Saturday, August 20, 2011

Illegals.........aren't they STILL illegal? Why not?

This morning, the headline reported by the news reader on CNN was:

"...and criminal UNDOCUMENTED WORKERS are the most likely to be deported, according to Janet Napolitano, head of Homeland Security."

First of all, the term 'undocumented workers' instead of 'illegal aliens' is a familiar whitewash, then the fact that the criminals amongst the 'undocumented workers' might be deported isn't quite the obvious bigger story that the vast amount of illegal aliens are going to be able to stay, supported by Obama's ignoring the law and circumventing Congress.  Glad there's no bias at CNN, right? :-)   If he had to say 'illegal', what kind of conscientious news reader COULD read that story without asking "WHA...?"

Here's the truth:
The White House announced that the U.S. government will immediately halt the deportation of undocumented immigrants that do not have criminal records or pose a security risk to the United States on a case-by-case basis. According to Carlos M. Colombo, an experienced immigration lawyer at Colombo, Hurd & Brandt, PL, many undocumented immigrants including those who entered the U.S. illegally could qualify – especially those who would benefit from the Dream Act. These individuals may be eligible to apply for work authorization, allowing them to work, obtain driver’s licenses and social security cards immediately.  (Z: think voting fraud)

Mr. Obama........."....called on Congress to reform the immigration system in a manner that would encourage skilled and motivated immigrants to participate in American society while ending what he called an underground economy that preys on low-wage illegal immigrants."  (Z: is there ever any concern given to the illegals who are financially preying on our community hospitals, city budgets, federal  budgets, etc.?)

And then, Mr. Obama, ever the campaigner and Chief INSULTER goes on:
"But even though we've answered these concerns, I suspect there will be those who will try to move the goal posts one more time... Maybe they'll say we need a moat. Or alligators in the moat."

So, that's that!  The laws are circumvented, these people are not illegals anymore, they're undocumented people being preyed upon and, odd, but my own Hispanic friends are angrier about this than most non Hispanics I know.

But, what happened? From the Washington Times:  "The move marks a major step for President Obama, who for months has said he does not have broad categorical authority to halt deportations and said he must follow the laws as Congress has written them.
But in letters to Congress on Thursday, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said she does have discretion to focus on “priorities” and that her department and the Justice Department will review all ongoing cases to see who meets the new criteria."   I guess Obama suddenly decided have broad categorical authority on something...again.  And, of course, Congress will be cowed now in speaking up against this, as if speaking against it means you hate Hispanics;  not that laws are being BROKEN:  wait for it.  And, if the Republicans do balk, the leftwing media will cover it as if they are being hateful, not lawful.
Does something have to be done?  Yes.  Should it be done with Congress?   Don't ya THINK? When did THAT stop in our government?

Then there's THIS......oh, NOW WE UNDERSTAND.


Dave Miller said...

Unless, and until both parties set aside their desires for political gain, we will not be able to move forward and solve our immigration problems.

The issues that most people are arguing about, are so far removed from where reality is, that it has become almost impossible to rationally discuss or seek solutions to the problem.

Yes, our laws have been broken when people enter our country without papers. Just like our laws are broken every time someone exceeds the speed limit. In both cases, an illegal act has been committed.

Instead of the constant refrain of imploring our government to secure our borders, something that if we measure success by apprehensions, arrests, and deportations, is at an all time high, how about some real world solutions?

Z said...

Dave, I agree with you. We can't ignore 11 million illegals in this country, but we can stop whitewashing with terms like "undocumented workers" and we can have a president who'll finally go by the constitution and uphold the LAWS instead of suing states which are, and circumventing Congress like he did with this action.

By the way, I don't see a lot of POLITICAL GAIN for the Republicans who do want to uphold our laws and stop allowing law breakers to financially ruin our economy (We've had many hospitals close for the weight of costs to illegals in Los Angeles, believe me, and many resent that)....if anything, they're going to lose votes....
...except from my Hispanic Republican friends who are more anti-illegals than I am.

