Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gun Ownership............saving lives

There's an article by Michael Reagan gun ownership and the Norwegian massacre and gun control in general which you might want to read.  Here's the first page from THIS ARTICLE...The second page is linked at the end.

Before you read the article, here are some pertinent stats every American should know if the media was honest:  As far as accidental deaths in 2007 , 39% from cars, 18% from poisoning, 16% from falls,….and only 0.6% from guns!   *** Even deaths from medical mistakes are three times higher than from gun accidents***.
Gun homicides decreased during the mid 90's and remained stable to date, in-spite of population growth, and a dramatic increase in gun ownership. Accidental guns deaths have decreased over 90% during the last 100 years. (Again, in the face of population growth and increase in gun ownership).

Here's the article:

How long would the Norway gunman have lasted in Texas or any state where concealed-carry laws are on the books? I ran a survey while on a cruise: in Texas, 3 minutes; in Montana, 7 to 8 minutes; in Arizona, 2 minutes; and in Nevada, 3 to 5 minutes.
Had Norway not surrendered to the anti-self-defense nuts, and allowed Norwegians to protect themselves by legally carrying guns, the massacre might well have been prevented. There's a lot of truth in the old adage that if guns are outlawed only outlaws will carry guns.
That was certainly true in Norway where Anders Breivik, a lone gunman, launched his assault on youth campers of Utoya Island. According to press reports he fully expected Norway's special forces to swoop down and stop him at any minute. It didn't happen. Faced with unarmed victims he was given plenty of time to kill 68 innocent people who could not defend themselves. Had just one of them been armed, Breivik could have been stopped dead and lives would have been spared.
Moreover, if anyone had paid attention to Breivik's rants they would not have been surprised when he acted on them, especially since Breivik had preceded his attack by setting off a car bomb in the heart of Oslo.
Tragically, Norway's anti-gun hysteria resulted in laws restricting gun ownership by law-abiding citizens, leaving them exposed to gun violence at the hands of criminals such as Breivik, who simply ignore anti-gun ownership laws. Despite the Second Amendment, which protects American citizens' rights to access to guns for self-protection, the Constitutional right of citizens to bear arms is under constant assault.
In his best-selling classic "More Guns, Less Crime," John R. Lott, Jr. has proven that guns make us safer. And in the book "The Bias against Guns," he shows how liberals bury pro-gun facts out of sheer bias against the truth.
With irrefutable evidence, Lott shot down gun critics and provided information we need to win arguments with those fanatics who want to ban gun ownership, leaving criminals who ignore anti-gun ownership laws armed.
History teaches us that governments faced with an armed citizenry are restrained from usurping the rights of individuals. It is thus no surprise that governments which seek to exercise dictatorial powers over their citizens inevitably seek to restrict of outlaw gun ownership by their citizenry. 
To read more, please click HERE.

Thanks for the article and the input, Impertinent.


Joe said...

I do not own a gun, and never have. But I will shoot anyone who tries to take mine away.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Z. I'm so happy you posted this.

I think everyone not owning a gun should invest in one. At the very least, contributing to the NRA or 2nd Amendment supporters.

It amazes me that there are at least 4 states that don't allow citizens to own guns for protection! It's unbelievable that they can just ignore a constitutional right without penalties from the Feds!

We know that if a state wishes to enforce federal law regarding illegal immigrants...the feds are right there ready to sue them into "compliance".

But that's not the case with Illinois, NY, NJ, CT or RI. The bastions of liberal insanity and states with high crime rates.

Personally, I even hate having to pay the state for a permit! Imagine having to pay a fee and get a permit for your 1st amendment rights?

However in the case of Joe Biden....I'd pull his permit to speak as he obviously likes to slander millions of faithful patriotic responsible Americans as "terrorists"!

This guy is more stupid ( stupider? )than Spiro Agnew!

BTW...I've been a permit holder for 28 years in Florida and carry responsibly.

