Friday, August 26, 2011

Military "Buildup".....


We are being warned about the build-up of China's amazing military......

Meanwhile, our Marines are being warned about a private "buil-up"..they're being told that they can't FART, you should pardon the expression (I hate that word) used in THIS article............

I don't know...the juxtaposition of these two articles got me to thinking.......and the thoughts aren't inspiring.......Would China actually tell their soldiers anything like this to please their enemies? Can American soldiers ever do enough to appease their enemies?  GeeeeZ



Always On Watch said...

China has been building up that nation's military for YEARS. A friend of mine has been warning me about this since at least 2005.

Is the article linked in the post the first time that the Pentagon has voiced such concern about China's military buildup?

Z said...

AOW, we've all known China's going to be (or is) a military super power and I'd have thought the pentagon's warned before (?), but the juxtaposition of their great power and threat just from looking at those military parades versus our telling our guys 'you can't FART' showed me something that's pretty scary.

beamish said...

So, we can't fart around Afghans, but we have to count how many bacha bazi male child sex slaves an Afghan has to make sure he's a prominent village elder an not just some mere pederast.

Meanwhile, I still can't find in the US Constitution where it says Afghanistan has a right to not be nuked off the face of the Earth.

Z said...

Someone tell me if my post is written clear enough to get my point across; perhaps it's not? I mean more what my comment here says, above; does that come across?

Also, I wanted to tell you all THE FUNNIEST thing I think I've ever heard the brilliant Ann COulter say:

GOolslee, an advisor to Obama on the economy, has said that our economy stinks largely because of tsunamis and earthquakes as if there was such destruction .. (?)... so Ann says, with sarcasm and ridicule extraordinaire "OH, yes...our hearts DO go out to those who lost their Balance in the earthquake yesterday......." That about made me roar out loud! Is that clever, or WHAT?! :-)

Z said...

Beamish, excellent retort; we can't pass gas but the Afghans' importance relies on how many boys he can boff....gad, we are so screwed (pardon the expression!)

When you find that part in the Const., let us know :-0

beamish said...

My point is the Marines (and all other US service personnel) should filter everything through a strict criteria - "does this action help support and defend the US Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic?"

In a place where it is absolutely impossible to create civilian casualties or collateral damage, we should be reading about how many villages the Marines destroyed each day, not "be careful not to fart or the village may turn on you..."

As with all government functions, we wouldn't have a problem with Afghanistan if there was no Afghanistan.

Bob said...

Here is an opportunity to say something positive about the Obama Administration in that Obama approved the sales of arms to Taiwan in spite of sour Chicom (Chinese Communist) attitudes.

It is also an opportunity to look at our misguided and feckless Federal Government that is rewarding those same Chicoms with Federal tax incentives to buy land in Idaho.

What is Obama thinking? Neither he nor his staff seem to be able grasp what is going on. Is Obama not capable of making the intellectual connection, here, to our actions and the Chicom behavior?

Z said...

We're there dying because we can't fight with our gloves off, we can't even pass gas.......'re right about Taiwan and Obama : Shocking!
Those tax incentives are incredible; do they need Congressional approval when it comes to a foreign body which is potentially threatening to us? I know, my lefties will say "What? The CHINESE? When have THEY been a threat?" But we've just got to stand tough and fight things like this on our own....

beamish said...

I'm not really concerned about the Chinese. Would they really knuckle up for a war with a nation that is the sole source of 75+% of their GDP?

And, considering in a conventional warfare scenario, we'd kick China's ass (we took out their much ballyhooed GPS scrambling tech in Iraq with GPS guided bombs just because we can) I wouldn't bet the Chinese want a fight with a country (us) that would leave them both economically devastated AND obliterated. For what? Chinese pride?

Please. We'd slap those fools into a coma faster than you can say moo shu gai pan.

Karen Howes said...

I've predicted for years that China is going to be a problem.

Z said...

beamish, I believe our military is stretched beyond going to any other theater and have heard many generals on television say that exact thing.
That you feel the Chinese can't vanquish us is both a relief and questionable to me.

Silverfiddle said...

The saddest part is that we gave China technology and allowed them to counterfeit our products and manipulate their currency, all with impunity.

When will we learn?

Z said...

SF...and who gave them that technology? :-)

Lisa said...

Hey Z I heard Coulter say that too.
I saw on MSNBC site that the Hurricane is going to create jobs.

On TV MSNBC already has contingency plans to protect Obama from the "storm".
They said Obama doesn't want to be seen peering out of a helicopter like Bush did with Katrina.
I guess Obama already had his meeting with them.
They are truly amazing.

Wish us luck here on Long Island.!

BB-Idaho said...

Marines always obey orders, but gee, physiologically the command structure needs to assist. So, the USMC going to be putting Beano in the c-rations?

Jan said...

