Monday, August 29, 2011

The media is starting to actually SCARE ME now

A little history before I get to the scary part of this story:  I sent a link to our friend and fellow blogger Mustang Monday morning.   My commentary to Mustang on it was about how Yahoo had misleadingly featured a headline that read simply "Michelle Bachmann : Hurricane is God's message to politicians"  Obviously,  the headline made her look like a total nut.  When you clicked on that headline link, you found THIS ARTICLE with the text of what she said and a very different story.  In that article, there was embedded a video from CNN.  Believe it or not, the CNN news readers were actually (gasp) on Bachmann's side.  They admitted that "to read what she said came off very differently than how it sounded when you watched the video of her saying it, you can see she's joking!" CNN woman even added "...and, really, didn't some of us also jokingly think the same thing about God causing this stuff?"  I was pleasantly surprised at the fair handling of Bachmann by the CNN people.

Here is the unnerving part:.  Later in the afternoon, I saw the headline again..  I clicked on it again in the hopes of blogging this to show you all exactly how misleading that abbreviated headline was, that I thought it was done purposefully, and how pleased I was with the CNN video embedded in the article.  That's when I found out that  THE VIDEO HAD BEEN REPLACED BY ONE FROM MSNBC (click on underlined words) UTTERLY AND COMPLETELY MOCKING BACHMAN.  CNN's video, in that very SAME ARTICLE,  same site, etc., was GONE.  No more truthful, sane surmisal about Bachmann's was all back, basically, to "WHAT A NUT!"

The disappointing thing is I'd hoped YouTube might still have CNN's coverage of it, the good, honest coverage but it's not at YouTube.  I'd have loved to have shown you the difference.

Should anybody be truly 'scared' of the media these days?  We all know there's misinformation and insult to the Right in the mainstream media.....but to CHANGE A VIDEO from complimentary to terribly misleading and condemnatory?    The article is under THE TICKET, and I see it is a Yahoo this was Yahoo's doing.   So, what do we do....sit around and hope this changes.......that we get a country back which doesn't have a dishonest media?

Media: TELL THE TRUTH.  STOP the misleading in the mainstream media........this is ridiculous.



Anonymous said...

Nothing we observe and comment on will have much effect on the media; they have their agenda.

There was a time when news media catered to their sponsors, and if consumers complained, media would receive a stern warning from the corporate folk who paid the bills. No longer. Many of today’s media sponsors are rich leftists masquerading as free market capitalists. Can you say 426 A.D. all over again? Every one of these miserable pukes will dance in the streets when American progressives finally flush their country.

Ducky's here said...

The Atlantic has a good write=up

Anonymous said...

Z....that's precisely why I sent you the media bias link.

God help us when the media is so unabashedly, unapologetically in bed with the likes of a media hype like Comrade O. Goebbels must be dancing a jig in his rotten grave. Because this is the same formula that resulted in such enormous hate of others lives, opinions and rage that killed so many innocents.

I don't think they have a clue as to their culpability in promoting hatred and intolerance of more than half of America. Their fellow citizens. Their neighbors. Those with different political, religious and social beliefs and convictions.

What do we do when it's clear that their the only opinion? What do we do when we see the lies...the phony hysteria....the character assassinations that go unchallenged and are consumed by the ignorant...the unsophisticated and the racists whom they feed off of?

Yes Virginia...there are 2 Americas.

Yes Virginia...there is class struggle...class hatred....segregation...class envy and the rearing of the ugly...ugly head of elitism and socialism.

There's not too many solutions left when decent citizens are so maligned.

sue said...
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Joe said...

Ducky: That was certainly NOT a good article. It ignored journalistic integrity altogether by quoting Bachman and Jesus out of context.

Jesus was telling a Jew that to be saved he had to have a "give it all up" attitude. It had nothing to do with governmental redistributism.

And if you think Bachman thought God was "speaking" through the hurricane, you're dumber than a rock.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Sue....but with all due respect....( consider me as a conservative as dumb as a fence post OK? I mean I must be and deserve it cause i'm just a redneck...right? )

What's your point? Do you mean because brian williams is a sex symbol for gullible, lonely suburban housewives....that what he says is gospel? I I said...teach me...enlighten me...please..I NEED TO BE SAVED and SEE the LIGHT.

Help me discover the save me....errrr.....sorry Sue.

We unenlightened Mormons, Christians can get so carried away.

We're just so...impressionable. right?


Pris said...

Sue, do you really think that the Drudge Report, which is pretty accurate btw, is read by the broad section of the populace?

Or do they watch CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC or Cnn, to name a few who take liberties with their reporting?