Florida happens to be a "shall issue" state. And has led the nation in it's advances in personal protection, castle laws and stand your ground legislation.

Recently our carry laws were modified as to allow open carry in certain instances. Where before an inadvertent display of ones weapon was cause for arrest. Now they are more lenient. But not as lenient as many open carry states. BTW ironically enough CA is an open carry state too!

Since the morons rarely issue concealed carry permits....Californians can legally carry openly so long as the weapon is not loaded. But loading takes about a second to do when necessary.

Always On Watch said...

Well, Michael Reagan has written an excellent article. Of course, like so many of us conservative bloggers, he is preaching to the choir.

And there lies the problem: conservatives aren't "converting" liberals or Leftists. What we say doesn't seem to matter; what happens in their life experience is what matters.

Z said...

Joe, am considering getting a small handgun. Am meeting someone Wed. to talk about what it takes. I probably never will, but I'm seriously considering it. Mr. Z wanted to and we never got around to it.

Imp: I almost forgot about it and it's so important. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.
Only in California would it be legal to carry an unloaded gun. What, they want us to SCARE them to death if they're attacking or looting? geeez

AOW, I agree. For instance, the last thing I ever wanted was what I call a CONSERVATIVE ECHO CHAMBER of a blog, but the liberals just couldn't restrain themselves from nasty comments, name calling, lies, and other insults. Now that I"m on moderation, I get a higher level of profanity because they know they're 'safe', too...
Think about what it takes for people to come to sites and say ugly things; what kind of mind? I even had someone slam the debt ceiling video which describes clearly what the debt ceiling is about because it's "HERITAGE FOUNDATION!?> LOL!" They didn't even bother to watch and learn...it wasn't really biased at all! :-)
Michael Reagan is also preaching to the choir.

Except, I'm starting to wonder if that CHOIR isn't growing? Obama's numbers are SO down; people are fed up, people are seeing the nastiness of the leftwing media AND leftwing politicians.
I thought Biden calling Conservatives TERRORISTS was fabulous. While most lib venues didn't, so they didn't carry it, people DID hear it; thank GOD for Conservative truth or who'd hear ANYTHING?

I firmly believe we could win tomorrow were there an election.
And were there no liberal voting fraud. That's a HUGE IF.

Anonymous said...

"Joe, am considering getting a small handgun."

Make sure it's at least a .380 caliber. Ruger, KelTec and Bersa make nice small semi auto's that are easy to carry / conceal. Most carry about 7 rounds too.

And they cost around 250 to 350 new.

soapster said...

"I do not own a gun, and never have. But I will shoot anyone who tries to take mine away."

Probably gonna need a gun for that. Just sayin'.....

I rarely if ever leave the house without mine.

soapster said...

In Minnesota, it's not a "conceal" and carry. You may open carry which of course comes with its own pros and cons.

soapster said...

"But loading takes about a second to do when necessary."

If someone pulled on you, you would not have sufficient time to rack the slide and fire off a shot before they did. It's pointless to carry a firearm on your person without a round chambered. You might as well carry a paperweight.

In your home is a different story of course.

nicrap said...

@Mrs. Z

..."Echo-friendly", i had said. If i remember correctly. It was so long ago. ;)

P.S. ...anonymously. And yet, you were kind enough not to delete me. :)

Anonymous said...

Let us recall that François-Noël Babeuf was a pre-Marx communist who developed the notion that terror “…forces people to save themselves.” The citizens of France executed Babeuf because civilized society deplores terrorist strategy. Terror has been a time-honored vocation among the Moslem infidels since 622 AD, but the qualifier was “civilized society.”