I don't regard people breaking into our country (and some of them destroying it with their entitlement expectations) and a speeding ticket as the same...never will. But, I will say that illegals should be treated as if they broke the law just like someone speeding have a point there.

Z said...

Dave, by the way: GOT ANY SOLUTIONS OF YOUR OWN YOU'D LIKE TO SHARE? I'd be eager to hear them considering your experience in Mexico, etc.
(I almost said 'considering you have more experience'.. but I can't even get a clerk at my grocery store to speak English, so...maybe not)

Thersites said...

Unless, and until both parties set aside their desires for political gain, we will not be able to move forward and solve our immigration problems.

...and the chances of THAT ever happening?

Time to give the Tea Party what Democrats had from 2009-2010. Monopoly.

Anonymous said...

"The rules ignore the fundamental importance of the rule of law to a democratic republic like the United States.

The deportation of every illegal immigrant in the nation at this moment might not be a realistic ( BS To me) or even advisable solution to the problem of illegal immigration, but to halt deportation proceedings even on a case-by-case basis sends a message that is disquietingly similar to the message amnesty sends — that the executive branch doesn’t take seriously its responsibility to uphold the law as it is."

And of course this bastard child of an illegal immigrant intends to usurp the laws of the land....the constitution and above all....the elected representatives of the United States...CONGRESS!

Wake up you dopes in DC...this is an Impeachable offense. We have rules...we have laws...and this POS is not entitled to run this country like a Chavez.

It's clear...he intends to violate federal law....intends to add millions of illegals to the voting further the destruction of this country.

"Supporters of comprehensive and targeted amnesties for illegal aliens have consistently failed to win approval by Congress or gain support from the American public. Having failed in the legislative process, the Obama administration has simply decided to usurp Congress’ constitutional authority and implement an amnesty program for millions of illegal aliens.”

This isn't a about a DNA stain on a blue dress folks...this is about the very foundation of our republic. Congress is against well as more than 70% of the voting public.

Pris said...

Obama might as well have loudspeakers installed at the border and yell, COME ON DOWN!

He just invited 'em all here. I wonder, does this include the drug cartels? Just askin'.

I wonder how much it's going to take, before Americans get with it and realize this President doesn't care how much hardship we have to endure?

Now we'll have more people on the government dole, right where Obama wants them. Special slots in colleges that American kids should be entitled to, and on and on.

Here we are in a recession, or worse, and IMO, this is where the adminstration wants us, so he invites more burden.

I think if the Republican Party raised hell about this, they'd have the people's support.

Anonymous said...

"I think if the Republican Party raised hell about this, they'd have the people's support."

Don't think so Prisc. We've all been so cowed into PC and charges of racism ( as if protesting against illegals, criminals and the enforcement of US law ) that we'll hardly offer a peep. It's about time that these R candidates speak out on the issues of a lawless POS ignoring the law...Congress and the voice of the American people...who have for years....said " ILLEGALS....NO to OPEN BORDERS...and entitlements to ILLEGAL, criminals.

It's well past the time for ONE...just one candidate to speak of...IMPEACHMENT.

Pris said...

Hi Imp. If times were different, I might agree with you, but they're not. Times are tough and I think will get tougher.

How willing are Americans to have to compete with more illegals for jobs, or to pay out more welfare?

Alot of those Independents dropped out of their parties because of the comprehensive immigration reform attempt during the Bush
administration, and stayed out.

Anyone can see if we invite more in as Obama has, it's going to make things worse.

Debbie said...

Apparently not according to our emperor.

Right Truth

beakerkin said...


I am critical of Obama but not on this one. The agency has serious issues on the local levels with cowboyism.

There is something severely wrong with an agency when we need managers to tell some of us stop messing with families of active duty military. There is something wrong when people don't grasp that
we have limited resources and we should be focusing on dangerous criminals.

beamish said...

I think we should be shipping them into America as fast as we can, especially if they can help destroy the Social Security and Medicare system faster.

christian soldier said...

come on - Z- illegal is what ever the regime says is illegal-get on board - : _ ) SARC!

bho needs the illegal votes of the illegals--
Hmmmm- I like my take!


