF happened to this New "civility" these bastards yelped about.

Here's a right on response to this maniac who hates 1/2 of America that much he can stoop this low. Maybe the pitchforks are in order now.

"When the President of the United States used a sexually derogatory term to describe millions of Americans with whom he disagreed, I thought we had finally reached the lowest of the lows.

The idea that the President of all Americans would call his fellow citizens such disgusting names, even in the heat of campaigning, is unforgivable. But this, is almost worse.

Now we have the Vice President calling people with whom he disagrees, terrorists.

Are we so jaded with terrorism that we’ve forgotten what real terrorism looks like? Beheadings, torture, mass killings of children in school houses, three thousand innocents murdered on 9/11, these are the images of terror.

Terror is NOT your neighbor telling his Congress you’ve spent too much money and you can’t have anymore.

Terrorism is not a middle class family man with three kids trying to change his government through the standard means of representation that our founders fought and died for.

Even when those changes would reduce the amount of government cheese doled out to every Russian crack dealer, terrorism is not even in the ballpark of acceptable titles. Mr. Joe Biden, you have neither the intelligence nor the temperament to be Vice President of these United States.

If you cannot keep from calling millions of hard working Americans “terrorists”, who only want their government to spend what they take in for the sake of future generations, then may God permit your and Obama’s loss in the 2012 election."

Z said...

Imp, those horrid little Democrats know that their words are heard...they know Americans hear REPUBLICANS and TERRORISTS, that's ALL they care about.

Picture a Republican calling anybody like Biden a TERRORIST and the msm ignoring it!? Ya, RIGHT :-)

They're really scum and so hurtful to our country, aren't they.

beamish said...


Maybe the Tea Party should be renamed the "Taquiya Party" since there's millions of them with nothing in common. No one true Tea Party. We should always be skeptical of any who claims to represent the Tea Party because no two Tea Parties believe the same thing.

I'm a member of the Secret Tea Party that you need to know the right handshake to join. We believe everyone who has ever received a Social Security check should be mulched into dog food. Who dares challenge a fellow Tea Partier???

I don't think you can say, much less parse that the Tea Party backs Donald Trump, Herman Cain, Ron Paul, Michelle Bachmann, et. al. yet has no unified voice. The "some other Tea Party said it" defense is an ultimate epic fail.

If the Tea Party were conservative, this would not be news to them.

beamish said...

beamish, I wonder, do you realize you've become our resident One Trick Pony? Rather tiresome, I would say!

The conservative view never changes, Pris. Pay attention, there's a test later.