Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene

To our East Coast friends.......hang in there, we're praying for you and we hope you and your families and friends come out just fine.   Let us know.  If you've been advised to evacuate, I hope you do.....don't take chances.....God bless you all.


sue said...
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Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I am of two minds about this.

I have the same concern that the rest of the nation has when Fornicalia mentions its wave of illegals or earthquakes or forest fires.

As in: NOT.

As in: you DIDN'T know that where you live would perpetually be in the PATH of hurricanes from now until forever??


Lisa said...

If this thing stays on path we won't get it head on but we will be impacted as we are more east of the eye and more in the center of the Island not along the coast line.
We are riding it out. If we left we could take the 2 dogs but the 4 cats would have to stay on the ground level being we don't have a basement. We'd have to take my mom too.
The bad thing is the dogs can't go out Sunday morning so we have to let them out as late as possilble Sat Night. I guess we will have to spread out the neswpaper by the door.
NYC is supposed to take a big hit and they are concerned about the subways flooding.
We haven't had a hurricane hit here since 1991 and before that 1985.
We shall wait and see.
Thank you for your prayers Z.

beamish said...

Barack Obama hates white people.

He's probably got black ops demolition teams in place ready to blow up levees in South Carolina.

Hurricane Irene is an inside job.

beakerkin said...

WTC explosions, ferry crashes, blackouts, riot, hurricanes, blizzards and earthquakes make for a jaded NYC type.

Ducky's here said...

Don't be so blase, Beak.

The subway is going to look worse than the Spankees starting staff when this is over.

Always On Watch said...

1. Inverter (DC to AC) for the sump pump and the fridge? Check.

2. Some bottled water and plenty of canned goods, etc.? Check.

3. Prescription meds for Mr. AOW and for me? Check.

4. Cat food and kitty litter? Check.

5. Cell phones fully charged? Check.

6. Outdoor items secured? Check.

My biggest concern is downed power lines and downed phone lines. If Verizon goes down, I'll be incommunicado for about 10 days.

Thus far, Hurricane Irene doesn't look to be nearly as bad as Hurricane Isabel, which left us out of power and our main road blocked for three days here in the immediate DC area.

Always On Watch said...

And one more thing....The media coverage of Hurricane Irene has been in the scare-tactics range. Sheesh.

Yesterday, when the sun was shining and nary a drop of rain had fallen, 7 out of 8 drivers were speeding all over the place with their headlights on. Emergency mode! Go figure.

Brooke said...

Thankfully the hurricane has been downgraded; stay safe everybody who's in the area!

beakerkin said...


You might need some version of Mr. Beamish to save you at some point. As I am a doer and am old hat in emergencies I have no fear.

Firehouses and police precincts are full of Mr. Beamish types. Beamish types get crap done in spite of bird brained lazy death cultists.

I am a trained responder at work. Through multiple events my ability to act cooly and decisively was noted by the public and various levels of staff.

Anonymous said...


Got cash from an ATM?

Got a full tanks of gas?

Got a grill with gas or charcoal? ( Make sure you bring it in so you don't lose it! )

Got a tub full of H2O for toilet flushing?

Have a garage door? Then park your car parallel to that garage door.

Got a battery operated radio / TV?

Got a chain saw?

Got a first aid kit?

Got canned food?

Got plenty of ice in the reefer? Keep it closed then...until ya need it.

Got all your important papers ( insurance, car reg, etc ) secure?

Wrap them up in a garbage bag and stick them in the dishwasher or stove.

Have someone you can text in an emergency?

Good Luck.

Always On Watch said...

The only thing I don't (didn't?) have under control was securing those important papers. Otherwise, I can put a check by everything you mentioned.

The worst of the storm is over now, but the winds are still roaring. **sigh**

Ducky's here said...

The surge hasn't breached the sea wall. Pretty much petered out here.

Anonymous said...

AOW...hope all is well.

There's another little bugger out there too...Jose. Figures..LOL

Hope you have power too? Nothing worse than candles and sterno for a week.