Z said...

beak...'cowboyism' isn't always 'bad''s the media that's done that.

And, yes, I said above, it's a situation that needs fixing; nobody's suggesting we take our sharp shooters and kill illegals, that's for SURE.

beakerkin said...


Cowboyism is extremely dangerous as
rules and procedures are there to protect the public. I opposed this and almost lost my job. The cowboyism was entirely done for careerism and not any concern for the public.

The deportation officers are very over worked and can't be anywhere.
However, when a serious public safety risk is identified they do not play around or spare expense.
In that case multiple officers will do what is needed. If they have legal reason to hold they do so and they search every system and take every biometric available.

Always On Watch said...

Oh, goodie! There will be even more car accidents.

As one whose back was ruined by a car accident caused by an illegal immigrant (under deportation orders never enforced), I have a vested interest in allowing illegals being allowed on our highways and byways.

BTW, the illegal immigrant who ruined my life was a cab driver who got his driver's license before 9/11.

Z said...

Beak "The cowboyism was entirely done for careerism and not any concern for the public."

MY public or the immigrant public?

So, what do you propose we do with eleven million illegals?

AOW...of course, good point, particularly with the way illegals drive around here.

Anonymous said...

First this, then they will be given constitutional rights, then they will be able to vote.

Bob said...

The simple solution is usually the best for most problems, the the illegal immigrant problem is not a conceptually difficult one to handle.

The Problem: Millions of illegal aliens are taking millions of jobs that should be filled by US citizens. Millions of illegal aliens are burdening the US social structure with additional costs in medical and educational demands.

The Solution: Since the problem is illegal aliens, the obvious solution is to prohibit illegal aliens from the US proper, and to eject those currently in the country. Conceptually, and realistically, we can take care of 80% of the problem with little trouble.

1. Announce that immigration laws will be upheld, and that the US border will be sealed as much as possible. Dedicate the manpower to do the job.

2. Build the wall. It is not a big deal, and a couple of jobs might be created in the process. Defensive walls like Hadrians Wall and the Great Wall in China were effective as long as the builders had the political will.

3. Punish US employers that hire illegal aliens. These are the people that are taking advantage of the illegals, and making money because they pay less than legal wages.

Partial Example: In Georgia tens of thousands of jobs have been taken by illegal aliens. These are good jobs in construction, food processing, and other factory type work that most people would like to have. Recently, something has happened to cause a shift in this area.

Recently, laws have been enacted that allow local law enforcement to take action when finding illegal aliens, and the illegal community has gotten the message.

At the car wash, most of the employees were Hispanic, and could not speak English. They were probably illegal aliens. Ditto at McDonalds, Burger King, and other fast food chains.

Now, when visiting the car wash, or going to a fast food restaurant I see smiling white and black faces. These people are happy to be working, and the illegals are disappearing.

It's not hard to get rid of most of the illegals.

It is red herring, myth, or just plain lie that mass deportations will be necessary to rid the country of these people.

These illegals know when the gravy train has stopped, and will feel the pressure to leave.

All it takes is the political will to make it happen, but Obama wants Hispanic votes. That is the extent of his will power.

Average American said...

Remember when the estimate of illegals in the country was 20 million or more? Then it was 15 million--then 12 million--and now you just used 11 million. If this trend is actual and not just another way to minimize the problem, then the lack of jobs has to account for the reduction. Someday, some one with balls will change the punishment for hiring illegals. Put these bas#### employers who do hire them in JAIL for a mandatory 6 months or more and see how far that goes to eliminate the problem. Kill 4 birds with 1 stone:

1. Self-deportation of millions of illegals who can no longer find a job here

2. Mega-savings from reduced freebies going to illegals

3. Legal citizen unemployment drops a few percentage points and saves unemployment and social services costs to newly working Americans

4. These new workers WILL pay taxes, unlike most of the illegal workers. Not only that, but they will spend their money here, not send it to family in Mexico.

Z said...

"Trestin said...
First this, then they will be given constitutional rights, then they will be able to vote."