Gosh...who knew the Afghans were so sensitive and genteel? :)

"GOolslee, an advisor to Obama on the economy, has said that our economy stinks largely because of tsunamis and earthquakes as if there was such destruction .."

I dont know about the tsunamis and earthquakes being the blame for our economy,but sending aid to all of the other places where they've taken place costs this country a lot of money.

I think it is rather ironic that as I watch news of the hurricane which is about to wreak havoc so many places, here, that they are showing pleas from Bush and Clinton to send money to the Haiti relief fund.

I'm not saying that we shouldn't help others like that, but we really should do more to help our own people whose lives have been turned up-side-down due to natural disasters, too.

But back to the issue of not offending the Afghans:

It's a good thing our prez is not over there, considering a folksy, 'feel good' article about the family I read while he was running for election.

They were talking about how the girls would pile into bed with M and B, sometimes, to watch TV.

One of them laughingly said that, sometimes, "..daddy stinks."

Out of the mouths of babes...

Anonymous said...

It's taken them 15 years ( I think ) to finish an "aircraft carrier" that has a jump ramp and can't launch anywhere near the aircraft we can.

Their navy is puny. They won't have a stealth aircraft until 2020 / 2025?

They have slave army.

Their ballistic missile inventory is small.

I think we have more to worry over with Iran than China. Besides, why would they engage us? They're broke if they do so I think we're safe.

beamish said...

Spot on, Imp.

Z, our military is "stretched thin" only as a "nation building" force. They're still very capable of "destroy everything you have and leave you wailin' in sackcloth" missions.

Z said...

Lisa, I sure do wish you luck! Please PLEASE let us know how you do... Be safe!

BB..maybe! I wonder if Beano's made in China!! :-) THAT would be the irony of the century, huh?!!

Jan, I heard that "stinks" thing Obama's kids said about him, too... Maybe the Joint Chiefs of Staff ought to get HIM some Beano, too?!
And yes, when ARE we going to take care of AMericans first? WHen did that stop being a noble cause?

Imp and Beamish...I was hoping you'd say that. Perhaps those rigid military Chinese marches scare me a little because their men look like MACHINES and our guys look like slouches in comparison! Not that they ARE slouches, DO NOT GET ME WRONG! ANd, of course, in parade, they're MAGNIFICENT! But, the Chinese do that well.
Ya, i suppose we've got the 'stuff' least as long as Obama doesn't get his hands on it and destroy it in the name of PEACE.'re kidding, right?

beamish said...


I believe we could take out China in a war without going nuclear. Our Navy would have theirs on the bottom of the Pacific in days. We'd be flying with impunity over Chinese cities with fighters and bombers within weeks.

A million-man army isn't all that impressive when its command and control infrastructure is missing and its troops have a deep appreciation of not knowing when their next meal will be, or if they'll get one.

Anonymous said...

"troops have a deep appreciation of not knowing when their next meal will be, or if they'll get one...." on. A slave army only. Cause it's the best place to be in a hungry country. Spiffy uniforms & angry faces don't make a fighting force near as bad ass as ours.

Problem is the nukes. I'd wager they'd use them beamish. They know they'll lose and along with our inevitable retaliation ( assuming the pukes in DC allow it ) taking out millions of them...we'll be doing them a huge favor in their inevitable reconstruction with our foreign aid to rebuild them!!

All they want to do is piss upwind and see if we'll back Taiwan, SK and Japan. Which I know and they know...we will.

Z said...

beamish, I HOPE you're right, and I think that IMP's right, too; these people have a different mentality...

They can do ENOUGH damage.......a LOT of damage.

Scotty said...

So, the USMC going to be putting Beano in the c-rations?

C-rations??!! BB yer showin' yer age!!

A story.... There was a black guy in my squad in Vietnam that would only eat the beans offered in the "C's". He was there before I arrived in country and had already been dubbed "hog butt". It was the only name I knew him buy....I don't remember exactly how he got that name but I have a hunch.

With all those beans, needless to say, he couldn't move but what he'd fart. He'd cough....he'd fart....ANY type of strenuous active would achieve the same result.

He was a BIG man and so were the noises that he so artfully made! His vocal range was incredible!!

He'd be in big trouble in Afghanistan today!!

beamish said...


It's the nature of the thing. Just as nobody's learning how to code webpages in Swahili, anyone in China learning English to get a handle on even basic computer programming is going to be exposed to a lot of knowledge and history and ideologies that the Chinese government would probably like to keep for itself.

It's all over when China loses control of its educated citizens. As long as they're locked up in prisons or disappeared, they're not helping China become much of a technological threat to the United States.

cube said...


Bd said...

So glad the uber paranoid dummies have a site like this to go to, lol!

Z said...

Bd, that really is "LOL"'re here more than many of them ...

I know most of us keep hoping you might just learn something; keep trying!

christian soldier said...

.Would China actually tell their soldiers anything like this to please their enemies? Can American soldiers ever do enough to appease their enemies? "

NO and NO!!