We see this rejection in the late 19th Century in both Europe and in North America; we see rejection of terrorism in Latin American countries in the 1960s and 1970s; we find terrorism in Europe gaining little sympathy in the 1970s and 1980s. But in contrast to this, we find large support for Palestinian terrorism in Norway … even to the extent that the “campers” who were so viciously attacked were actually left-wing anti-Semites who can only be regarded as “pro-terror” pawns in the Islamification of civilized societies. Apparently, Norway is too far gone … but there may still be hope for Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, and France. I’m not sure England can save herself.

Now if my theory is correct, then all Michael Reagan is really suggesting is that individuals participating in a government sanctioned pro-terror rally in Norway could have shot the lunatic, Anders Behring Breivik and celebrated further their victory over the infidel. Given the manner in which socialist nations stifle individual citizens, we may not yet have seen the end of citizens so fed up with Dhimmi governments that they are driven to take extreme measures.

I should finally note that concealed carry laws in 32 states did nothing to stop the assault on 9/11 because New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Washington DC (points of origin of flights on that fateful day) represent the least free states and municipalities in the entire country. Perhaps that is Michael Reagan’s point … too many of our countrymen have been conditioned to “sit down and shut up.” This is certainly the attitude of leftists in this country, even to the extent where the Vice President of the United States now refers to Tea Party affiliated Americans as “terrorists.”

Z said...

nicrap..."Echo friendly"...as in Conservative Echo Chamber, or?

Echo Friendly...if that's what you meant, yes, it's much friendlier when the liberals here aren't insulting people and lying and distorting!

Mustang: "Given the manner in which socialist nations stifle individual citizens, we may not yet have seen the end of citizens so fed up with Dhimmi governments that they are driven to take extreme measures."

But most socialist-leaning Americans don't know enough history to even understand that, from what I can tell.
No, and we may not have seen the end of those fed up enough to take extreme measures. I hope we're wrong but I don't see how we are.
I believe people DO have the right to stand up for their country, for their culture. But, obviously, one would hope that NOBODY ever has to go to the horrid extreme the NOrwegian did.

Frankly, I'm surprised more haven't tried, however; What about the Brits, who see placards held by covered-faced Muslim men which say WE ARE TAKING OVER, LEAVE THE COUNTRY, and worse?
I don't think liberals know how to read sometimes, either, by the way. What in that placard's words is innocent and honoring of the host country? :-)

Of course, WE are repairing mosques around the world to the tune of MILLIONS of dollars, but our JudeoChristian culture can't even have a church in most of them. Another point lost on the bleeding heart left.

Z said...


pardon my ignorance, but is there a difference between a person just wanting to keep a gun in their home for safety against earthquake looters (tho I'm 1000% sure I could never shoot anybody) or in preparation for information we're receiving about La Raza getting larger and more threatening? (a friend's gardener adores her and told her, 3 years or so ago, that he was quitting but he'd come to help her when "it" happens, when he and his friends get angry enough to attack Americans in L.A., and cops often stop speeding vehicles or cars without proper registration, and find them loaded with guns and ammo, driven by Hispanics)...I think a gun in the house is all I'd want.

Does one still need all the hoopla associated with gun ownership? license, training, etc.?

Karen Howes said...

Guns save far more lives than they take-- period. Nice work, Z!

soapster said...

Not sure if it varies by state, which I'm sure it does, when it comes to having a gun specifically for your home.

In MN all you need to do is to obtain a permit to purchase and that's it.

A permit to carry is not required in MN on or about your premises, for the purposes of repair, target practice in a safe area, or to go between your home and place of business.

sue said...

'I do not own a gun, and never have. But I will shoot anyone who tries to take mine away.'

Joe - Once again, your genius wit leads me to wonder if your remarks are original. (-%

Joe Conservative said...

Joe, am considering getting a small handgun. Am meeting someone Wed. to talk about what it takes. I probably never will, but I'm seriously considering it. Mr. Z wanted to and we never got around to it.