Can anybody doubt that? Especially with THIS attorney general and president?

BOB: "Now, when visiting the car wash, or going to a fast food restaurant I see smiling white and black faces. These people are happy to be working, and the illegals are disappearing."

Would you believe that brought a tear to my eye? To think that OUR LEGAL DEAR AMERICANS are WORKING and happy to just thrilled me, and, I hope you don't mind, but I'm stealing your whole comment for a BLOG POST very soon!
WILL definitely give you credit and link your blog, you dear man.

Signed, your plagiarist friend :-)

Z said...

Hi, Average American, good to see you! You said "Put these bas#### employers who do hire them in JAIL for a mandatory 6 months or more and see how far that goes to eliminate the problem."

SAY HALLELUJAH!! I couldn't agree MORE....jail or a half a million dollar fine to people whose businesses are worth a quarter million! :-)

Bd said...

And the 'truth' is, Obama had deported more illegals than Bush. Nice try.

Bob said...

Z: I am honored that you would want to use my opinion writings. I am honored. Use it as you will.

You might remember that I am trying to get out of the political blogging business. To that end, those linking to Spurious Missives may be disappointed that there is nothing new, there.

I do like to write stuff, so I have resusitated my account. If you click on "Bob", and click through my profile to the new web site, you may link to that one. I call it, "Gonna Say It".


Z said...

Well, okay, Bob! I linked to the new blog instead, just changed it.

That story is adorable, by the way!

Also...if you ever do want to write anything political and not too long in the future, please let me know, it'll be an honor to consider publishing it! :-)

beakerkin said...


Unlike most I know the system inside and out. Even the greatest American patriot Mr. Beamish grasps that messing with the family members of active duty military personnel is a raw deal. This did happen and it is not an isolated case.

Immigration deportations need to be examined on a case by case basis. The priority needs to be on criminals, public safety and national security cases. We need to grasp as a country which battles are smart. Messing with a 94 year old grandmother with five USC kids is stupid. Messing with
the sole provider for a USC child with downs syndrome is stupid.

The US attorneys, Immigration Judges and deportation officers are annoyed at the lack of common sense. When they do see a public safety concern they spare no effort to do the right thing. The goal of the above is to protect the public. When dangerous criminals are located they do a great job.

Many countries notably China do not take back their criminals.

The messed up economy has done a better job than government of having people self deport. It is time to crack down on employers who hire illegal aliens.

Z said...

Beak, thanks...but are you suggesting anybody here thinks messing with the families of US military personnel is a GOOD deal?

I absolutely understand that criminals must be the first to go; so, CHina being smarter than we are (on all fronts, it seems) won't take theirs back? What does America then do, build a CHINA GITMO? Or just absorb them and suffer for it? Or pay for them in our jails FOREVER? WHAT?

Our point here, at least most my good readers' points, I think, is that we've really screwed up and we can't let ILLEGALS just settle in and get driver's licenses and SS #s'...Beak, you know even better than I that this gov't will be letting them vote; it's already been discussed!
These are people who, in L.A. anyway, work here, pay no taxes, then send a big portion of their pay to MX........and overtax our hospitals, forcing many to close, and overtax our schools....

That's okay?

What's your position on millions taking advantage? Although, obviously, I know personally many hispanics who must be illegal and are very fine, kind, helpful and sweet people....

what do we do? Just say "OKAY, what the hell!"??

Anonymous said...

"These are people who, in L.A. anyway, work here, pay no taxes, then send a big portion of their pay to MX........and overtax our hospitals, forcing many to close, and overtax our schools..."

Unfortunately we'll have to wait until the entire system shuts down from the burden. We just have to sit by while the hospitals close, government services run out of money and the parasites / illegals keep demanding more, people flee from the crime, the social engineering, the tax and regulatory burdens.

It's quite possible and realistic to see a number of states deciding to secede due the feds failures to enforce the laws, sue states that want law enforcement, sue states that can't afford the illegal parasites any longer. And realize that the good people of their states can no longer tolerate the abuses of the DHS, EPA, FBI ICE, ATF.