I guess you didn't read Z,s entire post. It said that the CNN video was replaced by one from MSNBC, mocking Bachmann. Now why do you suppose that was done?

sue said...
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sue said...
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Anonymous said...

Ummmm...Breaking News

The family of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has charged the foundation building a monument to him on the Mall about $800,000 for the use of his words and image, an arrangement one leading scholar said Dr. King would have found offensive.


Gee....that's so.....ummmmm....special?

Did Jesse negotiate the contract?

Hey....I wonder what Jefferson, Madison, Adams, Franklin and Washington's heirs charged for their words?

100K each for the Declaration of Independence?

sue said...
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sue said...
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sue said...
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Z said...

Mustang, Mr. Z used to talk about the Fall of the ROman Empire and its similarities to our decline..yikes.
It's the leftwingers who masquerade the rich leftists as free market capitalists/can't let anybody think DEMOCRATS ARE RICH! (when, statistically, they are richer than Republicans and give less in philanthropy than Republicans)


Imp: They're also promoting's apparent the leftwing media does not want informed Americans.

SUE: I saw some media fairness group recently which proclaimed Drudge Report "leans to the Left" which I thought was weird, but...!
Did you know ANdrew Breitbart ran Drudge for years? Matt's not that involved with it.
And yes, weird titles are very misleading, but this switching videos is quite a frightening turn of events... at least Conservatives think so; we want fairness, that's all. CNN had been FAIR so Yahoo sub'd an MSNBC disgustingly unfair video with no context and no laughing showing in the clip.

Joe, so true. By the way, the story of when Jesus told the rich young man to give it ALL UP....I heard someone talk about that very recently and he was wise in suggesting Jesus told him that because he'd let his money BECOME HIMSELF...Jesus was talking about 'dying to self'...that we must GIVE THAT UP. I found that very interesting.
I'm going to go outside...there's a light fog rolling in and I'm thinking God's going to whisper something to me if I wait out there long enough (Smile!) HAA!!

Sue and Pris...who the heck cares about DRUDGE REPORT, anyway? I don't get the importance of discussing it here and now.

PRIS is right...this isn't about showing up whose side is more sensational or misleading! Nobody's saying the Right doesn't do that sometimes, too.... This is about YAHOO (very leftist) very frequently leading with headlines that aren't at all connected with the real gist of a story.

Pris, you are SO correct ,too, about CNN MSNBC ABC CBS PBS NPR NBC NEW YORK TIME, LA TIMES, BOSTON GLOBE, WASHINGTON POST, BALTIMORE..MIAMI...we could go ON and ON with leftwing big city papers...oh, then we have JON STEWART< DAVID LETTERMAN CRAIG FERGUSON...and ALL those leftwingers with their inferences and slams to the Right.
Then we have people like Bill Maher, who make Rush Limbaugh look kind and sweet. I'm quite sure Rush has NEVER had guests on who promoted Michele Bachmann's husband F'ing her harder as she deserves it..and more. amazing.

Imp: can you explain to Sue what you mean?
Sue, I think Imp rightly is suggesting that Leftists take Brian WIlliams as gospel truth and slam people on the Right without even listening to what the Right's saying. Let's face it, other than FOX and talk radio, there aren't a lot of Conservative venues.
Thank goodness more and more Indies and Dems are tuning into FOX; the stats on that are amazing, actually.

beamish said...

Everything I needed to know about Michelle Bachmann came when she signed a pledge declaring that black people were better off as slaves.

It wasn't that much of a shock to find out that the lastest champion of the Tea Party "Movement's" whackadoo far left communists is a former Jimmy Carter for President canvasser. As a movement totally opposed to conservative principles, it's not surprising that a Democrat cheerleader for retreating from the world stage at the height of the Cold War and wearing a sweater in your living room because turning on the heat during the winter would be too expensive would find herself at the lead of it.

And how about that leadership? She "led the fight" against the passing of Obamacare. She "led the fight" against raising the debt ceiling. She "led the fight" against the thousands of new regulations the federal government will activate in October.

Since Michelle Bachmann is not a conservative, at all, and she's proven to be neon ineffective as a "leader" against any and all of her fellow leftist Obama's policies, do we really want her "leading the fight at the tip of the spear" against Obama in the 2012 election?

When's the Tea Party going to rally around oh, I don't know, Dog the Bounty Hunter?

Always On Watch said...

Frankly, I sick of deceptive headlines from both the Right and the Left.

I do think that many people do not read beyond a headline.

soapster said...