If there's no need to "conceal" the gun, I'd argue AGAINST a small handgun. A .20 or .410 gauge pump shotgun, on the other hand... is a marvellous self-defense weapon, well suited to houses and enclosed spaces that can be "easily modified" for concealment (if necessary) AFTER any breakdown of law and order. It has the stopping power of the largest handguns, and requires much less practice/accuracy.

If you don't plan on a LOT of practice, a shotgun makes a very practical alternative.

Always On Watch said...

Yes, I think that "the choir" is growing. As people's lives are adversely affected by Obama's policies, particularly Obamanomics, these people will turn on the Democratic Party in general. I'm not sure that these "converts" are based ideologically, though, so they will be susceptible to manipulation at any given point.

Z said...

thanks, Joe, I'm taking your info and that of the others to lunch with my friend Bryan tomorrow....between you and him and others who've helped, I'll weigh my options better....

AOW, absolutely true...manipulation will be beyond our wildest nightmares by next year this time.
And, of course, we need to worry about Fraud; remember what the Dems did to Hillary voters in TX, just to name one incidence of clear and horrible abuse...do you remember my videos I posted of Gloria Allred and other Hillary supporters (from Chicago!) who'd gone to watch the polls and saw people being turned away if they were planning to vote for Clinton? Yup. And, of course, nothing happened; I guess Allred figured it's better to be a Democrat in good standing than an honest American.

Always On Watch said...

Mustang said:

Given the manner in which socialist nations stifle individual citizens, we may not yet have seen the end of citizens so fed up with Dhimmi governments that they are driven to take extreme measures.

I think that will happen -- sooner or later -- and not involving people of Breivik's compromised mental condition (Steroid use, big time!).

In fact, on some European sites, I've seen a few people talking as if they should pick up Breivik's gauntlet.

soapster said...

If you're uncomfortable with having a gun on your person during the times you are out and about, there are other options available to you.

Even a bright 130+ lumen flashlight does wonders.

Z said...

AOW, Steroid use, really? That explains some, doesn't it.

And yes, I am sure people in Europe are coming to their wits' ends....but to do something like THIS, killing so many, including so many KIDS? That takes a special mind, a really sick, deranged mind.

You know, this whole situation sets a bad precedent because our media certainly covered this to the extent it deserved, but nobody covers the awful threats to European society. You only see the placards held by face-covered Islamists "GET OUT NOW, THIS IS OUR COUNTRY NOW" and much, much worse, on Conservative sites. This should be known everywhere; just as the heinous crime in Norway should.

Our media's dropping the ball and will they ever be surprised....we need to know what's facing us so we can fight it LEGITIMATELY, without murdering 100 people.
Yes, Europe's waking up, but is America?

Soapster, I have to look into the California laws, but ya..I'm real sure I wouldn't feel comfortable packing a rod :-)
That flashlight with very intense beam isn't a bad idea.
Anything else?

Silverfiddle said...

Good article by Reagan.

The same thought occurred to me (how the heck does someone shoot 90 people unhindered?), but I didn't know how to tactfully state it in a blog post without coming off disrespectful of the victims.

I guess that's why Michael Reagan is the professional and I still can't quit my day job...

Silverfiddle said...

@ Joe Conservative: If you don't plan on a LOT of practice, a shotgun makes a very practical alternative.

Excellent advice for home defense. With a shotgun, you do not need pinpoint accuracy, which is important because fine motor skills suffer in stressful situations.

Also, just the sound of the slide being racked in the dark dead of night would probably cause all but the most hardened criminal to quickly exit your domicile

soapster said...

Some would say pepper spray/mace but that isn't going to fair well on a windy day spraying into the wind.

They also have batons that collapse and can fit in your back pocket.

Thing is with those, you've got to be pretty close to an attacker.

Truthfully, the thought of having a gun on you seems at first a bit frightening I'll admit.

After you become comfortable with the firearm however you'll come to find it's not much more dangerous than a lighter in your pocket. Additionally, once you go out of the house with it a few times it will become as natural as carrying your wallet.

