Friday, August 12, 2011

F WORD ALERT: But you WILL laugh and agree, I guarantee!

I "stole" this from my blogger buddy BROOKE; I just HAD to because this guy is so good to watch. ..And he makes such good points!    How DID we get to the CEILING not knowing it was coming? :-) He points out some pretty obvious stuff Americans are afraid to look at.  He is fabulous!  thanks, Brooke!


Brooke said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. :)

sue said...

Z - Darn. I'm still getting the big white box and I wanted to see this one.

Maybe I can talk to my husband about doing something about it.

Anonymous said...

Sue...I think if your using Windows have to go into..
"Tools, Internet Options then the Advanced" tab.

There's check box in the list of options that states "view images" or something. I seem to remember that if that's unchecked you won't see images.

See if that helps. Otherwise...use another browser like FireFox or Safari.

Or...Google the should get a fix there.

Anonymous said...

Good video. he looks like one of those guys I might cross the street for or get off an elevator!

I say give him a club and go to work for Mayor Nutter in Philly.

At least he speaks the language. Know what I'm saying?

Anonymous said...

BTW...the only GOP candidate that might come close to Mr. Monk might be Trump...I know he's a street wise guy who can get the message across in his own vernacular.

All the rest are mealy mouthed weenies that lack any passion whatsoever. And that's what people want!! PASSION! Not useless fawning rhetoric.

MK said...


That was brilliant. I like the way he refers to barack as 'B'.

I'd change the B to D though, D for dumbass. it's more in line with his skills lately.

Anonymous said...

BTW...Hot Air just picked this up too.

christian soldier said...

breaking thread-

saw your comment on S-Eagle--

Want to go to Germany - to 'organize"

I've got a great river cruise in mind :-)
I'm serious-
e- Mail you!

Carol-Pres/Founder of LA Lutherans for Life---

sue said...

Imp - Thanks for your imput. I copied down what you suggested and tried it but no results.

I see, though, that if I work on it more, I might be able to get it.

Brooke said...

I notice a distinct lack of Ducky on this one. Just sayin'.


cube said...

Caught it on Brooke's site and loved it in spite of the obscenities.

I can empathize with Sue having problems with the viewing of blog videos. I'm having a heck of a time commenting since Internet Explorer updated. It's insane trying to post a comment on some sites. This is progress?

P31 Mom said...

Wooooo! That language was fierce for my TV Guardian ears!

But he was funny....and I agree.

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