It's certainly not illegal for states to do so in their desire to secure their borders, laws and keep from going bankrupt while an entire countries illiterate, criminal, parasitical debris washes upon our shores.

Wait...until social order breaks down. My only hope is that the liberal scum get to see pancho via climbing over the walls from Bel Air, Brentwood to the Hamptons.

I would rather live in a state that was really free of the monsters that the feds have unleashed upon us in the name of "diversity and multi cultural" horseshit.

Adios America....Viva independent country states. We're headed back into history....not very "progressive" but human nature demands some security form the taco breathers. Not PC? Oh about a Polock joke then?

beakerkin said...

UCIS is an agency out of control. The examples I stated were true and fairly typical of the idiocy that people in the immigration profession
are well aware of.

The US attorneys, deportation officers and regulatory agencies were frustrated with an agency out of control. It would be one thing if these idiotic cases were to make the country safer. These moves were by political hacks abusing their position for numbers on ledger sheets.

Deportation is a long expensive process and we have limited resources. Ideally we need serious reform to stop cases from going on for decades.

The asylum process is the worst aspect of a system that is broken.

Anonymous said...

This just in from...of all places...the Seattle area. Seems like about 25% of the population agrees with this guy. And I thought that the libs in Seattle were in love ( sanctuary city and all ) with their dear, deprived "undocumented guests"?

"A Kennewick City Council candidate who advocates the death penalty for illegal immigrants as well as making Kennewick an English-language-only community won enough votes in Tuesday’s primary to advance to the November general election.

Loren Nichols won 26 percent of 1,512 votes cast for a seat on the City Council, knocking off opponent William Miller, who had declined to discuss his position on any issues publicly until after the primary.

On Nov. 8, Nichols will face incumbent Steve Young, the city’s current mayor, who won the support of 62 percent of voters.

“As extreme as my position is, one in four voters agreed with me,” Nichols said. “It shows that people are truly fed up. You just have to live here to understand.”

Nichols said he’s not affiliated with any political party. He first shared his controversial views about executing illegal immigrants on a radio program last week.

In an area of the state known for its conservatism and a love-hate relationship with undocumented immigrants, the comments drew wide attention and a range of response, including an editorial in the Tri-City Herald denouncing Nichols’ remarks as having “the mentality of a bumper sticker” and urging voters to reject him.

Nichols repeated his remarks in an interview Wednesday, saying those crossing the border illegally—a misdemeanor offense—should be shot on sight.

As a member of the City Council, he would push to see that illegal immigrants are granted 30 days’ notice to leave the city, he said, and those who refuse should be subject to the death penalty."

Well...I guess they figure that deporting all 20,000,000 of them would be messy and impossible?

Anonymous said...

"“I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents.” – James Madison"

These guys had it right 235 years ago...why isn't it as relevant today as it was then?

Always On Watch said...

AOW...of course, good point, particularly with the way illegals drive around here.

Actually, the illegal immigrant who caused my accident was an excellent driver with a squeaky clean record until that day.

And he had adequate liability insurance.

My gripe is that the legal system automatically favored him in civil court: he was "the poor immigrant doing his best," and I was "the rich white bitch." Never mind that he broke the law by:

1. being illegal

2. failing to report the accident to his insurance company

3. running the stop sign

4. not appearing in court for having caused an accident with injury.

5. having committed suicide much later when his driver's license had expired or been revoked because the accident brought his immigration status to the attention of the authorities.

In the end, his insurance company spent more money -- much more -- in fighting me in civil court than I'd have settled for. So, I ended up settling for a pittance -- it was that or ZERO!

BTW, never get in an accident with a cab driver. The cab company is NOT responsible!

MK said...

"The White House announced that the U.S. government will immediately halt the deportation of undocumented immigrants that do not have criminal records or pose a security risk to the United States on a case-by-case basis."

So essentially mohammed atta and his merry band of islamic followers would be A-OK to remain in the USA.

obama and his smearing about moats and racists need to go. Go now barry, don't loiter, just go.