"Nothing we observe and comment on will have much effect on the media; they have their agenda."

This is exactly it. But, instead bloggers go round and round talking about media bias and all the like. Why, they even seem to think that FOX is somehow news while MSNBC and CNN are not.

None of it is news. Sure in that that each has a few morsels, a few grains of truth thrown in for good measure and mostly to lure the masses in but none of it is news.

It's pure propaganda which serves the interest of the parent and subsidiary corporations.

It's not that difficult to figure out when you simply follow the money trail.

Dave Miller said...

For all the people who decry the bias of our news media, and Z, I saw both the original story and the CNN viewpoint on a few different outlets, Z said it best with this...

"None of it is news. Sure in that that each has a few morsels, a few grains of truth thrown in for good measure and mostly to lure the masses in but none of it is news."

I was watching the 11pm "news" one night a while back and they were covering some local situation the entire half hour.

The host explained at the end of the broadcast that they were sorry. They had other features they wanted to show us, but the news of the day took preference. They would show those features at a later date.

If they could be shown at a later date, by definition, they were not news, so why show them on a news show?

Because news has become infotianment, not news.

The smart people on both sides have figured this out and seek out their news from a variety of sources, both left and right.

That might be an interesting post... from where do most of your posters get their news...

Brooke said...

AOW:"I do think that many people do not read beyond a headline."

Nor do they do research past a sound byte.

soapster said...

It was I that made that comment about it not being news Dave.

Z said...

Soap, actually it's all some kind of news, but you're right;

I think most of us watch FOX only because, among all the cacophonous drivel we get, at least we hear a leftist and a conservative making points we can all learn from.

I turn to CNN the minute Shep Smith comes on FOX because he's worst than the leftists at CNN; he preaches and editorializes as if ANYBODY gives a DAMN what that twerp thinks. CNN might be left leaning and have almost no conservative opinions expressed, but it doesn't say things like Shep said the other day "Look, people...we'll continue showing you about the earthquake when we think there's something you need to see....we promise, just let's do other news here and when we feel it's right, we'll bring you more...let's not make a big deal here."
At least CNN doesn't preach down its nose.

Dave...amazing say "The smart people on both sides have figured this out and seek out their news from a variety of sources, both left and right.

That might be an interesting post... from where do most of your posters get their news..."

WHat's the pretty obvious insinuation you wrote here? :-) Apparently, you don't think many of us are smart enough to get what you're saying, is that right?

I don't know where most of my incredibly smart bloggers /commenters get their news but they link everything they feature, if they didn't write it, so you probably very well know that fact.
The answer is we look anywhere which presents a story worth covering on a blog.
What's very very sad is that I will find stories from a Conservative viewpoint and try to Google the other point..and, in MANY MANY stories which I have video confirming, etc., the NY Times, for example, isn't shown as having covered it.
THat bothers me a lot...

BROOKE...but WE DO; you know that. We do NOT print without researching, etc. At the readers here know what's going on.......except Ducky, who never reads beyond the headlines, that's true.

Dave Miller said...

Soap, yeah, I knew that and goofed when I was editing my post, I stand, or rather sit, corrected.

Z, there was no insinuation. I just thought it might make a good post.

If my words were offensive, I am sorry.

Z said...

Dave, I very often read you as deftly sarcastic. I'm sorry if I've misread you, I really am.

Perhaps it would make a good post. I'll think about it. thanks

Dave Miller said...

Z, yes, I am aware that I can be sarcastic at times...

A product of life with two older brothers... :-)

Bd said...

Bachmann is still an idiot cow towing to the morons among us. Well, you.

Z said...

Maybe, Dave......:-)
I have many sisters; can't say what number I am for anonymity)

Okay..#1 of MANY.

I think we could be better friends if I didn't always think your sarcasm meter was judging us all here constantly as if we're all stupid rubes, frankly !! (I mean this in the nicest way, I swear, I do!)

Z said...

Bd...yet you keep coming here, more than almost any of my wonderful conservatives bloggers and whining.
You are REALLY something; nasty, gullible, and, frankly, a tiny bit stupid?

Anonymous said...

Z, your stupidity is legendary

Brooke said...

And yet, as Z said, bd keeps coming back.

Bd said...

Well, someone had to clue you lemmings in to the facts.

Brooke said...

HA! Keep it up; you prove your arrogance and idiocy with every comment.

Z said...

Bd..'legendary', how WONDERFUL.

Boy,you really are scared to death of differing views, aren't you! Typical liberal.

I'm leaving your comment because it shows something people ought to know about you so they can even better judge future comments. thanks. ;-) that made my day.