The right of self-preservation isn't odd or uncomfortable really.

soapster said...

Remember, a right not exercised is a right lost.

Z said...

soapster, I'm being told that California doesn't allow carrying guns; I'll know more Wednesday...too lazy to look it up.
Ya, pepper spray is why I asked if there was anything else you recommend, thanks very much for getting back to me on that. Good point about wind; plus, how far does it 'shoot'; not very far, I'd guess.
The farther away I could subdue the attacker, the better, in my book!

Silverfiddle......good point about Reagan's handling of that information. But, I'd say YOU are VERY CLOSE!!

Z said...

James Earl Jones: "The world is filled with violence. Because criminals carry guns, we decent law-abiding citizens should also have guns. Otherwise they will win and the decent people will lose.

Thanks, Imp. WHo knew?

Anonymous said...

Ms. Z...I just sent you a sad email link. A sad day for all law abiding citizens of California that now live in a police state.

Police being the "servants" of the people are now the only ones allowed to open carry legally. There is much to be said on both sides of the carry issue. However it's PC, libbie loonie hysteria that has taken away your right to self defense.

Unfortunately you now join the other least free states in the country...NJ, NY, CT, RI, IL and now CA.

Bye bye California. Your cherished 2nd amendment rights have been stolen, made illegal and abrogated by your nuts in Sacremento...Sacra-Demento I believe.

They haven't produced one incident where a citizen carrying openly broke the law, committed a crime or abused the right...not a privilege...a RIGHT!

All because cops in California "frown" on the idea that law abiding citizens can assist the police with more legal guns in their possession.

All of you have been tried and convicted without one ounce of proof that you pose a "clear and present" danger.

Ho hum.

Anonymous said...

"he'd come to help her when "it" happens, when he and his friends get angry enough to attack Americans in L.A."

LMAO....if I know California and Gov. Moonbeam...the idiots in Sacra-demento would pass a law that you now would have to apply for a permit to protect yourselves gainst La Raza thugs. In other words...a hunting license! Which of course, when "it" happens...La Raza will be exempt because it would be construed as "Racial" profiling.

Remember kids....WE'RE THE TERRORISTS"...according to Nappy, Comrade O, Van Jones, Holder and...Joe Hoof in mouth Biden.


Z said...

Imp...I did see it. thanks.
What can I say?
I love it here :-)

Anonymous said...

I know Z...I know.

Just forget about your failed propositions overturned by "judicial' fiat....PC and a completely nutter government. Forget about the sanctity of the voting process...forget about due process...forget about constitutional rights. The 5th Dimension has a song that ought to be California's state song....Aquarius.

Let the sun shine in....

Forget about your constitutional rights too.

You don't have them anymore. I'm dead serious. First they came for_______, then they came for_______, then they came for me.

Apathy, indifference, indulgence and the wanting to "get along".

Last night I watched the "Pianist" again. A lesson in "getting along" and the idea that submission can make things..."better".

Jan said...

Z...I've often wondered what Biden and the others would feel about their Security people having no weapons to protect THEM?

And all the liberal celebrities who speak out about gun control, but are surrounded by well-armed security people at all times?

You definitely need some kind of protection, for your home if nothing else, since home invasions are becoming more prevalent by the day.

I'm glad you're at least checking into it.

Joe Conservative said...

Also, just the sound of the slide being racked in the dark dead of night would probably cause all but the most hardened criminal to quickly exit your domicile

It does make a "distinctive" sound. :)

I like a shotgun's load versatility. ;)

Z said...

Can i just buy a "slide to rack"? :-)
That sound would do it for ME if I was attacking someone in the dark, too, believe me!

-FJ said...

Z, the British military successfully uses "soft kill" deception more than any other army/navy on earth. Decoys and Deceptions are extremely effective and low cost options. It's only Americans who can afford to always go the "hard kill" route.

The short answer, "yes". The most effective weapon on earth is the human mind. ;)