Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"FAA lie lie lie lie........lie lie lie lie".

So, according to Mr. Obama, the FAA's shut tight, causing many jobs to close down and Congress has gone home for a while, not doing their duty to fix this.  All of that's not good.  And his saying that would be fine if it were true across the board...but it ISN'T.   He adds (and I paraphrase, but I'm very close) "The airlines are keeping the FAA tax money...and that's bad and we'd have a rough time collecting that.  We are losing $200 million a WEEK."    Wow, those big, bad corporate airlines are on the take again, huh?  Look at that AMOUNT of money we're LOSING OUT ON!  And he can do nothing about it?

WHY lie?  And WHY not DO SOMETHING instead of whining and condemning the airlines which are already strapped in this awful economy?

What do you think about this?  Make sure you check out the link.......I wish he was more informed before he spoke;  but then he'd never make his points to the American public as he wants them to be heard; true or not.



Ticker said...

His stupid policies have cost the airlines more in fuel cost than they MIGHT get by not having to pay the Fed tax on airline tickets.
Let Congress pay the difference out of their paycheck if he is so worried about things and his of course as well. Let him fly commercial instead of on AF 1 and keep "horseface at home".
Speaking of horseface... did you see whose mug is on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens Mag this month. Lordy me I have turned face down rather than see that ugly mug staring at me each time I sit down near the coffee table.

Z said...

Oh, I'm SO sorry I don't get Better HOmes and Gardens :-)

Ticker, excellent point about airline fuel. WHo put the airlines on the take, IF they are? HIM.

Pris said...

I'm hearing Obama want's to try another stimulus. So, let's see, he needs more tax money, so he can once more try what hasn't worked before. And we wonder why businesses are skitterish?

Hmmmm, a little like beating the proverbial dead horse, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Can we trade him to Israel for Bini. I'm willing to give up a few governors to make the deal happen.

Jan said...

And yet, he has flown HIS big ol' plane to Chicago for his fund raising birthday bash!

He DEMANDED that everyone come to an agreement on the Debt Ceiling debate no later than August 2nd!

Hmmm...I wonder why?

Would the Government REALLY have shut down?

Probably not, but he may have had to postpone his 'birthday celebration' today, and that would NEVER do!

I don't subscribe to Better Homes and Garden, either...thank goodness! :)

Z said...

Trestin, if you mean Bibi, there's word that he's giving away West Bank land and I"m hoping that's only a rumor.

Jan, such a good point about that plane. If the chart was visible on my blog (I tried, and it isn't), I'd be publishing that list of WH people who got HUUUUUGE raises this year.
As it is, I will be covering one of those people!

Ticker said...

The demonkkkrats are at it again claiming it is the Conservatives fault that the FAA didn't get funded saying that the Right failed to act in order to hold the country and the poor FAA workers hostage. What a load of crap! How about if the idiots on the LEFT had passed a budget somewhere in the past 800 days!. But of course that idea never crossed their mind now did it? What bunch of dumb jackasses we have running this country.

Z said...

tick, if only DUMB was the worst of it, right?

MK said...

"I wish he was more informed before he spoke"

So do i, but when it comes to the left, sadly they defiantly choose to remain ignorant and stupid.